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Top 5 Best Garden Multi Tool Reviews And Comprehensive Buying Guide

Top 5 Best Garden Multi Tool Reviews And Comprehensive Buying Guide

Maintaining a perfect garden is way easier if you have the proper equipment. However, with lots of things to prune, cut back, and trim, maintaining different trees and plants may become so difficult and so expensive.

That’s why you need the best garden multi tool. As its name implies, a garden multi tool is a multi-functional product, which combines different garden tools in just one handy tool.

In this article, we will share with you the top 5 models in the garden multi tool category. We will also include a comprehensive guide that will surely help you in picking the best tool suitable for your needs.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Garden Multi Tool
Product Power Weight Tools Price
BU-KO Long Reach Petrol Multi-Functional Garden Tool 2, 200 Watts 16.5 Kilograms 5-in-1 View on Amazon
Parker Multi-Function Garden Tool 2, 200 Watts 15.0 Kilograms 5-in-1 View on Amazon
Hyundai 52cc Petrol Powered Multi Tool 1, 650  Watts 16.0 Kilograms 5-in-1 View on Amazon
Dealourus 52cc 5 in 1 Multi Function Garden Tool 1, 600 Watts 9.8 Kilograms 5-in-1 View on Amazon
Stanley Garden Multi Tool 1, 300 Watts 13.25 Kilograms 4-in-1 View on Amazon

Top 5 Best Garden Multi Tool Reviews

Here are the top 5 best garden multi tool available on the market today:

BU-KO Long Reach Petrol Multi-Functional Garden Tool –The Best Overall

BU-KO 2019 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool Including: Strimmer, Hedge Trimmer, Pruner Chainsaw, Brush Cutter with 2.4mm Thick Trimmer Line & Extension Pole
  • ✅ BU-KO - 52cc 5 in 1 Multi Tool With Extension Pole, Extends to 3.4m, Easy To Assemble, lightweight
  • ✅ High Performance, Heavy Duty Powerful 3HP, Use 2 Stroke Oil, Mix 25/1 to keep the Engine Lubricated, Vertical Single-Cylinder; Power Supply: 2.2 Kw to 7500 rpm, CE & EMC Approved
  • ✅ FREE Toolkit, PPE Protection & Harness Included

Bu-Ko is a very versatile and powerful multi-functional garden tool that features five (5) different attachments.

This 5-in-1 tool is essential in covering all of your garden maintenance needs.

Furthermore, it also comes with a 52cc 2-stroke engine, which is essential even for thick cuttings.

What’s more, since it is a 5-in-1 tool, it has each attachment you might need for easy and quick garden maintenance.

For example, its chainsaw attachment can offer the most cutting power. An amazing range of accessories also come with this garden multi tool.


  • Impressive reach of over 3.4 meters
  • Free safety accessories, harness, and toolkit
  • Strong 52cc 2-stroke engine with sufficient power
  • Features 5 different attachments, comprising brush cutter, trimmer attachment, extension pole, hedge cutter, and chainsaw


  • Instructions are outdated
  • Attachments don’t align properly with the tool’s housing
  • Needs self-assembly, yet it’s relatively easy to do

Parker Multi-Function Garden Tool –The Best For Larger Gardens

This garden multi tool includes a grass trimmer, hedge trimmer attachment, chainsaw, and brush cutter, plus an extension pole.

Furthermore, it has a strong housing and body with a 52cc 3.40 HP petrol motor, which utilizes 2200 watts.

Even though it isn’t suitable for professional use, this is the best garden multi tool for larger gardens with lots of heavy and thick growth.

Moreover, the heavyweight of this tool makes using it for longer time tiring, even though using a harness may offset a lot of its weight.


  • The functionalities of the attachments can’t be faulted seriously
  • The motor is much more powerful than most of the other multi tools
  • Astounding build quality and it is metal construction makes it durable and sturdy


  • Lax quality control may cause the units to be faulty, or the attachments susceptible to breakage or damage
  • Its power and weight aren’t that easy to control and hold
  • Occasional kickback from the pull cord
  • Poor instructions, poor manual, and self-differing fuel mix labeling

Hyundai 52 cc Petrol Multi Tool

With this garden multi tool, you will find a hedge trimmer, chainsaw, brush cutter, grass trimmer, and extension shaft. It is a compact and modular heavy-duty 5-in-1 tool that provides you with the all-in-one gardening tool you need for every garden maintenance task.

It is very compact but doesn’t sacrifice power. It has a powerful high torque engine for heavy-duty use in the garden. It is designed to get the job done. It is powered by the Hyundai IC52-J 52cc 2- stroke Euro 5 petrol engine. It has a soft pull easy recoil start system and low emissions.

Since it is so compact, you will find that it is easy to store and saves on space because you won’t have to purchase five separate tools when you get this 5-in-1 tool that takes care of everything.

It is supplied with a two-string nylon cutting head and a 3-tooth metal blade so you can get through even the toughest and most stubborn weeds, brambles, and dense scrub.

The chainsaw features automatic lubrication and can reach branches sitting up as high as 4m from the ground. The 295mm cutting bar is good for medium-duty cutting tasks.

The hedge trimmer has a blade length of 425mm and can be adjusted 180-degrees with 12 different positions to choose from.

The extension shaft allows for approximately 800mm of reach, and the quick-release extension shaft is a convenient addition for those gardeners who have taller trees they need to work on.

The Hyundai 3-year warranty also covers this model.


  • Powerful engine
  • Compact and heavy-duty
  • Full double shoulder adjustable harness
  • Adjustable position quick-release attachment for balance
  • Easy soft pull recoil start system


  • Some feel that the hedge trimmer is too small
  • Does not come with any safety goggles or tool kit

Dealourus 52cc 5 in 1 Multi Function Garden Tool

Dealourus 52cc 5 in 1 Multi Function Garden Tool Petrol Strimmer Hedge Cutter Chainsaw Trimmer Pruner & Extension Pole Recoil start
  • ✅Dealourus - - 52cc 5 in 1 Multi Tool With Extension Pole, Extends to 3.4m, Easy To Assemble, lightweight
  • ✅ High Performance, Heavy Duty Powerful 3HP, Use 2 Stroke Oil, Mix 40/1 or 25/1 to keep the Engine Lubricated, Vertical Single-Cylinder; Power Supply: 2.2 Kw to 7500 rpm, CE & EMC Approved
  • ✅ CALL US FOR ASSISTANCE! - DEALOURUS offers all who purchase live customer service support 7 days a week. We maintain a complete line of replacements parts as well as a Full-service repair centre and have dedicated a team of technicians that can troubleshoot any issues you may have over the phone.

This is another 5-in-1 garden multi tool that helps you replace the several tools you have had to find space to store in your garage or shed. This petrol model comes with a brush cutter, grass trimmer, long reach hedge trimmer, chainsaw pruner, and a fuel-efficient generator.

The brush cutter is designed to cover larger areas of overgrowth you may have to deal with, and the grass trimmer attachment allows for an easy transition between edging and trimming modes.

The hedge trimmer can cut branches up to 25mm in diameter, and the chainsaw pruner is much more secure and reliable than ever before and features a safety brake. It also comes with a free extension pole.

The fuel-efficient generator is powered by an air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engine and allows for 40-50% less fuel consumption when compared to other models. It has a fuel tank capacity of 1400ml, oil tank capacity of 150ml, and a cutting speed of 8500 rpm.

With this multi garden tool, you will find the interchangeable heads that take the place of individual tools and safety goggles, gloves, ear defenders, and a shoulder strap.


  • High performance
  • Versatile
  • Comes with PPE tool kit
  • Powerful cutting speed


  • Tool is very noisy
  • Instructions are hard to understand

Stanley 4-in-1 Garden Multi Tool

Stanley STR-4IN1A 4 in 1 Brush Cutter, Hedge, Line Trimmer, Pole Pruner, Multitool, Black/Yellow
  • Engine type: 2-Stroke
  • 4-in-1 multi tool with attachments for line cutting, brush cutting, hedge cutting, and pruning. Easy to change tool heads due to the split shaft design
  • JETForce3 engine gives you more power with less fuel consumption and reduced emissions; Easy Start

The Stanley multi tool is a 4-in-1 and comes with a brush cutter, hedge, line trimmer, and pole pruner. It is easy to change out the heads on this multi tool due to its split shaft design. The engine offers you more power with less fuel consumption and fewer emissions.

It includes an Oregon chain and bar, a 150ml lubrication oil tank, and a strong shoulder belt with padding for comfort. The cutting length is 23cm.

The cutting head of the tool can be adjusted 90 degrees.

The pole hedge trimmer has a cutting length of 450mm and a 2.4cm max cutting diameter. It allows for adjustments up to 180 degrees and has an extension bar.

The cutting length of the chainsaw is 210mm and can be adjusted for 90 degrees.

The brush cutter has four teeth blades and a 23cm blade diameter with a 1.6mm cutting blade thickness. The lawn trimmer is made from high-grade plastic, and the diameter of the nylon used is 2mm.


  • Easy start
  • Hi-tech patented engine with powerful 750w motor for a max 9000 rpm engine speed
  • Ergonomic anti-vibration soft handle
  • 2 stroke engine with 40-to-1 fuel/oil ratio
  • Lightweight


  • Difficult to assemble

Garden Multi Tool Buying Guide

Buying the best harden multi tool might be difficult. This is primarily because there are a lot of products that if of the same kinds of attachments available on the market.

That being said, it is essential that you know the important factors that you should consider when buying your own garden multi tool.


This is a frequently overlooked factor of a garden multi tool. Although an amazing reach is not always important, anyone who trims hedges or prunes branches from shrubs and trees might need a nice length to their multi tool.

If you want to extend yourself and reach higher shrubs and trees, maintaining will become harder and possibly more dangerous. So, you want to make sure that you have sufficient reach when you use these tools.

Most of the reviewed best garden multi tools above come with extendable attachments or poles for a longer reach.


Remember, not all of the best garden multi tool features similar attachments. Therefore, you might want to consider the gardening maintenance tasks that you need to do, to make sure that you choose a product that has a suitable attachment.

For example, if you need to maintain a lot of trees and plants, a 5-in-1 multi tool is perhaps the best choice, as they come with the most attachments.

Nonetheless, not everyone will need all kinds of attachment to their garden. If you only need doing some trimming, pruning, etc., make sure that you look for a device or tool that has proper attachments. There is no need for you to purchase more attachments.

In any given case, before you buy the best garden multi tool for your gardening needs, think about it thoroughly.

You should think about what kind of gardening tasks you will be using your petrol garden multi tool for and look for the ideal attachments, which might help you in completing these gardening tasks.


Just like any power tool, you must consider the weight of your garden multi tool. You might want to use it for a long period of time. Therefore, anything that’s excessively heavy to use might cause fatigue to start in.

Of course, you do not want to begin feeling achy and sore from just using a garden multi tool that’s too heavy. You should always check the weight of every model.

In the comparison table above, we have included the weight of each of the best garden multi tools we have reviewed.

You should also take some time to consider the additional weight that each of the tool’s attachments will add, as well.

If you think that most of the models appear to be heavy, look for some other models that are made from lightweight materials like aluminium.

Furthermore, garden multi tools that are powered by petrol are usually heavier compared to the electric garden multi tools because of the fuel tank.

Power Source

When it comes to garden multi tools, there are two major types –petrol and electric. While the electric garden multi tools have their own advantages, like being eco-friendly and quick, they actually lack the affordability and power of their petrol counterparts.

That being said, petrol garden multi tools are the most purchased ones. They offer amazing power for different tasks while being cost-effective.

Not only that but fueling them with petrol is also much easier, compared to the electric garden multi tools that might take a long time to recharge.

This doesn’t mean that electric garden multi tools aren’t beneficial at all; they are! It’s just that you can see the most popular models that are commonly sold powered with petrol.


As you may know by now, garden multi tools come in different sizes, designs, and features/ for the main tasks in your garden, most of them pack necessary attachment tools that can truly make your tasks much more bearable and easier.

Aside from the necessary attachments, the best garden multi tool must also be comfortable and easy to work with. It should also come with a reliable engine that’s so easy to start. All of the reviewed best garden multi tools above are of the best quality and are worth investing for. Check them out, and you will see what really suits you!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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