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Helen and Johnson FoundersOur Story

We love researching and specifying products. We love it so much, that our friends even ask us to review products for them before they buy. 

In the beginning. 

We have been doing up houses and caring for gardens for over twenty years.  We met when we were in our twenties and our first house was old and needed painting throughout as well as a new kitchen.

We didn’t have any money

So we had to do it ourselves. It took us six months. It was six very long months without a kitchen! We had only a kettle and a microwave in the dining room and did the washing up in the bath upstairs.

We learned a lot

There is nothing more disappointing than spending your hard earned cash on a new appliance and then discovering it doesn’t work the way you  now realise you wanted it you.

By now

We have done-up and renovated 10 houses, gardens, sheds and stables! We have spent many years working with tools in the home and garden and we have acquired very many home appliances.

Johnson is a shed man

Wherever we are, he has a shed project on the go. He can’t help it. One time we moved into a “finished” house without a shed. There wasn’t enough to do in the garden and within six months we had bought a really run-down house nearby so that he had a project!

Helen loves research

Helen helps Johnson out with some jobs when he needs an extra pair of hands. Helen’s passion is design, decorating, research and sourcing. She sources all of the appliances we review and loves the detailed review analysis.

We know what makes a good product

When Alice next door wanted the recliner chair, Helen set to work. She came up with 5 options for her recliner chair, including pros and cons and pricing. This was the beginning and from there we started our blog to document all of the products we either bought or were considering buying.

Here’s how we do it.

We use the feedback from research and consumers to create our reviews. However, when it comes to specific product categories we design the test equipment ourselves in order make sure that all of them are tested equally for reliability purposes.

I am Johnson from and I love sharing my knowledge about random things that I buy in my house. I am a very meticulous person when it comes to things I buy so I always do in-depth research about this. I share my expertise by writing about the things that I usually do when buying something. If you have any comments or question, feel free to contact me here or via johnson[at] Thanks!