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Best Bladeless Fan

Bladeless fan sales have been increasing since the first models were introduced to the market. They offer a convenient, relatively low-maintenance alternative to indoor fans, and since they have no blades and operate at a reduced speed, they’re safer to use and maintain.

If you’re new to these products, it can be hard to see what sets one bladeless fan apart from another but don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

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We’ve taken five examples of these bladeless fans and listed them below, each entry containing a description of the product and a short list of their pros and cons, so their information is condensed into an easily readable format.

We’ve also written a buyers’ guide so that you can educate yourself on what to look for when buying fans in the future.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
Dyson Purifying Tower Fan, White/Silver
833 Reviews
Dyson Purifying Tower Fan, White/Silver
  • Sealed HEPA and activated carbon filters capture 99.97% of microscopic allergens and pollutants
  • Automatically senses & reports air quality on lcd display in real time & reports to Dyson Link app
  • Up to 350 degree of oscillation with remote & voice activated controls through Alexa

If you need to get one of these fans as soon as possible, you’re probably best going with one of the biggest names in the business.

Consider the Dyson Pure Cool TP01 HEPA Air Purifier & Fan, a tower fan by Dyson that not only covers a lot of space but moonlights as an air purifier, keeping the air quality of your household up to a certain standard.

See its individual features below:

  • As a fan, it’s very quiet and inoffensive when it’s on. Bladeless fans are quieter anyway, but Dyson’s air multiplier designs are still amongst the quietest, never exceeding 55 decibels even at their highest settings.
  • Their air purifying functions are helped by a triple-layered filter system that uses a charcoal layer to neutralise odours, particularly tiny 2.5-micron gas particles. Three sensors monitor particulates in the air, but a third sensor also keeps track of the temperature and humidity of the room.
  • Since it’s from one of the heavy-hitting brands, the Dyson TP01 has a lot of compatibility with other convenient products or services. The Dyson Link app allows you to control the fan with your smartphone, and read reports on the area’s air quality, and the fan is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa.

Best Bladeless Fan – Comparison Table

Best Bladeless Fan – Reviews

Our Winner

Dyson Purifying Tower Fan, White/Silver

Dyson Purifying Tower Fan, White/Silver
Our rating:

One name comes to mind when most people think of bladeless fans, and that is Dyson, so it’s no surprise that we have one here at the top of our list. It was Sir James Dyson, after all, that took a pre-existing concept and worked on it to introduce the very first functioning air multiplier to the world, the result coming to be known as the bladeless fan. Rest assured, however, that they’ve had continued success in improving their products since, such as with the Dyson Pure Cool TP01 HEPA Air Purifier & Fan.

What we have here is a tall tower variant of the classic Dyson air multiplier design, climbing 41.5 inches from the floor, that’s not only a fan but also an air purifier. This means it’s a great option for those with asthma or allergies since it features triple-layered filters, one of those layers being made from odour-neutralising charcoal.

It also removes particulate from the air thanks to a HEPA filter. It has multiple sensors, some to measure the particulates in the air, but one also monitors the temperature and humidity in the room, enabling this fan to adapt and adjust its performance depending on how warm or humid the room is.

With fans, most of the noise comes from the blade, so it makes sense that this fan never goes over 55 decibels and is often below that if you’re not using it on its most intense settings. This is lower than the average human voice, and so doesn’t cause any disturbance when it’s on in a room. This is especially useful for an air purifier since it’ll be on more often in the background.

It retails with a sleek, magnetic remote that you can use to operate it, but we prefer connecting it to our smartphones via the Dyson Link app.

This not only clears the way for a convenient means of controlling the fans in your house, but provides useful data about the fan’s performance and the air quality that the fan is attending to, reporting levels of contaminants like nitrogen dioxide or VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds. It’s also compatible with Alexa, enabling you to give it commands with your voice.

As we mentioned, it’s a tall fan and, when combined with Dyson’s sleek, minimalist design, it can be quite easy to tip over. That’s why we’d recommend it be kept either in your room or in a communal area, where you can make sure that your child or the household pet doesn’t accidentally knock it over or, even worse, knock it onto themselves.

  • Triple-layered filters include a charcoal layer that neutralises odours.
  • Very quiet and inoffensive, never exceeding 55 decibels.
  • A sensor monitors the temperature and humidity in the room.
  • Compatible with Dyson’s Link app to monitor your air quality.
  • It can be commanded via Alexa.
  • It’s so tall that it can be tipped over, so it should be kept away from young children.

Dyson AM06 Desk Fan, 12 Inch - White/Silver

Dyson AM06 Desk Fan, 12 Inch - White/Silver
Our rating:

This second option is for those who want another of Dyson’s quality air-multiplier fans, but small enough to fit onto a desk or some other convenient placement. We’re talking about the Dyson AM06 Desk Fan, a later model in their Air Multiplier series that benefits from several great improvements, like the inclusion of a Helmholtz cavity that reduces the fan’ motor noise by 75% when compared to previous models.

This is especially impressive when you consider that it functions by funnelling air in such a way that creates compression, maintaining a powerful airflow that stays quiet, even when cycling to the most powerful of its ten speed settings. Its airflow oscillation control also helps distribute the air across a wide area, so even though it’s a desk fan it can cover a lot of ground.

Since it’s a desk fan designed for casual use, it easily tilts on its own axis so it can be angled however you like. It also has a sleep timer that can turn the fan off at different intervals, whether it’s at fifteen minutes or nine hours. Since it’s a premium Dyson product, it can be expensive for some people’s tastes, especially considering it’s a small desk fan.

  • Helmholtz cavity built into the fan reduces motor noise by 75%.
  • Has oscillation control that directs airflow across the fan space.
  • Features 10 airflow settings.
  • Has a 9-hour sleep timer.
  • Easily tilts on its own centre of gravity.
  • Expensive for a desk fan.

Our rating:

At the midpoint of our list is the PUBJ Negative Ions Safety Air Cooler Leafless Fan, a great budget bladeless fan that doubles as the cheapest on this list. It uses an 8,000 RPM high-speed cyclone motor that’s powerful yet quiet, and it’s designed from the ground up with a sixteen-degree shape to maximise the airflow that gets dispersed into your room.

It also has variable speed control that changes the airflow speed, and so the power level that the fan operates at. Besides being a capable fan, it also has a HEPA filter built into it which removes particulate from the air, cleaning the air and doing it for a fraction of the price of some of the above products.

Like any self-respecting fan, it can also rotate ninety-degrees so that it sends air across a wide-angle, ensuring that you get as much coverage as possible. It retails in a red but, if you want, you can get it in eye-catching gold, blue, or silver colour schemes.

  • 16-degree oblique shape maximises airflow in the room.
  • Variable air speed control.
  • Built-in HEPA filter removes particles from the air.
  • Rotates 90-degrees to cover a wide-angle.
  • Available in four colours, most of them eye-catching.
  • Remote is non-magnetised and so easy to lose.

ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan, 102cm Smart Cooling Tower Fan with Remote Control, 90° Oscillating LED Touch 9 Speeds 8H Timer Fan for Bedrooms Office, Black

ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan, 102cm Smart Cooling Tower Fan with Remote Control, 90° Oscillating LED Touch 9 Speeds 8H Timer Fan for Bedrooms Office, Black
Our rating:

Next up is the U ULLTY Oscillating Tower Bladeless Pedestal Fan, the slimmest design on this list and so the best option for those who don’t have much space in their household. It has so many customisation options, namely nine-speed settings and two modes, all of which allow you to find the right airflow to suit your preferences and the needs of your household.

One of those modes is the sleep wind mode, where it’ll quietly push air through your bedroom to give you a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. It also has a timer that will automatically turn the fan off after one to eight hours, making it perfect for overnight usage and for saving power.

Since this fan is very slim, it has precautions built into it to reduce the chance of it tipping over, such as its wide bottom where most of the innards of this fan are based. Not only that, but the fan will detect when it’s being knocked over and automatically disconnect from its power source, making this a great option for those preoccupied with safety.

It features an LED touchscreen that helps you cycle through this fan’s many modes easily and intuitively and eliminates the risk of any buttons sticking or breaking with use. If set to the most powerful mode, however, some have found it to be less powerful than some of the higher-end fan options on the market.

  • 9 speed settings and 2 modes allow you to tailor its performance to your liking.
  • A 1 to 8-hour timer makes it perfect for use whilst sleeping.
  • Auto disconnects the power in case the fan gets knocked over.
  • Easy to control via a digital display paired with a remote control.
  • The airflow, even at max settings, isn’t as powerful as other brands.

Air Pod 40019 Oscillating Bladeless Fan 6 Air Speeds Remote Control Touch Sensitive, White, H36 x W26 x D26cm

Air Pod 40019 Oscillating Bladeless Fan 6 Air Speeds Remote Control Touch Sensitive, White, H36 x W26 x D26cm
Our rating:

The final bladeless fan option on our list is something a little different with the Air Pod Oscillating Bladeless Fan, the smallest option on this list, as well as one of the least expensive. It’s based off of a Scandinavian-style home design, making it minimalist like all of the other bladeless fans on this list.

The catch is that this fan actually does have blades, but the fan itself is fully encased in a sphere that eliminates all danger and most of the sound. It’s even easier to clean to make sure that there’s no hassle, having a removable back panel where you can reach the filters without touching the fans at all. The holes in the casing itself keeps dust and other detritus out longer than usual bladed fan casings, too.

As for how these fans work, they have six air speed options to cover all of your needs and preferences where fan power is concerned, though it can get louder on those last air speed levels. Similarly, the fan also has a timer mode that turns the fan off after an amount of time that you set, from one to eight hours.

It too is operated by a digital touch-sensitive display system that’s easy to use, but it also retails with a handy small remote for dual operation if you ever want to control it from a distance.

As said, it’s not a bladeless fan in technicality since bladeless fans usually refer to the air multiplier technology pioneered by Dyson and reflected in the other brand options in the market. However, we’d argue that the fans are a non-factor when it comes to daily use, and it was a cost-effective desk fan option that we just had to include.

  • Concealed bladed fan is safe and very easy to clean.
  • 6 air speed options have all your bases covered.
  • 1 hour to 8-hour programmable timer function.
  • Touch-sensitive controls make it easy to use.
  • Gets noisy at the highest power levels.
  • Technically not bladeless.

Best Bladeless Fan – Buyer’s Guide

How to find the right bladeless fan for you

Bladeless fan technology has been around for almost fifteen years at this point but there’s still many who haven’t come across these before and, with their techy, minimalist designs, they can be intimidating to those used to bladed fans. 

This buyers’ guide will focus on the main considerations you should have when buying your fan, allowing you to understand why one product is better than another and make your purchase confidently. 

We’ve separated the fan features into customisability, oscillation, power efficiency, noise level, and control interface, and have elaborated on them below.


By customisability we mean two things. Firstly, there are the modes and speed settings that many of these high-end tech products often have, and secondly, there are also programmable timers that are available with these fans.

The speed settings are fairly self-explanatory but some general rules can advise you on your purchase. Speed settings will naturally dictate the strength of the fan and its cooling or heating performance, and these settings often range from six to nine. If you want the most powerful fan, then look for those with more speed settings since the higher number of power levels correlates with a continuous increase in power.

Modes also dictate the speed but also have some bearing on the noise level and the type of fanning performance you get, e.g. a natural wind mode that tries to mimic breeze or a sleep mode that operates quietly.

As for programmability, many fans will have the ability to set a timer so that the fan automatically turns off. This is for use during the night or where you may be out of the house, so it can turn off after a set amount of time without you having to return to the fan. It’s a great and convenient option for fans, especially those with air purifier features that’ll be on passively for most of the day.


Oscillation is simply the side to side motion of the fan, though some models like our number five option can oscillate up and down. This distributes the spread of the fan, and you’ll find most bladeless fans will max out at an oscillation angle of 90 degrees. This is ample for most, hence why all the fans above hit this threshold.

Power Efficiency

As with any electronic tech, knowing how power efficient the product is can be a factor in your purchase. Time is money, and power is too by the same logic, so getting a power-efficient will save you more money over time. 

You don’t want your fan to skimp on performance for the sake of energy efficiency, though, since there are more than enough options out there that are capable of producing a high-velocity airflow whilst saving you money to run them.

Noise Level

The main feature of bladeless fans is the fact that, without their blades, the noise they make is significantly reduced. This means the fan is much less distracting, allowing you to have it on in the background at all hours of the day without it becoming a nuisance. 

We think it’s fairly obvious that lower noise levels are preferable, though some don’t mind the noise that bladed fans make, let alone bladeless ones.

Control Interface

The control interface is simply whether the fan is controlled by a button panel or a touch-sensitive screen, and/or a remote control that allows you to operate the fan from a distance. Fans are ultimately intended for comfort, so we see having an accompanying remote control as a must so you can control the fan from the comfort of your bed or sofa.

Higher-end fans like many on this list will prefer touch-sensitive screens over buttons, simply because it matches the minimalist design of most bladeless fans whilst allowing for the vast array of controls that these fans have, and doing all of that in an intuitive and easy to navigate format. We also prefer this, as buttons can be damaged and stick through wear and tear, though this too is arguably down to your own preferences.

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