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3 Best Brush Cutter For Brambles 2021

3 Best Brush Cutter For Brambles 2019

Did you know that the best Brush cutters can replace any other kind of gardening tool that you might have a need to use otherwise?

So if you have a patio at your house or have purchased a plot that has vegetation, by now you might have got tired of the bad herbs that won’t be eliminated using a normal mower.

So for ending the annoying weeds and bushes that grow at some very complicated places having a good brush cutter will be providing you the ease of use, the power that is needed and are amazing for the durability of these products are amazing as well.

You can also select different models of brush cutters, be it electric, petrol or the one that runs on batteries. Some different designs and systems will be making all of the work easier for your usage and can be used for any kind of vegetation that one wants to eliminate.

With the Best Brush Cutter For Brambles, you will be able to eliminate anything that comes in the way or had grown in difficult corners. Here are our top picks with all of the information that you need.

Comparison Table:

Name Power Weight Attachments Price
BU-KO 2019 52 CC Long Research Petrol Brush Cutter 2200 watts 9.8 kg. Multiple attachments View on Amazon
ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter 2200 watts 10.8 kg. 2 attachments View on Amazon
Ryobi RBC1226I Electric 2-in-1 Brush Cutter 1200 watts 7.3 kg. 2 attachments View on Amazon

Top 3 Best Brush Cutter For Brambles

BU-KO 2019 52 CC Long Research Petrol Brush Cutter: Most powerful motor machine

BU-KO 2019 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool Including: Strimmer, Hedge Trimmer, Pruner Chainsaw, Brush Cutter with 2.4mm Thick Trimmer Line & Extension Pole
  • ✅ BU-KO - 52cc 5 in 1 Multi Tool With Extension Pole, Extends to 3.4m, Easy To Assemble, lightweight
  • ✅ High Performance, Heavy Duty Powerful 3HP, Use 2 Stroke Oil, Mix 25/1 to keep the Engine Lubricated, Vertical Single-Cylinder; Power Supply: 2.2 Kw to 7500 rpm, CE & EMC Approved
  • ✅ FREE Toolkit, PPE Protection & Harness Included

So this specific model works amazingly well for cutting brambles and weeds that are too tough.

The product comes with a motor of 52cc. The power of the motor is 2200 watts and this allows the blades for spinning at a high rate of 7500 rpm.

It also means that the hardest foliage will be cleared in the lightest of work needed. Another great thing is that the machine also has a variety of attachments that will help you with tackling several garden tasks.

It’s made with strong heavy metal and works perfectly for heavy tasks. The powerful motor helps with the creation of a very fast cutting blade.

And will also be able to tackle several other errands around the patch and anything will be tackled that it is thrown at it.

Things We Liked:

  • The machine is built with very heavy and durable metal.
  • It works perfectly for very heavy tasks.
  • The motor is powerful and the rpm is one of the highest amongst popular models.
  • Setting up the machine doesn’t take much time.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The instruction manual that comes with it is a bit confusing to some of the users.
  • The weight of the machine is 9.8 kg so it’s heavy.
  • As there are multiple tools, some of them work better than others while all of them should have worked equally well.

ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter: Best budget-friendly option

52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter, Grass Line Trimmer
  • Strong & Reliable 52cc Two Stroke Petrol Engine
  • 2.2kW @ 7500RPM
  • Compact Split Shaft Design

This is another great option if you are looking for a brush cutter with powerful working. The 52 cc motor can create a power of 2200 watts. The blade spin works on 7500 rpm.

The machine is heavy in weight at 10.8 kg. There are two attachments that it comes with one is the brush cutter and the other one is for grass trimming.

These attachments work amazingly well, for tacking thick vegetation and also very light vegetation like trimming grass. This specific model of brush cutter will do all of this for you. It is also a budget-friendly choice.

A perfect option if you are looking forward to something that is going to save a bit of money and won’t need any of the requirements related to more number of attachments as grass cutter trimmer and brush cutter are enough for them to handle bramble and thicker vegetation.

Things We Liked:

  • The motor is powerful and works great.
  • The attachments that come with it are perfect for thick and light vegetation trimming.
  • Very cost-effective and pocket-friendly option.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • There are just two attachments and some users might not find that enough.
  • The machine does vibrate a lot that can be slightly annoying for some people.

Ryobi RBC1226I Electric 2-in-1 Brush Cutter: Most lightweight machine

Ryobi RBC1226I Electric 2-in-1 Brush Cutter, 1200 W , Green
  • Powerful 1200 W motor makes short work of long or wet grass. Noise : Sound Power [dB Lwa] 93.7
  • 2-in-1 features a TriArc brush cutter blade and a bump-feed grass trimmer spool
  • Expand-it compatible-use with the range of Expand-it attachments for a solution for every task around the garden

This is a petrol-powered machine that comes with a motor of 52 ccs. This produces power of 1200 watts. The weight of the machine is 7.3 kg.

When it comes to power and weight of the machine this is very light in weight. Three varied brush cutter blade comes with it and you can change them as per the needs while you are removing the area weed.

This also means that it is going to be simple for removing and handling weeds and different brambles once the right attachment is being used.

For grass, a specific wire attachment also comes with it that needs light brush cutter with a good performance.

Things We Liked:

  • The machine is light in weight so easy to carry around.
  • The attachments work well for simple usage and light cutting.
  • The motor is powerful.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • At 1200 watts the power of the machine is lower than the other machines.
  • Some users have felt that the engine casing does vibrate a lot.

Features that you should look at so that you can Best Brush Cutter For Brambles:

So for being able to choose the best brush cutter for brambles, there are some aspects that you should keep an eye on. While you want to shop for brush cutters take a look at:

Product durability:

We have already discussed that purchasing a brush cutter is surely an investment and will be making your routine work of landscaping and gardening way more easily.

Although, if you will be spending so much of the amount at just one device, you will have to make sure that all of this should be lasting and probably coping up with what you want to do.

While you are taking a look at the brush cutter durability to get information on the blade material and shaft formation. The ones that are made of tough, durable material of metal it might last on all of the work.

As normally brush cutters have to be manufactured for handling tough and thick foliage, there might not be any issues in being able to find the one that will last.

Kind of axes:

Mainly two kinds of axes are there: Straight and curved. The curved ones tend to be a bit easier when it comes to wearing and is light in weight.

But the popularity of ones that are straight is higher because they provide precision and flexibility as well.

Fast-changing heads:

Although easy for replacement heads are fashionable in the present times, it will be still better if you are avoiding them.

Therefore it will be preferable for changing the cutting element for a single one out of four blades or more.

Features for multi-usage:

It is a fact that brush cutters can work as a replacement for any of the gardening tools that you might have already. You need to look at the multipurpose usage that your machine has to offer.

This will ensure that you are making the most of the order that you make and also save a lot of your time in the future it is advised that you go for a device that will be handled easily all of the different kinds of terrains.

This will ensure that just one machine will be able to landscape the space that you have or your garden.

Attachments that are universal:

For enhanced multipurpose features, you can choose devices that come with an attachment for universal connection. Most of the machines that we have listed work with attachments from other brands as well.

This makes them a product of great value. This is specifically vital in case you have been searching for a brush cutter for personal usage and you want to save some more money.

Weight of the machine:

The weight of the brush cutter also holds importance. The machine that is light in weight will be comfortable in usage for longer time durations and there will be a lesser probability of any kind of pain related to the back or shoulder.

But as the machine power goes up the brush cutters do get heavier. This is not a bad thing always as it provides machine sturdier and also give less vibrations.

The weight might also help while you are needed for putting some additional force behind the weeds that are being cut.

Several handlebars:

The Brush cutters do come with a single or two handlebars. The handlebars design that is two in number looks similar to that of a bicycle and has been made for use with harness.

The brush cutters that just have one handlebar are easier for using. But this can have some safety issues and moving them from one side to another with accuracy can be complicated.

Speed and power of Brushcutter:

Both of these are key features that you should surely take a look at when you buy a brush cutter. The motor that will be powerful is going to be creating a faster rpm this also means that it is going to take lesser time for clearing off the vegetation.

It will also help with growth that is of the thickest kind and also the higher rpm allows lesser time for cutting the brambles through.

In a situation where there is a need for too much work to be done this surely helps with making the work a lot more easier and faster.

The Best Brush Cutter For Brambles– Frequently Asked Questions

How can Brush Cutter be used?

Before you understand how to brush cutter should be used, the very first thing is reading the manual well so that it’s ensured that all of the safety checks are well taken care of before you start with the usage.

For this, you need to make sure that the attachments should be connected properly and securely to avoid them becoming loose or move in a direction that is not right and can end up being very dangerous.

After this there are several ways in which you can use Brush Cutter:

Mowing: The brush cutters are easily used for creating, maintaining and also creating a very clean and tidy area of your present garden. It can be regarded similar to the grass trimmer or lawnmower.

Tapering: The best part about using brush cutters is that it must be used around objects. This can include the fencing area, trees that are around and trimming the lawn for prevention from the overgrowth in some specific areas.

Weeding: The brush cutters are very efficient and tools that can be used directly for gardening, this will easily clean out the weeds from pavement areas, like the front yard and patio.

Scything: The brush cutters are also very popular for being the most effective for treating the weeds that are long and lawns. This is an amazing use of brush cutter and will need a steady hand and a bit more time with the practice to get the work done in the perfect manner.

Can Brush cutter blade be sharpened?

Yes! The blade of the brush cutter blade can be sharpened well, without any further costs being involved. One thing that you as usual need to make sure is that the device should never be plugged in at the time. For sharpening the Brushcutter blade:

  • You must clean the blade with warm soapy water.
  • Now you have to angle the blade and also line up the whetstone or the other sharpening tool that you are using.
  • Now drag the stone diagonal to the blade.

This process needs to be repeated until you are satisfied with the result. The procedure must also be repeated in every few months to keep the brush cutter blades in the best condition possible.

But always make sure that you remain at a safer distance are very careful while handling the work.

How should be the brush cutter be started:

In case you have purchased a brush cutter that is electric, you will just have to turn it on. Most of the times these come with a start button that has two switches.

This is for protection reasons and you will get all of the details regarding it in the owner manual.

If you have a brush cutter that is of petrol variety, this can get slightly more complex. You have to first fill them with the needed fuel.

Most of the brush cutters have a bulb that has to be repeatedly pressed so that you begin to see the fuel that has been filled. But it is not required that the bulb gets full, the usual recommendation is that it should be half full.

If the model has a cold start, that you have to first make sure that its choke has been switched on and if it’s for a warm start then it must be switched off.

The user must also not refuel and start the brush cutter while it’s too hot either. And finally, starter lead also needs to be pulled making sure that you are using the entire lead length.


So this was our complete guide on the best brush cutter for brambles. Brush cutters are amongst the tool that must be relied on while everything else is failed in the place that you want it to use.

These are incredibly strong machines and are able to cut almost through anything. One thing is for sure that when it comes to costs involved they are an investment. And this is because of the powerful devices they are.

This also means that while you are making a purchase you are sure of the choice that you make and get the best brush cutter for brambles.

There are a plethora of brush cutters that are available in the market and all of them seem similar in power to the next.

If you have a commercial or individual property that has to have some additional care then definitely a brush cutter will be your priority whenever you shop the next time.

This will make all of the gardening chores so easy. Also, they have high durability and will keep running for years.

So if you have been thinking to keep up with the maintenance of the large landscape that you own or the garden this is definitely worth considering.

Just g through the ratings and reviews for having the best idea and finally narrowing down the choice to the one that fits perfectly with your requirements when it comes to usage.

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