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5 Best Camping Mattress in 2021

Best Camping Mattress

Camping is a fun way to relax from the stress and hassles of everyday life. It is worth noting that, while outdoor camping can be fun, it requires one to have the right gear and this includes a camping mattress.

After a long and adventurous day of camping activities, your body needs rest and this can only be achieved by sleeping on a comfortable mattress. Otherwise, you might wake up with back pain because of sleeping on the cold and hard ground.

In this article, we will review some of the best camping mattresses in the market that will give you a comfortable and well-rested sleep.

Also included is a comprehensive buying guide that will help you find the appropriate camping mattress which fits all your requirements.

Choosing the Right Camping Mattress

When it comes to buying mattresses, there a few factors that one needs to look at. They include;

1. Durability

When shopping for camping mattresses, it’s important to determine how well the product stands up to wear and tear.

If you will be camping in rugged terrain, you may want to consider mattresses whose coating material is resistant to abrasion.

Make sure that the construction is extremely high durable so that you can get good value for your money. Similarly, you can place a mattress pad beneath your camping mattress to prolong its lifespan.

2. Support

Support is one of the most important criteria to keep in mind when looking for a camping mattress. You want a camping mattress that will provide utmost support for your body and ensures even distribution of your body weight.

A top-notch mattress should be fitted with many structured air coils that ensure maximum support and durability.

This is because the air coils support your spine and make it possible for your body to mould well into the mattress.

Mattresses that don’t have this ergonomic design will contribute to an uncomfortable night’s sleep and you will wake up with pain.

3. Weight

While this is one of the most overlooked factors, it plays a key role in ensuring that you have a hassle-free camping experience.

Heavy air mattresses can be difficult to carry and this could limit your movement. Therefore, before you make your purchase, be sure to check the overall weight of the product and ensure that it can perfectly fit in your car or backpack.

4. Height

Similarly, the height of the camping mattress is imperative as it determines how well it functions. You have to consider the height depending on where you plan to use it.

For instance, if the climate on the campsite is cold and rainier, a raised mattress would be ideal to keep you insulated from the wet and cold ground.

Apart from being a great option for camping in places with bad weather, higher mattresses are also easier to get up from.

5. Inflation and Deflation Process

If you are looking at a large air mattress, you might need a pump to get it fully inflated. An air pump makes the process of inflation very easy as it can take only a few minutes to get the desired firmness for your mattress.

The only downside of electric pumps is that they require a source of electricity to operate. Luckily, some pumps include a car charger, so it’s worth considering these units especially when camping at campsites that don’t have a power outlet.

Another tip is to look for mattresses with a built-in inflate control system to prevent inflation and deflation due to changes in temperatures.

This system helps to maintain the desired pressure level throughout the night. However, if you just need a single camping mattress, an air pump might not be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions Camping Mattress

What are the different types of camping mattresses?

There are many different types of camping mattresses that you can choose from:

Air Mattresses

This is probably the most common camping mattress for those who are after comfort, support, and versatility. Most air mattresses feature an ergonomic design that ensures comfort and support for the body.

They are also a good choice for campers because they are lightweight and have a foldable design for easy storage.

However, a drawback of air mattresses is that they are likely to lose inflation. To solve this issue, it is recommendable to choose mattresses that come with built-in air pumps.

Camping Stretcher

A camping stretcher features a metal frame with a mat and is more like a camping bed. Although the mat is made from strong fabric, it does not offer plenty of comforts and may not be worth investing in if you are after that.

Nonetheless, it is a cheaper option and will keep you from sleeping on the ground because of its height.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are used for camping because they provide a lot of comforts. However, their size and bulkiness can be a challenge for campers who don’t have a vehicle.

Should I add air to a self-inflating camping mattress?

No, it is not recommended to add extra air especially through the mouth as this could introduce moisture and bacteria to the mattress. When this happens, the mattress will freeze and you could end up sleeping in low temperatures.

How Comfortable are Camping Mattresses?

The comfort of each mattress varies from one brand to another. For utmost comfort when sleeping, you need to check the materials and air chambers of the materials.

You can also check the reviews of other customers and make your choice depending on how soft or hard you want your mattress to be.

5 Best Camping Mattresses UK Reviews

1. Sable Inflatable Air Bed Double Size Mattress with Built-in Electric-Pump

If comfort is what you are looking for during your camping trip, hen this double size air mattress by Sable is what you need.

Designed with the latest coil beam construction and adjustable inflation, this mattress will provide a new level of support for your back to ensure that you enjoy your night’s sleep during camping.

Given its size, this mattress is also a must-buy for individuals or couples who are seeking a spacious and stylish bed to sleep in.

It can support individuals weighing up to 300kg/ 661lbs, which will be of help to different-sized individuals. Despite its large size, this mattress has a foldable design that makes transportation easy.

Another highlight is that the Sable mattress comes with a built-in electric pump that features a 130W motor that takes only 3-5 minutes to inflate and deflate.

With this powerful pump, you can get the desired firmness for your camping mattress quickly. What’s more, it features a manual air valve that allows you to use your breath to inflate the mattress.


  • Designed for ultimate comfort and stability
  • Features a built-in 130W air pump
  • Versatile use
  • Foldable design for easy storage


  • Can be heavy to transport for campers without a vehicle
  • Air pump needs a power outlet

2. Active Era Premium Queen Size Double Air Bed

Active Era Luxury King Size Air Bed - Elevated Inflatable Air Mattress, Electric Built-in Pump, Raised Pillow & Structured I-Beam Technology, Height 56cm
  • OUR MOST ADVANCED AIRBED: This Luxury King Size Blow Up Bed by Active Era is designed with an internal support structure that mimics the design of a traditional bed to provide unrivalled support and comfort throughout the night. A travel bag is included for easy packing and transportation.
  • BUILT-IN ELECTRIC PUMP: Active Era air beds with built in electric pumps quickly inflate to full firmness in 2 minutes. At the flick of a switch the inflatable bed will automatically deflate so it can be stored in small spaces.
  • NECK AND HEAD SUPPORT: A built in ergonomically designed pillow follows the curvature of your neck and spine to provide unrivalled comfort whilst you sleep. The large king size mattress provides more space than a double airbed and more comfort than camping beds.

Designed for sports and outdoor use, this premium queen size bed from Active Era is a great choice for a couple of campers that want more room.

The bed is constructed from an ultra-high-quality, 15-gauge puncture-resistant material that makes it perfect for use in harsh conditions when camping.

Also, unlike most camping mattresses, this airbed has a soft-touch waterproof flock coating that makes it perfect to use both at home and when travelling.

For comfort, the mattress is designed with a built-in pillow that supports the head and neck for better and soundless sleep.

Plus, it incorporates 35 structured air coils that play a major role in ensuring improved support structure so you can have bed-like comfort.

A unique feature of this airbed is the integrated electric pump that helps to inflate the mattress to full firmness at a quick time of 3 minutes.

This means that you will spend less time filling it with air allowing you to get sleep straight away. For easy storage and transportation, just flip the switch and the airbed will deflate.

Plus, the manual air valve allows for flexibility especially for those camping without a vehicle. However, it requires a lot of effort and may take time to get the mattress inflated.


  • Durable design
  • Space-saving storage
  • Features built-in raised the pillow
  • Built-in air pump
  • Ergonomic design for great body support
  • Waterproof and comfortable surface


  • Air pump requires the main power

3. Bestway Tritech Airbed with Built-in AC Pump

Bestway Tritech Single Airbed with Built-in AC Pump, Quick Inflation air Mattress with Flocked Surface and Travel Bag, Black, 191cm x 97cm x 46cm
  • SINGLE AIRBED: ideal for camping or temporary sleeping arrangements
  • BUILT IN ELECTRIC PUMP: for 220-240v of fast inflation; inflates in under 4 minutes
  • TRITECH INTETNAL BEAMS: are polyester mesh encased in strong PVC for durability

Another top mattress for camping is the single air mattress blow by Bestway. This air mattress is built with premium materials that make it resistant to water and punctures, thereby giving you deep sleep during outdoor use.

It is also great for camping because of its quality welding seam that prevents air leakage.

Integrated with built-in air pump, setting up this air mattress has never been easier. All you need is a power source and your mattress will be inflated and deflated in less than 4 minutes.

Campers’ love this provides because it is very compact and the inflated size is 191cm x 97cm x 46cm. It also has a built-in pillow and I-beam construction provides enhanced comfort for an ideal night’s sleep.

What makes it even more impressive is the fact that it features a PVC on the underside to prevent slipping when placed on even ground.

Since not all bodies are the same, this mattress has a total weight capacity of 300kg and it can accommodate people of different shape and sizes.

Since the double-layered construction is very durable, nearly anyone can enjoy a good night’s rest on this mattress.


  • Made from durable material
  • Comes with a built-in air pump
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Well raised above the ground
  • Multiple-use


  • Pump needs to be charged at least 5 hours before use

4. Aerobed Airbed Outdoor Flocked Inflatable Mattress

Aerobed Airbed Sleepsound, Indoor Air Bed with Built-In Electric Pump, Blow Up Guest Bed, Flocked Inflatable Mattress
  • Inflatable air mattress with high comfort level (traditional bed height) for two adults; comes with an easy-to-use built-in electric pump (mains operated); suitable for caravans/spare guest bed at home
  • Easy to set up: Powerful electric pump for airbed ensures rapid inflation in less than 3 minutes (hands free); fast deflation via AeroBed’s distinct whoosh valve
  • Double height fold away bed rolls up and stores compactly in durable carry bag for easy transport and storage; fits standard size bed sheets ideally (velvety flocked surface keeps sheets in place)

If you need a comfortable and good quality airbed for your camping needs, look no further than this mattress from Aerobed.

Designed with comfort and functionality in mind, it can give an exceptional sleeping experience for one person.

An impressive feature of the Aerobed Outdoor Flocked Mattress is the soft flocked sleeping surface. Additionally, it features a 32-coil system that provides a firm and solid area to support the whole body.

This enhanced internal coil system has been proven to prevent uncomfortable pressure points.

With this mattress, you will enjoy a super-fast inflation thanks to its powerful built-in pump. Deflation is also very easy because of the whoosh valve, making storage and transportation very easy.

This model also comes with a carry bag that allows you to fold the mattress into a compact size when space is limited.

Once organized neatly, the mattress can be stored away for future use. It can easily transform from bag to bed in just under one minute. Better yet, it can easily fit single bed sheep to provide you with an even better sleeping experience.


  • Handy bag for neat storage
  • Soft flocked surface
  • Built-in pump that inflates under one minute
  • Ergonomic design for body support


  • Air leakage after several uses

5. JAY-BE Value Folding Bed with Breathable Airflow Mattress

JAY-BE Value Folding Bed with Rebound e-Fibre Mattress - Single
  • SINGLE FOLDING BED - Lightweight, perfect for camping or travel due to its compact, portable design. A folding bed which is ready in seconds
  • BREATHABLE COMFORT LAYERS - 100% Foam Free Rebound e-Fibre Mattress
  • J-TEX SPRUNG BASE SYSTEM for durability

A great blend of lightweight and comfort, JAY-BE Value Folding Bed can be a great choice for those camping in a campsite or caravan. It is very affordable and users can greatly benefit from its functionality.

Because of its compact design, this bed can be folded and stored anywhere once you are done using it. However, the metal frame design makes it quite cumbersome for campers who are travelling on foot.

A unique characteristic of this folding bed is the presence of an airflow mattress that is constructed from Aqualast fabric.

The breathable airflow fibre mattress offers complete comfort, support, and durability. What’s more, the height of the bed will keep you above the ground.


  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Breathable airflow mattress for added comfort
  • Ideal for regular use
  • Impressive size
  • Greatly priced


  • Heavy to carry on foot

Final Thoughts

When you have the right camping mattress, you will, without doubt, have an exceptional camping experience.

Camping mattresses will lift you from the damp and cold ground and allow you to have a comfortable night’s sleep far from home.

If you are planning for a camping trip, consider the above 5 Best camping mattresses and choose the most suitable for your needs and requirements.

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