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Best Cantilever Parasol

There’s nothing quite like spending a day out in the sun. Getting to experience the sun shining on your face and watching the blue skies pass by is pure bliss. But what about when you want some respite from the scorching sun rays and want something a little more shaded?

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A parasol can make a fantastic addition to any garden. Not only does it help to keep you cool while you sit and enjoy the nice weather, but they also look incredibly stylish, giving that little bit of extra colour to your outdoor space.

The question is though, what are the best cantilever parasols? Well, we’ve got the answer to that question right here! Read on to find out more about the best cantilever parasols. We’ve also written a handy buyer’s guide to help you to know what to look out for when making your purchase!

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick!

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
GardenKraft 14860 3m Cantilever Garden Parasol / Banana Parasol with Tilt & Crank Mechanism / 6 Steel Ribs / UV 30 Protection / Durable Polyester Material / Dark Green Colour
  • CANTILEVER GARDEN PARASOL – Keep yourself safe this summer with this Dark Green coloured 3m Cantilever Garden Parasol from GardenKraft. Featuring UV 30 rated protection, you can be assured of protection from the sun’s rays while you enjoy the warmth in your garden, with an air vent & flap also included for when you want to feel a nice cool breeze.
  • TILT & CRANK MECHANISM – This parasol is incredibly easy to set up thanks to the tilt & crank mechanism built into the pole! Simply turn the crank to put the parasol up or down, and the 6 steel ribs at the top of the pole will straighten out or fold up depending on which way you turn it. This allows you to react quickly and easily to sudden changes of weather during the day. The canopy can also be tilted in order to block the sun from different angles as the sun moves through the sky.
  • PERFECT SIZE – The cantilever parasol has a canopy diameter of 3m, and is able to fully cover this area without a pole in the middle thanks to its overhanging design. This means that more people & objects such as tables and chairs can be safely covered in the shade compared to a normal garden parasol! For added stability, the pole will need to be anchored into a weighted base of at least 9kg (NOT INCLUDED – must be purchased separately).

Best Cantilever Parasol – Comparison Table

Best Cantilever Parasol – Reviews

Our Winner

GardenKraft 14860 3m Cantilever Garden Parasol / Banana Parasol with Tilt & Crank Mechanism / 6 Steel Ribs / UV 30 Protection / Durable Polyester Material / Dark Green Colour

GardenKraft 14860 3m Cantilever Garden Parasol / Banana Parasol with Tilt & Crank Mechanism / 6 Steel Ribs / UV 30 Protection / Durable Polyester Material / Dark Green Colour
Our rating:

With summer coming up (in some places) many people are looking to pimp out their garden with some cool cantilevers. Nothing says good vibes like a Saturday afternoon in the garden. One might almost say this is a necessity given that the heat may affect people’s social gatherings. This cantilever has a diameter of 2.93m and is just enough to cover a full table of about 6 in the garden. Depending on what you are looking for at this price it covers quite a decent amount of space.

It is about 3.09m high meaning it has an increased reach. An increased reach means it does not have to be close to you adding space to your table. Sometimes a shorter umbrella makes one feel like it is just breathing down their neck when really when outdoors you want to feel free. It is quite easy to put up and does not require any special moves during application. It may not be very heavy however meaning you may need to purchase additional weights to hold it down in windy climates. This combined with the less durable metals that have been used and the product becomes less attractive. All in all, coming in a cool banana colour the table is well suited for home summers in the garden.

  • Easy to set up
  • Nice colour the shade of banana
  • Large Diameter
  • High rising length
  • Folds away compactly
  • Not heavy enough, may blow away
  • Metal is not very durable

All Seasons Gazebos Ross James premium garden parasol umbrella with crank handle including base weight (Grey)

All Seasons Gazebos Ross James premium garden parasol umbrella with crank handle including base weight (Grey)
Our rating:

If you’re looking for a parasol with a little bit more finesse and luxury, the All Seasons Gazebos Ross James is a fantastic choice. This is a highly versatile parasol that looks fantastic and performs admirably. Style and substance are both overwhelmingly present in this cantilever parasol set.

With this parasol set, you’re getting everything you could possibly want, and you don’t need to worry about simply having one option. With this, you get a 3 metre parasol, in addition to a four piece base and a All Seasons Gazebos cover to keep the parasol protected.

This parasol is excellent for keeping you protected from the rain and sun, but it really can protect the whole family.

Furthermore, the parasol is very durable and long lasting, so it’s a serious investment for years of outdoor fun. The canopy is even water resistant. It’s very simple to assemble too and provides a lot of value for money, so long as you have the garden space for it.

  • Easy to put together
  • Stylish design
  • Large coverage area
  • It can be hard to find the right place to put the base because it’s so big

Laxllent Parasol Cantilever Umbrella Banana Parasol with Crank Handle,Dia.300cmxH250cm,Large Sunshade with UV Protection UPF 50+,Taupe

Laxllent Parasol Cantilever Umbrella Banana Parasol with Crank Handle,Dia.300cmxH250cm,Large Sunshade with UV Protection UPF 50+,Taupe
Our rating:

The Laxllent Parasol Cantilever is a standout product amongst its competitors. It has been designed with the customer and their peace in mind. Many people find peace being in the garden or on the beach around nature. This will allow you to do so while still feeling protection from the sometimes harsh rays of the sun. It comes with a diameter of over 3m. This is quite a good size for a cantilever. The material is made from a waterproof polyester that provides you with 100% UV protection.

The Metal is made from a durable iron that is also rustproof. Based on this so far you can already see features that offer you value for money. The product is an easy use and easy store product meaning when you are done packing it away in the car is no big deal. Laxllent is quite confident in the product they have produced and are offering customers a 12-month warranty. If you get the product and do not like it then you have 45 days to get your money back guaranteed. With an offer like this, you stand nothing to lose when trying it out.

  • 12-month warranty
  • Waterproof material safe for rain
  • UV protection
  • Rustproof metal
  • Easy use and easy store
  • Relatively expensive
  • May not stick into the ground without additional weights

Charles Bentley 3m Hanging Banana Cantilever Garden Umbrella - Black

Charles Bentley 3m Hanging Banana Cantilever Garden Umbrella - Black
Our rating:

The Charles Bentley 3.5m Premium Umbrella is one of the most popular parasols on the market right now, and it holds a lot of appeal as a cantilever parasol that has a lot of features and quality.

This 3.5m cantilever parasol is singlehandedly one of the biggest garden umbrellas out there, and not only that but it’s made of a high quality, UV protection treated polyester that can withstand the sun even on the hottest of days.

It is a little bit heavy but this is actually a positive in some respects as it means that it’s not going to be easy to knock it over in sudden gusts of wind. This parasol is absolutely perfect for any large patios and sitting areas and provides plenty of shade that is even adjustable as you can tilt it.

The parasol features a rustproof pole and a water-resistant canopy that is made to be able to withstand any kind of weather conditions. The design is also quite beautiful too and is versatile enough to fit in pretty much any garden.

  • Perfect for providing shade to larger areas
  • Non-rusting frame and water-resistant canopy
  • Stylish design
  • Tilting canopy
  • It can be tricky to put it together

AIRWAVE 3 Metre Apollo Banana Cantilever Garden Parasol Umbrella, Solar Powered LED Spot Lights, 30+ UV Protection, Wind Up Crank Function, Water Resistant

AIRWAVE 3 Metre Apollo Banana Cantilever Garden Parasol Umbrella, Solar Powered LED Spot Lights, 30+ UV Protection, Wind Up Crank Function, Water Resistant
Our rating:

With a rust resistant aluminium frame, the AIRWAVE Cantilever Garden Parasol is a durable option that boasts a bunch of positive reviews, making it a fantastic choice for your garden shade needs.

The parasol can be used in pretty much any garden and it provides a 360 degree rotatable design so you can easily adjust it to whatever you happen to need at the time. No matter how big the family is, you will have plenty of shade for everyone as this canopy can span more than 3m.

This is perfect for the ideal protection from UV rays, the sun or rain. When the parasol isn’t being used it’s also pretty easy to pack away the parasol and it can be stored away.

The parasol also looks fantastic with a versatile design that can fit in with most garden furniture. You may need to get your own weights to keep the parasol in place though. Other than that, it’s easy to maintain and it’s affordable, so this is a great choice for some summer relaxation at a decent price.

  • Rust free
  • Large coverage
  • Stylish design
  • Easy assembly
  • You will need to buy more weights to keep it in place

Best Cantilever Parasol – Buyer’s Guide

Why Choose a Cantilever Parasol?

There are a lot of different types of parasol on the market, so why would you buy a cantilever parasol in specific? Well, for a quick summary, a cantilever parasol is one that has a base and pole that’s off to the side of the umbrella instead of at the centre as you may see with a lot of outdoor parasols. The umbrella then arches a little to provide shade over a sitting area or table.

One benefit of this type of parasol is that it’s incredibly versatile. You can pretty much set one up anywhere without having the pole getting in the way. It’s possible to set them up over a range of different things, from a hammock to a recliner, to even a jacuzzi. In fact, you can even adjust them to get the best possible shade throughout the day.

These types of parasols are also very stylish looking too, perhaps more so than other types of parasols. So if you want to look good while basking in the sun then this is definitely a good choice.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Cantilever Parasol

So what should you be looking for when on the hunt for a cantilever parasol? There are a number of things worth considering and it depends a little on what things are the most important to you. For example, the size and the base are things that are very important to consider, whereas style may not be something that you are as bothered about. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re choosing a cantilever parasol.

Weather Proof

Considering the fact that the parasol is going to be outdoors, it’s important to ensure that the parasol is able to put up with all sorts of weather should the weather turn while it’s being used. The majority of cantilever parasols have a powder coated aluminium pole and this is rust resistant. It also has fade proof umbrella fabric.

It’s important to also take a look at some other customer reviews though no matter what the manufacturer says, just so that you can see from tried and tested resources how the umbrella is able to hold up after a certain amount of time in the outdoors.


What size you choose is going to be subjective to you and what you want. Your perfect size is largely going to depend on how much shade you want. The majority of cantilever parasols are able to stretch out to around 3m away from the pole which is generally more than enough for a basic patio seating area.

If you would rather something a little bit smaller if you don’t have enough space for a cantilever parasol that’s that big then you can opt for a 2m parasol. Alternatively, if you require even more shade then there are some options that stretch to even as far as 4m. With that being said it’s important to remember that it’s going to be a lot harder to move a larger parasol because it’s heavier, so if you are intending to frequently move it around then you need to keep this in mind.


You need to ensure that the parasol base is going to be heavy and wide enough. This is so that the umbrella isn’t going to fall over because there’s not enough weight beneath it. It’s especially important during windy days.

You may find that some parasols actually need more weight in order to keep the base stable.

With that being said, you may find that even if you have the most stable base it still may not withstand everything. This is why it’s a very good idea to make sure that you close the parasol up during the night and when the weather is sketchy. It can get damaged if it’s hit by too much wind and rain.

Closing and Opening Mechanisms

Before buying your parasol, first check the kind of opening and closing mechanisms that it uses. You should try to ensure that it’s very easy to open and close the parasol and that this movement isn’t rigid, it should be smooth to open. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of seconds to close or open the parasol. For the most part parasols use a crack mechanism that’s pretty simple but it’s still worth checking first.

Additional Features

There are a few extra things that can be useful when making your purchase. For instance, some parasols come with a protective cover which is vital for keeping your parasol protected when it is not being used. This means you can use the parasol for much longer. Some parasols also come with LED lighting which can be very helpful when you are relaxing outdoors during the evening.


You should check whether it’s possible to tilt or swivel the parasol as this will let you be able to change the parasol position quite quickly, though this depends on your seating position and the time of day. During the afternoon for example it is often best to tilt the umbrella down lower so that you have more shade and protection from the sun, which by this point is much lower in the sky.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I secure a cantilever parasol?

One problem with cantilever parasols, and actually parasols in general, is that they can get damaged by a random gust of wind. Because of this, it is vital that they are properly weighed down. If the parasol is a mobile version then you should make sure that you know about the kind of wind conditions in the position where you are planning to put it, and you should ensure that it is properly weighed down very carefully each and every time it is moved.

If the parasol is meant to constantly stay in one place, then you should make a decision about whether you want it housed in wood or in stone.

If you’re going to be putting the parasol into concrete then it’s important that you bolt down the parasol into the concrete by using locking nuts.

For wood, drill into the wood at the locations you need the parasol to go then put lag bolts in to keep the parasol in the right place.

If you do want to be able to move the parasol around the garden then it’s worth investing in a weighted base for the parasol that you are able to put the umbrella into to keep it secure wherever you need it to be at the time.

What weight base should I use for my cantilever parasol?

Ultimately the answer to this depends on the size of the parasol that you buy. If your parasol isn’t that big and it has a pole that is smaller than 43mm then it’s possible to just use a 15kg base and this will be enough to stabilise the parasol.

If the parasol’s diameter is over 42mm then you’re going to need a base that’s over 25kg.

You should be able to get advice on what base is best for your parasol on the manufacturer’s website or from a local hardware store.

How do I clean my cantilever parasol?

It’s actually not all that hard to clean a cantilever parasol, and thankfully you don’t need to buy any expensive cleaners to do it!

All you need is white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and salt to clean your cantilever parasol. Simply mix them together in equal amounts and then scrub the parasol well before you rinse it off. Your parasol will look brand new in no time, and you don’t need to buy a new one or clean it too harshly.

On that note though, if you are able to get access to a steam cleaner then it can make cleaning the cantilever parasol a lot easier. All you are going to need is an electric outlet and water to clean up your cantilever parasol.