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5 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners UK

5 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners UK

If you ever have cut trees outdoors for a long time, you know how important a high-quality chainsaw is. But, the best chainsaw doesn’t remain at the same state you buy it for the first time.

It needs proper care to keep its performance optimum. So, you must have the best chainsaw sharpener that will help you rightly.

While using a sharpener, it’ll allow you to complete more tasks with accuracy and Considistance. It’s because you’re free of getting worried about using blunt blades when you’ll be working outside.

Besides, having a sharpener means you can extend the working life of your chain with saving lots of bucks.

This is why a good quality chain sharpener is highly needed for your outdoor cutting tasks. As a result, we’re here with some of top and best quality chainsaw sharpeners that are available in the UK markets.

Top 5 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners

Clarke ECSS2 Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Clarke ECSS2 Electric Chainsaw Sharpener
  • Motor 85W, 230V
  • 4800rpm
  • 108mm diameter grinding disc

The ECSS2 from Clarke is a type of chain sharpener of your chainsaw that you can completely adjust to get accurate and fast sharpening.

The sharpener is not just able to sharpen the most sorts of chains; it also works great with the most common sizes. You can mount it onto your workbench that’s a great feature of the tool.

This is a good model of sharpener, which is as reliable as workable with the different types of chains. When we checked, we didn’t find even a single chain that it was unable to make sharpen.

With an 85-watt powerful motor, the tool comes with an easy sharpening rotating disc that can sharpen more than 50 chains.

As it gets a strong rotating engine, it provides you a higher rotation of 4800/minute. It means that the sharpener will be able to sharpen a chain of a saw just in two minutes.

The disc you’ll get with the tool is a diameter of 108mm and you can tilt it at different angles. So, it caters to the chain type that’s sharpening.

Also, it already has been said that you can mount the device on the workbench, so you’ll find it easy working.

However, you have to buy the required bolts plus nuts separately as it doesn’t come with the box. It’ll be not a big issue when you’ll find the tool is very light in weight with just 2.9kgs.

That means the unit is simple to carry with to different places depending on your needs. Among the other handy features, the box filled with an angle gauge with a guard of safety.

These things will help you make your sharpening tasks safe and more accurate. But, don’t forget to wear eye protecting glasses.


  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight
  • Simple setting
  • User-friendly


  • Nuts plus bolts are not available

Faithfull Power Plus Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Faithfull Power Plus CHAINSS 230V Electric Chainsaw Sharpener, Metal, Red, SMALL
  • Powerful 85 watt motor (230V/ 50hz)
  • Complete with grinding wheel
  • Adjustable chain guide with angle gauge

The Power Plus from Faithful production line is a very useful electric-powered chainsaw sharpener.

Why? The reasons are many and the great one is that this model is rightly perfect for both electric and petrol-powered chainsaws.

Another one is its 5-year long warranty that’s a big plus point with this sharpener.

It might be feeling a bit plasticky, but this is a good product for you if you’re looking for a budget sharpener. Of course, regardless of being cheaper in value, the tool is as reliable as user-friendly.

Like the previous brand, it also has an 85-watt strong motor, which is great to support a grinding disk of 4-1/4-inch diameter.

Also, you’ll find the disc works well enough with a pitch of 3/8-inch using its 1/8-inch thickness. As a result, you’ll be able to use this sharpener to work with the most types of chainsaws.

There are bolt holes to make your mounting issue simpler. Thus, you’ll be able to mount the sharpener well on your workbench.

Besides, it’ll provide you a chain guide and an angled gauge that ensures the chains accurate sharpness. The unit is not just easy to assemble; it also has been built strongly to work for years.

Although the tool has made largely from plastic, you can choose it for its price. Also, it has a 5-year long guarantee that’s rare to find.

Moreover, you don’t need to take out the chain of your chainsaw to make it sharpen. It can sharpen blunt blades of a chainsaw effective and quickly without getting a feel of boring.

Apart from being very easy to assemble, the tool is all set to work with the most types of petrol and electric powered chainsaws.


  • Very comfortable to use
  • Simple to mount
  • Accurate sharpening
  • A 5-year long guarantee


  • A bit puzzling instruction manual

Wolf 220w Electric Chain Sharpener

Wolf 220w Electric Chain Sharpener 230V Chainsaw File Saw Grinder Garden Power Tool + Grinding Disc
  • Keeps chains razor sharp and in superb condition
  • Powerful 220w electric motor for fast, accurate sharpening and rotary table for easy alignment
  • Includes Wolf 100mm chain sharpening disc

All good chainsaws will need to be sharpened at some point in their lives. Getting yourself a high-quality sharpener will determine how your future experiences with the machine go. Therefore, if you wish to bring back the original quality of the chainsaw then you need to invest in a chain saw sharpener. This one is made by a UK based company called Wolf. The sharpener is quite powerful with an input power of over 220W.

This means that even the toughest of chainsaws can be well managed. The product is almost 2Kgs in weight which makes it a little heavy. It is suitable for sharpening chains with 3/8” or ¼” pitch. What this means is it has been made for the heavy-duty chainsaws. The length of the plug is only 0.5M which is quite short considering sparks will be flying out as you sharpen your chainsaw.

This means you would most likely prefer to do this outside and for that, you would require a longer cable. However, in terms of the sparks flying out, they have conveniently added a case through cover which will redirect sparks safely to the ground. It is still advisable to wear a helmet for your own safety. There are newer models that are able to operate on batteries which are something we would have liked to see in this product. This mobility would allow tree cutters way out in the forest to easily sharpen their chainsaws if they ever needed to. The plug of this machine is also only suited for G-square which is only found in the UK.


  • Come in cool colours
  • Relatively affordable
  • Suitable to big chain sizes
  • Cover to redirect sparks downwards
  • High power output


  • A bit heavy
  • Short power cord

Stihl Picco Chain Filing Kit

Stihl offers this chain sharpener with a practical sharpening kit. The kit has its individual pouch and it allows you to work with many useful features.

This sharpener is for you if you’re searching for a manual type sharpener. As the manual tool has made with good quality material, you’re all set to go for years.

You can use the sharpener to deal with the chains of 3/8-inch to 1/4-inch of diameter. It has a round design of 4mm along with gauging and it just 286-gram in weight.

As a result, the tool is easy to make your chainsaw more productive to get around your small toolbox. Also, it can sharpen chains on the way.

This is a manageable tool from the production line of Stihl that can sharpen your chains accurately. The unit is as handy as it’s handheld as well and able to work with a restricted number of different chains.

That means you should be ensured first whether it’ll work with yours one or not due to its restrictions.

This manual model sharpener some more handy features that can make your sharpening task easy and simple.

Although the user’s manual should be improved, the tool is better than many other similar alternatives are available out there. With an affordable price, the tool is also durable.

Without making you bored, it can sharpen blunt blades of a chainsaw effective and quickly. Thus depending on your needs, the unit is simple to carry with to different places as it’s very lightweight in design.

So, if you’re in seeking a high-quality sharpener to use frequently, it’s the perfect tool for you.


  • Very Affordable
  • Most lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • User-friendly


  • Limited use

Oregon Chainsaw Sharpening Kit & Pouch 5/32” 4.0mm

OREGON 4.0mm (5/32-Inch) Chain Sharpening and Bar Maintenance Kit for 1/4-Inch, 3/8-Inch Low Profile Chainsaw Chain (558488)
  • Original starter kit for chain and bar maintenance
  • One assembled file holder for chain top plate maintenance
  • One assembled wooden handle and flat file and one depth gauge tool for chain depth gauge maintenance

This 5/32-inch 4mm chainsaw sharpener of Oregon has been designed to work with the most types of chains within 0.325 types.

It’s a durable kit that has made with strong materials to last for years. It comes with everything that you need for your chain and bar maintenance when it comes to your chainsaws.

After taking out from the box, you’ll find the unit has covered by a red package. So, it’s tough to miss while you’re using a chainsaw regularly.

Also, it allows you to attach a belt if you need it when you work. There is a 4.0mm round pitch along with a wooden handle. There is a cleaner of the bar groove and an intense gauge.

Apart from an intense gauge, it suitable for the chains of 1/4 to 3/8-inch pitches. Thus, you’ll get the right return what you’ll pay for the sharpening tool.

That means the unit is as cost-effective as you can use it when you’re on the way of cutting. But, it’ll enable you to sharpen some definite categories of chains.

That’s why you’ll be able to use the sharpener for maintaining your bar as well as its chain. As a result, we like to recommend this tool if you want a nice set of maintenance to use while working.

As a whole, you’ll get everything in the box what you need to keep your chainsaw in its optimum state for the highest output.

This is because it’s one of the best and useful sharpening tools to Consider investing in it. So, finally, we can say about the tool is that it’s simply ideal for your chainsaw and your bar maintenance. The unit is also lightweight that’s why it’s trouble-free to move.


  • Lightweight
  • Belt attached
  • Groove cleaner included
  • Affordable &durable


  • The issue with guide control

Buyers Guide of the Best Chainsaw Sharpener

It’s nothing tough to find out the best chainsaw sharpener if you know what you should get with the tool. But, you have to decide whether you’ll buy a handheld of an electric-powered model.

If you invest in the electric model, it’ll make your task easier and faster other than the manual models.

Sharpeners come with different features and you should look for the best ones that you need for the best results.

If you find one sharpener doesn’t fit your preferences then look at the other ones. Thus, you’ll find your ideal one and let’s help you with some topics.


Compatibility is a great issue for a chainsaw sharpener because it can make you more productive and get your task done as faster as effectively.

Most types of sharpening tools for your chainsaw come with the compatibility with the most chainsaw brands.

But, you should check before you purchase it if your preferred one meets up your requirements. You’ll get the top products if you know the users’ ratings and their feedbacks from those who have used the items practically.

Power Range

When you choose a sharpener of an electric model, the power range is a vital factor to know about. There are different strength and sizes of motors with electric models.

Some of them have a power range from 70-watt to 300-watt. If you choose the larger power range of the motor, you’ll get your sharpener easy and faster to work with.

It’s because a motor is responsible for the speeds of the sharpeners. In this case, if the engines are with higher speed (rotations/minute) then the sharpeners are generally better to use.


Usually, there are mainly three types of sharpeners for your chainsaws. These include manual, electric, and hand-held models.

If you choose a manual model, it’ll help you to get the chainsaw accurately. This model is much cheaper than electric ones. But, they need so many times to accomplish your sharpening task.

Also, you can carry out the electric model with you to your job site. That’s why the professionals like to use the electric models. Another reason to choose this model widely is that it requires less physical effort.

Besides, when it comes to the handheld model, it needs precise control. This model also needs a higher physical effort and lots of time like the manual model. So, the decision is yours which way you like to go with.


As professionals, we also recommend using electric-powered models. They’re indeed a bit pricey, but they’ll offer you a faster and accurate job completion. This is why most of the sharpeners that we have reviewed are electric models.

But, if you get enough time and your task is not huge then you can choose a handheld sharpener. Either way, you never should compromise with the quality of the product. The best way to know about your desired product is that just look for the users’ reviews and read them carefully.

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