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5 Best Chainsaw Trousers UK

5 Best Chainsaw Trousers UK

It could a serious challenging issue to work using a chainsaw. This is because it can be so dangerous task to use a chainsaw that even the professional users may fall into accidents.

It may commit accidents due to loss of the control over the chainsaw and it can fall onto your leg. Also, you may fall by slipping while cutting the branches.

Either way, you can be a victim of an accident anytime if you use a chainsaw frequently. As a result, it’s extremely significant to use some best chainsaw trousers for personal protection. They can make a deadly accident that may risk your entire life into a simple one.

This is the main reason to come with this review that will make you know about some high-quality chainsaw trousers in the UK market. With the review, you’ll get a buying guide and it’ll make your chainsaw trouser buying issue easier.

Top 5 Best Chainsaw Trousers

Oregon Yukon | Type-A Chainsaw Trousers

Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Protective Trousers, Protection Type A Class 1, Size 2 XL (XXL , EU 58-60) (295435/2XL)
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and abrasion-resistant trousers ideal for arborists, loggers, landscapers, and homeowners for heavy-duty outdoor tasks
  • Two-way stretch polyester offers five layers of protective material against fuel, oil, and heat while keeping you cool all day
  • Plenty of available tool storage - two large front pockets and one back pocket with hook and loop closure

As their name suggests, you’ll get the highest Type-A protection while using these trousers. It means that they’ll just protect your front plus legs sides.

That’s why they’re ideal for those who work regularly on the landed ground. Also, these trousers provide you excellent moving freedom getting fit well on you.

As the trousers come in different sizes from small to the highest 3XL, they’re suitable for most people.

The making quality and fabric are great as well because they have been made by two-way stretched polyester. As a result, these trousers resist abrasion, fuel, and heat to keep your body cool.

They’re especially very handy for you if you use a petrol-powered chainsaw as you’ll get into the contact of these three things like oil, heat, and fuel.

These trousers are also very lightweight to wear just with a weight of 1kg. Another best thing about them is that they’ll not make you slow down when you do cutting jobs.

While many people complain about the heaviness of other models, Oregon Yukon has been designed keeping on mind this issue.

Apart from being lightweight, they’re as cool as breathable as their fabric nicely wicks their moisture away. This way, you’ll get an enjoyable working state without getting too much sweating.

You’ll find that most of the common trousers have 2 to 3-layer protection that is good to protect you. But, these trousers of Oregon Yukon come with a 5-layer material to protect you from possible injury.

Although these extra layers have made them much thicker, they’re still offering you the lowest weight.


  • Comfortably lightweight design
  • Long-lasting polyester fabric made trousers
  • Five layers of protective materials
  • Breathable and cool


  • Issues with Velcro pockets

SWS Garden & Country KWF Dungaree-Style Chainsaw Trousers

Professional cut protection dungarees, KWF dungarees, cut protection trousers, forest trousers, made in Germany
  • Outer Material: 70% polyester/30% Cotton, Knee Pads and water-repellent
  • Tested protective material after EN 381 – 5
  • Two diagonal pockets, back pocket with velcro shut-off, crotch gusset

These are dungaree-like chainsaw trousers and they provide you the best protection all the ways.

These trousers also have the necessary certification of EN381-5 that offers you Type-A protection.

That means they have been designed largely for cutting works by the professionals who are aware of what they do.

With green colored chainsaw trousers, they blend into the environment of wood that gets used most out there.

There are orange painted warning suspenders with an easily identifiable front bottom. You’ll find the suspenders adjustable and flexible to taller persons to fill perfectly with up to 63-inch long trousers.

There is a very handy waistband for your slender frame that ensures the trousers will not hang down on you.

You’ll like their front pockets where you can keep your essential things and they’re easy to insert and use for your stuff like mobile phone, a piece of cloth, etc. So, you’re free of stress getting these items lost anyway.

Besides, the upper part of the trousers has made with a hundred percent polyester.

That’s why they’re strong enough to resist foreign bodies like water and some other stuff passing throughout them. As they have been previously tested with the chainsaw speeds above 20m/sec, you’re secured to work with them.

They come with different designs and sizes to provide you a highest personal protection with Type-A and class-1 safety.

With an affordable price, you’ll get them offering you to cover up your top to bottom appropriately. As a result, these trousers are ideal for cutting works using chainsaws for all types of people.


  • Affordable in price
  • Front pockets for storage
  • Highly durable
  • Warning suspenders included


  • Issues with sizes

Rockwood Chainsaw Trousers Type-A Class-1

Chainsaw Protection Safety Bib & Brace Trousers Size M Medium 33" - 35" Waist
  • Safety standard EN381-5 : 1995, Class 1 : 20m/s
  • Type A Front protection
  • 9 layers of protective material

If you’re looking for the highest personal protection, the Rockwood trousers are ready to fit you. It’s because they come with a Class-1 and a Type-A level of protection.

They have 9 layers of materials and the chainsaw speeds above 20m/sec all set to provide you the superior protection while working at the ground point.

These trousers set you with confidence that you’re highly protected. So, you can be more productive and will be able to accomplish your cutting tasks quickly and effectively because you know that you’re free of getting injured seriously. The layers of an extra fabric enhance the cut protection with the specific degrees of safety.

As they’re available in different sizes like 27-inch to 44-inch around your waist, any adult can work with them comfortably.

Also, these trousers come with a flexible waistband that allows you a perfect fit with your body. Since they have an insightful hi-viz board, they provide you a simple detection in lower visibility conditions.

Nicely fitted two pockets on the front side is a good inclusion that enables you to keep some of your smaller tools and essentials.

What’s more, the trousers have made with a hundred percent polyester. So, they’re strong to protect you from foreign bodies such as water and some other things passing right through them.

You’re secured to work with them because they have been previously tested with the chainsaw speeds above 20m/sec. also, their versatile waistband with their fixed pockets offer you some handy features.

This is why these trousers will fit well and keep you safe from the possible injuries regardless of having a large or smaller waistline.


  • Higher chainsaw speed resistance
  • A 9-layer protecting material
  • Flexible waistband
  • Easy visibility


  • Over time, the straps lose

OREGON Universal 575780 Type-A Chainsaw Trousers

Oregon Chaps with Protective Chainsaw Apron, Adjustable Chainsaw Chaps, One Size Fits All, PPE Clothing Safety Trousers, Black, Type A
  • Protective apron saw chain chaps, offering comfortable protection for your legs when using a chainsaw
  • Apron design PPE with an adjustable waistband and 4 adjustable buckles on each leg
  • 180° multi layer cut-proof protection to the front of the legs. Cool and breathable for wearing all day

This is a single size version that fits all. Hence these trousers are suitable for the most sizes of individuals regardless of how small or bigger they are in terms of size.

They’re good to protect your front side with 180-degree to the frontage of your legs. That means they’re better than many other models to protect you.

When it comes to fit, you’ll feel these trousers easy and comfortable to fit over your other working clothes.

Also, they come with 6-layer protection that’s great to reduce the chances of possible injuries if you come in touch with the blade of a chainsaw. That’s why you’ll experience higher personal protection.

The outer part of these trousers has made of hundred percent of polyester along with some protecting materials.

As the materials are abrasion-resistant, you’ll get better protection in comparison to some other brands of chainsaw trousers. Thus, they’re one of the leading brand and model in the UK market.

Moreover, a piece of OREGON Universal Type-A Trouser weighs just about one kilogram. So, they’re lightweight and you’ll be able to work quickly without feeling tired.

Also, they come with the design of open back that helps you keep cool and ease. Especially they’re handy when it’s the very hot summer days.

You’ll find 4-adjustable buckles out there on every leg to keep your trousers in their right place securely.

Apart from this, the waist buckles are also adjustable and they ensure them fit with the most individuals depending on their waist sizes. Indeed, there is an adjustable belt area that allows you to adjust the waist height.


  • Easy to find your sized one
  • Adjustable leg straps & belts
  • A six-layer protecting materials
  • Lightweight in design


  • Just provides front protection

TMG® Chainsaw Safety Trousers

TMG® Men’s Work Trousers, Long Legged Work Dungarees with Knee Pad Pockets
  • Can be used anywhere: the work suit is extremely durable and made for hard use on construction sites, in the workshop, in the garden or simply as casual trousers in everyday life
  • Lots of storage space: whether mobile phone or tools, everything can be stored in the two back and thigh pockets, the double ruler pocket, the side pocket with attached mobile phone pocket and the large pocket on the bib
  • Comfort and safety: thanks to the abrasion-resistant knee pad pockets made of Cordura, long knees are no problem and even in the dark you are optimally visible due to the reflective strips on pockets and lower legs

This is another product of TMG manufacturer, which is a very old and trusted outdoor tool producer since 1947.

The company always wants to ensure the right things to their customers. The TMG® Chainsaw Safety Trousers are also no exception of their other famous outdoor and gardening equipment.

These trousers have been designed in lightweight and user-friendly. Also, they have made of 2-way abrasion resistant stretching with polyester fabric that resists heat, oil, and fuel as well.

You’ll get two large-size front pockets along with hook & loop closure. So, they’re good enough to keep your body cool and breathable. They’re much cooler and easy to wear in comparison with some other heavy chainsaw trousers out there.

All these features come with a nice drawstring bag with an issue of their lowish crotch that can be tricky to walk upon the hilly areas. Despite the issue, you’ll get very inexpensive than other model trousers.

The trousers are not just lightweight and functional; they also have an ergonomic design. Besides, they have 6-layer protection materials that are great to lessen the chances of possible injuries if you accidentally come in contact with the blade of your chainsaw.

So, you’ll get them very protective to use when you do cutting works. What’s more, you’ll get 4 adjustable straps for you back leg along with a fabric of % polyester + 50% cotton.

Also, they’ve come with a design that allows you to wear on your clothing and offering just the front protection. As they have necessary belts, they enable you to fit them comfortably for some particular range of waist.


  • Very comfortable & lightweight
  • 50% polyester + 50% cotton fabric
  • Resists heat, oil, and fuel
  • 2 Large-size front pockets


  • A bit heavier

Buyers Guide of the Chainsaw Trousers

You have got a better idea about some of the top-class and higher quality chainsaw trousers. Now, it’s time to know the considerable things while going to shop one of them.

There are loads of things to consider before you finally buy chainsaw trousers from material to user-friendliness.

It’s very much vital to do your research on which one is the perfect fit for your work. This is so crucial to consider especially when you work with some heavier and dangerous tools like a chainsaw.

In this issue, well-fitting and strongly safe trouser should be your first preference and let’s know some more things throughout this buying guide.


The main goal to design the chainsaw trousers is to prevent them from getting contact with someone’s skin. It’s because when you use a chainsaw, it’s not just dangerous to work with, it also is very tough to control.

As a result, there are chances to coming in your skin contact that will be very harmful if you don’t use a highly secured trouser. That’s why you should ensure that the trouser you’re going to buy is suitable for your chainsaws.

Especially consider the factor for the electric and gasoline-powered items. Also, consider the number of layers and the higher they’re in number, you’ll get the higher protection accordingly.


Size is another much considerable thing and most manufacturers care about it. When you measure your protecting trouser, you have to get the proper measurement of your waistline. Check the item whether it covers your entire front side with its length and width as per your size.

Thus you’ll get some extra benefits of wrapping up your front-tops from your upper to lower sides. It’ll protect you from getting sawdust of cutting when you have covered the full front side.

Safety Regulations

Never underestimate the essence of the safety regulations of your chainsaw trousers. Always check whether they’re certified by their relevant agencies that cover up the full protection. That’s why the trousers need to have the certification of OSHA regulations of 1970.

These regulations ensure the quality of the trousers’ made material. Also, they become rightly fit for using purpose and protect you from possible emergencies.


If you’re one of them who work with a chainsaw then you must use some high-quality, protective, and the best chainsaw trouser. Although some of them are higher in price, which is not more than your safety.

It’s because you must wear a trouser that can protect your body completely and keep you safe from any possible skin contact of the chainsaw blade.

That’s why we have reviewed some of the top products above along with a buying guide. Now, it’s your turn to choose the suitable one to continue a safer cutting!

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