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9 Best Cot Mattresses for Baby’s Beds

Best Cot Mattresses for Baby’s Beds

What is a good quality cot mattress? The answer depends entirely on what you are looking for on the market.

When it comes to babies, comfort and safety, are the two most important considerations. You can’t take chances with your baby’s wellbeing.

For starters, never buy a refurbished product. This is the advice most paediatricians in the UK would give you.

Research into cot death or SIDS indicates that babies sleeping on refurbished beds are at a higher risk of SIDS.

You might be tempted to reuse your firstborn’s cot mattress with your second born. Well, such thoughts are ill-advised.
So, a new baby mattress is in order, and here are the 10 leading products we have selected for you.

Our Top 9 Cot Mattresses for Baby’s Beds

#1 NightComfort Eco-Breathable Ultra Thick Cot Mattress

Taking the top spot on our list is the Night Comfort Eco-Breathable Ultra Thick Cot Bed Mattress. It is designed to provide a comfortable setting for your baby to sleep.

This pad measures 120 centimetres long, 60 centimetres wide, and 13 centimetres thick. It weighs only 2 kilograms, making it lightweight and portable.

It is fitted with full perimeter borders, which keep the edges, corners, and sides of the mattress firm. This helps to maintain the shape of the pad for additional safety.

The mattress is equipped with a removable quilted cover that is not only comfortable but also hypoallergenic and safe for your baby’s tender skin.

This pad is made of eco-friendly materials, which simply means it is low in chemical emissions, making it safer for your baby.

The nursery spec fibre used is comfy and supportive. It will easily conform to your baby’s body and sleeping style.


  • Made in the UK with eco-friendly materials
  • Machine washable quilted cover that is hypoallergenic
  • Bonded core offers additional support
  • Fits papas, mamas, and mother care sizes
  • Nursery spec fibre offers superior comfort and support


  • May not be a suitable choice for travel

#2 Mother Nurture Quilted Fibre Cot Bed Mattress

Mother Nurture Classic Eco Fibre Cot Mattress, White, 120 x 60 x 10 cm
  • GIVE YOUR BABY THE BEST - Our cot bed mattress promotes healthy sleep, with a breathable, comfortable, and firm design that ensures your little one will sleep soundly all night long. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to peaceful slumber
  • INVEST IN QUALITY - Our cot bed mattress is made with only the highest quality materials and components, ensuring it is durable and long-lasting. You won't have to worry about replacing it anytime soon
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR NEW PARENTS - Our mattress is a must-have item for new parents, providing a safe, comfortable, and convenient sleeping solution for their new born. Give the gift of a good night's sleep, ADD TO BASKET now

Here is another UK made cot mattress that is suitable for your baby’s cradle. This is a no-compromise polyester fibre mattress that is completely eco-friendly.

The Mother Nurture Quilted Fibre Cot Bed Mattress measures 140 centimetres long, 70 centimetre wide, and 10 centimetres thick. It weighs 2.5 kg, making it lightweight and portable.

In a nutshell, this pad balances the best of both words: polyester fibre and a luxury quilted cover. It does not contain chemical fire retardants or harmful PVC.

The quilted cover is extremely easy to clean since it is stain resistant. All you need to do to maintain its hygiene is water and mild soap.

Reader feedback on this crib pad and Mother Nurture as a brand have been quite positive. Quality is very good and it is well-known for its dust mite proof and anti-microbial properties.


  • Professionally made in the United Kingdom
  • It will fit most standard cot and toddler beds
  • Quilted cover protects the bed from dust mites and fleas
  • Polyester fibre regulates temperature for added comfort
  • Hypoallergenic materials protect against allergies
  • Reversible design improves durability


  • It could be thicker for extra support and comfort

#3 Baby Elegance Eco Cot Mattress

Baby Elegance Eco Fibre Folding Travel Cot Mattress, 66 x 94 cm
  • Made from extra strong fibre pad
  • Suitable from birth
  • Baby elegance mattresses are hand made to ensure the standards are met at all times, starts by selecting the good quality products and making them better

The Baby Elegance Eco Cot Mattress has a design that allows your baby to have all the support and comfort that she needs for the best night sleep for you and your family.

At full size, the pad measures 66 centimetres wide, 94 centimetres long, and 5 centimetres thick. These dimensions are suitable for a variety of travel cots.

The pad conveniently folds into half the full size for easy storage during travel.

The mattress features eco fibre material that is highly supportive and comfortable. This material is also air-permeable and breathable.

Apart from being washable, the cover is also anti-allergy. It keeps dust mites, ants, fleas, ticks, and lice from interfering with your baby’s sleep.


  • The comfy pad that folds easily without leaving any seam
  • Suitable for most standard travel UK cots
  • Fully air-permeable and breathable, allowing your baby to breath freely
  • The cover is removable, stain-resistant, and washable
  • Comes equipped with a travel bag for easy transport
  • Conforms to British Safety Standard


  • The mattress is thinner and vulnerable to sagging

#4 AirComfort Eco Breathable Toddler and Baby Cot Bed Mattress

Air Comfort Eco Breathable Toddler and Baby Quilted Extra Thick Depth Cot Mattress (140 x 70 x 13 cm)
  • AirComfort Ultra Fibre Cot Bed Mattresses are fully breathable and eco-friendly core made with eco polyester fibre which is for comfortable ventilated sleep for the baby and toddler.
  • MATERIAL: Our Baby Cot Bed Mattress Cover is made of 100% Hypoallergenic Polyester and the Filling is made of 100% non-woven polyester core that will provide irresistible comfort for the baby.
  • SIZE & COLOUR: The Toddler Cot Bed Mattress Size is - 140 x 70 x 13cm (Ultra Thick) cm (Suitable for 0-48 months), COLOUR - White.

If you’re searching for a high-quality mattress for papas, mamas, or mother care cot sizes, you should look no further than the AirComfort Eco Breathable Baby Cot Bed Mattress.

The quality of the materials selected for this pad ensures that the structure is providing your baby with maximum comfort and support.

The pad measures 140 centimetres long, 70 centimetres wide, and 13 centimetres thick. It is also lightweight and easy to carry.

It features an intelligent fibre that kills all dust mites. This product has been independently tested and it has proven to be one of the best when it comes to allergen resistance.

The unique quilted cover helps to circulate air around your baby. The cover is also removable, washable, highly hypoallergenic and has a waterproof liner that prevents the liquid from penetrating to the core of the mattress.

Moreover, this pad is uniquely designed to reduce the risk of your baby overheating. It also poses no danger of harmful gases pulling on the mattress’ surface.


  • Suitable size for most UK cots
  • Intelligent fibre provides adequate support and comfort
  • The quilted cover is hypoallergenic and has a waterproof liner
  • Reversible design allows you to flip the bed
  • It is thick as well as hardwearing


  • The mattress may not be for long use

#5 Obaby Foam Cot Mattress

Obaby Foam Cot Mattress (120 cm x 60 cm)
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic properties
  • Removable cover, washable at 60º
  • Inner core which is highly resilient and dent resistant

You don’t need to read a bunch of reviews to find the most ideal bed for your baby. The Obaby Foam Cot Mattress is a suitable choice.

It is made of a durable and vented foam that is air permeable and breathable. It features polypropylene top and bottom cover that is removable, breathable and water-resistant.

What is nice about the waterproof cover is that it is soft and not stiff or crunchy like some other covers can be on mattresses.

It measures 120 centimetres long, 60 centimetres wide, and 10 centimetres thick and weighs 2.05 kg. It has full perimeter edges for added support and durability.

As far as sheets are concerned, most moms prefer to buy Clair de Lune 2 Pack Fitted Cotton Jersey Cot Sheets.


  • Vented foam is air permeable and highly breathable
  • Removable polypropylene cover is water-resistant and breathable
  • Full perimeter edges provide added support and durability
  • Hypoallergenic materials are safe for your baby’s skin
  • Inner core foam is dent resistant


  • Possible off-gassing during unboxing

#6 Superior Quilted Cot Mattress

Superior Quilted Cot Mattress 120 x 60 x 10cm Thick - Will Fit M&P Cots 200 Size As Well As Other Makes : British Made With High Grade Density Foam
  • Size: L120 x W60 x D10 cm
  • Will Fit All Cots 120 x 60 cm
  • This mattress is professionally manufactured in the UK to a very high standard and it meets British Standards

Create a naturally soft and comfortable sleeping surface for your baby with the Superior Quilted Cot Mattress made of high-grade density foam.

This ground-breaking cot bed mattress is gentle on your baby and the planet with hypoallergenic materials.

The quilted cover offers plush, natural softness, and is highly absorbent. Also, the quilted cover provides lasting quality as well as durability.

Moreover, the cover is machine washable and dryer friendly for easy cleaning. It has been strengthened and cleaned without additional dyes for long-lasting use in your baby’s crib.

The bed measures 117 centimetres long, 54 centimetres wide, and 10 centimetres thick, and it weighs 4 kg. It is an ideal size for most standard UK cots.


  • Ideal for most standard cots
  • High-grade density foam is very supportive
  • Quilted cover is hypoallergenic and naturally soft
  • Cover is machine washable and dryer friendly
  • Pad is water and stain resistant


  • Possible off-gassing during unboxing

#7 Kinder Valley 120 x 60 Kinder Flow Mattress

Kinder Valley Baby Cot Mattress - Hypoallergenic Kinder Flow Cot Bed Mattress, Comfortable Toddler Bed Mattress with Water Resistant Cover, Suitable for Newborns | (White, 120cm x 60cm)
  • ✔ 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐁𝐚𝐛𝐲: The soft and cushioned kinder flow mattress for baby ensures a cosy and comfortable spot for your baby. In this cot bed mattress your baby will feel snug and secure while you attend to their needs.
  • ✔ 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡 𝐐𝐮𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐲: The baby kinder flow cot mattress contains a specific nursery grade poly-fibre insert which provides posture, support & comfort. The high density polyester pad allows heat dissipation from the body to minimise sweating and create a comfortable sleep for your baby
  • ✔ 𝐄𝐚𝐬𝐲 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐞: Cleaning and maintaining the toddler mattress is a breeze. The mattress for cot has a removable cover, which can be machine washable in case of any accidental spillages.Moreover, the baby mattress is a UK standard size so will fit the majority of cots.

Help your baby sleep soundly with the Kinder Valley Flow Mattress. This affordable improvement helps your baby sleep in incredible luxury and comfort.

The pad measures 120 centimetres long, 60 centimetres wide, and 10 centimetres thick. Apart from these measurements, the pad is also available in two sizes and four depths.

A full 10 centimetres thick, this cot bed is made of a superior grade of open-cell breathable foam construction that allows sufficient airflow and heat dissipation.

The nursery grade foam is high resilience and offers exceptional posture support and comfort for your baby. The foam is also free of fire retardants.

The pad comes complete with a water-resistant, removable, and machine washable cover. The cover needs to be washed at 40 degrees and allowed to dry naturally.


  • Meets UK health and safety standard
  • Open-cell foam has superior aeration and heat dissipation
  • Inner core foam offers good posture support and comfort
  • The bed is free of fire retardants
  • Comes with a waterproof, removable, and machine washable cover
  • Available in 2 sizes and 4 depths


  • Possible off-gassing when unboxing

#8 Tutti Bambini Sprung Cot Bed Mattress

Tutti Bambini Sprung Cot Bed Mattress (70 cm X 140 cm) Breathable Spring Baby Bed Mattress - Made From Just Tec Technology
  • HYPOALLERGENIC - Ultra soft British Safety Standards compliant materials to protect against allergies.
  • SUPPORTIVE COIL SPRINGS - Creates the perfect sleeping position for your baby.
  • REMOVABLE WASHABLE COVER - Water resistant cover that is washable to 60 degrees

The Tutti Bambini is a unique cot bed, not only because of its structure but also because of its exceptional materials used.

The mattress measures 140 centimetres long, 70 centimetres wide, and 10 centimetres deep. But it is a little bit heavy, weighing in at 7 kilograms.

This is a hybrid cot bed that features superior coils sheathed in high-quality foam for a safe, cozy, and peaceful baby sleep.

The open coil springs offer refined push back and contouring for your baby during sleep. As opposed to foam cot beds that are likely to sink, this pad offers more springiness.

This cot pad boosts a natural posture. The 100 percent polyester cover is quilted to prevent perspiration for cool and comfortable sleep.

Also, it provides outstanding edge support that prevents sagging. The increased edge support ensures your baby wakes up with no pain.


  • Supportive coil springs allow for superior sleeping position
  • It offers refined push back, contouring and natural posture
  • High-quality foam delivers support and durability
  • Eco-friendly materials are free of harmful chemicals
  • Cover is air permeable and highly breathable


  • Plastic cover is susceptible to ripping
  • It’s a little bit heavy at 7 kg

#9 NightComfort® Ultra Fibre Baby Toddler Cot Bed Mattress

Night Comfort Eco-Breathable Ultra Fibre Waterproof Baby & Toddler Quilted Cot Mattress (140x70x5 cm)
  • WATERPROOF COT MATTRESS: The luxury, softly quilted fabric is designed to give your baby cot the ideal surface to sleep soundly and grow comfortably. It's hypo-allergenic so it’s perfect for sensitive baby skin's. Its Eco-breathable fibre that creates a cloudlike sleep surface that cradles your baby or toddler safely.
  • 100% HYPOALLERGENIC POLYESTER: Our baby cot mattress cover is made of 100% hypoallergenic polyester and the filling is made of 100% non-woven polyester stuffing core that will provide irresistible comfort for the baby.
  • LONG LASTING AND DURABLE: Our hypoallergenic and chemical free eco breathable toddler mattress is reversible and includes a waterproof liner that prevents liquids from accessing the mattress's core. Its long-lasting, dependable quality improves with each wash and free from smell like the smell found in foam mattresses It becomes softer and fluffier with each passing day, ensuring your baby's safety while sleeping.

The NightComfort® Ultra Fibre Baby Toddler Cot Bed Mattress is an interesting choice for every parent in the UK. It is available in 7 different sizes for convenience.

This cot bed is made of 100% Hypoallergenic Polyester and the filling is made of 100% non-woven polyester core to provide outstanding support and comfort.

The foam used is aerated to promote airflow as well as heat dissipation. The foam is also free of fire retardants, phosphorous, and antimony.

The cover of the mattress is softly quilted and removable. It is made of a machine washable material that expands to fit the mattress snugly.

The bed cot measures 140 centimetres long, 70 centimetres wide, and 5 centimetres deep. It is also one of the lightweight beds, weighing in at 1.92 kg.


  • The open-cell foam structure is good at heat dissipation
  • The cover is hypoallergenic, removable and washable
  • The foam used is free from harmful fire retardants
  • Available in seven different sizes for different cot sizes
  • Fast and free UK delivery


  • Possible off-gassing

What to Look for in a Cot Mattress

Because your baby will likely be spending more than twelve hours on the bed, you will want to ensure the mattress you choose is not only comfortable and safe but also high quality.

Here are the major pointers that can help you choose a comfortable and safe choice.

Type of Cot Mattress

There are two main types of cot beds: foam and innerspring. Usually, an innerspring mattress tends to be heavier than a foam bed and will last longer and maintain its shape better.

Innerspring also offer good support and bounce. When shopping for an innerspring crib mattress, we urge you to choose one with a higher coil count.

A foam cot bed made weighs less than an innerspring bed. If you choose to buy a foam mattress, make sure you look for one with a high foam density.

High-density foam means more support and safety for your baby. Always avoid mattresses that tend to produce any form of off-gassing.

Size of Cot Mattress

You can’t just pick any cot bed size and expect it to fit in your baby’s cot. Two major sizes are standard in the UK:

  • UK Large Cot Size – 140 by 70 Centimetres
  • UK Standard Cot – 120 by 60 Centimetres

You have to be specific concerning the aforementioned sizes. Otherwise, you may end up choosing a mattress that is slightly larger or smaller than your cot.

Firmness & Airflow

It does not matter which type of baby mattress you buy, just make sure you choose one that will provide your baby with the ideal firmness.

We insist on ideal firmness because soft cot mattresses are highly associated with cot death. A sinking bed could easily obstruct the airways of your little one.

You can easily test the firmness of a given mattress by pressing the middle of the bed with your index finger. A good quality mattress for a baby should not indent easily.

You also need a mattress with superior aeration. This is particularly important when shopping for memory foam baby mattresses.

Choose a foam bed that is air permeable and breathable. There should be enough airflow to allow your baby to sleep cool for the long hours he or she will be in bed.

Apart from firmness and airflow, also make sure the bed contours properly with your baby’s body to avoid pressure points.


Always buy a new cot mattress for each baby, preferably with spring pockets rather than foam, to last for an older child.

It is best if the bed has a removable, breathable, machine washable cover that can always be refreshed to improve the health of your baby.

Make sure the bed you are about to buy is comfortable, practical, and lightweight while providing firm and lasting support.

Always be extremely selective as far as the materials are concerned. Eco-friendly materials are most recommended to help your baby avoid SIDS or any other complications.

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