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5 Best Electric Chainsaw UK 2021

5 Best Electric Chainsaw UK

It might be a matter of getting a headache while going to buy a chainsaw. This is because there are so many brands and models with the most similar configuration and functions. But, all of them have not made equally. For that reason, you must very sharp to get the best electric chainsaw while choosing one.

If you compare gas chainsaws with electric ones, you’ll find them as lighter in weight as user-friendly. Also, they’re very accommodating for your garden and yard use. When it comes to the electric chainsaws, they’re mostly corded and they can be battery powered as well. Well, let’s know about them below:

Top 5 Best Electric Chainsaw UK

Ryobi RCS2340B Electric Chainsaw

Ryobi RCS2340B 2300W 40cm Chainsaw
  • Tool-less chain and bar tensioning allow for simple setup and quick adjustments
  • 16m/s chain speed offers good cutting performance
  • Automatic chain and bar lubrication allow for uninterrupted cutting

When you’re in search of a chainsaw that comes with a combination of comfort, power, and technology then the RCS2340 from Ryobi production line will meet your needs.

It offers you a powerful motor with 2300-watt higher torque along with an ergonomic design and you can use it as an expert as well as a novice.

This electric chainsaw is equipped with a 40-cm tough Oregon chain with an amazing 14m/s chain speed.

So, if you want to cut thicker branches or tougher woods then it’s very powerful to complete the tasks.

As it comes with the self-tightening feature, you don’t need any tools to tighten the chain. That means the unit is not time-consuming and it helps you to accomplish your tasks as soon as possible.

Also, it has a great anti-vibration system that allows you to get your jobs done comfortably. Since the tool is much safer, it minimizes the possible injuries when you need to use it for a long time.

When it comes to safety, the machine has a combined mechanical and electrical chain brakes. As a result, you’ll get the most protection from injury and accidents.

Thanks to its automatic chain halting, you get the highest protection form the great mechanical braking system that prevents some serious kickbacks.

Besides, the tool has the electric braking systems that stop the chain completely within a microsecond after you let go of the trigger.

Also, there is an ergonomic handle cover that’s simple to hold it. This is very useful when you want to maneuver this unit in some awkward spaces that other models struggle there out.


  • Powerful motor to handle hardwoods
  • Width chain for larger cutting
  • Higher cutting speed
  • Double chain brakes


  • Loose prone chain

BLACK+DECKER CS2040 GB Electric Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER Corded Chainsaw 2000 W 40 cm with Anti Vibration System and Chain Brake System CS2040-GB
  • Powerful motor - high performance, quiet and easy to maintain
  • Low-kickback chain for smooth and fast cuts through dry wood and live logs
  • Patented SDS tool - free blade tension makes it easy to adjust chain for improved cutting performance

The CS2040 GB from BLACK+DECKER is your perfect choice if you want a simply comfortable saw.

It’s because it’ll help you to perform your regular garden tasks.

Also, it’ll minimize fatigue and discomfort when you’ll be using it for a long time. So, you’ll be able to get all your garden works done with no pain.

In details, it has a rubber-covered rear handle and vibration preventing system. That’s why it works in accord to restrict the strain when you use it especially while managing some bigger jobs.

Also, it’s equipped with an extra bumper made of steel spikes that helps you to get a stable unit and helps to achieve the accurate cut.

With a 2000-watt motor, this flexible chainsaw has higher torque. It means that this powerful motor keeps the tool in the line when you compare it with some other models available in the market.

Moreover, the chain round at a 12.5m/s, so it’ll be able to cut the most types of branches and bushes with higher efficiency.

As a result, it dispenses the entire weight evenly to keep a balance to work with comfort. As the tool’s primary handle comes with a rubber-made over-molded gripper, it prevents it from slipping for higher stability and safety. Also, the unit is simple to use for its ergonomic design if we go with the details.

Moreover, when you’ll be working for a longer time you’ll not get exhausted and fatigue because of its lightweight. And you can simply and quickly adjust the chain’s tension without tools.

This electric chainsaw is ergonomically designed and lightweight for the best users’ comfort. Thanks to the lesser bale handle that helps the tool to keep the proper balance while working.


  • Vibration protecting system
  • Higher chain speed
  • Larger cutting width
  • Steel-made Bumper spikes


  • Not very durable

Einhell GH-EC2040 Electric Chainsaw

Einhell GH-EC 2040 Electric Chainsaw -- 2000W, 16 Inch (40cm) OREGON Bar and Chain, Saw Kickback Protection, Tool-Free Tensioning -- For Effortless Cutting Of Wood, Trees and Branches
  • Oregon high-quality rail and chain ensures optimum cutting performance
  • Tool-free chain tensioning and changing
  • Powerful 2000 w motor with robust metal gearing

Einhell presents the best budget electric chainsaw that offers you an amazingly strong engine with a 2000-watt motor.

Also, it comes with a 40cm large Oregon blade. It results that the chainsaw can slice the branches of smaller size to medium ones. Moreover, it has a 13.5m/s chain speed, which is very faster than others.

It means that the machine cuts branches and logs quickly to enable you to end up your task in a short time. In the same way, you don’t need any extra tools to tight up and lubricate your chain.

As a result, the unit lets you continue your tasks without making any delay by stopping the engine for these issues.

However, some people complain about the breaking of the chain frequently. So, you might need to replace the chain several times.

Despite having this issue, the tool offers you a 5m long electric cable with great freedom of maneuvering. And its ergonomic handle provides you a secure and comfortable grip while using.

If you’re a bit clumsy then its tougher steel-made outer cover will give a complete satisfaction against any knocks and bumps.

You’ll get it standard on many other battery-powered saws as it has lots of useful features as a whole. For example, its brushless motor needs lower maintenance as well as upkeep.

Besides, you’ll find that the device doesn’t have a higher power rating like other models if you notice watchfully.

Indeed, it can’t cut down the large and very thick branches and logs. But, it has enough power to manage these types of activities easily when it’s time to cut or trim your pruning bushes and branches


  • Large Oregon blade
  • Quicker chain speed
  • Easy to tight & lubricant
  • Strong steel casing


  • Unable to cut thicker branches

Bosch Chainsaw UniversalChain 35

Bosch Home and Garden Chainsaw UniversalChain 35 (1800 W, Lightweight: 4.2 kg, Chain Speed: 12m/s, in Carton Packaging)
  • The Universal Garden Tools from Bosch – flexible and powerful for a wide range of tasks
  • High quality cutting performance: Complete tasks quickly with 1800 W motor and 12 m/s chain speed
  • Quick assembly and easy cleaning: The chainsaw features a concentric SDS system allows tool-free, fast and easy assembly

The UniversalChain 35 from Bosch is a nice domestic chainsaw that’s perfect when you like to cut down smaller trees of your garden.

It comes with an 1800-watt motor that helps you to cut small to medium branches.

Also, it’s well enough to cut unwanted branches and prune to stock firewood that you can use in the winter.

You might find it a bit less powerful in words of strength, but you’ll find a 35-cm larger chrome-made chain that offers an amazing chain speed of 12 m/s.

As a result, you can slice logs and cut branches with a simple effort. Moreover, the saw’s blade size is another factor to consider before you buy a chainsaw.

If you choose the UniversalChain 35 from Bosch, you’ll get a large cutting blade that enables you to cut most types of branches.

You’ll be happy to work with this unit even if you own a large garden with loads of jobs. The tool is evenly balanced that’s why the unit is very user-friendly to accomplish your jobs easily.

Additionally, the device was designed ergonomically with its handle. So, you can hold it easily and securely.

And it’s just 4.2 kg of weight that ensures you minimum fatigue and pain even after working for a few hours. Its special SDS system is a great feature that enables easy tightening of the chain.

Besides, some other additional features make the tool more useful and price worthy. Its auto-oiling system always ensures the tool to get enough lube.

Although the feature is available to most of the modern tools of chainsaws, issues may come with some models of low-end that have not added a professional-grade backpack sprayer. As a result, they need to oil physically.


  • Suitable for home garden
  • Chrome-made larger chain
  • Ergonomic well-balanced design
  • Auto-chain lubrication


  • Inclined to oil leaks

Blaupunkt CS4000 Electric Chainsaw

Blaupunkt Garden Tools Electric Chainsaw CS4000 – High Power 2400W AC Motor - 45cm (18”) Blade - SDS Tool Free - Automatic Chain Brake
  • 💥 HIGH POWER ELECTRIC CHAINSAW - The Blaupunkt CS4000 is a high powered corded chainsaw designed for large jobs that smaller chainsaws can’t tackle. One of the best electric chainsaws for wood cutting in the garden available for sale in the UK today.
  • 🌳 GREAT SPECIFICATION - A powerful 2.4kW AC motor and durable metal gearing give the CS4000 plenty of grunt to cut through both hard and soft woods, and thanks to the long 45cm (18 inch) Blaupunkt XS bar and chain you’re provided with the capacity to quickly and easily cut through thick trunks and branches up to 40cm in diameter.
  • ⭐ TOP FEATURES - An SDS tool free tensioning system means you can quickly tension and re-tension the chain without needing to grab a spanner, a wraparound handle means you can adjust grip to your position, automatic lubrication makes for easier operation, a window on the side of the chain saw lets you see the oil level, a metal claw provides stability, overload protection looks after the saw and the 5 metre cable length means you're never far from a socket.

The CS4000 from Blaupunkt is the right choice if you’re in search of managing smaller to larger garden jobs.

Since the machine is equipped with a 2400-watt motor with high-toque, it’s powerful enough to complete your jobs done effectively.

So, anyone can operate it from a novice gardener to expert ones. Besides, you’ll get a 45-cm large chain that runs a 13m/sec of speed.

That means it’s capable of cutting thicker branches and wood about 40-cm larger. Thus, you can deal with the most types of smaller to medium trees with an easy effort. And its overload and overheat protection feature is great for safety.

It means that when you need to manage something very ambitious, you’ll get great protection from getting damage to the unit.

Although some users complain that its chain blunts, it has a useful SDS system. So, when you need to adjust or change the blunt, you have nothing to worry as you have an easy solution.

Moreover, it has rubber gripper on its secondary one like the primary handle. As it separates this tool from the primary handle, it provides you a comfortable use.

Hence, when it cuts, the tool has positioned at the way that allows you to view the chain. Thus you can simply and quickly adjust the chain’s tension without tools.

In addition, some other supplementary features make the unit much handy and price worthy. An auto-oiling system and brushless motor engine are the major of them.

The feature of the brushless motor allows it to move fewer parts against everyone. This is the way that the device reduces inside’s overall issues like vibration.


  • Powerful motor with high-torque
  • Large chain system
  • Higher chain speed
  • Overload protection


  • Chain blunts

Buyers Guide of Electric Chainsaw

Before you buy a new electric chainsaw, it’s very important to look for some factors. In this issue, some people prioritize the part and maintenance while some others think about the safety.

This way, there are many things to consider before making a purchase. It’ll be easy for you if you know them previously what the considering factors are, so let’s know them below in short.

Power/ Watts

It doesn’t measure the power on a voltage basis as a battery-powered saw when you go for buying an electric chainsaw. Usually, this type of chainsaw comes with loads of power with the most models, unlike the battery-operated ones.

It’s simple math that you’ll usually get a higher power engine if you choose the unit with a higher rating. Besides, it’ll last a longer time than low voltage machines.

Noise Plus Vibration

Unlike battery-powered chainsaws, the electric-powered ones produce a bit more noise and vibration in compare. But, they’re much quieter than the gas-powered units. But, you may find some of them are very much noisier and vibrant.

That’s why, before you purchase one of them, you have to know the engine by practically turning on how it makes noise and vibration. The reason is that it’ll be annoying for you and our neighborhood if it makes more noise.


Another great thing to look for before you buy a chainsaw that gets some different safety features. As most of the current saws come with a brake with their chain that’s a very essential feature, if you find a kickback out there, they allow you to stop the engine.

Moreover, you can select the tool that has an automatic preventing system from overheating as well as overloading. If you choose the latest features with the machine, you’ll get it much safer.


When you have a chainsaw that’s user-friendly and simple to control, it’s good for you. So, you need to choose the lightweight units that will relief its users from more pressure to be weighty on them.

That means if you buy a user-friendly chainsaw, it’ll allow you easy checking and adding it lubricant. It’s best when you’ll find it like a member of your family that runs on your commands. Also, you should have an easy maneuverability and easy effort to run the machine.

Other Considerable Things

Although cost is the major considerable thing, some other may think about longer runtime. But, if you can ensure both of these two things accurately, you’re ready to go with the chainsaw.


Now, you know almost everything that needs to buy the best electric chainsaw. It’s because we have discussed many things about this issue from review to buying guide. So, it’s your turn to decide which one you’ll buy for your garden.

No matter which brand or model you choose, you know that a chainsaw is a very useful item if you have a garden. But, you must go with the way that provides the highest safety as it relates to many things. So, choose your machine wisely and use it safely will be the best answer to all questions.

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