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5 Best Electric Fires: Heat Up Your House During Winter

5 Best Electric Fires

Fireplaces provide a unique and soothing appearance to your house and it also provides sufficient heat during the winter season. We’ve all had a fireplace in our old houses and we all know how hard and meticulous it is to keep the fire burning throughout the night.

It may not be a problem in the past, but more and more people are looking for ways to make it more convenient. With electric fireplaces, you won’t have to do all the time-consuming tasks related to traditional fireplaces. Let’s check out some of the best electric fires in the market.

Top 5 Best Electric Fires

Electric fires can be used in many ways and they can even serve as a stove if you plan to cook or grill something. Looking for the best one is definitely an important task because you don’t want to use something that is full of problems. Here are some of the best products that you can find in the market.

Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton Freestanding Optiflame Electric Fire

Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton Freestanding Optiflame Electric Fire
  • Dimplex freestanding fire with Optiflame effect. Cable Length is 1.7 meter
  • Choice of two heat settings 1 KW - 2 KW
  • Real coal fuel bed.Compatible with hearth pad accessories HPD001

Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton Freestanding Optiflame Electric Fire is one of the most popular electric fireplaces that you can find in the market right now.

It is made from the best quality materials and it provides sufficient heat to make sure that you would stay warm during the winter.

The best thing about this is that you won’t have to spend a lot of time operating it. This product is extremely easy to use.

All you need is to put it on a flat wall close to a socket and you can use it. You have to make sure that the place is well insulated because even if the fireplace actually produces enough heat, it won’t make the area warm if it is not insulated.

This product has an Optiflame effect and there are 2 choices of heat settings: 1 KW or 2 KW. It also features a real coal fuel bed. The best thing about this is the flame effect on the background.

It is an LED flame effect to copy a traditional fireplace. The flame effect can work independently with the heat source so if you only want to use it as a form of lighting or design, you can do so without turning the heat source on.

If you are too busy and you don’t have enough time to handle a traditional fireplace or your current house doesn’t have its own fireplace, this product is the best choice for you.

Trueflame Wall Mounted Electric Fire

2022 NEW PREMIUM PRODUCT TruFlame 50inch Black Wall Mounted Electric Fire with 3 colour Flames and can be inserted (Pebbles, Logs and Crystals)

Winter evenings are very cold and it is very important that you have different sources of heat inside your house.

Having a fireplace is definitely a good idea, but if you don’t have one, spending a lot of money to build a traditional fireplace won’t be a good idea.

HOMCOM LED Electric Fireplace w/Automatic Function is one of the best in the market right now and it allows you to enjoy the benefits provided by a traditional fireplace.

It does not require any installation because as long as you have a fully insulated room, you can put the fireplace stove there and you can start it immediately.

You won’t need to use real coal or firewood to start because it is an electric fireplace. It features 2 heat settings and it is freestanding so no need for installation.

It uses a Metal and tempered glass with the flame effect can be turned on or off anytime you want. It has a flame dimmer control as well as thermostat including a safety thermal cut off feature.

Dimplex Club 2 KW Electric Stove

Dimplex Club Electric Stove, 2000 Watt, Black CLB20E
  • Mid-sized cast-iron style electric stove
  • Optiflame log effect with the illusion of dying embers
  • Featrues 2 KW with a choice of two heat settings

We have another product made by Dimplex and it is also one of their best products.

The Dimplex Club 2 KW Electric Stove is an extremely stylish, standalone electric stove that can provide the heat that you need during winter.

The electric stove is extremely user-friendly and it allows you to have a choice of heat setting, enabling you to actually have control on the warmth that you want the room to have.

It also comes with remote control access to provide you more convenience and accessibility. It will be very easy for you to change the settings.

The Dimplex Club 2kW Electric Stove can be used all year round. It comes with a log effect fuel bed that would make it more appealing.

It also uses the Optiflame technology. The best thing about this is that you can use the effect independently so even if it is not too hot, you can just open the log effect to provide a cozy glow to the room.

This product does not require any maintenance, which means that it will not really waste your time. There are no annual services needed or installation charges.

For safety assurance, it has BEAB Intertek approval. If you want an electric fire that can provide enough heat for your house, this is your best option.

Electric Fireplace Heater with Flame Effect

Electric Fireplace Heater Fireplace Stove with Flame Effect 1000W PTC Ceramic Heating Portable Small Desktop Space Heater Log Wood Burner Effect for Room Office
  • 【PTC ceramic heating element】 PTC heating uniformly, fan realizes convection, low heat generation, fast heat generation, automatic temperature, low illumination and no oxygen consumption. Safe and efficient.
  • 【Simulated 3D flame】 The electric heater has a realistic log burning and flame effect. You can even enjoy the view of the fireplace without turning on the heating mode.
  • 【Portable Heater】 500W / 1000W 2 gear adjustment, the fireplace heater covers and area of ​​10~20/㎡. Low noise, portable and compact, widely used in indoor bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, various dances, party wall decorations and other places.

Are you looking for a heater that can take you somewhere romantic and serene as opposed to simply warming you up? This heater here is a very cool product. Its main feature is that it has a fire simulation when you turn it on. So, you look at the heater and it appears as though there is an actual fire burning in there. A fire made from wood. Interesting right?

You can even enjoy this feature without the heat. It’s more than a heater now, it’s an entire mood-setting appliance. The product heats up instantly and comes with tilt safety. This means that if the heater falls over it shuts down immediately. It also has automatic temperature control meaning that in the rare case of a malfunction the heater will automatically turn off if the heat is getting too high. The shell is also fireproof.

The manufacturers of this product have worked hard to ensure that your safety is prioritized. This is a mesh at the bottom of the heater that works to prevent any sparks from flying out. This means the product can be used safely on carpets.

The Adam Helios Brushed Steel Electric Fire

The Adam Helios Brushed Steel Electric Fire with Pebble Bed Glow Effect
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Fire
  • Sits flat to the wall
  • Simply plug in--no assembly required

The Adam Helios Brushed Steel Electric Fire is one of the most popular in the market because of the amazing features that it can provide to your household.

As an electric fireplace, it can guarantee that you will have a warm winter inside the house without the need to spend a lot of effort into burning coal or wood.

The hood of the product actually hides a wide range of features. By lifting the hood, you will find different switches to operate the product.

From there, you can operate the flame effect and you can use it however you want. It also comes in 1kW and 2kW settings to help you control the temperature properly.

Basically, the heat comes from the heating element enclosed under the hood of the product. It means that the heat will be properly distributed in the room through the heating element.

With temperature control, it will not be difficult to choose the temperature that you want for your room.

Best Electric Fire: Buyer’s Guide

Even if you already have a top 5 list of the best electric fires in the market, you still need to know how to find the best one. We will provide a short and simple guide so you won’t make a mistake.

1. The Need for Electric Fires

You should first ask yourself if you actually need a heater in your house. If you don’t have a heater and the winter in your area is unbearable, getting one is the best choice to make.

If you already have a heater and it is working just fine, you don’t have to buy a replacement. You just need to maintain it so it would work properly.

However, if you have a heater and it is not doing what it is supposed to do, you need to get a new one. Before you buy a fireplace, make sure that you really need it so you won’t waste money.

2. Check the Size of the Room

Before you buy, you should first check the size of your room. Most of the electric fires in the market are very small and they are not too big for large areas.

If you plan to put it inside the bedroom, then it won’t be a problem as most bedrooms are not really too big, unless you are extremely wealthy and the room is as big as a normal living room.

Electric fires don’t usually need installation so you can easily place it on a flat surface near an outlet and it will operate. A bigger room would require a product that would provide heat to a bigger area.

3. Types of Electric Fires

There are different types of electric fires in the market and you will have to spend a lot of time researching about them if you do not have any idea what to use inside your house. Let us give you a short introduction on the different types of fireplaces.

  • Wall-mountable: Basically, this type of electric fire can be mounted in the wall. There are brackets that usually come with the product and you will have to mount it on the wall. There are also types that are installed directly into the wall. If your house is still under construction, getting a product that is installed on the wall can be a good choice.
  • Electric fireplace mantels: This is almost the same as a fireplace, but it is not real. it is designed to look just like a traditional fireplace.
  • Corner fireplaces: This is one of the most common types of electric fires because it is just placed against a wall. This is a type of fireplace that you can just put in the wall and just put it in an outlet to provide the heat that you need in your house. It looks just like a traditional fireplace, but it doesn’t use real fire.
  • Fireplace TV stands: This type of fireplace, on the other hand, is not just a fireplace. It can also be a place where you can put your TV. They are usually much bigger than traditional electric fires.
  • Electric Stoves: They are the same with electric fireplaces, but they have a traditional style.

4. Features

You have to be very meticulous when it comes to the features of the electric fires and you have to know what to look for. Here are some of the features that your fireplace needs to have.

  • Adjustable thermostat: It has to allow you to adjust the thermostat and control the heat inside the room so this is very important.
  • Flame-speed control: This will enable you to control the flicker of the flame.
  • Digital controls: It provides more convenience because you will be able to see the data about the fireplace. With this, you won’t have to guess the temperature of the fireplace.
  • Brightness control: This feature will allow you to control the brightness of the fire. If you want to sleep, but you want to keep it alight, you can just reduce the brightness.
  • Portable: You have to look for a portable electric fire that would allow you to bring it to any room or place.


As you can see, it is not easy to find the best electric fires in the market. Even if you already have a list of products to choose from, there is no guarantee that you will be able to find the best one. You need to have a guide to allow you to check what features and factors to consider when you are buying.

Always remember that buying an electric fire will depend on your preference. Although there are tons of factors to look at, you will always need to pay attention to your preference when you are buying.

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