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5 Best Electric Hedge Trimmer 2021

5 Best Electric Hedge Trimmer

Among the different types of trimming tools, electric hedge trimmers are the most famous one. They’re typically lightweight and powerful that comes with a long electric cord. As a result, you can take them to work with all around the garden.

They’re especially suitable for the smaller gardens. It’s because these trimmers take power from electricity. So, they’ll be more suitable for the garden whose hedges are nearer to their house. That’s why sometimes you may need an additional extension to reach the machine.

But, it’s a bit difficult to choose the right fit for your garden as it needs wide research on the web. Don’t worry; we have done the extensive research for you. You just need to continue reading to select the best electric hedge trimmer for you.

Top 5 Best Electric Hedge Trimmer

Bosch AHS 50-16 Electric Hedge Cutter

Bosch Hedgecutter AHS 50-16 (420 Watt, 500 mm cut length, 16 mm tooth spacing, in carton packaging)
  • Lightweight ergonomic design with soft-grip handle for easy operation
  • Powerful 450 W Bosch motor, 50 cm blade and 16 mm tooth capacity
  • Diamond ground blades for a clean cut

Are you looking for an electric hedge trimmer that nicely honed and rightly balanced? So, go with the AHS 50-16 of Bosch brand.

The trimmer is an excellent newcomer into the trimmers’ world. The main attracting feature of the unit is its 450W powerful motor.

To provide you the best result, it has diamond ground and a laser-cut blade.

The tool comes with a tooth spacing of 16mm that will offer you the clean and accurate cut.

You’ll get a unique sawing function that allows you to cut bigger branches and don’t essentially fit in its teeth.

In the current trend of the trimmer market, ergonomically designed tools are clear ahead. The AHS 50-16 has a comfortable handle that easy to hold and use.

Also, it’s very lightweight with just 2.7kg. As a result, you’ll not be bored and feeling pain in your hands and wrist.

Also, the tool has mild gripping that prevents you from slipping. It helps you to boost the capacity of accurate cutting.

Regardless of you’re using an electric or some other types of trimmers, safety is a very important thing. In this case, Bosch offers a handguard with a see-through with this model.

This safety system protects you from possible damage if accidentally the blade touches the walls, hard surfaces, or fences.

It’s also a good thing that helps your trimmer to keep long-lasting. That means this tool is a good investment for you as it returns the best value of your dollars.

As the device comes with a cable of 10m long, it helps to make you sure that you can reach most of your medium-sized garden. The unit is as ideal for domestic use as suitable for professional use as well.


  • Powerful motor
  • Long cutting blade
  • Lightweight
  • Well-balanced


  • Wear prone cable

Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T Kit Power X-Change Hedge Trimmer

Einhell Power X-Change 18V Cordless Multifunctional Garden Tool With Battery and Charger - 2-in-1 Long Reach Hedge Trimmer And Chainsaw / Pruning Saw - GE-HC 18 Li T Pole Hedge Trimmer
  • Metal gearing for a long life
  • Continuously adjustable telescopic aluminium handle (880-1820 mm)
  • Blade made of laser-cut and diamond-grinded steel and Toolless chain tensioning and chain change

Made with the type of steel that’s diamond grounded laser cut, the GE-HC 18 Li T has an adjustable telescopic aluminium handle from 880 to 1820 mm.

It is a multi-functional tool that uses 18v rechargeable battery with 3.0 Ah for longer use.

It takes just a few hours to accomplish the task most accurately.

When it comes to safety, it protects you from possible accidents as it has a cutter guard while not working.

Additionally, its useful movable head makes you sure to your trimmer’s top to work nicely when it needs.

Although some users complain that the tool has a shorter cable than their needs, its other stunning features will attract your concentration.

For example, it has a completely adjustable handle that allows you to arrange it. Also, this is a great feature that enables you to work comfortably.

You’ll find a rear handle with a rotating option that helps you to cut precisely when you work vertically or horizontally.

You may indeed feel the machine a bit heavier with a 6.3 kg of weight. But, it comes with a shoulder strap that will add some more comfort to use the tool for a longer time.

Besides, the unit has a 50cm long blade with adjusting options of shortening and lengthens to meet your needs.

That’s why it’s a trimming item that provides accuracy, regardless of whatever job you face. What’s more, you’ll get a battery system that works for all Power X-Change devices of Einhell.


  • Highly powerful motor
  • Long blade
  • Large extendable pole
  • Adjustable handles


  • Very heavy

Webb Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Quite a numerous number of customers have argued that not enough is being done to provide them with a flawless hedge cutting experience. Webb has listened to these customers and tried to bring a bit of cutting edge to their work. Cutting hedges requires strength and accuracy. This hedge cutter can trim through almost 16mm of a hedge. That saves you spending time cutting down a stubbornly thick branch. With this, almost anything is within your reach. It has been designed to reach high places with over 50cm of cutting length and an extendable cutting shaft. No more worrying that one or two hedges will be too high to reach.

Often when this happens it can cause frustration because your masterpiece of a hedge is not complete. Another piece of innovation in this is that it is completely battery-powered. This means you can go out deep into your backyard and trim your hedges without worrying about a power cord. This portability is a big attraction for the product. Webb estimates it will last you about 45 minutes! For some people who cut hedges professionally, this may not be the best option. If it is your job and you need to cut hedges for hours, then constantly having to charge this won’t do. However, if it’s just a little personal Sunday gardening to take your mind off work then this is perfect. It is quite light and easy to manage but caution should always be taken to keep it away from children. It is advisable if you can to detach the battery and hide it when you don’t use it.


  • 50Cm cutting length
  • 16 mm cutting capacity
  • Extendable shaft
  • The battery that will last up to 45 minutes
  • Portable


  • Not many safety features
  • Quite pricey

VonHaus 550w Electric Hedge Trimmer

VonHaus Hedge Trimmer 550W – Electric Lightweight Cutter for Hedges, Bushes, Branches, Shrubs, Twigs – Comes with Blade Cover, 10m Cable, 60cm Blade, Soft Grip Handle, 2 Stage Safety Trigger
  • COMFORTABLE TRIMMING: Powerful yet lightweight, use the VonHaus hedge trimmer to create a stately-home-worthy garden with ease. The ergonomic handle and 3.2kg build make maintenance a breeze.
  • LASER-CUT PRECISION: Achieve unrivalled results every time with this 550W electric hedge trimmer. Featuring a mighty 1700rpm no load speed, 16mm cutting capacity, and 60cm blade length – no hedge is left unkept.
  • 10M POWER CORD: Thanks to the long reach hedge trimmer, you can easily keep on top of every hedge, bush, and branch in your garden. So put the extension cable away and get trimming!

Among the foremost hedge trimmers in the market, this model of VanHaus is a great gardening tool.

As it has designed ergonomically with a long, strong blade, you’ll be able to manage most of your hedges domestically.

Also, it’s safe to use because it comes with a blade cover that keeps it out of any issue.

It’s a very lightweight trimming tool coming with precision blades.

It’s because they have been designed expressly for quick cutting output.

The unit oscillates approximately 1700rpm that enables it to cut the branches that are about 16mm thicker. That’s why you can complete the tougher tasks easily.

You’ll get its handle with a soft grip that means the trimmer is as easy as comfortable to work with.

Besides, it has the guard for safety that makes you sure that you have complete mental satisfaction when you’ll use the unit. Also, it comes with a type of safety trigger in two-step and prevents the tool to start accidentally.

Apart from getting a safe product, you’ll get a 10-meter long cable with it. So, it’ll make you able to reach every part of your garden without using an extension cord.

There is a nice cable holder to store it up easily, so you can pack the unit greatly without trailing cables. This is a unique and nice touch of the producer.

Another grand feature is its motor that comes with a 550W strong and powerful engine.

As a result, this tool is simply a fantastic machine and an affordable option for you if you’re looking for an outstanding domestic gardening tool. That means you’re all set with the trimmer that has the most features that you need.


  • Strong, powerful motor
  • Long cutting blade
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Comes with cable tidy & cover


  • Comparatively short cable

Flymo EasiCut 460

Flymo 9671028-01 Easicut 460 Hedge Trimmer, 450 W, Cutting Blade 45 cm
  • Easicut 460 has a knife length of 45 cm and a cutting gap of 16 mm
  • Easicut 460 has powerful 450 W rating , teeth opening - 19 mm
  • Handle is designed for easy and comfortable trimming of hedges and bushes

Many people look for trustworthy and reliable brands. If you’re one of them then EasiCut 460 of Flymo is your ideal choice as your gardening and landscaping tool.

You’ll not find many brands or models above this Flymo and they have gained the reputation by producing high-quality gardening tools.

If you own this trimming tool, you’ll get the same 450W powerful motor, dual-blade system, and 45cm long cutting blade.

These all allow you for precision cutting irrespective of the job in hand. Also, this lightweight unit comes with just 3.75kg of weight that enables you to work with the tool for a longer time.

As the center of the tool’s handle put you away from its blade, you have nothing worry about the safety of the device.

Also, the trimmer has positive reviews with higher ratings all over the internet and websites like Amazon. And you know why and when a user gives a positive review about a tool.

If you go through their reviews, you’ll find people of different sizes and shapes. They’re using the unit without any major issue, which is the evidence of the superior design of the product.

Even it doesn’t matter of getting the issue with any part of the trimmer because they have five years warranty. Like some other trimmers, this one also has a good safety feature.

These include safety precaution of the starter switch and a soft gripping guard for the protection of your hand.  But, the drawback of the unit is that it has a smaller power cable that keeps a restriction on your larger garden.


  • Wider teeth spacing
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Handle with soft grip


  • Shorter power wires

Buying Guide of The Electric Hedge Trimmer

The days have gone when homeowners used to cut hedges of their garden with hand used tools. Now, that type of time-consuming and arduous tasks is no more existence due to the advancement of technology.

You can easily buy different types of gardening and landscaping tools these days. In this case, the best electric hedge trimmer is a fantastic option to choose for your gardening tasks.

But, there are many things to know and consider before making a purchase. Thus, you can get the perfect tool to complete your task at the way you expect, so let’s know about some considering factors below:


If you pick the strong device with a powerful motor, you’ll get more effort to cut hedges. Also, it’s a considerable factor that prevents a motor from burn out. Such as, if you use a small motor and force it to cut large and thicker branches then the motor is going under stress.

So, it could be much hot and likely to burn out ultimately. But, this never happens with a motor with a larger capacity. Usually, electric-powered hedge trimmers come with a motor capacity of 400 to 700 watts.

So, you should buy a trimmer with a sufficiently powerful motor that needs to complete your gardening tasks. That’s why most of our reviewed hedge trimmers are in this range of power.


This is an essential considerable factor of the top graded hedge trimmer. It’s because blades are the key things that work from the front like the front fighters. Also, they largely affect the issue of hard and longer workability that’s the sign of the premium trimmers.

There are two things to consider in the blades – their length and internal gap of teeth spacing. Ranges between 45cm to 60cm are the most common and widely used sizes. So, you should choose a blade length in these measurements, but don’t choose a very long one.


When it comes to the handles, it means to both the rear and front handle. You’ll find its rear handle at the backside of the unit and keeps the balance of the trimmer while it’s in use. And you hold the handle remains in front.

These handles offer you a great balance with the weight of the trimmer to feel comfortable. Also, some trimmers come with the rotating option of the cutting head using the handle. That’s why to choose the handles wisely.

Blade Cover

It’s a type of cover and it goes above the trimmer’s blade when it’s not using. It keeps the blade protected if you put in your garage. You’ll find some of the high-quality trimmers come with a protecting tip.

It’s a nice thing for the spots where the branches and hedges go over the fence or wall. Although most trimmers don’t have this tip, it’s good to have with yours one.


The power source of the electric hedge trimmer is the dominating thing above the battery-powered trimmer. It’s because electric-powered models are much constant that you can depend doubtlessly. From smaller to the longest task, it can do everything for you accurately and quickly.

Most importantly, electric-powered models produce nothing as emissions. As a result, they’re environment-friendly. And you know that they’re user-friendly as well. So, you just need to choose one of the enlisted hedge trimmers.

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