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Best Electric Log Burner

Whether it’s winter or summer, sitting next to a nice cosy fire is a great way to relax.

Imagine sitting indoors with your cosy fire burning, while the snow falls outside and you’re cuddled up with your family.

The only problem is that in some parts of the UK, it’s neither logistically possible or even legal in some places to have a real fireplace.

The question is, how can you get the feeling of that genuine fire when all of these practically difficulties lie in your way?

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This is where an electric fireplace and log burner comes in. These appliances allow you to feel the effects of a real fire in a number of seconds with an authentic feel.

The only question is what to look for and where? We’ve written this ranking to help you search, and we’ve also written a handy buyers guide to help you know what you’re looking for.

In a hurry? We think this fireplace is a pretty hot product that you don’t want to miss out on.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
VonHaus Electric Stove Heater 1850W – Freestanding Fireplace with Wood Burning LED Light – Portable Fire Place with Log Burner Flame Effect – L41 x W27 x H54cm – Black
  • FREESTANDING STOVE HEATER – Classically-designed with bronze effect handles and large display window will sit neatly on fireplace or hearth.
  • 2 HEAT SETTINGS – 925W or 1850W, for optimum comfort & choice.
  • REALISTIC VIVID FLAME EFFECT – Beautiful real effect without the risks associated with an open flame.

Best Electric Log Burner – Comparison Table

Best Electric Log Burner – Reviews

Our Winner

VonHaus Electric Stove Heater 1850W – Freestanding Fireplace with Wood Burning LED Light – Portable Fire Place with Log Burner Flame Effect – L41 x W27 x H54cm – Black

VonHaus Electric Stove Heater 1850W – Freestanding Fireplace with Wood Burning LED Light – Portable Fire Place with Log Burner Flame Effect – L41 x W27 x H54cm – Black
Our rating:

The VonHaus brand is pretty well known as far as log burners and fireplaces go. They are known for quality and this product really solidifies that reputation. This electric log burner is a freestanding option that looks gorgeous, all while emitting plenty of heat.

You also don’t need to worry about the danger of open flames indoors with this efficient electric log burner.

The log burner comes with a traditional looking brass handle and a curved door design, and it really looks like an old fashioned wood burning stove.

The beautiful appearance of this traditional looking electric log burner comes accompanied with comforting, cosy heat for your room to allow you to relax in front of the flames.

The burner is also very friendly on the budget, which you may find surprising based on the high quality that it offers. The flames look very realistic and the flames are vivid. Not only this, but the device has a safety cut off feature so it doesn’t become overwhelmed, and it comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can change the temperature to your liking.

It also comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty for extra peace of mind!

  • Great look, you’d easily mistake it for a more expensive alternative!
  • Reliable and very few problems reported
  • Flame looks realistic
  • 4m electric lead so you can place it mostly anywhere in a room
  • When the heating elements are cut off it blows cold air

Endeavour Fires Egton Wall Mounted Electric Fire, White Curved Glass, 220/240Vac 1&2kW with 7 day Programmable Remote Control

Endeavour Fires Egton Wall Mounted Electric Fire, White Curved Glass, 220/240Vac 1&2kW with 7 day Programmable Remote Control
Our rating:

This product has been designed with an executive lifestyle in mind. It looks to give your place that beautiful fireplace magic that it has been missing until now. Since these types of heaters have come to the market, they have become very popular amongst customers. This product uses 100% LED lighting to provide a very realistic looking fireplace. Your guests will surely be impressed. It has a multifunctional 7-day programmable remote that has a display on it.

This means you can set in advance what time the heater should turn on and off. This is quite a cool feature that will also protect you against wasting power should you fall asleep with the heater on. You can adjust the settings of the heater to increase or decrease the brightness depending on what mood you are going for. The ambiance created by the effect of having an Endeavour Electric Fireplace is one to behold. It is an eco-friendly take on having a fire in your home. With this, you can close the fireplace and no longer must cut up wood in order to warm up the house.

  • 100% LED lighting for more realistic looking fire
  • Multi-functional remote to turn on and off the heater
  • The heater can be automatically programmed to turn on and off
  • You can use fireplace settings without using the heater function
  • 13 colour mood lighting
  • This product is quite pricey for a heater.
  • Apart from automatically turning on and off, there are no other safety features.

HOMCOM Freestanding Electric Fireplace Heater with LED Flame Effect Remote Control 1000W/2000W (Type A)

HOMCOM Freestanding Electric Fireplace Heater with LED Flame Effect Remote Control 1000W/2000W (Type A)
Our rating:

Everyone can appreciate the value of a lovely fireplace. Not only does it keep you warm, but it can make a house feel more like home. Sadly, not everyone who wants a fireplace can practically live in a house with one.

Once an essential fixture in every home, fireplaces are not found as frequently in the modern home. Fortunately, thanks to slight advancements in technology and a sense of ingenuity, you can experience all the perks of a traditional fireplace.

The perfect substitute for a fireplace is the HOMCOM 1000W/2000W Electric Wall Fireplace. The HOMCOM electric fireplace is inexpensive and easy to assemble.

With this cost-effective piece of technology, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up soot and ashes, chopping and stockpiling firewood, tending to burn logs ever again.

With this device, you can enjoy a mesmerizing flame show, and if you want to further mimicry, you can even add actual heat.

The HOMCOM electric fireplace is perfect for any room, even one with poor ventilation.

The HOMCOM device can even be put in place of a pre-existing fireplace providing a low-maintenance, easy-to-operate substitute.

  • Adjustable power: You can change between 1000W and 2000W. It covers a 20-25㎡ area, keeping the room warm and heated day and night.
  • Beautiful LED artificial flame: Beautiful visuals without any dangers, making it safe for homes with children and pets.
  • Overheating protection: Built-in thermal cut-off device ensures added safety by preventing the unit from overheating.
  • Timer: This allows you to control when it comes on and off.
  • It can’t be used to cook or heat objects.
  • It uses a lot of electricity.

Dimplex Electric Micro-Stove, 1200 W, Black Cast Effect

Dimplex Electric Micro-Stove, 1200 W, Black Cast Effect
Our rating:

If you want a real looking fire, look no further than the Dimplex Electric Micro-Stove. This fire looks like an authentic wood burner without all the hassle that comes with a real log burner.

The heater is very durable and solid in both feel and appearance. Made with mostly metal matt-black cast-iron effect exterior, the heater is very durable.

This heater also looks stunning even before you plug the system in, so it looks even better once it is all set up.

The heater is operated by a remote control system but upon first set up there are rocker switches to adjust. It emits a lot of warmth, with 2 heat options including 1.2kW of heat which is controlled thermostatically by a rolling switch underneath the lifting flap inside the door.

It operates fast and will quickly warm up the space it’s used in.

It’s quite affordable for what it offers overall, and it’s very safe to use indoors even without a chimney so it’s a great addition to any room.

  • Attractive design
  • Authentic looking wood burning effects
  • Works fast
  • Durable and steady
  • No Remote control.

NETTA Electric Fireplace Stove Heater 2000W with Fire Flame Effect, 2 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat, Freestanding Portable Electric Log Wood Burner Effect - Black

NETTA Electric Fireplace Stove Heater 2000W with Fire Flame Effect, 2 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat, Freestanding Portable Electric Log Wood Burner Effect - Black
Our rating:

This is a somewhat compact heater that packs a lot of punches! The NETTA electric fireplace stove heater looks beautiful and is very multi functional.

Even better? It’s affordable too.

Ding ding ding, we have a winner! The heater has an adjustable thermostat with 2 different heat settings too.

The heater has a very sleek looking design that will really make a room pop. It’s got a gorgeous cabinet door type front door design that looks very different and yet pleasing to the eye.

There’s also an impressive heating ability with this heater, and this is a great reason to purchase it.

Its design is somewhat basic though it is beautiful, and it’s very eye catching while it warms up your home. The biggest problem with it of course is that it’s quite noisy. There is a good amount of power behind this heater and as a result it can be quite noisy.

It won’t drown out your tv or anything but it’s very noticeable if you have no other background noise. It’s got a 1.2m cord length which isn’t too bad either. Overall though it provides a lot of value for money.

  • It’s easy to access to change the bulbs from the back of it
  • Attractive design
  • Heats very quickly considering it’s more compact
  • Good value for money
  • The fan is a little noisy which can be an issue if you have sensitive ears

Best Electric Log Burner – Buyer’s Guide

So we’ve covered some of our favourite electric log burners, but what exactly makes a good electric log burner?

To start with, why buy an electric log burner? To put it simply, they’re a fantastic alternative to a fireplace for you if your house doesn’t have a chimney and it’s not able to fit a real fireplace inside of it.

They provide you with an authentic looking fire, without spending all the money you’d need for a real fireplace and they’re easier to install. They also don’t produce the waste products that a real fire does, such as carbon dioxide and monoxide.

They also don’t produce any dirty soot and ash. They usually emit more heat than real fires too.

There are a few different things to consider when it comes to buying an electric log burner, so our buying guide will cover all the things you will need to know so you can make sure that the log burner that you buy is the best one for you and your home.

Log Burner Types

Log burners tend to come in one of three different versions. Firstly, the freestanding option. This is by far the most common of the three as they are very easy to move around and position as you want. You also don’t need to mess around with any complicated installation with these log burners.

Another option is the wall mounted version. These are, as the name suggests, fixed in position but they tend to naturally integrate better into a room, and they look more modern than a lot of more traditional looking freestanding options.

The last most common type is the ‘suite.’ These usually look like a traditional fireplace and they tend to have a mantelpiece shelf placed above them.

Lights Only Settings

Something particularly lovely about fireplaces and log burners is that their ambient glow fills up the whole room. The only issue with this, of course, is that when you purchase a wood fire a lot of heat is going to be produced.

Thankfully a lot of electric log burners will give a lighting only feature and this helps you to be able to properly enjoy the glow they produce without the extra heat.

As a result of this, you can get beautiful glows all through the year without the heat, and it means that you’re not only using it for half of the year during the summer months.

Timer Functions

It’s very useful to be able to program the fire yourself. You may want to fall asleep in front of the fire but you’re concerned about it staying on after you fall asleep because you won’t notice it. Alternatively, you may be fond of coming home after a long day of work to a toasty fire and a nice warm room.

Regardless of your reason, timer functions are very helpful parts of certain electric log burners so you should consider this if it’s high on your priorities. A safety cut off is also important so you don’t overwhelm the system if you accidentally leave it on through the night.

Remote Controls

On the subject of being able to control the log burner, remote controls are very helpful when it comes to electric log burners. On some electric log burner models not only can you set timers, but you are also able to control the temperature and light settings without you needing to get up to change them manually. No interruption of your relaxation required!


When you’re looking for an electric log burner, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. What you get will obviously depend on what you pay, and that goes for quality. With that being said though, you can get some great electric log burners on a budget and it’s worth seeing if there are any sales on where you can buy the product at a discounted rate.

You also don’t need to spend too excessively either. Not everything that’s the most expensive is going to be the best.

Room Space

It stands to reason that you should get an electric log burner that will fit with your room size. If you choose something too big then it won’t fit. So, with that being said, before you buy the log burner you should ensure that the dimensions are a proper fit for the room it will be staying in, otherwise you’ll risk buying a product that’s too big or small for what you plan to use it for.


Your electric log burner is going to be a stand out feature in the room you put it in. There’s no use in buying something that will look hideous and won’t match with your room at all. Make sure that you check what kind of look you’re going for.

Do you need something more traditional looking, or something more modern for the room? Is there a particular colour scheme that you’re trying to go for? You should try to think about all of these elements before buying.

Power Wattage

This can be an aspect that widely varies in electric log burners, so you should consider how big the room you’re going to be using it in is first. You don’t really need to buy the most powerful option on the market, but you should ensure that the location you choose to put the fireplace in matches the output and functionality of the electric log burner.

Cord Length

One big advantage of electric log burners is that you can put them practically anywhere and all you really need is a standard electric outlet. The only problem is the length of the cord you’re using. You should take some time to consider where you plan on putting the electric log burner as the length of the cable will likely come into play.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of an electric log burner?

There aren’t many major problems when it comes to electric log burners. One issue is that the maximum heat output tends to be roughly 2kW, and this is slightly lower than most other forms of fire. It’s still quite a decent amount of heat though.

Electric log burners can also be a little more expensive than regular fires to run, though this all depends on how much you use, the power you use and how much your electricity costs. Some users also don’t think they look very realistic, though this is subjective and something that should really be expected.

Do electric log burners make lots of noise?

Electric log burners usually have an internal fan built in that’s designed to produce the heat, so you may get a little bit of sound from the appliance. Most modern fireplaces aren’t particularly noisy though, especially when other sounds are on such as a television or music player.

Usually the noisiest models tend to be the smaller models as they need to work harder to produce the heat. This is something that you will eventually get used to.

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