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5 Best Electric Strimmer UK 2021 Reviews

Best Electric Strimmer UK

As you’re looking for the best electric strimmer, we’re going to review the top five electric strimmers. These top strimmers are dominating the UK consumer electronics market. Along with the review, you’ll get a buyer’s guide as well that will help you to know more about an electric strimmer.

Strimmers are a useful tool for your garden because they can complete your tasks of cutting grass and weeds quickly and effectively. But, it’s a daunting task to find out one that will work at the way you like. It’s because you’ll find hundreds of models of different brands on the sell.

However, you’re all set if you read the entire post. Because we have reviewed some top of the products after wide research over the internet. So, don’t go anywhere right now, just continue reading up to the end of the content for the best result.

Top 5 Best Electric Strimmer

1. BLACK+DECKER Electric String Trimmer 700w

BLACK + DECKER BESTA530-GB Corded Strimmer, 550 W, 240 V, Black, 30 cm
  • 550W motor with E-Drive technology delivering increased cutting power
  • 30cm cutting swath for fast, efficient cutting
  • Trim & Edge feature for neat borders & edging

This is our top pick in the list as an electric strimmer. It’s a lightweight device may make you confused whether it can work effectively or not. But, it’ll change your mindset when you’ll be using it. Thanks to its 700-watt powerful motor that helps you to accomplish your task easily.

Also, it comes with enough torque as the manufacturer has used an E-Drive Technology with this machine. As a result, it improved the cutting edge that delivers essential power needed for the tasks of your garden. With a weight of 5kg, it’s as lightweight as ready to present you quick and easy movements.

A decent cutting swathe of 33cm of the model has enabled you to cut into different sizes from small garden to medium one. You just need a while to cut weeds and grass of a medium size garden if you’re quick enough. When you want to know what you need to cut through, just look at the diameter of the cutting line.

This unit has a diameter of 2mm for the cutting line that can chop thicker grass and weeds effortlessly. So, this is a good deal with your most demanding jobs of garden strimming. Also, it rotates at 7000rpm speed on its cutting line that makes the sure very clean cut while strimming lawns edge.

Besides, this model has used the automatic feeding system of cutting line that you’ll love to see. As a result, you don’t have to spend lots of time to change cutting lines. Since you’ll get a 10-meter long power cable, you’ll get a chance to work in a large distance with it.


  • Wider cutting swathe
  • Faster coverage
  • Adjustable handles
  • Telescopic shaft


  • Limited reaching on bigger gardens

2. Bosch ART30 | Electric Grass Trimmer

Bosch Home and Garden Grass Trimmer ART 30 - High-Performance Trimming for Your Lawn (550 W, Cutting Diameter 30 cm, Carton Packaging)
  • Power and precision: With a 550 W motor and 30 cm cutting diameter, the Bosch ART 30 delivers effortless cutting performance for your lawn
  • Automatic twin line feed: Save time and effort with the Bosch ART 30's automatic twin line feed, which ensures a consistently even cut every time
  • Height adjustment: The Bosch ART 30 is designed for comfort and convenience, with an adjustable height of 80-115 cm to suit users of all sizes

Bosch ART presents its ever-most lightweight strimmer that’s the key thing that you’ll love about it. The device’s weight is just 1.7 kg and it has designed a motor with weight reduction keeping in mind. That’s why it’s as easy to use as comfortable to work with even if you have an issue of back pain.

RT23 comes with a 280-watt lightweight motor, which is incredibly influential for the size. With a 12,500rpm operating speed, it can trim your garden and lawn thoroughly. Even it takes care if you have missed something while using a lawnmower as it can cut smaller grass and weeds with its teeth.

This strimmer’s feeding system is semi-automatic as the trimming line releases from its spool when you on the switch. The feature is great and you’ll get some more lines in a short time that will have to change the spool. As it is strong with its nylon line, it works devastatingly.

As its cutting swathe is 23cm, the model has enabled you to cut into different sizes from small gardens. Although it’s not suitable for larger ones, it can cut weeds and grass in an area of 15cm height. It’s excellent for cleaning up your lawn’s edges, but you should not expect to get it as an alternative to a lawnmower or an influential petrol strimmer.

You’ll find its handle easy to hold and it’s ergonomic in design. Also, it has an added, smaller handle on its top and a little facing the main part. But, anybody with a bit of power can use it in one hand without feeling very much bothered. There is a hook that helps you to hold the power cord when you work with it.


  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful motor
  • Free 2-year guarantee


  • Short electric cord

3. BLACK+DECKER ST5530-GB | 550w Electric Grass Strimmer

BLACK + DECKER BESTA530-GB Corded Strimmer, 550 W, 240 V, Black, 30 cm
  • 550W motor with E-Drive technology delivering increased cutting power
  • 30cm cutting swath for fast, efficient cutting
  • Trim & Edge feature for neat borders & edging

Another great product from BLACK+DECKER and it’s a top-notch electric strimmer. Like the brand of BLACK+DECKER you trust, ST5530-GB also goes in the same way that you can depend on. When you need a device for your landscaping, this 550-watt powerful motor can help you in many ways.

Although it has a small 6-meter long power cord, it’s a great piece of worker for your smaller garden. However, it’s ideal for a small garden. Besides, this corded strimmer has just a 2.5-kg of weight that has made it very lightweight. As a result, it’s easy to use when it comes to maneuvering.

Like some other top-graded models, it also comes with the technology of E-Drive. So, its 550-watt motor supplies enough speeds to cut the lines accurately. That means you can work with it effectively to make clean edges which are a useful thing while working with it in your garden.

Apart from being lightweight, its 7500rpm speed helps you to accomplish your edging task in a short time. But, don’t forget one thing that this unit is a great performer for your smaller area. Also, its 25cm cutting diameter and a diameter of 1.5mm of the cutting line are great things that will help you cut thicker and larger grass and weed.

Sometimes you need a clear cut of your garden or walkway depending on their fence structure. So, you need a model of strimmer that has about 30cm cutting swathe. And this particular model of strimmer has intended to get the cuts clean and straight with durability. Also, it has equipped with the feature of auto select.


  • Automatic line feeding
  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable shaft & handle
  • Included an edging wheel


  • Shorter power cable

4. BLACK+DECKER GL9035GB 900 W Electric Strimmer Grass Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER Electric Strimmer Grass Trimmer 900 W 35 cm with Wheel Edge Guide and Adjustable Second Handle GL9035-GB
  • Designed to conquer areas you cannot reach with a lawnmower, this brilliant Black + Decker strimmer is amazingly simple to operate.
  • Featuring a wheel edge guide which is ideal for edging lawns for a neat finish and it also prevents you damaging your plants.
  • With a cutting width of 35 cm and a 900 W power rating the strimmer is exceptionally effective to make light work of gardening tasks.

We’re adding another strimmer from BLACK+DECKER manufacturer because of its greatness. Thanks to the superb and convenient 7000rpm speed line cutting that give you full control over it to get your job done. And a power rating of 900-watt has made the strimmer as easy as quick to maintain your garden tidy.

With a design of long-lasting weed cutting, it’s very simple to work with. Also, it comes with a single-line automatic feeding system for convenience.

As a result, it’s an ideal model of strimmer for most home that will keep the complete care of your garden to maintain it with the best look.

Although this tool is a comparative newcomer in the UK market, it has gained lots of nice reviews. When it comes to the price point, it’s very competitive. Because of its higher torque, the strimmer is specifically good while going through thicker and tougher grass and weeds.

Moreover, it’s a wheelbase strimmer that makes it exceptional when you get edging done. When we’re making this review list, we have researched a lot of tools. Among the lots of strimmers, GL9035GB of BLACK+DECKER gets the highest rating points out of others.

As it is a bit pricey, many people think two more times to buy the device. But, it’s a worthy investment with a solid piece of strimmer that will provide you higher quality and durability. With its wheel and a 35 cm cutting width, it’s handy when you need to clean the edge of your garden.


  • Tackles the wilderness
  • High quality & durable
  • Included roller for neat edges
  • Very powerful motor


  • A bit heavier

5. Powerful Electric Strimmer Household Lawn Mower

Powerful Electric Strimmer Household Lawn Mower Telescopic Lightweight Lawn Edger Cutter for Tree Branch Hedges DIY Lawn Garden Care Tool,15 Cm Cutting Width,Red
  • ▲Electric telescopic Lawn Mower :Manufactured with high quality Plastic ,Aluminum tube, Motor material,lightweight and comfortable.Ergonomic handheld design,comfortable for each user and especially for those with weak hands. These lightweight pruners will do most of the job for the user.
  • ▲ Easy to cut: The cutting line speed reaches 18000 rpm, the power is strong.The blade becomes very sharp at a high speed of 18000rpm. It can trim the lawn and small weeds. It won't be damaged when hitting hard objects. ,Satisfy your needs.
  • ▲Switch handle design, not easy to slide, feel comfortable, stable and durable. Adjustable telescopic rod 30cm(The Electric Strimmers adjustable Total length:90~120cm), free telescopic to improve work efficiency more efficiently.

Are you considering buying the Powerful Electric Strimmer Household Lawn Mower? Whilst it may seem like a fairly easy decision, because you just want something to cut the grass, you will also realize that more thought has to go into your decision-making.

This isn’t your conventional-looking lawnmower.

It is an electric telescopic lawnmower made of an aluminium tube and plastic parts.

This is an easy-to-handle strimmer and because it is lightweight, it can easily be used by just about anyone, especially if you do not have the strength in your hands to handle the heavy lifting.

It does a good job of pruning and removing weeds as well as low cutting when you mow the lawn. It cuts pretty low and makes the lawn look quite flat.

The blade is made of high-quality steel making it more durable than other models that only have plastic blades.



  • It is easy to use and handheld
  • It has a powerful cutting line speed which can go up to 18 000rpm
  • It is lightweight
  • It is made of durable materials
  • It comes with an optional metal blade, which is more durable.


  • The wire front guard could be fixed on a stronger.
  • It’s on the higher end of the pricing.

How to choose the Best Electric Strimmer: Buying Guide

It’s very significant to know what you have to look for when you buy an electric strimmer. Although any of the above-said lists are an extremely useful tool, you can know more about them. That’s why we’re going to share a complete buying guide that will help you many ways.

Motor Size

This is a very initial considerable thing before you purchase an electric strimming tool. If you choose a more powerful and stronger motor, you’ll be able to do the strimming task quickly and effectively.

It means that it’s the base of this trimming tool. There is a shaft that provides power to the bottom side spinning head. And the shaft gets power from a motor.

So, the more power you’ll get from the motor, the shaft will get that power to deliver to the spinning head. You can get a 280 to 300-watt motor for your small-sized garden. But, if you have a larger one then you need high powered motor like 500 to 800-watt.

Cutting Swathe

This is the diameter or radius of the cutting circle the strimmer’s bottom. If a strimmer has a larger swathe, it can cut grass and weed faster. The standard size of a cutting swathe is around 25 to 30cm.

So, the bigger diameter swathe works faster to complete your jobs done quickly. This is why we recommend getting as possible as the bigger one. At least, buy the medium one that’s not less than 25cm.

Line Feeding System

When it comes to the line feeding system, we just recommend you to go with the automatic one. Most possibly avoid the semi-automatic or manual line feed. It’s because when you switch the power on of the strimmer, it automatically feeds out to its bottom.

Thus, it makes things simple for its user to use it. But, you can go with an alternative of this named bump feed. Basically, when you bump the strimmer’s base on the land, this action releases some more lines. This is good if you like to get a cheaper way with your trimming lines.

Base Wheel

Some gardeners like to use their strimmer to edge their lawn. But, some others use it for their major trimming jobs. So, if it comes with a wheel or two, both of the users will get benefits to keep their weight on the wheel.

Thus, it can reduce pressure on your arms that helps you giving focus on the edge, instead of your shoulder pain. That’s why consider getting the base wheel with the strimmer you’re going to buy.


We think the eclectic strimmers that we have enlisted, they’re top-notch in quality. Also, it’s supported by the nice reviews of the consumers who have given them the highest ratings. When the users say good things about something, that thing can’t be blemished.

Again, there are some areas of the strimmers that have a scope of improvement. But, they have engineered wisely to provide the best output, ease of use, durability, and strength. So, it’s OK to buy any one of the above-said lists and you’ll not be deprived.

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