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Best Exterior Masonry Paint

Masonry paint is a great choice of paint for exterior walls. 

They are (predominantly) acrylic based paints specifically designed to easily adhere to even coarse and difficult surfaces, and are perfect for painting over a wide range of surfaces including natural stone, brick, concrete, or pebble dashing. 

And they have a level of weather resistance that other paints simply cannot compete with.

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We’ve been looking at the best exterior masonry out on the market today and have some reviews of our handpicked favourites following. 

Then we have a buying guide for you which explains a bit more about exterior masonry paint, including the characteristics of quality exterior paint, a run through of the different finishes you can get, and finally a section where we attempt to answer your most frequently asked questions.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
Sandtex masonry paint, 5 litres, ultra smooth brickwork, white
  • High quality paint formulated in Microseal technology
  • Suitable for most surfaces such as; rendering, roughcast, pebbledash, concrete, building blocks, facing bricks & emulsion/masonry painted surfaces
  • Creamy smooth formulation to cover large areas fast

Best Exterior Masonry Paint – Comparison Table

Best Exterior Masonry Paint – Reviews

Our Winner

Sandtex masonry paint, 5 litres, ultra smooth brickwork, white

Sandtex masonry paint, 5 litres, ultra smooth brickwork, white
Our rating:

Sandtex is a big name in masonry paint and has been in business for over 50 years.

And the average customer rating on the Amazon page is almost 5 stars!

It’s a high quality product that will provide great coverage.

It has a fairly substantive colour range, featuring a total of 15 shades altogether.

This Ultra Smooth masonry paint from Sandtex provides the ultimate protection from all weather conditions, thanks to it’s flexible coating which resists peeling, cracking and flaking. Not only is it waterproof, but it’s also breathable too.

It’s also dirt and mould resistant, thanks to its incorporated Microseal premium technology, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

It’s easy to apply, whether via a brush, roller or spray and it dries real quick. You’ll only need to apply 2 coats at the max.

And what’s really handy is that you don’t have to wait for a heat wave to apply it – once it’s on, it’s rainproof within the hour!

It’s really durable – you can expect it to last a full 15 years.

  • Really good brand
  • Great customer rating on Amazon
  • Provide great coverage
  • Decent colour range
  • Protection from all weather conditions
  • Resists peeling, cracking and flaking
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Dirt and mould resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • Only needs 2 coats
  • Rainproof within the hour
  • Lasts a full 15 years
  • The Amazon page doesn’t demonstrate the colour range too well, so unless you have a particular colour in mind, we would recommend that you check out the manufacturer’s website to choose your colour.

Grehge x-Coat Hi-Build Coating | Heavily Textured Masonry Paint | 15KG (White)

Grehge x-Coat Hi-Build Coating | Heavily Textured Masonry Paint | 15KG (White)
Our rating:

At first, this textured masonry paint from Wethertex might sound rather pricey, but we’ve been checking it out and we reckon it’s well worth the money.

First of all, it stands out above smooth masonry paints because you can use it to renovate areas that are badly weathered, uneven, or that have developed small cracks. And that’s no easy task! And believe it or not just one coat will be enough.

Thanks to it’s advanced Optilife silicone technology, it’s both highly breathable and highly flexible. This gives it improved performance, even against the most extreme UK weather conditions. It provides excellent waterproofing.

In addition to being anti-algae, it’s also self-cleaning, so needs very little maintenance.

And it’s colour retention is nothing short of exceptional.

You can apply it to Existing well adhered paint coating, Render, Plaster, or Building Board.

It’s designed to really last, and will provide great protection for up to 20 years. 20 years!

  • Renovate areas that are badly weathered, or that have small cracks
  • Just one coat will be enough
  • Highly breathable
  • Highly flexible
  • Protection against the most extreme UK weather conditions
  • Anti-algae 
  • Self-cleaning
  • Exceptional colour retention 
  • Needs very little maintenance
  • Lasts up to 20 years
  • Only 4 colours available

HQC Weather Shield Sage Green Smooth Masonry Paint | 1L in 30+ Colours | Storm Proof, Scrub Resistance & Waterproof | Weatherproof Technology Designed with Acrylic Resin for Ultimate Protection

HQC Weather Shield Sage Green Smooth Masonry Paint | 1L in 30+ Colours | Storm Proof, Scrub Resistance & Waterproof | Weatherproof Technology Designed with Acrylic Resin for Ultimate Protection
Our rating:

HQC Masonry paint is a premium quality paint, perfect for all exterior walls, from concrete and plaster, through to pebble-dash, brick and stone walls.

It provides excellent coverage thanks to it’s high opacity.

It’s colour range is good, featuring an array of subtle pastel colours, and a few bolder colours thrown in for good measure.

It will really last for you, offering years of protection against any and all weather conditions and is water repellent, keeping you free from any damp from the British weather.

It even remains durable after being scrubbed clean.

It doesn’t need much maintenance at all, you can basically fix it and forget it.

It’s super easy to apply too, you can use a brush, a roller or a paint sprayer.

We love that it’s environmentally friendly and lead free!

How long it will take for the first coat to dry depends on the temperature and humidity, but you should be ready to put the second coat on after 2-4 hours.

All that at this price – what a bargain!

  • Great value for money
  • Good color range
  • Provides excellent coverage
  • Protection against all weather conditions
  • Doesn’t need much maintenance
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Water repellent
  • Easy to apply
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Only 24 colours available

Dulux Weather Shield Smooth Masonry Paint, 5 L - Gardenia

Dulux Weather Shield Smooth Masonry Paint, 5 L - Gardenia
Our rating:

Now here’s a brand we’ve all heard of, and it’s got a great average customer rating on Amazon.

Dulux may be better known for their interior paint, but this exterior masonry paint certainly lives up to the Dulux name.

It’s advantages, as its name suggests, lie in its ability to protect against all weathers. Not only is it completely rainproof but it’s also UV resistant too.

One thing we love about this paint is it’s Stay Clean technology which protects against dirt and mould and algae growth within the paint film.

You only need to put 2 coats on, and you only need to wait 4 hours for the first coat to dry before putting on the second coat.

It’s really long lasting – you only need to repaint after about 15 years.

  • A brand you’ve heard of
  • Completely rainproof
  • UV resistant
  • Protects against dirt and mould
  • Only need to put 2 coats on
  • Quick drying
  • Lasts about 15 years
  • Only 3 colours to choose from

RUSTINS Masonry Paint Matt Black 250ml

RUSTINS Masonry Paint Matt Black 250ml
Our rating:

There’s not one, not two, but 3 stand out features for this masonry paint from Rustins.

First, it can be used for both interior and exterior surfaces, including walls, stone, cement, tiles and bricks. So if you like the colour on the outside of the building you can carry the look through to the inside (or vice versa).

Secondly, only one coat is needed – what a time saver. (That doesn’t mean you can’t apply a second coat if you want to.)

And lastly, the paint typically dries in about half an hour, depending on weather conditions.

All that and it provides good exterior durability!

A couple of points to note: the surface must be clean and dry before painting, and no primer is necessary if being applied to fresh mortar.

  • Only one coat is needed
  • The paint dries in about half an hour
  • Provides good exterior durability
  • Can be used for both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Only available in relatively small tins
  • Only 4 colours available

Best Exterior Masonry Paint – Buyer’s Guide

We ask for a lot from exterior house paint, expecting it to hold out against freezing winters, soaking British rains and day after day of UV radiation. And we want it to do all this without cracking, peeling or fading.

There’s a lot that goes into making this happen. The paint needs to be packed with high-quality resins (or binders), pigments, solvents, and additives. Let’s walk you through these components.

Components of Exterior Masonry Paint

Pigments, be they mineral or man made, are what give the paint it’s colour, in terms of its hue and opacity. Binders are the resins within the paint which coalesce to form the paint film. Solvents are the liquids which help to keep the pigments and binders in suspension. And finally, you get the additives, which can have a range of purposes, such as controlling the drying time, help with leveling, and prevention of mildew build up.

Paint finishes

The sheen of a paint, is a description of the degree of light reflection a paint has. More often than not, the less sheen a paint has, the less stain resistant it is. They range from gloss which is the shiniest, to satin which is in the middle, through to matt, on the opposite end of the spectrum which has no shine to it.

Types of Masonry Paint

There are generally 2 main types of masonry paint, smooth and textured.

Smooth Masonry Paint

What finish you get from a smooth masonry paint depends on what the manufacturer has to offer. It is possible to get the full spectrum of finishes, such as gloss, satin and matt. Whichever you finish you go for, it should feel about as smooth as interior paint when finished. This type of masonry paint is best for tackling problematic surfaces such as pebble dash.

Textured Masonry Paint

Whilst textured masonry paint is not nearly as smooth as it’s counterpart, it does come with it’s fair share of advantages. It is more weather resistant, and offers more protection from harsher climates, and from high levels of pollution. It’s also handy for sealing up fine cracks.

If you have identified textured masonry paint as the type for you, we would recommend our Number 2 product, Wethertex HBS Flex-Coat Hi-Build Coating, Heavily Textured Masonry Paint.

Characteristics of Good Quality Exterior Masonry Paint

Hiding Power

What we mean by hiding power is the ability of a paint to successfully cover and conceal the surface on which it is applied. This comes down to 2 main factors – the paint’s pigment, and how thickly it is applied, or how many layers of paint.

Blister Resistance

Blister resistance refers to the paint’s ability to keep excessive moisture from coming through the substrate and upsetting the paint layer, causing it to “blister”. Blistering is more likely to happen when paint is applied to a damp or wet surface.

Colour Retention

After endless debate of what colour to go for, you want that colour to remain exactly as it was when you first painted it. That’s where colour retention comes in – the paint’s resistant to fade brought about by the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Masonry Paint Waterproof?

External masonry paint, such as those in our Top 5 product, is designed to withstand the weather, including against the heaviest of rains. However, we’re going to level with you here – if your property is prone to flooding, then it is possible that your masonry paint will suffer some kind of damage and start to flake away or become soft.

But, rest assured, there are ways to prevent this. Applying a primer, for example is a great help, or you can apply a sealant. Both primers and sealants are available on Amazon.

Should I use latex based paint?

If you’ve been wondering what paint is best to use for your exteriors, we feel your pain. There are many different types of exterior paint out there, water based, oil based, acrylic based or latex based. Each type of paint has its advantages and its disadvantages.

Latex based paint dries fast, is easier to clean, doesn’t yellow over time, and is generally better for the environment. However, it will bubble and peel if applied over existing oil-based paint, and when going from a dark color to a lighter color, extra coats may be necessary.

Do you need primer for masonry paint?

On most unpainted exterior surfaces, the standard procedure calls for a primer coat followed by two topcoats of paint.

Because it has a glue-like base, a primer really helps the paint adhere properly. If you skip priming, you risk the paint peeling, especially in more humid conditions.

There can be exceptions to the rule of always applying a primer, and this includes when you’re going over a previously painted surface. Other exceptions include when you’re applying paint to fresh mortar, or when you’re using textured masonry paint to fill small cracks.

If you have any doubts over this, our advice is to always apply a primer.

How do I make my exterior paint job last?

There are several ways to make your exterior job last before you even pick up a brush or roller. First, be sure to Fix indoor moisture problems that can lead to outdoor paint trouble. This can be easily accomplished by fitting vents in moisture ridden areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Then repair any damaged surfaces. Make sure the said surfaces are clean. Then scrape and sand the surfaces to remove damaged paint and any rough edges.

And it is only after the above steps are complete, that you can apply your primer. In many cases the primer can serve as the basecoat, so you won’t need as many coats of paint.

Then you can apply your paint – but it has to be applied correctly. The thickness of the layers of paint can make a dramatic difference to how long your paint job will last. If it’s put on too thinly, the dried paint will be weak. If the paint is applied to thickly on the other hand, it will sag and it will crack. The optimum thickness is about 4-5mm when wet. That’s about the thickness of your typical printer paper.

What does it mean if a paint is breathable?

A breathable paint is one which has special microporous characteristics that can allow water vapour to permeate through. So a breathable wall is one that will take in moisture in the air then release it, kind of as if the wall is breathing. This is important for avoiding damp and all of its associated problems. Paints that are not breathable and can trap moisture beneath the surface, which in turn can cause mould build up, or can sometimes even cause the paint to blow off entirely.

What is the longest lasting exterior paint?

Most exterior masonry paint will last a minimum of 10 years, if not 12 or 15. If you’re specifically looking for an exterior masonry paint will last a long time, we would recommend that you go for our Number 2 product, Wethertex HBS Flex-Coat Hi-Build Coating, Heavily Textured Masonry Paint.

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