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Best Fox Deterrent

Foxes are notorious for their relentless ransacking of gardens and vegetable patches.

They also enjoy hunting small animals such as rabbits, birds and rodents which can wreak havoc in your once peaceful back garden.

However, they’re not fussy eaters and will even go for pet food and garbage if it’s left within their reach.

There are many different ways that foxes can irritate humans, and don’t let their cute faces fool you – they’ll ruin your lives if you let them. This is why it’s important that if you have a regular visitor in your garden, you’ll want to get a high quality fox deterrent to warn them away.

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Having said this, trying to keep a fox away from somewhere they’ve become attached to is much more difficult than it seems as they are one of the most persistent animals out there.

Just imagine a happy, excitable dog – but one that wants to destroy your garden and eat all your garbage.

You’ll need to be vigilant with your deterrents and keep them up and running until the fox finally decides your house is more trouble than it’s worth.

There are different types of fox deterrents on the market, some which emit high pitched sounds that humans can’t hear, some which give off unwanted scents, and others that cause shock to the fox which prevents it from wanting to come back.

Below we’ll be looking at the top five fox deterrents on the market and why they’ll work well for you. Let’s get going and begin to make your garden a nicer, less fox-ridden place.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
The Big Cheese Prickle Strip Dog Stopper – 2 m x 28 cm wide, durable Grow-thru Deterrent Protects Plants and Bulbs and Prevents Cats, Dogs, and Wildlife from Digging the Garden and Plant Pots
  • EFFECTIVE: Prevents cats, dogs, and wildlife from digging in planted areas, gravel borders, and vulnerable parts of the garden
  • EASY SET-UP: Easy installation just below ground level, with grow-thru design that allows roots and bulbs to flourish
  • DURABLE: Weather resistant, frost-proof material for years of reliable plant protection

It can be awfully annoying and upsetting when all of your hard work is ruined by a careless fox who was looking for a snack.

Vegetables strewn around the garden, soil flung in every which way, perhaps even flowerpots smashed to smithereens. Well, we say enough is enough.

Why not try our top pick for the best fox deterrent –  the Defenders Prickle Strip Dig Stopper. 

Here are just a few reasons why we’ve chosen this as our favourite deterrent: 

  • It is humane and doesn’t cause any lasting harm to the fox. 
  • The materials are durable so they can withstand all weather conditions, as well as being chemical free so it’s safe to use around fresh produce. 
  • Your plants and flowers can still grow through the mesh undisturbed.

Best Fox Deterrent – Comparison Table

Best Fox Deterrent – Reviews

Our Winner

The Big Cheese Prickle Strip Dog Stopper – 2 m x 28 cm wide, durable Grow-thru Deterrent Protects Plants and Bulbs and Prevents Cats, Dogs, and Wildlife from Digging the Garden and Plant Pots

The Big Cheese Prickle Strip Dog Stopper – 2 m x 28 cm wide, durable Grow-thru Deterrent Protects Plants and Bulbs and Prevents Cats, Dogs, and Wildlife from Digging the Garden and Plant Pots
Our rating:

Prickle Strip is a layer of plastic mesh covered in rubber thorns that point upwards. Simply lay the strip beneath the soil of your garden to create a humane deterrent which will keep the foxes away from your flowers, fruits or vegetables.

Instead of using inhumane methods such as electric shocks, the manufacturer has created this deterrent to merely irritate the fox’s paws when they try to dig into the soil. True, this causes discomfort to the animal but it is far less than an electric shock would do, with a similar success rate.

A great feature of this fox deterrent is that it still allows plants to grow through the plastic mesh without interruptions as the holes aren’t too small. This prevents the plants from being restricted and grows poorly as a result.

If you’re wanting a fox deterrent specifically to keep them off your garden patch, this will be your new best friend.

Moreover, the Prickle Strip not only works on foxes, but also dogs, cats and other animals that may compromise your garden. There are no unnatural chemicals being sprayed over your produce either, so you don’t have to worry about potentially inedible food.

  • Humane deterrent which won’t harm the animals.
  • Plants can still grow through the mesh.
  • Durable material which withstands all weathers.
  • Difficult to lay under soil if you’ve already got blooming plants.
  • Doesn’t work unless the animal likes to dig.

EONHUAYU Predator Deterrent Light, Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Light Outdoor Animal Deterrent Light Night with 4 LED Waterproof for Garden Outdoors Wildlife Nocturnal Animal

EONHUAYU Predator Deterrent Light, Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Light Outdoor Animal Deterrent Light Night with 4 LED Waterproof for Garden Outdoors Wildlife Nocturnal Animal
Our rating:

A close second in our top five list is the EONHUAYU Predator Deterrent Light, which takes the fact that animals such as foxes, raccoons and cats do not like to be watched when they’re up to no good and uses it against them.

This small by mighty device has two red flashing lights on it which trick the pests into thinking there is another animal watching them.

Animals generally don’t like to be watched, especially by big, red flashing eyes, so they’ll be more inclined to leave your garden untouched rather than risk their lives exploring the potential danger.

This device can be mounted to a wall thanks to the screw holder or can be placed on any surface using the included kickback stand. Just keep the solar panel positioned where it’s going to get enough sunlight so that it doesn’t turn off halfway through the night.

For foxes it is advised to keep the Predator Eye Pro around 24 inches above the ground to properly mimic where their predators eyes would be.

No harmful chemicals are used with this deterrent and therefore is very safe and humane. You can use it around pets, plants and children without worrying about accidents. It is completely weatherproof and therefore can be used in all conditions, just as long as there is enough sun to keep it charged.

  • Solar powered so no maintenance is needed.
  • Simple installation of placing it at the correct height.
  • Mimics the eyes of foxes predators which is effective.
  • Flash constantly all night which can be a little annoying if placed near a window or for neighbours.
  • Some intelligent foxes may see through this deterrent.

Defenders Jet-Spray Pond & Garden Protector (Motion-Activated, Heron, Fox and Wildlife Repellent) & Amazon Basics AA Performance Alkaline Batteries [Pack of 20] - Packaging May Vary

Defenders Jet-Spray Pond & Garden Protector (Motion-Activated, Heron, Fox and Wildlife Repellent) & Amazon Basics AA Performance Alkaline Batteries [Pack of 20] - Packaging May Vary
Our rating:

A sensor activates this jet spray every time it senses motion which shoots out a stream of water, startling the fox. Like all deterrents, this will take some time to reinforce the behaviour in the fox, especially if there is more than one, however this has been proven to be very helpful to people who have a pest problem. 

The spray can cover up to 10 metres of garden space and you can adjust the height to adapt the deterrent to your particular problem.

The motion sensor can also be adjusted to be able to reach up to 10 metres in range, allowing it to detect all forms of movement, even before the foxes get anywhere near your flower beds or bins. 

This device is battery powered, which may worry you when thinking about the rain and harsh outside elements, however this Garden Protector is both weatherproof and protected under a two year warranty in case it happens to falter under the pressure. 

This is another humane trap which doesn’t cause harm to any animals, plants or the environment. It simply sprays out an amount of water to startle the fox into leaving your garden, flowers and produce alone.

You can choose to purchase this deterrent with a set of batteries or without. 

  • Two year warranty.
  • Humane deterrent.
  • Adjustable to whichever height is most beneficial to you.
  • Made of not the most durable plastic.
  • Very sensitive motion sensor may spray you or your family members.

Scoot Fox Repellant 2 x 50gm

Scoot Fox Repellant 2 x 50gm
Our rating:

Within this box you’ll get 100g of fox repellent to sprinkle around your lawn or garden to prevent foxes from crossing over the line. This protects you home from digging, fouling and scent making, giving you a more welcomed garden free of pests and messes.

This deterrent creates an artificial scent which tricks the fox into thinking an animal bigger than them is near and scares them off.

Despite the look of your garden after a fox ransacking, these animals are typically gentle and prefer no conflict, especially when they know they can’t win.

100g of Scoot Fox Repellent will cover around 34 square feet. You may be thinking that there’s no way, but you have to mix the powder with water to make a spray before applying it.

This is very easy to spray over the desired area where you know the foxes like the best.

This deterrent is a humane method that keeps foxes away without causing harm to the animals, plants or the environment, which is a big plus.

  • Easy to apply using a spray bottle or watering can.
  • Can cover up to 34 square feet.
  • Humane and doesn’t cause harm to the environment or the animal.
  • You need to reapply every time it rains.
  • Some reviewers think that other deterrent methods are more effective.

VOLADOR Animal Repellent, Waterproof Ultrasonic Cat Fox Repeller, Solar USB Powered Pet Dog Deterrent, Rabbit Rat Scare for Garden Yard Field Farm

VOLADOR Animal Repellent, Waterproof Ultrasonic Cat Fox Repeller, Solar USB Powered Pet Dog Deterrent, Rabbit Rat Scare for Garden Yard Field Farm
Our rating:

VOLADORs Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent is a device which aims to keep all animals away from your garden 24/7. During the day the ultrasound wave sends a repellent out and drives the foxes away, whereas at night there is a bright flashing light to spook the animals and scare them off.

This fox deterrent really is as simple as setting it up and leaving it to do its job. You can install it anywhere you find animals wreaking havoc most in your garden, such as the lawn, the garden patch or flower beds.

You can use the spike to stick it in soft ground or use the hanger on the back to attach it to a wall or higher up.

While it uses solar panels on the top of the box to keep it charged in summer months, there is also an included USB charger to make sure it never runs out of charge in winter.

When we say this deterrent can be used for all animals, we really mean it. It has five different frequencies to ward off every kind of pesky animal that you may find in your garden. Frequency 5, which keeps foxes away, also works well for large dogs and racoons.

  • Works on lots of animals, not just foxes.
  • Solar powered with an included USB charger for winter months.
  • Two deterrent methods in one model.
  • Doesn’t work on all foxes.
  • Small solar panel means it needs a lot of sunlight to fully charge.

Best Fox Deterrent – Buyer’s Guide

Types of fox deterrents

There are many ways that people swear by to keep foxes out of their gardens which only seem to magically work for them. However, there are a few common methods which have been widely produced by many brands on the market, which we will be going through below.


Humane spikes are made from material such as rubber and are placed on the ground where foxes are most likely to dig. They’ll irritate their paws without leaving any lasting damage. Although the spikes won’t cut their skin, they’ll still irritate them which will be enough to keep them from digging in the same spot twice.


Jets shoot out a stream of water whenever a fox is detected through a motion sensor. Garden sprinklers work just as well, however the former will use less water. This startles the fox and over time it will learn the reinforced behaviour to not go in your garden.


Scents often come in powder form which you will need to mix with water before spraying it all over your garden. These often give the illusion that there is a larger animal around which the fox should be scared of. Foxes often think this is more trouble than it’s worth and go to find another garden to dig up.

These scents are often humane as they don’t harm the fox in any way, however one drawback is that every time it rains, you’ll need to reapply the scent. This is particularly problematic if you live in a very rainy area.

Moreover, some scents can be toxic to humans which means it may not be suitable to use near fruit and vegetables. Research your scent before sprinkling it all over your growing produce. This also indicates that it may be toxic to pets so keep an eye on this.


This type of deterrent emits a high pitched frequency which cannot be heard by humans. However, this is a slow burning process as foxes often consider this noise an enemy and want to challenge it before realizing they can’t win. Once they accept defeat they’ll be more likely to leave your garden alone.

However, if you’re a dog owner you should ensure you can use this type of deterrent around them to prevent causing them harm.


Many foxes are deterred from lights flashing on them due to the fact they don’t want to be watched. If they feel like they’re being watched, they are more likely to leave your garden untouched, much like a naughty toddler.

Is it safe for pets and plants?

Most deterrents have been made with this in mind, but it’s always beneficial to make sure that whichever deterrent you choose isn’t going to put your pets or plants in danger. For example, scents could be toxic to plants and therefore shouldn’t be sprayed all over them.

Moreover, if your cat drinks some of this scent, are they going to be sick for a week? It’s better to be confident in your deterrent rather than get a nasty surprise or worrying accident.

Is it humane?

Humane deterrents do not harm the fox in any way and therefore are the more accepted and used methods of keeping foxes away. These include harmless scents, sprays of water and flashing lights.

Traditional deterrents include cages and spikes. Cages have bait placed in them and trap the fox in the cage once it’s lured in. Traditional spikes are made from metal and are designed to injure the foxes paws.

There are newer alternatives to both these methods to make them more humane, as who wants to intentionally harm an animal? Even if it did knock over your flowerpot, it doesn’t warrant pain, right?

All of the fox deterrents we looked at above are considered humane.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will human urine deter foxes?

Yes, the smell of human urine is enough to put foxes off their dinner – especially male urine. Having said this, it can be tricky to administer your urine around the whole garden, and you’d need a lot of it to cover large areas.

If you’re not looking to have a big jug of your own urine sitting around your house until you produce enough, we might suggest using one of the repellents we’ve reviewed in the list above.

What smells do foxes hate?

Foxes have very powerful noses and therefore it doesn’t take much of anything they don’t like the smell of to be deterred away. Like we’ve already discussed above, foxes dislike the smell of anything that could potentially harm them, such as larger animals.

More natural scents that foxes hate include chilli peppers and and garlic. These potent smells can all be boiled together in a pan of water and blended together to create a super smelling deterrent that foxes will run away from.

Does vinegar keep foxes away?

Vinegar is a very potent smell that is disliked by many animals, such as dogs, rabbits, cats, raccoons and foxes! The smell of vinegar is so strong that it deters these animals even after it’s dried.

Does bleach keep foxes away?

Bleach will most likely deter foxes, however this is not considered humane and therefore could be illegal. For this reason, we suggest using one of the humane deterrents that we have mentioned above.

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