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3 Best Garden Hedge Shears 2021 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

3 Best Garden Hedge Shears 2019

A great pair of hedge shears is essential to stop the hedges from becoming wild and overgrown. Most gardeners dream about achieving a fairytale-like backyard. Are there ways to perfectly trimmed hedges into a more fantastic outcome?

Yes, there is!

Reliable garden hedge shears are ever-present. This tool seems like a scissor with enhanced cutting capacity towards hedges and shrubs. You don’t have to do the gardening by bare hands. Thanks to the massive makers of garden hedge shears!

No worries, we’ll help you out in looking for the best garden hedge shears online. Stay tuned!

Best Garden Hedge Shears
Product Features Price
Davaon Pro Geared Garden Hedge Shears Carbon steel wavy blade, aluminum construction, 30-day money-back guarantee, soft grips View on Amazon
Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Steel Edging Shears Carbon steel blade, tubular steel handles, ergonomic soft grips View on Amazon
JEOutdoors ZEM Pruning Shears Alloy steel blades, safety lock, spring-loaded handles, lifetime warranty View on Amazon

Top 3 Best Garden Hedge Shears Reviews

Davaon Pro Geared Garden Hedge Shears– Best Overall Garden Hedge Shears

Premium Heavy Duty Garden Shears - Hedge Shears with Advanced Geared Mechanism, Lightweight Anti-Slip Handles, Razor-Sharp Blades and Rust-Resistant Steel, 560mm, Davaon Pro
  • [ ππ‘π„π‚πˆπ’πˆπŽπ π‚π”π“π“πˆππ† ] - The razor-sharp SK5 carbon steel blades slice through hedges, shrub and plants with minimum effort. The wavy blade grips the plant, allowing for a smooth and uniform cut
  • [ 𝐋𝐄𝐒𝐒 π„π…π…πŽπ‘π“ ] - The gearing mechanism allows you to achieve more with less force. Making these shears an ideal choice for prolonged pruning tasks as they will save you a lot of time and effort
  • [ 𝐑𝐄𝐃𝐔𝐂𝐄𝐒 π…π€π“πˆπ†π”π„ ] - These lightweight hedge clippers weigh only 820g, so you can lift them for longer without developing aches or repetitive motion injuries - Suitable for arthritic hands

Davaon is a known brand in the world of gardening tools. This makes sense as many people rated the device with almost positive feedbacks.

Your arms won’t get tired with its efficient cutting action. It also saves time in trimming and shaping the hedges and other plants.

It is made of SK5 carbon steel wavy blade that has a secure grip on the plant during cutting. The shears prevent slipping off twigs while pruning.

Its edge is known for toughness that it can even cut harder branches. It is rust-resistant due to the added coating.

The tool is lightweight because of its aluminum body construction. Additionally, its cushioned handles make the grip strain-free and comfier. It is non-slipping for safer trimming of branches.

This is best used by the professionals as well as by the novice gardeners for hedge shaping. It could last for years with its premium quality. Plus, Davaon offers 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Comes from a reputable brand
  • Best value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Used by professionals


  • Too short handles
  • Cannot cut green shoots
  • Issues on its weight

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Steel Edging Shears – Best-Seller Garden Hedge Shears

Spear & Jackson 4900RSS Razorsharp Steel Edging Shears
  • Tubular steel handles for maximum strength
  • Polished and lacquered blades for rust resistance. Chrome plated
  • Genuine Spear and Jackson product

This is a different looking hedge shear which is loved by many. The product got an award last 2018, which adds to its reputation.

Moreover, Spear & Jackson has been producing quality gardening tools since 1760. The Razorsharp Steel Edging Shears works well for edging.

Thanks to its C50 carbon steel blades which is polished and lacquered for more extended use.

It provides beyond needed sharpness to cut the hedges. The blades are designed long and curved that eliminates the use of a trimmer.

It has tubular steel handles made of robust materials. However, the tool still weighs lighter than expected. Its soft grips prevent hand fatigue and offer great comfort throughout the edging.

It might be too hard for taller gardeners to use this tool. It demands a bit of bending for them to trim the hedges.

That may result in an uncomfortable position in which the company is sorry for that.

Better put oil on the shears before using to eliminate stiffness.


  • Very affordable
  • Good quality edging shears
  • Can cut grass even when it is wet
  • Sharp blades


  • Accident issues
  • Not suitable for tall users

JEOutdoors ZEM Pruning Shears – Best Runner-Up Garden Hedge Shears

JEOutdoors Pruning Shears, Professional High Carbon Alloy Steel Sharp Blade Bypass Hand Pruner, Tree Trimmer, Garden Shears - JO0001
  • Pruning Shears fit for cutting stems and light branches up to 3/4β€³ diameter size
  • Quality sharp blade made of high carbon alloy steel with antirust processing
  • Safety Lock – easy open/close lock for convenient security system

This is the most inexpensive hedge shears on the list you could look for.

JEOutdoors offers a lifetime warranty and replaceable spring for the longer user. It is a pruning shear for cutting stems and light branches with a diameter size of ¾”.

ZEM Pruning Shears is more compact in design than the tools as mentioned earlier. The high-quality carbon alloy steel blade has an anti-rust feature. It is sharp and can trim branches effectively.

The safety lock feature is present for both open and closed function. That adds up a security system for the users.

The handles are made of wood and hard PC material. It may look stylish for some, but it is less ergonomic than rubberized grips. In between the handles is a replaceable spring in which increases pressure.

This helps in the overall trimming process. It also prevents a sudden accident when use by children because it could be harder for them to use the tool.

This tool might be only suitable for small-time pruning but can perform well.


  • Compact in design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Has a safety lock
  • Non-rusting blade design
  • Stylish designed


  • Uncomfortable to handle
  • Demands more effort due to the spring load

What to look for the best garden hedge shears?

Looking for the best gardening tools is just one click away. However, picking which tool is right for you might be crucial. This buying guide provides the complete detail of all the factors you must consider before having the best hedge shears. Here are:

Shears’ type

There are two types of shears, including single-hand and the double-hand shears. Your choice depends on your pruning skill. Most suggest the single-hand shears because of the comfort it renders. It is appropriate for short time trimming as the other type supports bulkier works. The dominant hand is considered in using single-hand shears.


Several shear blades are available to choose from. Straight-blade shears are the most common ones as it can function all-around pruning.

Serrated blades are for thicker branches. Another is the wavy blade shears which are useful for cutting thinner twigs and can be easily handled.

Blades are mostly made of carbon steel coated with special materials for higher maintenance against rusting.

Size and weight

Avoid buying shears that weigh you down and start looking for handy ones. Wood and steel-made handle results in the heavyweight tool but durable. Lightweight shears are typically made of aluminum or fibre glass handles.

Easy to grip

Ergonomic handles are important for a good grip. Some models add up rubber materials on the handles to avoid blisters due to several hours of pruning.

Cutting capacity

This factor depends on the maximum size of the branch the shears cut. Most large shears can cut up to Β½-inches thick branches.

Some models add up limb notch feature to be able to cut thicker branches. The blade tension is also an essential factor in cutting thick branches. A pivot-bolt is used to adjust the tension depending on your need.


Cleaning the blades will be easier if it is coated with rust-resistant materials. Always keep an eye on the blades and cleanse suddenly if needed.

Sharpening or replacing the blades is required at times too. Clean the shears after use and store it properly away from water areas.

Other features

Some known companies are offering warranty and a money-back guarantee on every purchase made. But, do not be blinded by the extras but be more considerate of the performance of a product.


Some gardeners aren’t contented on a tool that works well. They also want something stylish. Maybe this factor adds excitement to them in using the shears.


Smooth operation is what gardeners long for hedge shears. Most buyers look for efficient and effective gardening tools for the betterment of their backyards. Make sure you’ll get a product that will not stress you out in using it.

Safety features

Safety measures have so much importance in buying a product, especially on sharp tools. Most hedge shears do have a safety lock to cover up the blades, whether in use or not in use.

Other models have tooth extensions to protect the blades. Those features make children safe from injury upon touching the tool due to curiosity. With these safety features, consider having extra protection like gloves.

Recommended brands

It is essential to consider the brand of hedge shears to ensure quality and reputation. It is better to spend extra than to regret it in the end. Read the buyer’s feedbacks online and make it a reference in picking the right tool.


Humans, as we are, price is a prime concern in buying a product. There’s no need to break the bank to have the right tool. Many cheap choices can exceed your expectations. Of course, more expensive ones have higher quality.

The Final Thoughts about Garden Hedge Shears

Keeping your garden hedge at high maintenance requires the use of hedge shears. These tools make the cuttings of branches and shrubs a lot more convenient and faster. It can turn your garden into a masterpiece of your own.

Effort and time will be reduced with these gardening tools. Further, even if you aren’t a professional gardener, you’ll be better off with shears. Garden hedge shears are for everyone!

Buying a pair of the best garden hedge shears is so crucial without checking out the buying guide as provided above. Have fun in taking care of the garden!

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