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Best Home Multi Gyms

Having a multi gym at home means you can work out whenever you have a window of opportunity – you haven’t got to go trekking to a gym, and you’re in the privacy of your own home.

And in the long run you save money compared to paying for gym membership.

It’s a no brainer.

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There is huge variety in the nature of the different home multi gyms out there on the market. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you.

Coming up we’ve got product reviews of 5 of the best home multi gyms you can get, and then we’ve got a buying guide for you which highlights the main factors you might like to think about before buying.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
470 Exercises - T3-X - Ultimate Home Gym - Made in Europe …
  • Sliding bench with regulated angle of seating and backrest, upper pulley and other pulleys, smith machine, leg press, butterfly, upper and lower gate, preacher bench, handles for pull-ups, professional accessory rack and much more!
  • Uses: Home Gyms, Personal Trainers Studios, Uniformed Services Units, Small Fitness Clubs!
  • Only 22m² need to use the machine comfortably! 7 independent training stations!

Best Home Multi Gyms – Comparison Table

Best Home Multi Gyms – Reviews

Our Winner

470 Exercises - T3-X - Ultimate Home Gym - Made in Europe …

470 Exercises - T3-X - Ultimate Home Gym - Made in Europe …
Our rating:

Exercise has always been an important part of human life. The manufacturer is trying to introduce a product that can perform several important strength workouts for the human body.

Versatility is key with this product as it can offer up to 200 different exercises to the consumer. This is quite impressive and almost unmatched in this industry.

Looking at comfortability, this machine comes with a sliding bench and a regulated angle that will work to provide you with the utmost back support and comfort. Hours of working out will no longer take a toll on your posture overall, making you look taller, healthier, and stronger. You can use this product wherever you feel comfortable. You can buy it for a commercial or home gym.

They have made this product compact and easy to fit anyway since it does not occupy that space. You will only require around 22 meters squared for you to use this product safely. It is a very heavy product weighing almost 762 kilograms.

This means that the product is not easily portable, and the location you decide to put it in will most likely be its final.

Durability is promised because it is made from a very tough stainless steel that will not rust or decay for at least ten years. This means that you can sleep well at night after purchasing this product, knowing that it is a long-term health investment.

They have included several different weight plates that will allow you to increase and decrease the effort you require to lift them as you grow. This means that you can work on other routines as needed.

  • Offers 200 plus exercises.
  • Easy to fit into a gym because it does not take up that much space.
  • 10-year warranty on the steel.
  • Very heavy and not portable.

We R Sports 100LB Home Gym Multi Gym Workout Machine Lat Pull Leg Developer

We R Sports 100LB Home Gym Multi Gym Workout Machine Lat Pull Leg Developer
Our rating:

Now this beauty really puts the “multi” into “multi gym”!

There’s a whopping number of 45 different exercises you can do with this machine, from bicep curls, latissimus pulls, leg extensions all the way through to pull ups, leg curls and butterfly arms. With all the muscle training you can do with this machine, you’d never need to do weight training at a gym again – the one piece of equipment does it all.

Having so many different exercises you can do really does a lot in terms of varying your exercise routine. It’s not just about training your arms and legs – you can work on your abs, your shoulders, or even your butt!

This is in part down to the additional accessories you get with the machine, there’s free Power Ropes, a foot cuff, a tie rod, a Tricep strap, and a lat bar all included in the price.

There are 12 weights altogether, which add up to 55kg in total weight.

It’s really built to last. The pulley system uses a very sturdy and stable design, with steel cables that can take great weights, and still show very little friction.

We love how adjustable the whole thing is, with a little swivel you can adjust seats, handles or leg pads – so handy if you’ve got several different people using it.

One of things we really like about it is how it doesn’t stink of sweat after use – the manufacturers actually especially chose the appropriate fabrics used in the design so as not to have this unpleasant effect.

We like that it comes with an exercise poster that you can put up on your wall to remind you of all the different exercises you can do. Better yet, there’s an online training video too.

  • 45 different exercises you can do
  • Train your arms, legs, back, abs, chest and butt
  • Built to last, featuring steel cables
  • Incremental weight training
  • Lift up to 55kg in weight
  • You can adjust the seats, handles and leg pads
  • Will not stink of sweat
  • Comes with several additional accessories
  • Online training video
  • Premium product at a premium price
  • Not many peer reviews on Amazon, despite it being one of the most wished for home gyms on the site

Fit4home Multi Gym Fitness Equipment Exercise Machine Strength Training Body Building Heavy Duty Home Gyms With Multiple Workout Stations 80KG Weight Plates Leg Press Lat Pulldown | TF3003C

Fit4home Multi Gym Fitness Equipment Exercise Machine Strength Training Body Building Heavy Duty Home Gyms With Multiple Workout Stations 80KG Weight Plates Leg Press Lat Pulldown | TF3003C
Our rating:

This home gym from FIT4HOME has proved to be really popular.

It’s stand out feature is that it allows you to lay flat, like when using a traditional bench press, so it’s great if that’s what you’ve grown used to at the gym.

But that set up doesn’t mean it’s only good for tricep presses and bicep curls doing bench presses – you can also work out your chest with the pec dec, do your lats with lat pull-downs, the upright row, leg extensions and hamstring curls. Basically working all the main muscle groups.

What we love about it is how you don’t have to swap any cables around before starting each of the different exercises. This translates into more time actually doing the exercises.

It’s not a particularly big home gym, in that it’s quite narrow, and you can save space when not using it because the bench section conveniently folds up vertically.

It’s got a really good build quality with it’s heavy duty tubular steel frame. And it’s deep padding on it’s back rests make for real comfort at the same time.

You might think looking at the picture on the Amazon page that there’s not many weights that come as part of the package. However the Double-up, on-line cabling, system can provide a total of 100kg of resistance. And if you wanted to upgrade it further, you can simply call the customer service line (number on the Amazon page) to get it upgraded.

  • Popular with customers
  • Allows you to lay flat
  • Tricep presses and bicep curls
  • Work out your chest with the pec dec
  • Do your lats with lat pull-downs
  • Do the upright row
  • Do leg extensions and hamstring curls
  • Don’t have to swap any cables around
  • Bench section conveniently folds up
  • Really good build quality
  • Deep padding on it’s back rests
  • Provides a total of 120kg of resistance
  • You can upgrade the weights
  • We admit it’s a bit of a potch to assemble when it arrives, but we feel it’s definitely worth the effort

Fit4home All in One Multi Gym Machine for Home Use 68KG Weight Stack Chest Press Lat Pulldown Leg Extension Compact Slimline Single Station Multigyms | TF7080A

Fit4home All in One Multi Gym Machine for Home Use 68KG Weight Stack Chest Press Lat Pulldown Leg Extension Compact Slimline Single Station Multigyms | TF7080A
Our rating:

Customers love this home gym from Fit4Home!

It’s a great alternative to a simple weight bench, there’s a good range of muscles you could train. All major muscle groups in fact, to provide a truly full body workout.

Once you’re done pumping your biceps on the arm curl deck, you can work on your legs and strengthen your thighs with the leg curler. You can also perform upright rows, sit ups or crunches. And that’s not all, you can work out your chest too.

The special chest press / pec dec ensures both sides of your chest are trained equally, and you can use them for others exercises like butterflies. And you can work out your lateral muscles with the lat pull-down.

The individual weights typically weigh about 4.5 kg, and the total weight possible to lift is 150kg. The weights have a smart protective cover, for extra safety.

It has a really good build quality and is designed to be durable, with its strong tubular enforced steel metal frame.

We love how comfortable and ergonomic it is. There’s a thick padded seat, backrest, and arm pad. And the leg extension has a pivot point which allows perfect alignment with the knee.

It comes in 3 boxes with an instructional manual.

Coming in at under £400, it’s really good value for money. Especially when you consider the 1 year free warranty with the gym on both parts and labour.

It’s compact too which can come in handy.

  • Happy customers pile on the praise
  • Pump your biceps
  • Work on your legs
  • Perform upright rows, sit ups or crunches
  • Work out your chest
  • Work out your lats
  • Add weights in increments of 4.5kg
  • Really good, durable build quality
  • Comfortable and padded
  • Comes with an instructional manual
  • Really good value for money
  • 1 year free warranty
  • Compact
  • Warranty is only for 1 year

Our rating:

This home gym from Fit4Home has proved to be a hit with those who’ve bought it – and for good reason too.

It can provide a whole body workout, all without taking up too much space. You could set it up along one wall of a room, allowing the central and other parts of the room to be used either for other things or for a cardio machine.

The equipment includes a triceps rope, a seated row/chin bar, a let bar, a revolving straight bar, 2 nylon cable handles and 2 snap-lock hooks.

It’s a great alternative to a simple weights bench and you can work lots of different muscle groups. You can of course do the usual bicep arm curls and triceps pull downs and overhead tricep lifts. Beyond that however you can also Improve Your back with standing and rowing exercises, or by using the chin up and let pull down bars.

You can improve on your pectoral muscles by performing cable fly’s and chest press exercises. If you want to target your abdominal muscles and obliques, you can perform wood choppers.

You can start small and add more weight to your regime incrementally, up to a toal of 150kg.

To really get the most out of this home gym we would recommend watching Youtube videos demonstrating how to perform the various exercises.

It has a sturdy and durable construction, with it’s heavy duty steel main frame, and PVC, cement weights. Fit4Home are so confident in their home gym, they’ve put a 1 year free warranty for the parts.

It’s easy to assemble too.

  • Hit with customers
  • Not too space consuming, can line against a wall
  • Work your biceps and triceps
  • Improve your back
  • Work your pectoral muscles
  • Target your abdominal muscles and obliques
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • 1 year free warranty for the parts
  • There’s no manual provided to demonstrate the exercises

Best Home Multi Gyms – Buyer’s Guide

Some people advocate using your own body as a gym, and using objects around the house as weights. But have you ever tried using pots and pans full of water as your weights? Take it from us, it’s not a good idea!

Investing in a really good home multi gym can be well worth the cost.

Let’s go through what makes a for a really good home multi gym.


Think about how much room you have in your home for a multi gym. If you have a whole room that you can dedicate to home gym use, then that really widens your options as to what multi home gym you can get. You could have a dual station or multi station gym, or you could combine a weight system home gym with a machine designed for cardio

But if the room you’re using as a home gym, also serves other purposes, that means you have less room to dedicate to working out.

While there are many workout gadgets that can be folded up to be packed away, many home multi gyms cannot. And in addition to that, if you really wanted to unscrew a big sturdy multi gym, that can be time consuming, especially if you wanted to do it regularly. They’re heavy too.

Bearing this issue in mind our Top 5 home multi gyms reviewed above concentrate on single station machines, where you can stay in one spot. Not only do they take up less space, but they’re more affordable too.

If the size of the multi gym is likely to be an important consideration for you, our advice to you is to check the dimensions of the multi gym before you buy. Our other top tip is that you don’t buy a gym that will “just about” fit in the dedicated space, always leave several inches of room around each edge of the system.

Weights System

Most home multi gyms consist of a weight training system that works via a cable and pulley system, whereby you can choose from a range of weights, set the weight you want with a pin, and do a range of exercises from one spot. This system means that you can adjust the weight resistance according to what muscle groups you want to focus on.

This brings us onto the range of your weight stack. If you’re just starting out with weights, we would recommend that you start small. But importantly, as you progress and become stronger you will need additional weights to keep pushing yourself further. Incremental weights adding another 5kg each time would be ideal. Ideally, your weight stack should go up to at least 100kg in total weight.

Build Materials

Good materials make for good quality and durability in your home gym. A good quality home gym will come with heavy gauge tubing, solid welds and steel frames. You should also look for a cable and pulley system that uses nylon coated galvanised steel wire, as this creates less friction than their lower quality counterparts.

With regards to the weight stacks, we would recommend that you go for cast iron. Not only are they more durable than their lower quality counterparts, but they also offer a smoother range of motion.

One way to ascertain the build quality of a home gym is to check out the maximum user weight, since the higher this is, the more sturdily manufactured the machine is.


If you have more than one person using the home multi gym, it needs to be able to adapt to different body sizes and different fitness levels, then it must be adjustable. For example, if the home multi gym features a seat, then it must be adjustable for bodies of different heights.


Buying a home multi gym, is not your typical purchase – it’s an investment, and an important one at that. You’re paying for the opportunity to become fitter, stronger, and healthier.

Some would argue that you can’t put a price on that. But you can reduce the cost of the investment by choosing a home multi gym that provides good value for money. We feel that all of the home multi gyms in our Top 5 above all provide good value for money.

If you have a big budget for your home multi gym, (and the room) we can recommend our Number , which has all the bells and whistles you could wish for.

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