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5 Best Lightweight Hedge Trimmers 2021

5 Best Lightweight Hedge Trimmers

If you have a house with a garden then you may have hedges out there. So, you should be familiar with the difference between a trimmed and hedged garden and the outdoor space. When there are overgrown hedges, it can make your garden looks like a bit of wilderness.

But, you can stop paying a lot of money to some professional workers to trim the overgrown hedges. Then you need to purchase your hedge trimmer that many people do. However, you might be unknown which one is the right selection for you.

That’s why we’re here with top five best lightweight hedge trimmers that will make your search easy to find out your preferred item. That means this post is for you if you’re hanging on a lightweight hedge trimmer.

Top 5 Best Lightweight Hedge Trimmers UK

Bosch EasyHedgeCut Lightweight Hedge Trimmer

EasyHedgeCut 12-35 UK
  • Cordless freedom: lightweight and cable-free, ideal for maintaining smaller hedges.
  • Continuous cutting: ‘anti-blocking system’ delivers uninterrupted cutting performance.
  • Always ready to use: interchangeable 12 V lithium-ion battery retains its charge so is ready whenever you need it. Battery charge time : 65 mins

Bosch EasyHedgeCut Hedge Trimmer is a compact designed trimming tool that weighs just 1.9 kg.

So, this machine is lightweight and you can carry it on your one hand easily.

We can say it is the lightest hedge trimmer so far, which is very suitable for smaller hedge trimming tasks for your garden.

This tool indeed comes with a shorter blade than many other models.

But, it’s not just strong; it’s also effective enough to perform trimming tasks for your small garden.

The device is easily able to trim branches with a diamond ground and a 15mm thicker regardless of new or old growth for a good tooth gap.

This lightweight trimmer equipped with a long-lasting 12Volt battery of lithium-ion. So, you’re all set to complete whatever tasks you have in your smaller garden.

It’s because it can provide you a 50-minute runtime from a single charge. This is enough time to accomplish your trimming task domestically.

Besides, the unit has a mild gripping system to prevent you from slipping and it helps you to boost the capacity of accurate cutting.

You know that safety is a very important thing irrespective of you is using an electric or some other types of trimmers. This is why Bosch offers handguard with a see-through with this model.

If accidentally the blade touches the walls, hard surfaces, or fences, this safety system protects you from the possible damage.

Also, it’s a good thing that helps your trimmer to keep long-lasting. It means that this tool is a good investment for you as it returns the best value of your dollars while buying the best hedge trimmer.


  • Super lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Diamond grounded blades
  • Anti-blocking technology


  • Not very powerful

Bosch AHS45 – 16 | Electric Hedge Trimmer

Bosch 0600847A70 AHS 45-16 Electric Hedge Cutter, 450 mm Blade Length, 16 mm Tooth Opening, Green
  • AHS 45-16 hedgecutter – for convenient hedge cutting
  • Suitable for cutting younger and small to medium-sized hedges up to 1 m in height
  • Also allows for extended periods of work thanks to its low weight of 2.6 kg

Another hedge trimmer from Bosch brand is AHS 45-15 because of its lightweight with just 2.6 kg.

This is an electric-powered hedge trimmer mostly suitable for the homeowners with a smaller garden.

Thanks to its 450W punchy motor, the device is strongly able to make a blast cutting through smaller hedges.

This model has designed keeping in mind its effortlessness and for the domestic uses.

That’s why as light in weight it also doesn’t make you bored at all while using this tool to work on your garden.

Also, you’ll get a nice feel while you’ll be using the unit as it was designed for well-balanced with a flexible-grip handle.

Although it’s a good device to work with as intended, the shorter cable is the only disadvantage of this model. Also, some people complained that the cable not just short in length, it also likely to wear prone.

But, you’ll get the latest technology of ‘Quick-Cut’ that enables you to work with a larger area.

This is a tool to make your trimming tasks as simple as possible by keeping its blades open for a long time. It means that you’ll be able to complete the job quickly without spending time unnecessarily.

For example, if you can trim hedges in an area nicely then you don’t need to do a further task out there.

Apart from being lightweight, it’s equipped with the system of anti-blocking. As a result, it can avoid stalling the motor while cutting or trimming hedges.

Also, the machine is great enough to provide you excellent output with its 25mm teeth spacing. It’s because the tool comes with teeth that are specially designed.


  • Very light in weight
  • Powerful motor
  • Long blade
  • Well-balanced device


  • Very short power cable

Wolf Creek HT50 Electric Hedge Trimmer

Wolf Creek HT50 500W Electric Hedge Trimmer Telescopic Long Reach Pole - 1.85m Extendable - 466mm Cutting Length - 150° Articulating Head - 10m Corded Power Cable
  • TELESCOPIC LONG REACH: Tall hard to reach hedges and shrubs are no problem thanks to the telescopic extendable pole providing a total length of up to 1.85m. This electric hedge trimmer makes trimming tall hedges a much safer and easier job - as you no longer need to use ladder!
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTOR: Driving the hedge trimmer blades is a powerful 500 Watt motor giving you all the performance you need for your trimming needs around the garden and outdoors.
  • ADJUSTABLE CUTTING HEAD: Shaping your hedge and trimming the top or bottom of hedges with ease thanks to the 150° articulating head giving you that extra flexibility and convenience.

The HT50 of Wolf Creek brand is tough enough to piece 2cm thick branches without making your panic.

It’s because it comes with a 500W strong and powerful motor. The tool has a 50cm long blade along with a 47cm cutting length.

That’s why it allows you to complete your trimming jobs effectively. You don’t need to use a ladder if you use this tool to trim hedges.

It’s a sufficient amount to trim the larger branches of the hedges because it allows you to extend a 1.85-meter bigger telescopic pole.

Also, you’ll get an evenly clean cut without getting maneuver as it lets you articulate its cutting head up to 150-degree.

Some users indeed complained the unit is a bit unbalanced. But, it’s light in weight with just 3.7 kg of weight. Thus, if you have a large garden then the tool is user-friendly and you can operate it effortlessly for a long time.

Besides, this is the perfect gardening tool to invest when you have a garden with tall hedges. The tool comes with a fixed extension pole that can get to a big distant area were many models can’t.

As it has double-edge and diamond ground offers you high-quality cutting output, its powerful motor and a strong blade. So, if you have a garden with thicker and obstinate branches you’re well set to trim them.

As it has a rotating head with a rotation level of 135-degree, the breeze of the unit is this awkward angles. In this way, when the trimmer cuts the tops of the hedges, it makes them tidy and neat.

Moreover, you’ll be able to trim the edges contentedly and precisely what will make you avail your garden a smarten appearance.


  • Lightweight design
  • Powerful & Strong motor
  • Longer blade
  • Telescopic pole


  • The issue with a support strap

VonHaus Electric Hedge Trimmer

VonHaus Electric Hedge Trimmer, 41cm Blade Length - Bush Cutter with 450W Power, Protective Cover, Safety Trigger & 6m Power Cable
699 Reviews
VonHaus Electric Hedge Trimmer, 41cm Blade Length - Bush Cutter with 450W Power, Protective Cover, Safety Trigger & 6m Power Cable
  • A lightweight and easy to use hedge trimmer with a 450W motor and precision blades for fast cutting action easily cuts through twigs and branches up to 16mm thick
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use, the 41cm cutting blade oscillates at a rate of 1600/min for a smooth cut without snagging
  • Lightweight at 2.6kg, the hedge trimmer also features a two-stage safety trigger to prevent accidental operation and a hand protector shield for safe use

As VonHaus offers very lightweight hedge trimmer, this one is also a convenient and fantastic option on an affordable cost.

The machine comes with a 41cm long blade that provides a quicker cutting action with 1600rpm.

The tool can cut 16mm diameter branches and thicker hedges without any issue.

It was designed ergonomically to provide you the best comfort when you’ll use it.

As it’s already said the device is very lightweight because of its just 2.6kg weight.

That’s why it’s not about to fatigue like the most users. Also, the trimmer requires two hands to operate like some other models to protect the users.

Besides, when it comes to the safety there is added a plastic cover to keep your hands secure that covers up the blades.

The provided cable is indeed a bit shorter than regular length. But, it’s not difficult to resolve using an addition lead if needed.

The trimmer has covered with a cable holder so you can store it easily. You’ll be able to manage most of your hedges domestically as it has designed ergonomically with a long, strong blade.

There is a handle with a soft grip that makes the trimmer is as easy as comfortable to work with.

When you’ll use the unit, it equipped with a guard for safety to make you sure that you have complete mental satisfaction.

Besides, and prevents the tool to start accidentally because it comes with a type of safety trigger in a two-step.

If you’re looking for an outstanding domestic gardening tool, the unit is simply a fantastic machine and an affordable option for you. So, you’re ready to go with the trimmer that has the most features that you need.


  • Very lightweight
  • Powerful motor
  • Long cutting blade
  • Included cover & cable


  • Quite a short cable

Gtech HT30 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Gtech HT30 Cordless Hedge Trimmer
  • Cordless
  • 60 minute run time
  • 10ft reach

On the run of the lightweight hedge trimmer, the HT30 is the last one on our list. In terms of weight, the trimmer is very lightweight at only 2.47kg.

The unit is not just light in weight; it also is a long reach hedge trimmer.

As a result, you can operate it for a long time and can trim the longest branches as well.

A lithium-ion battery of 18Volt is the strength of the trimmer along with a 4 indicator light when the battery gets recharged.

The tool was designed to trim your garden’s hedges that are also able to trim difficult and distant branches from the land.

Thus, it allows you to reach more than 10-feet higher with easy effort.

Like the other models of this review list, the HT30 has an ergonomically designed handle that makes no stain on your muscles. And as it’s very light in weight, it’s easy to move quickly around your garden easily.

Also, it comes with a rotating adjustable head that can rotate about 135 degrees to cut about 15mm thick stems.

When it comes to runtime, the HT30 runs for about 60 minutes. As a result, you can complete a lot of tasks in your garden.

You’ll find a display with an LED light display that indicates when you need to charge it and when the charge is coming to an end by indicating the level of your current runtime.

If you have much thicker branches, you’ll find an option with an additional cutter available with an attachment. It’s greatly able to cut branches that are thicker about 60mm.

Thus it offers you a higher level of flexibility while using this cordless model. And it prioritizes safety first to keep you completely safe to work.


  • Very lightweight
  • Handle for long reach
  • Right for taller hedges up to 10ft tall
  • Adjustable cutter head


  • Smaller cutting width

Buying Guide of Best Lightweight Hedge Trimmer

You have finished reading the review of lightweight hedge trimmer. It’s time to know some more things regarding buying guide. In this part of the content, you’ll learn about some significant features that you must consider while buying a hedge trimmer.

Also, they’re essential to know because the points need to make accordance with the demand of your garden. This is because you should continue reading on to be clear about the issue.


This is the most important thing to consider when you look for a hedge trimmer that should be light in weight. So, you have chosen a trimmer from electric-powered. As they don’t come with battery, they remain less weighty than other models like gas and batter-powered.

But, you have to make one thing clear that electric-powered trimmers are always not very powerful, especially if you have a large garden to trim. But, the case is not same for all-electric models, so choose wisely to meet your needs being lightweight.


You need some different types of tools to take proper care of your garden. For example, a pressure washer removes the grime and dirt and a trimmer cuts long grass. In the same way, there are some different types of hedge trimmers including electric, battery, and gas-powered hedge trimmers.

But, as long as it’s a question of lightweight, you should go with the one that you can carry out easily. In the above review, we found most of the lightweight trimmers are electrically powered. It’s because most of the other trimmers are a bit heavier than electric-powered one.


You’ll indeed find different types of hedge trimmers with the different powered engine. But, the most commonly and popularly used range is between 450W to 900W. If you choose higher watts, you’ll get the more powerful engine to work faster.

However, don’t forget one thing that if you choose a trimmer with higher watts, it might be a bit heavier. So, choose between your needs and the watts.


Regardless of types and weight, this is very much crucial thing to consider before you buy a hedge trimmer. So, the first thing that you should think is how easy to simple to use the device when you’re going to buy a product.

When it comes to the user-friendliness, weight and ergonomics of the trimmer are the determining points if it’s lovable or loathe using. So, if you choose a heavier product then you’ll find things as cumbersome as unbalanced. As a result, the whole thing will provide you an unpleasant experience.


By now you have learned all about the best lightweight hedge trimmer. But, you might be confused about which one you should choose from the list we have reviewed. It’s because all of them are worth buying. In this case, we have a suggestion in the conclusion.

We like to suggest you the Bosch AHS 45-15 because of its lightweight which is just about 2.6kg with a 450-watt punchy motor. But, don’t forget that this product is suitable for a smaller to medium garden. Because of this powerful motor, the hedge trimmer is strong enough to cut through smaller to medium hedges.

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