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5 Best Mattress for Kids [2021]

Best Mattress for Kids

Sleep is vital for children as it directly impacts their growth, development, and health.

Therefore, your child’s mattress must provide a comfortable and supportive night sleep.

Your child’s mattress should promote healthy posture to support her changing size and provide a clean and healthy night’s sleep.

The only problem is that the choice of kids’ mattress is huge in today’s UK market. So, finding the ideal product may not be as easy as you would have imagined.

We were able to find five top mattresses for your kid through our detailed selection criteria. In addition to the product list, we have also included five important buying tips.

Top 5 Mattresses for Kids UK Reviews

#1 Starlight Beds 3FT Single Mattress

Starlight Beds - 3ft Single Mattress. 9 Inch Deep Sprung Single Mattress with Environmentally Friendly Memory Fibre (3ft x 6ft3, 90cm x 190cm)
  • SINGLE MATTRESS – Measuring 3ft x 6ft3 (90cm x 190cm) and 9 inch deep (23cm) approximately. Containing a 13.5 gauge coil spring unit, generous layers of fillings and a layer of memory fibre.
  • SINGLE BED MATTRESS – This mattress will fit most UK single bed bases (not recommended for bunk beds due to the depth)
  • SINGLE HAND TUFTED MATTRESS - To keep the materials from moving and sagging over time providing an even comfortable sleeping surface and prolonging the life of the mattress.

The Starlight Beds 3FT Single Mattress has been hand-tufted. This is a medium-firm semi-orthopedic mattress that is ideal for children.

Most of the unique properties of this bed are provided by the open coil springs, which are designed to provide flexibility and paramount support.

The mattress is made up of a system of interlaced springs that provide an amazing amount of contouring support for your child.

The open coil system offers more give compared to a pocket sprung design. This bed is also lighter in weight and much easier to turn.

The bed features generous fillings of several layers of high-density memory foam, which contours and moulds to your kid’s body with ease.

While a standard mattress develops uneven pressure points, the Starlight Beds 3FT Single Mattress is designed to provide excellent body support with no pressure points.

What is even more interesting about this pad is the cover, which is soft-knitted for breathability and comfort. The cover is also dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic.


  • Open coil system offers superior support for proper spinal alignment
  • Provides exceptional contouring support and moulding comfort
  • High-density foam eliminates pressure points
  • Soft-knitted cover is highly breathable and comfortable
  • The pad is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic


  • May feel softer for some parents/guardians
  • Low emissions during unboxing

#2 Kono Single Mattress 3FT Spring 3D Breathable

Kono Single Mattress 3FT Spring Mattress Medium Firm with Memory Foam and 3D Breathable Quilted Knitting Fabric Fire Resistant
  • 【Health & Hypoallergenic Mattress】- 100% comfortable and 3D breathable fabric of natural ecological fiber, completely environmentally and friendly. Anti-biosis, Anti-allergy, Anti-mites. Expel the steamy sweat from the contact surface between you and mattress so to keep body comfortable and dry when sleeping. Perfect for kids' bedrooms, guest beds, lofts and apartments, or as an affordable low-cost mattress option.
  • 【Quilted Knitting Fabric + Memory Foam】- Using breathable skin-friendly polyester fabric, it's soft and skin-friendly, giving you a comfortable sleep. Feature 5mm memory foam that offers body-moulding comfort and soothing pressure relief. High density knit layers, highly attuned to the skin. Provide velvety, snug sleep, helps you get into deep aerobic sleep quickly. Single memory foam mattress size - 90 x 190 x 18cm.
  • 【Comfy Quiet Sleep】- Excellent shock-absorption and high resilience, effectively absorb noise and vibration caused by tossing and turning, promote the blood circulation in good condition, fully relax your muscles and release the body stress, keep your spine balanced and positive to greatly improve your sleeping quality. With Kono medium firm single mattress, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to start your day.

If you want more support and comfort for your child, we suggest you go for the Kono 3FT Single Bed Mattress. This is a good quality pocket sprung model.

It is made of individual springs that behave like piano keys. When you press one the other ones don’t move as you would experience with an ordinary mattress.

When your child goes to sleep, the mattress will contour to her shape. This eliminates any pressure points on the shoulders and hips among other places.

For comfort, the Kono 3FT Single Bed Mattress features a foam layer and is enclosed in a quilted damask fabric that is not only soft, but also very gentle.

The cover is breathable and hypoallergenic, helping to eliminate the build-up of excess body heat. This is an important feature for children who sleep hot.

The mattress is also vacuum packed for easy and convenient delivery. You can easily climb a stair or navigate tight spaces with the package.


  • Pocket springs allow for proper spinal alignment
  • Independent operation of pocket springs help relieve pressure points
  • Quilted damask fabric is breathable and anti-allergy
  • Soft spring gauge offers medium firmness for moulding comfort
  • Rolled packed for easy transport in the house


  • Edge support may be poor for heavier kids

#3 HomyLink Single Pocket Sprung Mattress

HomyLink Single Mattress, 8.7 Inch Pocket Sprung Single Bed Mattress, Sound Proofing Foam and 3D Breathable Knitting Fabric, Individually Wrapped Spring Hybrid Mattress in a Box, Medium (90x190x22cm)
  • HomyLink Mattress : 9-Zone Orthopaedic ergonomic design, good for body shaping, all with fresh material, non-toxic, eco-friendly, comfortable and breathable, guarantee your health, exquisite modern outlook appearance design, decorate your room with good taste, super good cost performance. Master advanced technology and strict execute quality control.
  • Pocket Spring Coil : supports hundreds of quality and stainless pocket spring, which considered to be the best coil support system working to evenly distribute your weight while aligning all parts of your body, can effectively absorb the noise and vibration caused by tossing and turning when sleeping. So, if you move around a lot on your side in your sleep and not wake up your partner on the other side.
  • Massage Convoluted Wave Foam : Excellent shock-absorption and High resilience with massage wave shape, promote the blood circulation in good condition, fully relax your muscles and release the body stress, keep your spine balanced and positive, help adjust and correct your sleeping posture to greatly improve your sleeping quality.

Do you want exceptional support for your child? Look no further than the HomyLink Single Pocket Sprung Mattress.

The pocket springs are the foundation of this mattress. Unlike other forms of springs, pocket springs are wrapped and positioned independently.

They work individually, which means a specific spring only reacts to the pressure exerted on that part of the bed. This provides superior response and support for your child.

Pocket springs don’t move as a unit when they sense pressure. The independent movement of each spring provides targeted body support for pressure relief and reduced motion transfer.

In addition to the pocket springs, this bed is fitted with massage convoluted wave foam. This material has high resilience and excellent shock absorption.

The foam provides exceptional contouring and moulding comfort. It will keep the spine of your child balanced to relieve body and muscle stress.

What is even more impressive about this product is the 3D breathable fabric that is made of natural ecological fibres. The cover is not only anti-allergy but also anti-dust mite.


  • Pocket springs allow for proper spinal alignment
  • Convoluted foam offers great contouring and moulding comfort
  • Pad has high resilience and excellent shock absorption
  • 3D breathable fabric is air permeable and breathable
  • Pocket spring and soft foam combination has great sound absorption


  • Edge support is a little bit disappointing

#4 Silentnight Kids Hypoallergenic Bunk Bed Mattress

Silentnight Kids Toddler Mattress 70x140cm | Foam & Chemical Treatment Free | Hypoallergenic and Breathable
  • IDEAL FOR | helping your child transition from a cot to a full-sized bed easily. Suitable for children 18 months to 4 years+
  • SIZE 70x140cm | suitable to replace a current cot bed mattress, and also be used in fun character beds
  • FOAM & CHEMICAL FREE | containing only clean and odourless fillings for a purer sleeping environment

Silentnight is a high-density single mattress that comes highly recommended for kids. It is supportive, comfortable, and most importantly durable.

This pad is made from pliable and innovative reflex foam that springs back easily into shape. Unlike ordinary foam, the high-density foam in this mattress is made up of larger bubbles.

The spongy and malleable material provides exceptional bounce back without a sinking feeling. It provides reliable support and body contouring for your child.

The reflex foam features additional ventilation as well as targeted lumbar support. The tiny holes of the foam will slightly adapt to your child’s body shape for spinal alignment.

The mattress features a zip-off removable and washable cover, which is also breathable, dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic.

The mattress comes vacuum-packed for easy UK delivery. It may appear smaller for a 90 by 190 centimetre mattress, but all you have to do is open the package and allow the pad to expand.


  • Adapts to your child’s body shape
  • Allows for proper spinal alignment and pressure relief
  • Spongy and malleable
  • Reflex foam is air permeable and breathable
  • Zip-off cover is removable and washable
  • Ideal mattress for asthma and allergy sufferers


  • May be too firm for younger kids

#5 Kids 3FT Single Mattress

Visco Therapy Kids 3ft Single Mattress - Pocket Sprung Childrens Mattress - Quilted - Medium Firmness
  • POCKET SPRING: A spring system is used to provide support, alongside a bouncy comfort, which materials such as memory foam cannot do alone. In pocket spring mattresses, each spring is individually wrapped allowing them to react independently from one another, increasing body support and weight distribution, in turn reducing the risk of aches and pains in the key areas of the body.
  • KIDS MATTRESS: 14cm Depth. Childrens Mattress. The perfect replacement mattress for bunk beds, mid sleepers, and cabin beds.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: The materials used to manufacture the mattress are hypoallergenic and sanitised. Also has anti dust mite features. Great for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Are you in search for a very supportive and comfortable mattress for your kid? Look no further than the Kids 3FT Single Mattress.

This pad combines pocket springs that mould and shape to your child’s body with a deep layer of memory foam on top.

So, in the Kids 3FT Single Mattress, your kid gets even more contouring shape, moulding around knees, hips, shoulders, and all the pressure points.

The pocket sprung design is suitable for kids who share a bed. The pocket springs vastly reduce movement transfer through the bed.

The comfort layers are made of air-permeable material for breathability and a comfortable feel. The cover is quilted for superior cooling, especially for kids who sleep hot.

The stripe, the quilted cover is both soft to the touch and durable, giving the pad extra luxury. Overall, this is an excellent medium-firm bed for a kid.

However, you may have to deal with off-gassing during the unboxing of this product. You may need a day or two for the smell to wear off.


  • Pocket sprung design allows for perfect spinal alignment
  • Springs work independently of each other to reduce motion transfer
  • It supports all kid sizes and shapes
  • Striped, the quilted cover is breathable and comfortable
  • Medium firmness offers sufficient support and comfort


  • Possible off-gassing during unboxing

Buying Guide: Best Mattress for Kids

You should always select a more hard-wearing pad for your children as they like to jump in and out of bed when playing.

For an adult mattress, the lifespan ranges from eight to twelve years. However, the lifespan is much shorter for a kids’ mattress as children jump and play on their bed.

Here are the most important considerations that you have to make to ensure that you are buying a durable bed for a child.

Memory Foam

Memory foam can accommodate an even distribution of pressure and can conform and mould to your child’s form.

This simply means memory foam beds adapt to any movement of your child’s body during sleep, getting an even distribution of body weight.

The superior conformity of memory gives your child pressure relief and support to every part of her body. It enhances blood circulation by reducing nerve compression.

Memory foam has an open-cell structure that allows for great air circulation. You can use a foam mattress to replace your kid’s traditional innerspring mattress.

There are three things that you need to know when choosing a memory foam mattress for your child:

  • Select a mattress with temperature sensitivity

What this means is that not every memory foam available on the UK market will be sensitive to your kid’s body temperature. The best types are egg crate and gel-infused foam mattresses.

  • Select a mattress with the correct density

The density of memory foam is the weight of the pad and is measured in a cubic foot of memory foam. As a guide, it is better to select a foam mattress density of around 5.3 pounds.

At a density of lower than 5.3 pounds, the mattress may not support your child’s back adequately.

  • Select a mattress with a comfortable top layer

Get a mattress with at least 3.5 inches of foam as a top layer. A very thin top layer will provide uncomfortable night’s sleep for your kid.

Pocket Sprung

A pocket sprung is one of the finest mattresses for children. This bed is made up of individually wrapped pocket springs that are independent of each other.

A pocket sprung bed is the better choice over a traditional spring mattress because it has a number of unique benefits for your kid.

  • The independent action of each pocket spring eliminates roll-together effect when your kids are sharing a mattress.
  • The pocket springs do a great job of absorbing shock when kids jump on the bed.
  • It allows for proper spinal alignment because the pocket springs react to the immediate weight exerted on them.
  • You kid gets more pressure relief thanks to the targeted support.

Firm or Plush Mattress

When it comes to small children, make sure you choose the softest mattresses for them. In the past, it was stated that firm mattresses are good as they keep the spine straight.

On the other hand, modern research has proved that since the body is naturally curvy, children should be given softer beds to maintain the spine’s natural curves.

Know the Size & Height of Your Child’s Bed

A single sized bed is usually the option that most parents go for.

However, you should also consider whether or not your child sleeps with toys on her bed or if she needs to sleep with them when she is scared.

This may warrant you to opt for a bigger bed for your little one. Don’t forget to take the size of your kid’s room into account, since she will need to move around.

This will help you shortlist the brands as well as a range of mattresses that best suit your kid’s needs. This will also help you make a quick and profound buying decision.

Choose a Reputable Brand

Look for a brand that is trusted by the community. A reliable brand will have many kids’ mattresses on the market, and most of their models come highly recommended.

You have to be self-assured regarding the quality of the mattress that you are planning to buy. Therefore, pick a model that is popular among users.

Some of the brands that we recommend are Starlight, HomyLink, and Noa and Nani to mention a few. But there are others out there you can consider.

Final Words

When shopping for a high-performing mattress for kids, it is always wise to distinguish your needs from those of your child.

As much as a firm hybrid mattress may be ideal for your sleeping style and positions, the same bed may not be exactly what your child needs for her growing body.

According to our findings, we would highly recommend a memory foam mattress or a pocket sprung mattress for children.

A memory foam mattress; either gel-infused or convoluted foam, provides your child with superior conformity, pressure relief, support, and comfort.

When you have twins or two kids who sleep together, you can consider a pocket sprung bed for superior motion isolation, edge to edge support and comfort.

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