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5 Best Mattress Toppers 2021 Reviews

Best Mattress Topper

There is a revolution on your bed. It is not between the sheets, it is under them. The sleep surface is becoming a hindrance to a good night’s rest.

If you own a decent mattress, do not throw it out. Instead, you should make it better by adding a high-quality mattress topper to rejuvenate your bed.

A good-quality topper is always sensitive to weight and temperature. The pad reacts to your body temperature, so the surface stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

A top-quality topper creates a contoured surface that cradles your body and helps get rid of pressure points and back pains.

The only problem is that many brands claim to offer all the aforementioned features, but only a few are true to their word.

Our detailed analysis of the market suggests that the following products are the best you can buy today.

Top 5 Best Mattress Toppers UK

#1 Rejuvopedic Microfiber Mattress Topper

rejuvopedic New Double Bed Size Microfibre Mattress Topper,** New 3D Massage Bubbbles Fabric**, Box Stitched, 230 TC Cover & Elasticated Corner Straps
  • REJUVOPEDIC QUALITY:This supreme microfibre topper is made of the finest materials available-No compromises have been made in preparing this topper
  • REJUVOPEDIC FILLING: soft and comfortable microfibre. This provides gentle but ample support.
  • REJUVOPEDIC FABRIC: New improved premium 3D fabric to give a massaging effect while you sleep. The massaging bubbles assit in giving a more deepful sleep.

Wake up to a better morning with the Rejuvopedic Microfiber Mattress Topper. It is designed to give you a better sleep surface that adjusts to your shape.

The topper is 100% microfiber, which can be tumble dry. The premium 3D fabric delivers an impressive massaging effect all night long.

The combination of ultralight fibre filling and super soft microfiber fabric create a much lighter, softer, and more comfortable topper.

The 150 by 200 centimetres surface combines twenty-four zones to support specific area weight, which promotes a superior and comfier night sleep.

The ultralight filling ensures that the topper moulds to your body contours to help prevent turning and tossing during the night.

This model comes equipped with elasticated corner straps. The straps help in securing the topper in place. This prevents the topper from moving around.

The microfiber fabric is also highly breathable. Therefore, the surface of this topper has low heat conductance, making it ideal for hot sleepers.


  • 3D microfiber fabric has low heat conductance
  • Elasticated corner straps prevent the topper from sliding
  • 230 thread-count cover offers ample and gentle support
  • It is impenetrable to dust mite and it’s non-allergenic
  • Machine washable and cool tumble dry
  • Conforms to fire and furnishing regulations


  • May is not as thick as you would have wanted

#2 Carousel Luxury Orthopaedic Foam Mattress Topper

Introducing the future of a better night’s sleep: the Carousel Luxury Orthopaedic Foam Mattress Topper.

The material and design of this topper make it the perfect choice for people with bad back and back pain. It does an amazing job of alleviating pressure points.

With a measurement of 190 by 137 centimetres, this product is suitable for all standard UK bed and mattress sizes.

The 4-inch thick memory foam features highly supportive zones for specific body area weight. This provides you with added support where it is needed, improving comfort.

The largest cells support your midsection and lower back, while the medium-sized cells support your legs, lower back, and shoulders.

By using orthopedic memory foam, this topper moulds to your body shape. This helps to alleviate pressure points and prevent turning and tossing.

This is no ordinary foam when it comes to heat dissipation. Both the foam and the cover are highly breathable, allowing you to sleep cool.


  • Orthopaedic memory foam alleviates pressure points
  • It moulds to your body shape to prevent turning and tossing
  • Four-inch thick foam is very supportive and comfortable
  • Features elasticated corner straps for keeping the topper in place
  • Stretch-knitted cover is removable and washable


  • Possible off-gassing during unboxing

#3 Southern Foam Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Southern Foam Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a good addition to your bed. It adds the unique memory feel and comfort that will transform your sleep.

The Southern Foam brand uses the highest quality material that will surpass your expectations as far as comfort and durability are concerned.

Featuring a 3-inch comfort layer of UK made memory foam, this topper provides excellent cooling properties for hot sleepers.

Utilizing a unique core design, the foam material is well-aerated to enhance airflow as well as regulate your sleeping temperature.

The soft and supportive nature of the foam quickly and effectively conforms to your body contours. It also cushions the shoulders and hips for superior pressure relief.

The cover is not available for this model, but you can separately buy the brand’s polyester cover. The cover is usually washable and reversible.

This topper promotes proper spine positioning and alignment while allowing you to enjoy relief from a bad back, back pain, and insomnia.


  • It offers amazing value for the money
  • UK made memory foam is very supportive and comfortable
  • Foam offers exceptional pressure-relieving qualities
  • It adds a luxurious layer of foam to your bed
  • Properly aerated for superior airflow and optimum sleep temperature


  • Does not come with a cover, you have to buy one separately

#4 Silentnight Impress Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Silentnight Impress Memory Foam Mattress Topper - 5cm Thick Luxury Orthopedic Double Mattress Topper for Back and Neck Pain - Removable Washable Cover, White
  • SOOTHING PRESSURE RELIEF: Moulds with the contours of your body for soothing pressure relief; making it the perfect choice for sink-in snoozers
  • CUSHIONED COMFORT: Next level memory foam comfort that gently cocoons your body
  • 5CM DEEP: The 5cm depth of our medium topper helps to rejuvenate your mattress and is ideal for people who mostly sleep on their back or side

You don’t need to buy a new mattress when the current one seems not to suffice anymore. Just buy the Silentnight Impress Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

The five-centimetre thick topper has been designed using the latest foam technology. The foam will supplement your mattress with an additional layer of support and comfort.

The foam does naturally mould to the contour of your body and it softly hugs you as you sleep. This helps to alleviate any pressure points as well as back pain.

Are you sensitive to allergens? This topper comes with a hypoallergenic cover that is anti-mildew, anti-allergy, and anti-dust mite.

The memory foam is unlike any other you have come across. It is properly aerated for improved air permeability and breathability. This allows you to sleep cool through the night.

The topper may appear smaller on the images, but that is because it is compressed and packed for delivery. It should expand to the ideal size after unboxing.


  • Five-centimetre memory foam offers excellent support
  • Foam moulds perfectly to your body for superior pressure relief
  • Properly ventilated for improved airflow
  • Hypoallergenic cover keeps off allergens, dust mites, and mildew
  • Retains its shape every time and improves your mattress’ durability


  • Possible off-gassing during unboxing

#5 Superior 5 Star Hotel Quality Mattress Topper

Bedding Direct Luxurious Peached Microfibre Mattress Reviver in Double Hotel Quality Bedding Hypoallergenic super Soft Mattress Topper - Made in UK
  • Made in Britain: Handmade in the UK to ensure the best quality products reach you.
  • Revive any Mattress: This topper provides an extra layer of comfort on any mattress, no matter its age.
  • Chanel Stitched: Channel stitching ensures the Hollowfibre filling remains even and avoids clumping night after night.

You don’t need to stay in a 5 Star Hotel to enjoy 5 Star comfort. This mattress topper by Bedding Direct UK is the perfect choice for upgrading your sleep without spending too much.

This microfiber mattress topper is made in the UK and it conforms to UK standards. Not to mention that it offers great value for the money.

Inside the topper is a generous amount of anti-allergy polyester filling, which develops a down-like lightness and softness that adds comfort and support.

The polyester filling fits snuggly within a stain and moisture resistant microfiber cover. Your new mattress topper will stay plush and clean.

The topper accommodates mattresses of all depths. You will enjoy 5-star luxury in the comfort of your bedroom.


  • Anti-allergy polyester filling is user-friendly
  • Super soft microfiber cover sleeps cool
  • Elasticated straps make it easy to snap the topper on to the bed
  • Soft and supportive for superior pressure relief.
  • Properly ventilated for increased air permeability and breathability


  • Topper may arrive wet
  • Possible to receive torn product

What to look for the best memory foam mattress?

Here are the things to consider whether you are looking for a temperature regulating solution or added comfort to protect your mattress or address a specific health need.


There are several materials that you can consider when shopping for mattress toppers, including memory foam, latex, wool, and feathers.

  • Latex Toppers

Latex is very well-known for its bouncy qualities. If you move around a lot or have mobility issues that make it hard to get in and out of bed, this is a good choice.

You will feel an increase in the contour. A latex topper responds quickly to weight. This balance impacts motion isolation.

You can expect off-gassing to clear off pretty quickly when dealing with synthetic latex, but off-gassing won’t be a problem when dealing with natural latex. The firmness you experience is going to be heavily dependent on your mattress.

You can expect an extra two, three, or four inches of sinking over what your mattress naturally provides, depending on the thickness of the latex topper.

  • Memory Foam

Memory foam perfectly contours your body like a custom mould. This gives you the precise support you need inch by inch without putting pressure on your spine.

Good quality memory foam topper cradles you in comfort, neutralizing pressure points caused by the mattress underneath. When sleeping at night, a foam topper will re-adjust as you move.

There are two specific memory foam materials you can consider for an overlay mattress: convoluted and gel-infused.

Convoluted foam is light, airy, cushy, and calm. So, you get moulding comfort, body contouring, a soft comfort feel, pressure relief, and cooling.

On the other hand, gel-infused offers a medium firmness with a little bit of plush. One of the most impressive benefits of gel-infused foam is its cooling properties.

  • Feather and Wool

There’re two other types of mattress toppers that you can place on top of your regular mattress: feather and wool.

A feather overlay mattress is like a very thick feather comforter. It may need to be shaken and fluffed every day to maintain uniform performance.

A wool topper is ideal if you are not allergic to wool. This material is soft, yet firm, and allows good air circulation for hot sleepers.

Thickness and Size

The thickness of an overlay mattress depends on the condition, feel, and age of your mattress. You may need a thicker topper to compensate for the worn-out comfort layer of your bed.

The thickest overlay mattress measures up to four inches, which is the most ideal for reinstating the conformity, pressure relief, and cosiness of your mattress.

However, if your mattress isn’t too old and you are only looking to improve its conformity, spinal alignment, pressure relief, and comfort, then a 2-inch or 3-inch topper is ideal.

The size of a topper depends entirely on the size of your mattress. It can be as small as 90 by 190 centimetres or as large as 180 by 200 centimetres.

You must choose a topper that is of the same size as your mattress. Large or smaller size will simply not deliver. It will be a total wastage of your money.


Mattress topper density measures the weight per unit of volume and is related to the fatigue resistance of a mattress.

A heavier person would need a firmer mattress topper to prevent the pelvic girdle from sinking too deep into the bed.

Therefore, a good choice of an overlay pad should consist of materials that have been developed and combined to optimise general sleeping features.

While the material density mainly affects fatigue resistance, the material elasticity and the combination of materials with a different elasticity guarantee superior support.

A good foam or latex topper should be made with high-density foam, which has fewer air pockets. This will ensure that it is more supportive than low-density models.

Also, you should know that the density of your topper depends on its thickness. A 2-inch thick overlay pad will have a low-density compared to a 4-inch thick overlay pad.

Final Words

You can spend hundreds on a new mattress, but why do it? The structure of a good-quality mattress topper can turn your current mattress into an ideal sleep surface.

Make sure you choose a thickness and density that corresponds to your body weight. A 4-inch thick topper is probably the most suitable for providing comfort and retaining shape over time.

Choose a material that will offer the ideal conformity, contouring, spinal alignment, pressure relief, support, cooling, and comfort.

According to our findings, memory foam mattress toppers offer the best value for your money. If your pockets are thicker, you can always go for latex toppers.

You should also be considerate. Know when to buy a mattress topper and when to buy a new mattress. A sagging bed will do you no good with a topper.

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