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Best Moss Killer For Lawns:Top 5 Reviews And Buying Guide

Best Moss Killer For Lawns

Without a doubt, moss is certainly one of the hardest things to deal with in lawns. Leaving it neglected or ignored may cause havoc. It may spread its spores all over the place and sooner or later your garden would be overtaken by moss.

Moss tends to have deep complex systems and simply raking them will not do. What’s worst is that, when you do that, it may just spread the moss to some other parts of the garden, that’s why it is a good idea that you kill as much moss as you can. To do this, you need to use the best moss killer for lawns.

In this article, we will share with you the top 5 best moss killer for lawns. We will also include a comprehensive guide that will surely help you in picking the best product ideal for your needs.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Moss Killer For Lawns
Product Weight Coverage Application Price
Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic 10.0 Kilograms Approximately 10,000 sq. metres for grass greening per 10 kg Wet or Dry View on Amazon
Guard-En-Force Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic And Moss Killer 25.0 Kilograms Approximately 5,500 sq. metres to 12,500 sq. metres Wet or Dry View on Amazon
Ferromel 20 Ferrous Sulphate Lawn Conditioner 25.0 Kilograms Approximately 10,000 sq. metres to 40,000 sq. metres per 25 kg Wet or Dry View on Amazon
EverGreen Complete Weed And Moss Killer 14.0 Kilograms Up to 400 sq. metres Wet View on Amazon
Maxicrop Moss Killer 3.1 Kilograms Up to 10 sq. metres Wet View on Amazon

Best Moss Killer For LawnsTop 5 Reviews

Here are the top 5 best moss killer for lawns:

Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic –The Best Overall

Pro-Kleen 2.5 KG PREMIUM Iron Sulphate (Makes up to 2500L When Diluted & Covers up to 2500m2) - Iron Lawn Conditioner and Turf Hardener. Dry Powder soluble in water
2,595 Reviews
Pro-Kleen 2.5 KG PREMIUM Iron Sulphate (Makes up to 2500L When Diluted & Covers up to 2500m2) - Iron Lawn Conditioner and Turf Hardener. Dry Powder soluble in water
  • ✓ DRY GRADE POWDER EXTREMELY POWERFUL, HIGH QUALITY PREMIUM 3-in-1 FORMULA: WITH OVER 10,000 SALES and 10,000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. TOP BRAND. OVER 350 5 STAR PRODUCT REVIEWS WITH AN AVERAGE 4.8 RATING ***** Iron Sulphate is an Iron rich and long lasting fertiliser that will encourage strong growth and healthy dark green grass and act as a turf hardener.
  • ✓ USED & TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS: Used by professional green keepers, lawn keepers, park keepers, sports grounds men etc for perfect pitches, green lawns, and superior golfing greens. Sulphate of Iron is used as a lawn greener and a lawn conditioner by many discerning home users across the UK to improve their grass quality.

It is undeniable that iron sulphate is beneficial for lawns.

Professional landscapers have been using the Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate Pure Lawn Tonic to keep moss away and grass green.

This moss killer comes in 1kg, 2.5 kg, 5kg, and 10-kilogram container.

With the 10-kilogram container, it may cover about 10,000 square metres for grass greening.

Not only that, it can be applied in its dry or wet form, but if you want to get the best results, use it wet. What’s more, it is very easy to store and use as it has an open/close lid.


  • Professional grade, hence results are guaranteed
  • Covers a wide area
  • It may be used in dry and wet form
  • May be used for different lawn functions and may come in a resealable tub


  • Doesn’t have a scoop for accurate measurements

Guard-En-Force Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic And Moss Killer –The Best for Quick Moss Killing

5KG IRON SULPHATE LAWN FERTILISER, LAWN FEED and GRASS TONIC. All Round Multi-Purpose Sulphate of Iron Lawn Conditioner, Fertiliser, Grass Greener & Turf Hardener.
460 Reviews
5KG IRON SULPHATE LAWN FERTILISER, LAWN FEED and GRASS TONIC. All Round Multi-Purpose Sulphate of Iron Lawn Conditioner, Fertiliser, Grass Greener & Turf Hardener.
  • WHAT IS IRON SULPHATE? Iron Sulphate is Also Commonly Known as Ferrous Sulfate and Sulphate of Iron. Iron Sulphate is Highly Regarded by Keen Gardeners as a Lawn’s Best Friend. Both Professional and Domestic Users Apply Iron Sulphate as a Multi-Purpose Lawn Treatment. It Has a Wide Variety of Uses Such as Lawn Greening, Turf Hardening, Worm Casts, and Much More. Iron Sulphate is Renowned for its Use in Creating and Maintaining a Perfect, Strong, Healthy and Lush Green Lawn.
  • HOW TO USE IRON SULPHATE? Iron Sulphate is Highly Regarded as an Essential Lawn Application in Both Spring and Autumn Seasons in Particular; but this Indispensable Lawn Product Can be Applied All Year Round to Maintain the Perfect Lawn. Iron Sulfate Can be Applied Wet or Dry. It is Applied Most Efficiently with a Knapsack Sprayer, or even a Watering Can. Simply Dilute with Warm Water to Make Solution for Sprayer or Can. Can also be applied Dry by Spreader, or Even Just Scattered by Hand.
  • WHAT WILL IRON SULPHATE DO? There are Many Uses for Iron Sulphate on a Lawn or in the Garden. Green Keepers, Gardeners, Park Keepers, Sports Pitch Maintenance Operatives Use it For a Wide Range of Gardening, Grass, and Lawn Care Tasks. Iron Sulphate is an Iron Rich, Fast Acting, and Long Lasting Fertiliser That Will Encourage Strong Grass Growth and Healthy Dark Green Grass Colour. It is Often Applied to Create Superior Quality Golfing Greens. Iron Sulphate Will Also Help Prevent Lawn Disease.

If you got a big lawn, that means you have a bigger problem.

That having said, you need a huge bag of high-quality moss killer.

The Guard-En-Force Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic and Moss Killer is a bag of fine iron sulphate.

Aside from it is a great moss killer, it is also a great conditioner that makes your lawn less vulnerable to various lawn diseases.

This moss killer may cover various areas, contingent on the proposed use and mixing proportions. If you are to use it in killing moss, a 25-kilogram bag may cover 5,000-12,500 square metres.

The higher the dose, the more moss killed in a much faster phase. You read it right, this is one of the fastest best moss killers for lawns. Additionally, you can use it both wet or dry.


  • Powerful 3-in-1 iron sulphate formula, which kills moss in hours
  • High-quality professional-grade lawn conditioner
  • Huge 25-kilogram bag with over 15000 square metres coverage


  • There are no usable instructions
  • Some items arrive with holes

Ferromel 20 Ferrous Sulphate Lawn Conditioner –The Best For Lawn Health Maintenance

Ferromel 20 ferrous sulphate Lawn Conditioner
  • Gives grass and lawns a fresh, healthy dark green colour quickly.
  • Hardens turf and makes lawn less susceptible to moss and diseases.
  • Encourages finer turf grass species.

This moss killer comes in a 25-kilogram bag, which is packed with lawn conditioning and moss killing capabilities.

Since it almost has 20% iron in it, it’s ideal for promoting greener grass and stronger turf growth.

In order to use this, you may dissolve it in water or use it dry with a lawn sprayer.

It is one of the best moss killers for lawns since it is trusted by home users and professionals.

Per the 25-kilogram pack, it may cover approximately 10,000 sq. metres to 40,000 sq. metres. This is the best for the maintenance of your lawn health.


  • Comes at a relatively affordable price
  • Tried and tested by professionals to assist in maintaining lawn health
  • It can cover a wide area at a given time
  • You can apply it both wet or dry
  • Can be used both as lawn conditioner or moss killer


  • There are no instructions for proper usage

EverGreen Complete Weed And Moss Killer –The Best for Killing Moss and Feeding Lawns

Scotts Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 360 sq m + 10% Extra Free Lawn Food, Weed and Moss Killer Bag
  • Feeds lawns, kills weeds, kills moss and drought resistant
  • Watersmart formula helps the lawn to resist heat, drought and other stresses

This moss killer can give you a thick green lawn while beating the moss and weeds.

It truly is the best for killing moss and feeding your lawns.

This product comes in a 12.6-kilogram bag, containing iron sulphate, which kills moss.

Furthermore, it relies mainly on the water smart technology to make sure that the soil entraps nutrients and water.

The product might also be used in autumn, summer, or spring. Bear in mind, however, that when you apply this into your lawn, keep your pets or children away from it, in order to prevent any health conditions.

After 7 days, you will see the difference in your lawn!


  • Huge enough to cover an extensive area
  • May be used in different seasons
  • Does different functions like thickening the grass, killing off weeds and moss, as well as make the lawn greener


  • Needs a spreader
  • You need a keen eye in facilitating equal distribution of the product

Maxicrop Moss Killer –The Budget Product

Maxicrop Moss Killer + Lawn Tonic 2.5L
  • Seaweed extract with added ferrous sulphate

Just like most people in the United Kingdom, you are most likely to have a sprayer handy, rather than a dry fertilizer spreader.

In this case, you will be more at ease with a  soluble or liquid lawn moss killer, like the Maxicrop Moss Killer.

Aside from being budget-friendly, it is also great for killing moss and assist for a greener and harder turf.

It is combined with nitrogen and ferrous sulphate. In just a matter of hours, contingent on how concentrated your solution is, the moss in your lawn will die fast.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to apply by sprayer or watering can
  • Has a seaweed extract, which assists in the development of greener grass


  • Needs more instruction on the proportions as it doesn’t kill all moss

Moss Killer For Lawns Buying Guide

Here are some of the most important factors that you should consider before you look for the best moss killer for lawns:


Of course, this is a must! Preferably, you would want a moss killer that is free of any chemicals. It should be safe to use around pets and children. Nonetheless, make sure that it is also non-stain, so that it will not stain your patios, deck, and paving.

Grass Food

Killing moss is just half of a job –the other one is growing a stronger, denser lawn. If you want the best moss killer for lawns, then get one that may also assist your lawn in growing healthy grass. The best ones tend to have residual benefits, as well as light nutrient content.

Lawn Size

Your lawn’s size is the determining factor on the moss killer that you will buy. If you have a huge lawn, it’s easy to say that you will need a huge-capacity moss killer.

Likewise, those who have larger lawns might be very well suited using a lawn spreader. Nonetheless, if it is small, then you may opt for moss killers, which may be spread using the hand or a sprayer.

Liquid or Granular

Moss killers come in both liquid and granular forms. Soluble or liquid moss killers commonly work faster, compared to the granular products, yet have the tendency to be much lighter and just eradicate the top-most layer of the moss.

On the other hand, granular products work much slower, yet are heavier. They are more effective in killing lower parts of the thick moss. Having said that, there are some granular products, which are dedicated to killing moss. They are commonly a part of lawn feed.

Moss-Off or Ferrous Sulphate

If you don’t want to utilize chemicals in killing moss, then mossOff can be a good option. It is much friendlier to children or pets, and its effects are longer lasting.

On the other hand, ferrous sulphate is, as you may know, a chemical that has iron in it, which is used in moss killing. It may be used after or even before raking, contingent on the infestation level. Remember, the higher the iron concentration, the better it is for the grass.

Depending on what you want to use, you may choose between these two moss killer. It is necessary to spread the solution all throughout the lawn, so you may have one PH and to prevent any future infestations.

Lawn Health

The best moss killer that you should buy should be able to improve the health of your lawn. If you lots of moss, you might need to redo the application.

Most of the killers have iron sulphate that may kill the moss and green the lawn up. At much lower concentrations, the products may be used as lawn tonic.


Dealing with moss in your lawn may need patience and discipline. It isn’t an overnight thing, more especially when you have recurring growth of moss.

You should practice lawn conditioning approaches, in order to encourage proper grass growths, as well as deep roots.

When you decided to use a moss killer, choose among our list of the best moss killer for lawns above. All of the reviewed moss killers above are of the best quality and are worth your money. Try them out to see what really suits your needs!

Let us know in the comment section if you have any questions!

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