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Best Mouse Repellents

Whether you have a mice problem or want to cover yourself by taking some precautions, you should look into the mouse repellents that are available on the online market.

Repellents are great for those who want to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and, if you go for the right types of repellent, you can also avoid harming the environment you’ll be placing them in.

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Here you’ll find five of our favourite repellents, ranging from ultrasonic plug-ins to sprays and scent pouches that use natural ingredients that ensure no animals will be harmed when you use them.

Though these are different products, they all work towards keeping mice and other rodents away from your property, and we’ve written out their pros and cons so you can see why we ranked them the way we have.

You’ll also find a buyers’ guide and an FAQ at the bottom of this page so you can learn more about how these different products work. It’ll also explain the features you should be looking for when trying to bag the best repellent.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:

If you’ve got a mouse problem and need something ASAP, you should check out our number one mouse repellent right here.

Look at the FITFORT 20W Ultrasonic Pest Repeller if you need a quick, easy, and safe to use fix for your troubles.

See why we think it’s the superior product below:

  • Operates in three different modes using three different waves. The green and blue light modes use a dual-wave frequency made from both ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves that are mixed together so that the critters can’t develop immunity. The red mode is for more intense infestations and swaps out the ultrasonic waves for more effective bionic waves.
  • As an ultrasonic plug-in dispersal mechanism, it’s very easy to use as long as you have access to a wall outlet. When you do use it, it does its job without bloodshed or any other mess.

Best Mouse Repellent – Comparison Table

Best Mouse Repellent – Reviews

Our Winner

Our rating:

Our first product is the number one Amazon bestseller in the cockroach control category, but rest assured that it’ll repel just about anything else you’ll want out of your home, from roaches and mosquitoes to spiders and rats.

It’s the FITFORT 20W Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, a single, high power plug-in repeller that’s easy to use yet provides a high level of protection to your living spaces.

This ultrasonic model actually uses three different wave types to disperse critters of all kinds, the three being combined in different ways depending on the mode used. Most of the repeller’s function, with its green and blue light modes, is based around a combination of ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves which stimulate the nerve auditory systems of pests.

This combination is part of an innovative frequency conversion dual-wave technology which, since they’re mixed together so much, make sure that the pests don’t get used to the waves, keeping them away.

The third mode is the red light mode, which is to be used in cases of extreme infestation, and replaces the ultrasonic waves with bionic waves that can be registered by humans and household pets like dogs and cats, meaning that they should be absent from the premises when this mode is on. It also wards away larger pests that can take advantage of human absence, like racoon and foxes.

Since it operates off of wave frequencies, there’s no trapping, poisoning, or killing involved in the process. This also means that it’s completely safe and harmless to humans, pets, and even the environment. Since it’s a plug-in model, it’s very easy to install in any building with a wall outlet, which is the overwhelming majority of them nowadays.

The one unit will grant protection for about 100 square meters, and multiple will be needed to cover even more ground.

When dealing with a relatively intangible method of preventing critters from invading the home, there may always be a lapse in how it affects individual pests. The tradeoff for not dousing your home in chemicals is that there could be mice who, for whatever reason, have their ability to sense and fear these wave frequencies dulled.

  • Three different waves used across three different modes: ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and bionic.
  • Innovative Frequency Conversion Tech ensures that the pests won’t develop immunity.
  • A bloodless and environmentally safe means of dispersing pests.
  • Easy installation, requiring only a wall outlet.
  • It can have lapses in its prevention coverage.

Karlsten Peppermint Rat and Mice Repellent Spray 500ml - Natural Rodent Deterrent for Home Use

Karlsten Peppermint Rat and Mice Repellent Spray 500ml - Natural Rodent Deterrent for Home Use
Our rating:

Next up is a large 500 Millilitres spray repellent that is all-Natural Mice Repellent Spray, a ready-to-use spray made from three premixed essential oils that’s fit for use both inside and outside, and won’t cause any harm to the pests that are supposed to be in your house, like children or the family dog.

A big advantage of using a repellent spray is that you have complete control over how you apply the product, allowing you to apply it at entry points, hard to reach spaces, and other problem areas where you think the pests will congregate and nest.

When you use a spray, you can just point and shoot at wherever you want to apply it, making the application process very simple. Spray till the targeted surface is damp to touch, but not so much that it’s dripping since you’re using more than you need to at that point.

The product itself smells very fresh, providing you with a clean scent that clears the air around it, eliminating odours if you’re spraying it over areas where pests have already been nesting.

Whilst pleasant to the human nose, the scent is overwhelming to a mice’s nose and is infused with white pepper to sting the insides of their nose. It’s ultimately harmless to the mice but will see them giving your areas a wide berth, regardless.

What isn’t harmless, however, is how strenuous it can be to spray this large bottle manually. If you’re applying a lot or suffer from weaker grip strength, you may be interested in investing in a battery-powered spraying mechanism so you don’t need to exert yourself so much when operating this very hands-on means of mice scattering.

  • All-natural and harmless to your children and/or pets.
  • It allows you to target specific problem areas where pests congregate.
  • Simple to use, just point and shoot.
  • Smells fresh, clearing the air of pest odour whilst scaring the pests away.
  • It can be tiring spraying it manually, you might want to invest in a powered spraying mechanism.

Anti Mouse Scent Sachet - 5-Pack Mouse Deterrent Mint Scented Non-Toxic, Ready-To-Use Place in Food Storage Areas such as Pantries

Anti Mouse Scent Sachet - 5-Pack Mouse Deterrent Mint Scented Non-Toxic, Ready-To-Use Place in Food Storage Areas such as Pantries
Our rating:

At the midpoint of our list is yet another type of repellent that’ll keep the mice away from your home. We’re talking about the The Big Cheese Anti Rodent Sachets, which you can think of as a halfway point between ultrasonic repeller and repellent sprays, since they’re made with non-toxic ingredients but, like the repellers, are placed around the area for a continued dispersal effect.

The five pouches you get with this purchase are non-toxic thanks to the fact they’re made from Peppermint oil, a natural alternative to the poisonous chemicals that are usually used to disperse or even kill pests.

This isn’t some unproven homeopathy method, however, and is EPA registered in the United States, meaning it meets their federal standards for pest control.

Using pouches allows you to keep some degree of control over where you place them since you’re not limited to wall outlets. You can put them in electrical junction boxes, between walls, or in the crawl spaces where mice tend to nest.

Once unwrapped and placed, they’re also very fast-acting, dispersing pests in an area of one hundred and twenty-five square feet once they’ve been put down. A downside, however, is that they only last for about thirty days before they need replacing, which can make them a repeating purchase that eats into your wallet.

  • Peppermint oil is a natural and non-toxic alternative to poisonous chemicals.
  • EPA registered, meaning they meet the federal pest control standards.
  • Handy for covering hard to reach places like electrical junction boxes.
  • Extremely fast acting across an area of 125 square feet.
  • It must be replaced approximately every 30 days.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Mouse and Rat Repeller Indoor Plug In Pest Control Spider Mice Repellent with Night Light for Insects Rodents Mice Rats Flies Ants (2 Pack)

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Mouse and Rat Repeller Indoor Plug In Pest Control Spider Mice Repellent with Night Light for Insects Rodents Mice Rats Flies Ants (2 Pack)
Our rating:

Next up is a great budget option for those who want to get a pair of great ultrasonic repellers without committing to too high a price. The M&C Elite Ultrasonic Pest Repeller works to repel insects, spiders, rats, and, of course, mice. 

They use well-researched electronic tech to send ultrasonic frequency waves throughout the affected area, interfering with the brain and auditory nervous systems of the pests to make fleeing the only valid option for them.

Each one is effective at pest dispersal for about 1,800 square feet, meaning you’ll have a total of 3,000 square feet protected with just these two products. This makes this pair of repellers the perfect, cost-efficient option for businesses that want to cover a large working area for relatively cheap. 

With that said, it can also be used in households since it won’t harm any people, whether they’re adults or children, and it also won’t harm any household pets too. It doesn’t seem to work on some insects, but it should be more than you need for the purpose of keeping pesky mice away.

  • Uses ultrasonic frequency electronic tech that interferes with pests’ brains.
  • Effective up to an area of 1,800 square feet.
  • Simply plugs into any power socket for easy installation in most buildings.
  • Safe to use with children and pets around.
  • Doesn’t seem to work with all insects.

Grandpa Gus's Peppermint Mice Repellent - All Natural Mouse Deterrent

Grandpa Gus's Peppermint Mice Repellent - All Natural Mouse Deterrent
Our rating:

Lastly, we have another spray repellent with the Grandpa Gus’s Peppermint Mice Repellent, a smaller bottle of liquid repellent for those who need some protection but don’t want to shell out on a spray jug with over three litres of liquid in it. Instead each reusable bottle carries 110ml of a mouse oil concoction that smells of sweet peppermint but burns the live mouse’s nose, making them scurry away from your premises via without the use of any chemicals or traps.

The fact that it doesn’t harm the mice in any way means that you won’t have to remove any carcasses, which not only means no smells but will actually leave the affected areas smelling better.

To apply, all you need to do is use a cloth or cotton ball to draw the liquid into and then dab or rub it onto the surfaces you want to treat. 

For the most efficient and long-lasting way to use the repellent, we’d suggest strategically applying it around entry points and tighter, darker spaces. Since this is a liquid that you rub onto a surface, which also vaporises and disperses into the air with time, you don’t need to worry too much about curious pets or young children accidentally ingesting this product.

How effective it is can be dependent on how closed the space is, and so how strong the scent can get within that space since it won’t diffuse as much, meaning that this product is best used in smaller buildings and areas where you’re having mice problems.

If you don’t like the smell of mint, then you may want to be careful with this product. Some have described the smell as being very strong, though others have enjoyed it, so if you think you’ll be one of the former then either limit how much you use or give this product a pass entirely.

  • Peppermint scent is pleasing but agitates the noses of mice.
  • No bloodshed means no carcasses and no smells.
  • Simply dab on surfaces with cotton balls or cloth.
  • Can’t be ingested by young children or pets.
  • Works best in more confined areas than open ones.
  • The smell has been described as too strong for some.

Best Mouse Repellent – Buyer’s Guide

How to find the best mouse repellent

In this buyers’ guide you’ll find a description of the different types of mouse repellents that have been featured in the list above, where we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these types, and so in which buildings and which situations they’d be best applied. There is also a small Frequently Asked Questions section where some of the consumer market’s questions have been answered by us.

Types of Repellent

The main three repellent types we have above are ultrasonic repellents, scent pouch repellents, and liquid-based repellents.

Ultrasonic repellents scare or intimidate mice and other rodents by sending certain wave frequencies through the affected area. Usually these are ultrasonic, hence why we’re calling them that, but some of the more expensive versions can have multiple wave types for different intensities or means of dispersal.

They’re great for covering large areas of ground for a relatively small price, plus they’re very convenient since they plug into wall sockets that can be found in any modern building.

The downside is that the more powerful ones can affect household pets and even human beings, and so if you have an infestation you cannot disperse the pests and remain in the house at the same time. It is, however, a great precaution to keep your home safe from larger pests like foxes or racoons if you’ve gone on holidays and are worried about furry intruders.

Scent pouch repellents are also handy for covering larger areas but tend to be more expensive since you’ll need to place one every 100 square foot or so. Most scent pouches use natural, or at least non-toxic, ingredients that eliminate the risk of them poisoning any animal that comes across them.

They use scents like balsam fir oil to naturally spook the rats or cause some small amount of discomfort in their noses to ward them away.

Liquid repellents can either be sprayed or otherwise rubbed onto a surface directly. Either way you have control over where you put the repellent, which is handy since you know your own building and know where to put the repellent to disrupt pest hotspots or seal off entry ways into your home.

When they’re made with all-natural ingredients, they also pose virtually no threat to household pets or children since it’s much harder to ingest and wouldn’t cause discomfort if it somehow was.

Spraying can be tedious, if not an arm ache, so many opt for powered spraying mechanisms for the sake of convenience. Other liquid repellents can be very strong smelling for some, and their effectiveness can get weaker when diffused through larger areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rodent proof my home?

If you want to avoid rodents before they nest, there are several precautions you can take. The foremost of these is a clean home, which means using bleach or other cleaners to kill odours that mice could smell and hunt down. This means you should make sure no crumbs or food scraps are left lying around and, if you have food stored, make sure you store it in airtight containers so no scent escapes.

Try to identify problem areas, like holes where rodents could enter, and patch them up to stop them in their tracks. Rats have very tough teeth and are very, very persistent, to the point that they will obsessively chew through concrete. We’d advise plugging holes with steel wool since they cut their gums on it, and the pain will finally get them to stop.

If you’re a cat person, keeping a cat in the house is also a great way of culling mice populations before they get too bad.

Can essential oils repel mice?

We like to be as accurate as possible when putting forward any information, so it’s worth noting that there aren’t many scientific studies that have proven that essential oils repel mice and other similar rodents.

Most information is anecdotal, though it’s worth a try if nothing else is working against the infestation you’re fighting. Just be aware that information sources who assert that essential oils are evidenced to repel mice often have a conflict of interest that motivates them to push essential oils, such as being run by companies who offer those products.

The fair shake with essential oils is to understand that many have very strong smells, like oils derived from peppermint or cinnamon, and so they also overwhelm the senses of rodents and can even cause a burning sensation that makes sure they stay away. Every mouse, and every mouse’s nose, is different, so there’s no guarantee essential oils will do the trick, but there’s no guarantee it won’t.

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