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Top 3 Best Petrol Brush Cutter | Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Petrol Brush Cutter

A brushcutter is a tool used to trim and cut small trees and other foliage. It is also known as ‘Brushsaw’ or ‘Clearing Saw’. This agricultural tool is used to do specific jobs, such as cutting long grass or weed, which aren’t accessible by a lawnmower or rotary mower.

If your property is connected with a forested area, nature will claim your yard with overgrown grass, over and over, and turn it into a nightmare. The only option you have to take control of your yard is to get a brushcutter.

This versatile, handheld device can get through some of the toughest vegetation and cut overgrown brush that a lawnmower or line trimmer can’t handle. Therefore, it can be a big investment. You can cope with all the shrubs and weeds efficiently.

Best Petrol Brush Cutter – Buying Guide

When it comes to buying the best petrol brush cutter, it is better to invest a little more. Pricey brush cutters can challenge your pockets but they can tackle a wide range of jobs and work for many years. Their heavy-duty equipment tackle challenging tasks easily, like thick brush and tree saplings. In other words, they meet your all needs and keep you productive.

Before reading this guide, keep in mind, your lawn and landscape dictates which brushcutter you need. For example, if you don’t need to trim more than 10 feet, a brushcutter with a 2-cycle engine can work with efficacy and complete projects quickly.

However, if you are dealing with extra thick brush and need extra muscle, choose a 4-cycle engine. It is valuable and provides you the power you need to clear out a wild area of brush and weeds.

Built To Last

The brushcutter you are planning to buy should be durable. It is because brush cutting is a tough job. You have to deal with thick brushes all the time. If the cutter won’t have good material or decent power, the blades will bend or the motor won’t work.

That’s why it is imperative to invest in a machine that is built to last. It should be constructed of heavy-gauge steel and solid skid shoes for excellent flotation over rough terrain. Also, ensure that it can endure the most challenging work conditions.

If it can’t withstand the harshness of the brushes or is made of thin-gauge steel tubing, its tube and blades can be damaged and bend and increase the need for replacement.


The petrol brush cutters come with two different shafts – Straight Shaft & Bend Shaft. If you are looking for power, opt for ‘Straight Shaft’. It efficiently deals with thick brushes and provides extraordinary power. You won’t deal with mechanical issues in it either.

The ‘Bend Shaft’ is for precision. Projects that require detailed work need the brushcutter with bend shaft. The bent shaft is a good choice if you want to get closer to what you are cutting. The only issue in this shaft is the linkage. It is not as powerful as the straight shaft and can counter mechanical issues.


Petrol Brush Cutters come in three different types.

  • Handheld Brushcutters
  • Walk-Behind Brushcutters
  • Tow-Behind Brushcutters

The handheld version is mostly for cutting small tree branches, however, one can use them for cutting thick brushes and overgrown weed. The walk-behind model, on the other hand, is specifically for small patches of thick vegetation on the ground. They are ideal for larger areas of overgrown bushes.

Lastly, the tow-behind brushcutter works like a garden tractor. It is ideal for largely abandoned fields and gets the job done quickly.

Top 3 Best Petrol Brush Cutters

Here is our review of the 3 best petrol brush cutters that will certainly help you find the model you need. All of them are designed to work effectively no matter which attachments you are using. Besides, there aren’t too many negatives in them.

ParkerBrand Petrol Garden Brushcutter

52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter, Grass Line Trimmer
  • Strong & Reliable 52cc Two Stroke Petrol Engine
  • 2.2kW @ 7500RPM
  • Compact Split Shaft Design

This powerful petrol brushcutter is perfect for heavy-duty maintenance in the garden.

In terms of features, all are provided in this model. It has a 52cc two-stroke petrol engine with 2.2kW, 7500RPM (revolutions per minute – or, number of turns per minute).

This ratio is very powerful and effective for tough jobs. It destroys everything it is pointed at.

Experts call it a valuable workhorse in the garden with minimal upfront investment. If you read its instructions and follow them assiduously, you won’t have any issue using this cutter.


  • It is easy to assemble & easy to use.
  • No issue in starting the engine.
  • Communication with manufacturers is first-class.
  • It is good on fuel.
  • It is designed for the thick, rough foliage.


  • It is a little heavy on fuel consumption.

TrueShopping Petrol Brush Cutter With Heavy Duty Motor

43cc Petrol Grass Trimmer and Brushcutter with Protective Guard and Harness - Optimal for Trimming Weeds, Grass Cutting, Lawn Edges - 2-Stroke Engine 1.25KW / 1.7HP
  • Twin line and 3 toothed cutting blade for more efficient lawn edge trimming and bush & weed clearing
  • A Free ergonomic harness included, which spreads the load, improving comfort and efficiency
  • A bike-style handlebar is included to prevent an uneven load being placed on the user's back

This model offers great value for money. It comes in a full kit and cuts through anything.

Whenever a task crops us that needs a bit more robust power, you can utterly count on it.

The most prominent feature in this product is its 2 stroke 43cc petrol motor. With the correct fuel mixture, it will work away for hours without any deterioration of power.

Plus, the blade it uses looks after all your gardening needs. It is very useful when the woodier type of growth needs to be tackled. It is also quick at getting the job done.


  • It easily cuts through long grass.
  • It has a three-toothed cutting blade.
  • You can use it to trim along the edges of the lawn too.
  • It is an all-weather model; works in all conditions.
  • It has a bike-style handlebar to spread the load.


  • It is a little bit difficult to assemble.

Einhell Two-Stroke Engine Petrol Brushcutter

When you think of a commercial brushcutter, you want a product that always performs at its peak.

The Einhell model has a high-grade two-stroke engine that can gain control of even stubborn growth and facilitate you in reaching and clearing difficult areas of your garden.

Due to its shape, you can work with more agility than with a conventional model and work on decorative gardens and lawns as well that require accurate contouring.

The feature which we love in this model is ‘Split Shaft Function’. It makes it easy to stow it away in a minimum space.


  • It is equipped with a 3-tooth blade.
  • It has a digital ignition system.
  • You can work with more agility due to its design.
  • It is possible to dismantle it into two parts.
  • Its sturdy long handle is made of aluminum.


  • The anti-vibration feature doesn’t work properly.

Best Petrol Brush Cutters – FAQs

This section is designed to answer any question you have regarding the brush cutters and their features. If your question isn’t on the list, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is the difference between petrol and electric model?

The engines used in petrol cutters are a lot more user-friendly and professional. They work great in areas that have dense soil and foliage… In the long run, they are also cost-effective.

The electric brush cutter models are great for working in built-up residential areas. You don’t need to carry a spare fuel tank with them. Just insert in the battery, and you have got all the power you need to get the job done.

The only issue in the electric model is they don’t have much upper body strength. You can’t count on them for clearing large lawns or dense fields.

How to pick the right blade size?

The blades can be built-in or used as an attachment; they come in different shapes and sizes for cutting different kinds of growth… For example:

  • Blades with 8-teeth are good for grass and weeds.
  • Blades with 9-40 teeth are good for thick brush and shrubs.
  • Blades with 40+ teeth are good for small trees.

Can it cut bi-directionally?

It depends on the model. However, we don’t recommend buying a cutter with a bi-directional cutting feature. It shows it doesn’t have enough power to cut thick foliage.

Also, this feature will cause the cutter to cut poorly. So, for proper operation and preventing damage, avoid the bi-directional brush cutter blade feature.

How long the blade will last?

We often get this question, and the straight answer again is ‘it depends on the model you are buying’. If it is manufactured by a professional-level, known company and has the highest quality steel, you won’t need to replace it.

It can work for years. The reason why we stopped you investing in an economical model is the ‘maintenance requirement’. The cost of replacement and maintenance in an economical product makes the unit’s initial price deceiving.

How much power do I need?

This is a tricky question. Power is not just a raw number. It is up to you to decide how much power do you need. If you are likely to encounter tough saplings consistently, you need something very powerful.


If you are trying to make money with the brushcutter, TrueShopping Petrol Brushcutter is the best. It can be used at the commercial level and deal with a large amount of brush that needs to be cleared. It utterly is suitable even for those jobs where you are cutting denser vegetation.

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