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5 Best Petrol Chainsaws 2021

5 Best Petrol Chainsaws UK

You’re reading this post of the product review because you’re looking for some best petrol chainsaws available in the UK market.

Another reason is to choose the petrol-powered model is that you have read about some other models that didn’t make you satisfied.

But, you’ll find the products in this review that is powerful and handy. So, they’ll obviously end up your searches here. When it comes to the petrol-powered models, they’re as strong as effective to work with.

Although they’re a bit heavier, you’ll get them more useful than other models to complete your tasks quickly and effortlessly.

That’s why these chainsaws are largely suitable for the big garden and commercial use. Well, let’s find out your preferred petrol-fueled chainsaw that will meet your needs.

Top 5 Petrol Chainsaws on the market

ParkerBrand PCS-6200 62CC Petrol Chainsaw

62cc Petrol Chainsaw - 20” Bar & 2 x Chains + More
  • Award Winning 62cc Engine
  • 20" Bar Complete with Chains
  • Free Carry Bag, Bar Cover, Tool Kit & Chain

The PCS-6200 from Parker is a blissful petrol-powered chainsaw, which is a very affordable unit available in the UK market.

Despite being comparatively inexpensive, the chainsaw is very strong to perform powerfully. So, if you’re in search of a combination of affordable price and power then The PCS-6200 from Parker is your perfect fit.

As it delivers both price and performance for your investment, it’s a very reliable unit.

Also, the tool comes with a unique type of engine that’s not just 2-stroke, it also housed with air cooling system along with an ergonomic design. As a result, the device is as comfortable as lightweight to get done your job easily.

The right choice to make sliced the timber and logs that are challenging to other chainsaws. Even most of them are unable to beat the PCS-6200 from Parker on performance and price.

Apart from being a 2-stroke superior engine, it offers a 3.5HP that’s equivalent to 2.3KW of power along with a durable and sharp cutting blade.

Because of the unit comes with an automatic system for chain lubrication, you’ll enjoy a high-quality performance without getting any issue.

As the tool is very light in weight and ergonomic in design, you can work for a long time with it with getting no much more tired. Also, it’s very quiet in terms of vibration.

With the PCS-6200 chainsaw, you’ll get a complete and comprehensive users’ manual. So, it’s very simple to assemble the unit and use accordingly.

You’ll find the control button’s arrangement traditionally. A lockout button and throttle trigger are locating on the flipside handle with an indicator switch of ON/OFF.


  • Impressive speed & power
  • Portable design
  • Affordable in price
  • Durable


  • Issue of chain getting off


  • Bring PS to the garden with our powerful MaxxGarden petrol engines, you can process with 3.8 HP B ume into small wood. With the 60 cm long S blade and a maximum torque of 2.7 Nm zers, you can create even the thickest branches.
  • Cold jump starter and oil pump: start the S ge without problems with our practical cold jump starter without getting sweaty. The automatic oil pump ensures that the chain and sword are constantly lubricated.
  • Stability and comfort: thanks to the anti-vibration system, loud showers are reduced, to friends of your ears and the neighbours. The ergonomic holder and ideal weight distribution of the Ger t offer you comfort at work.

The Maxx 62CC is another absolutely powerful chainsaw in this list with a 62cc engine. Although it’s a bit weighty by 8.64kg, the weight is sacrificing next to the powerhouse.

The chainsaw is very durable and has designed keeping in mind of the tougher situations of sawing to make it able to cut different branches and logs.

Apart from the strong engine itself, you’ll get a 20-inch large bar with a chain that allows you to handle any type of cutting tasks.

That means it may involve chopping a large range of trees to do some smaller odd jobs. In contrast to the power, bar size, the chain, and the ability, the unit is comparatively light in weight.

The combination of loads of features has made it a better option regarding maneuverability and providing a user-friendly user’s experience.

It means that you can use this chainsaw more extensively than many other models of this range. Since the bar size matters much, the manufacturer has added a bar wrapper and a small carry bag.

Another very important issue of getting fragile with its chains that gets a better protected by the cover. As a result, it protects them from being damaged and keeps the bar in its pristine state.

Also, the engine consumes the lower gasoline and produces a very lower amount of emission. In terms of vibration, it’s very quiet.

The chainsaw provides you a feature of double activated braking system with its chain due to the safety issue.

What’s more, you can activate by inactivity to protect you from possible injury as the device has an additional safety feature with its brake. Also, the device is as light in weight as ergonomic in design.


  • A powerful performance by the engine
  • Lower vibrations and noise
  • Safety braking system
  • Incredibly durable


  • Issue of oil leakages

ParkerBrand 58CC Petrol Chainsaw

58cc 20" Petrol Chainsaw + 2 x Chains + More
  • Strong & Reliable 58cc Engine
  • 20" Bar Complete with 2 x Chains
  • Free Carry Bag, Bar Cover, Tool Kit & Chain

Another inclusion of ParkerBrand, the 58CC Petrol Chainsaw from this manufacturer comes with a combination of 58cc strong engine and a 20-inch large bar.

This is your ideal fit while looking for the unit that cheaper in price and higher in output. So, it’s ready to work with the most types of challenging tasks.

Thus its handy features are largely proven including air cooling system, better safety features, light in weight, and ergonomic design.

These all have made it a great tool with a complete users’ satisfaction. You’ll be able to chop down most sizes of trees regardless of thicker timber and logs while using this powerful device.

The tool has a great feature of the latest automatic system of chain lubrication that extends the chains life along with the blades.

This way, it provides you the best output whenever you use the machine. As the unit has a solid 2-stroke engine with 3.1HP, it consumes less fuel but offers higher power for optimum performance.

Apart from being very fuel-efficient, the engine comes with less vibration, dynamic braking system, and mounted tensioner.

Also, the device is not just cost-efficient; it’s also comfortable to work with. You’ll get the complete control over the machine that will reduce the chances to fall into the serious physical injury.

Hence, if you’re in a fixed budget, but needed a strong performing chainsaw then this machine of the ParkerBrand is the right fit for you.

It’s because you’ll find it inexpensive if you compare with some other models of a similar range. So, you can end up your further look for a chainsaw by shopping this unit.


  • Very affordable
  • Extremely powerful
  • Automatic chain oiling system
  • Easy and fast to chopping tasks


  • Somewhat heavier to work with

Einhell GH-EC 2040 2000W Electric Chainsaw

Einhell GH-EC 2040 Electric Chainsaw -- 2000W, 16 Inch (40cm) OREGON Bar and Chain, Saw Kickback Protection, Tool-Free Tensioning -- For Effortless Cutting Of Wood, Trees and Branches
  • Oregon high-quality rail and chain ensures optimum cutting performance
  • Tool-free chain tensioning and changing
  • Powerful 2000 w motor with robust metal gearing

As the Easy Start model from Einhell is not a gas-powered chainsaw, it doesn’t have a shortage of power.

Indeed, this chainsaw comes with something more than just strength with a two HP strong engine. Also, the maneuverability is the most attractive feature of this unit that has made things easy.

Ergonomic trigger, soft inlay, and asymmetrical handle are some other things to note about this model.

As a result, all of these features are the largest striking force behind the comfort and handiness of the device.

Also, the auto stop and fuel pump are the other significant features that have made it really smart to start.

Besides, the tool is very much enjoyable to chop down trees conveniently. You’ll find a chain tensioner that’s side-mounted and it’s useful to adjust the chain easily and quickly.

It might be a small feature, but it has made the unit more flexible and has expanded the choice for possible customers.

The chainsaw is not just a model of flexibility, it’s also very convenient. That’s why it’s a top-selling model among the petrol-powered products.

It uses Oregon high-quality rail and chain that ensures optimum cutting performance. The chain can be tensioned and changed without tools. For good power transmission and a long service life, there is a high-quality, robust metal gearing.

Moreover, the device has the latest system to clean air that will reduce the filter cleaning time. In the same way, it’ll extend the run time and will make you more productive.

It means that if you want to chop down the trees of your garden then you’ll find it less challenging than other models.


  • Powerful motor
  • Automated sharpening & oiling systems
  • Lightweight design
  • Hassle-free tension adjustment


  • Requires regular maintenance

Mcculloch CS 35S 35cc Petrol Chainsaw

McCulloch CS 35S Petrol Chainsaw: 35cc, 14 Inch Bar Length, 52 Drive Links, Anti-Vibration System, Low Weight, Fully Assembled, Multicolor
  • Ideal for occasional use the CS 35S is a 35cc petrol powered chainsaw that has an power output of 1.4kW and capable of a 14”-16” bar with a 35cm bar length
  • Cutting Equipment Bar length (inch) - 14. Chain Pitch - 3/8 Inch. Chain speed at max power - 22.8 m/s. Oil pump type - Automatic . Oil tank volume - 0.15 litre
  • Equipped with ox power engine for more power, lower emission levels and lower fuel consumption

If you’re looking for a high-end and powerful petrol model chainsaw then your search ends here.

Thanks to the CS 35S 35cc Petrol Chainsaw from the Mcculloch, the product comes with a 35cc strong motor engine.

Although this is an all-rounder unit with its strength and vigor, it’s basically great for firewood cutting tasks.

The power is unlimited with its OXY POWER featured engine that produces a very lower emission.

This easy and quick to start engine consumes lower gasoline and has equipped with soft start, choke/stop, purge control. The Combi-Tool integration in the back handle is a great thing for making cutting tasks simple.

As the device has a lumberjack to your hand, it makes you free of getting issues to cut trees for firewood and trim their branches.

Besides, this is a chainsaw with a lower weight that provides amazing power to its weight ratio. Also, superior handling makes things easy to get done without using a lot of physical effort.

The unit has the latest cleaning system to clean its air that enters into the engine and removes the larger particles or debris before they get in touch with the central air filter.

As a result, you’ll need to clean the air filter less frequently. Also, it’s very effortless to start with the Soft Start feature by reducing the starter cord resistance.

When it comes to safety this chainsaw offers you the feature of double activated braking system with its chain.

It makes you sure to get an active braking lever with simple effort. Moreover, the device has an additional safety feature with its brake that you can activate by inactivity to protect you from possible injury.


  • Highly powerful chainsaw
  • Very safe to use
  • Zero-emissions
  • Firm and comfortable grip


  • A bit heavier

Buying Guide of Petrol Chainsaw

These classic, petrol chainsaws are very popular to those who are with loads of trees to chop down. Thanks to their strength and ability, you’re all set to get done your heavy-weight jobs. If you can buy one of them with the proper considerations, you’ll be able to use it for years.

It means that you have to think about some factors before you buy a petrol chainsaw. These factors are very crucial in terms of usability and productivity.

But, don’t worry, we’re here with the considering cases that you should take care seriously. Well, let’s learn about them with the below topics:

Power & Weight

These two factors are very handy and should be decided before you buy your chainsaw. It’s the primary deciding factor where you’ll be using the unit in.

If you have loads of tough and heavy-duty tasks with dense and thicker trees, you should consider this petrol-powered chainsaw.

It’s because it’s as powerful as a bit weighty tool. In this issue, you should choose the more powerful engine that can fell down the thicker and larger trees.

But, you need not choose a highly powerful one if you don’t have such big tasks. Apart from these, you should consider a 2-stroke engine with an automatic chain oiling tank and a gasoline tank.

Bar & Chain

There are varieties of chain and bar of the petrol-fueled chainsaw. The length of the bar is the deciding factor what type of timber and trees the chainsaw can chop down. Such as, if you have a chainsaw with the 18-inch bar then it can cut down a 15-inch thicker tree.

Some customers use different model bars for their machine, which is very imprudent and it may damage the engine.

You always have to use the right type of bar that’s compatible with your chainsaw. It’ll not just help you to avoid an unwanted situation; it also is a great way to use your tool for an extended time.


As the chainsaws are a very risk-prone device, getting the safety gears for it with the very first priority. The issue of kickback is a very dangerous circumstance while running the tool, especially if some tough stuff on the bar.

That’s why you can overcome the issue of any possible injury using the inertia braking system to stop the run of the chain. Also, you should consider using personal protection equipment like safety trousers, safety glasses, and safety shoes.


Now, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to buy the best petrol chainsaw for yourself. Because you know all about the issue what you need to get the high-quality chainsaw according to your needs. As a result, this is no longer a tougher task to find out a suitable one for you.

Besides, you can choose from the above-reviewed list as all of them are as higher in quality as powerful. So, if you go with any one of them you’ll not be deprived because we have made the list after a large range of research with so many brands and models.

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