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Best Petrol Lawn Mower for Large Gardens in 2021


Cutting the grass on your yard just got a little easier because of lawn mowers. Instead of the traditional grass cutters where you do it manually, lawn mowers are much better because they can cut your grass evenly and you won’t even break a sweat while doing it.

A lot of people are still using the traditional grass cutters simply because they think that lawn mowers are very expensive. You can consider them as a form of investment as it helps make your grass cutting easier.

We will help you figure out how to choose the best petrol lawn mower for large gardens and we will provide a few simple suggestions on the best brands in the market right now.

5 Best Petrol Lawn Mowers

If you know what you are looking for, the next step would be to select the best brands in the market. We took our time and checked out some of the best lawn mowers that you can find in the market right now. Here are some of them:

1. Einhell GC-PM 46 S Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Einhell Petrol Lawn Mower GC-PM 46 S (1.9 Kw, Up to 1.400 m², 4-Stroke Engine with 1 Cylinder, Disengageable Rear-Wheel Drive, 9-Level Central Cutting Height Adjustment 30-80mm)
490 Reviews
Einhell Petrol Lawn Mower GC-PM 46 S (1.9 Kw, Up to 1.400 m², 4-Stroke Engine with 1 Cylinder, Disengageable Rear-Wheel Drive, 9-Level Central Cutting Height Adjustment 30-80mm)
  • The GC-PM 46 S petrol lawn mower is a robust, efficient and reliable helper for the mowing of large lawns; the petrol lawn mower is recommended for use on lawns of up to 1,400 m²
  • Its 4-stroke engine with 1 cylinder delivers 1.9 kW of power and a high torque with a speed of up to 2,900 revolutions per minute; a disengageable rear-wheel drive ensures continuous progress during operation
  • There is a central nine-level cutting height adjustment facility with settings of 30 mm to 80 mm for easy and very exact adjustment to the required cutting height; its long-lasting housing is made of powder-coated sheet steel

Einhell is one of the best brands when it comes to lawnmowers and the Einhell GC-PM 46 S Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower is one of the best one in the market. It has a 139 cc four-stroke engine with one cylinder.

It also has a central cutting height adjustment with 9 levels to allow you to make adjustments on the height of the grass. It has a height-adjustable folding handle that will allow tall and short people to use the lawnmower anytime.

This lawnmower is also recommended for lawn areas up to 1,400 square meters so it is made for large lawns. It has a cutting width of 46 cm or 18 inches and cutting speed up to 2900 rpm.

This is the perfect lawn mower for large lawns as it is not too big and not too small. It has the right cutting width along with an adjustable cutting height to help you choose how high you want to cut from your grass.

2. Webb WER18SP ‘Supreme’ Self-Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower

The Webb WER18SP Petrol Lawnmower is a steal if you are looking for a cheaper alternative as it contains the features that you need from a lawnmower for a good price. It has a steel deck and it is self-propelled with a three in one cutting system.

It has soft grip folding handles that would allow you to use it with ease. It is not too heavy and it is not too hard to manoeuvre. There is also a single lever height adjustment for the cutting. You can adjust it from 25mm to 75mm.

It is very important that you look for lawnmowers with height adjustment. Even if you have to spend more, you should only buy a brand with a height adjustment feature.

It has a 50-litre grass collection bag to help you collect the trimmed grass. Instead of picking them from the lawn, they will be stored directly to the collection bag after cutting them.

3. Murray EQ700X Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Murray EQ700X 21 Inch/53 cm Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with Briggs & Stratton 750EX Series DOV Engine Including Mulching Plug
  • 21 Inch/53 cm durable steel deck for increased protection against damage and corrosion
  • Centrally adjustable cutting height ranging from 28 mm to 92 mm in 6 positions
  • 4-in-1 functionality: Bagging, rear and side discharge and mulching

If you want something a bit more powerful and a lawn mower with better features, Murray EQ700X Self-Propelled Lawnmower is your best choice. The price is just right and it has a wide range of features that would make it easier for you to cut the grass on your garden.

It has a 5.5 HP petrol engine with a recoil start that is powerful enough to speed up the grass cutting process in your house.

With its 173 cc engine, it can breeze through the garden and cut the grass. The 4-stroke engine also allows you to use leaded and unleaded gasoline and you won’t have to mix it. It also has an speed control if you don’t want the lawn mower to move too fast.

4. Briggs & Stratton 300E Series SPRINT 410P Push Petrol Lawn Mower 41cm

SPRINT 410P Push Petrol Lawn Mower 40 cm (16 Inch), Briggs & Stratton 300E Series 125cc
  • Powered by the reliable Briggs & Stratton 300E Series engine
  • 2-in-1 cutting system: Choose between rear discharge and collecting of clippings
  • The handle bar is adjustable in three heights and can easily be folded to save precious storage space

The SPRINT 410P Petrol Hover Lawn Mower of Briggs & Stratton 300E Series is not so expensive lawnmower on the list, but it is also considered the best among the rest because it is made specifically for large gardens. It has a 4-stroke 125cc engine that can cut through your grass with ease.

It also has a cutting width of 41 cm, which makes it the widest lawn mower on this list. It is very easy to operate and very lightweight as well so it will be very easy for you to push it on the grass.

The best thing about this is that it has a strong engine so along with a lightweight, you won’t have to push too hard to cut your grass.

The features that it provides make it one of the best on the list. Although it is a bit expensive, it is definitely worth your money.

5. Hyundai HYM510SPE Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Hyundai 20'/51cm 196cc Electric-start Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower, 6 Cutting Heights, Large 70l Grass Collector, Foldable Handles, 3 Year Warranty
818 Reviews
Hyundai 20"/51cm 196cc Electric-start Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower, 6 Cutting Heights, Large 70l Grass Collector, Foldable Handles, 3 Year Warranty
  • Please refer to our terms of sale and full terms and conditions prior to purchasing
  • 508mm / 20" cutting width: Ideal for medium to large lawns
  • 196cc Hyundai 4-stroke petrol engine: Provides easy starting and low fuel consumption

Hyundai HYM510SPE Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower is one of the cheapest brands that you can buy in the market. If you are not fond of lawnmowers with a strong engine and it is fine to have something on the cheaper side, this is your best choice.

It is powered by a Hyundai 196cc four-stroke petrol engine. Compared to other lawnmowers, this is a 196cc engine, but it is strong enough to cut through the grass on your lawn. It won’t have any problems combing through your garden and cutting the long grass.

Although it only has a 41cm cutting width, it can help trim the grass in a large garden. It is ideal for small to medium-sized lawns, but it can be used for large lawns as well.

It is very lightweight and since it is not too big, it is very easy to maneuver. It has a spacious 70 litre grass collector so you can spend more time mowing and less time removing the contents of the collector.

Petrol or Electric Lawn Mower: Which one is Better?

Many people are using electric lawn mowers because they all think that this is the best choice. Well, it is more convenient as you simply need to plug it and you can use the lawn mower to the cut the grass, but there are tons of reasons why petrol lawn mowers are significantly better than electric types.


1. Petrol Lawn Mowers don’t need a Power Supply

This type of lawn mower doesn’t need any power supply because as long as it has gasoline, it will run and it can cut the grass on your lawn.

Electric lawn mowers will require you to plug it before it can be used. This is a bit of a hassle because you need a long extension so you won’t have any problems cutting the grass around the lawn.

2. Unrestricted Distance

You don’t have to worry about the distance because petrol lawn mowers don’t have any cables connected to a plug. You just put gasoline in the tank and you can start cutting the grass around your yard without any problems.

If you have a large garden, this is a better choice as it allows you to go around without having to worry about the cable.

3. Powerful Cutter

Electric lawn mowers are not as powerful as petrol lawn mowers when it comes to cutting grass and this is something that most homeowners can agree with.

If you’ve tried an electric lawn mower before and switched to a petrol lawn mower, you will surely notice the big difference. A petrol model can make a clean and proper cut and it can get the job done faster as well.

4. Parts are Stronger

One of the disadvantages of electric lawn mowers is that their parts are very easy to break. A lot of people only used their electric lawn mowers for a few months and they are already buying a replacement.

Petrol lawn mowers have longer-lasting parts and they won’t break down easily.

5. Perfect for any Weather Condition

Petrol lawn mowers can be used no matter what type of weather condition you have. Even if it is windy, raining or snowing, you won’t have any issues with its performance.

Electric lawn mowers have to be plugged in an outlet so there would be a lot of issues if you are going to use it while raining or snowing.

Petrol Lawn Mower: Buying Guide

Petrol lawn mowers are very expensive. It is more expensive than an electric lawn mower so you need to be very meticulous before you buy one. We will help you make a decision so you should follow this simple buying guide.

1. Do you need a new one?

This is the most important question that you need to ask yourself. Do you need a new petrol lawn mower? First, you need to check if your current lawn mower is not doing what it is supposed to do.

If you have an electric lawn mower and you are having a hard time using it because of its disadvantages, then it won’t be a problem to buy a petrol lawn mower, unless you’ve only bought your electric model.

The next thing to think about is the current condition of your lawn mower. Is it still usable or there are parts that you need to repair?

If you won’t spend a lot of money on the repairs, you should consider repairing the lawn mower first before you decide to buy a new one.

Lastly, check your budget. You need to have enough money to buy a new petrol lawn mower because it is very effective. If you don’t have the money yet and your current lawn mower is still usable, save money and use your old one.

2. Cutting Width

The cutting width is very important as it indicates the area that your lawn mower can cover. Most of the homeowners have a cutting width of 41 to 46 centimeters.

If you look closely, you might think that a larger width means faster grass cutting. However, there are times when it won’t be a good idea. Larger lawn mowers are harder to maneuver, especially if you don’t have a big lawn.

If you have a large garden, then getting something bigger is a good idea. Make sure that you check the size of your lawn before you decide.

3. Self-Drive or Non-Self-Drive

Lawn mower manufacturers always create a self-drive and a non-self-drive model for the same lawn mower so you need to choose which one you need.

You should only get a lawn mower with a self-drive feature unless you need it. Most people would always opt for a non-self-drive model simply because lawn mowers are not too hard to use.

The self-drive function is usually the reason why some lawn mowers don’t work properly and it is the hardest and the most expensive to repair.

4. Two-Stroke or Four-Stroke Engines

A two-stroke is cheaper, but a four-stroke engine is more convenient. With a four-stroke, you can run the lawn mower without any mixing involved. It means that you can run it with leaded or unleaded fuel.

On the other hand, a two-stroke will need some mixing so it is not convenient to use, especially if you don’t have a lot of time.


You need to be very meticulous when it comes to lawn mowers and before you commit to buy a specific type of lawn mower, you need to know how it can help you. While electric lawn mowers are cheaper, they are not as efficient as petrol lawn mowers.

You should also follow the buying guide above so you won’t make a mistake when you are looking for a lawn mower. The list of products that we provided can give you a head start if you plan to look for the best lawn mower brand.

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