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Best Petrol Pressure Washer UK 2021

best Petrol Pressure Washer

Petrol pressure washes deliver the sort of versatility and portability that we do not get from electric ones. They also afford you the option of being able to work in areas where there isn’t a power source at hand. If you need to do some serious power washing tasks, you should have a top-quality pressure washer. It’ll help you to do your individual washing tasks confidently.

Consumer models and lower prices have made it easy to available with your budget to meet your needs. However, it is important to know which one is the best. At the very least knowing what features the ones on the market have to offer you goes a long way. 

When it comes to choosing the right one for you, you should decide first which model you’ll fit you well. So, it’s time to choose from the two options of electric and petrol powered washers.

If you choose the first one, electric powered, it’s not just user-friendly, it is also cheap in price that falls within your budget.

But, if you choose the second one, petrol-powered then you’ll get a powerful unit. Unlike pressure washers that are powered by electricity, it has no limitation of mobility.

It’s because they don’t come with an electric cord, so you can do the most tasks that you have to perform and even carry them to distant places.

Also, petrol powered units have no odor and are lightweight plus very simple to maneuver. So, they’re about to clean everything that remains outside of your house. That’s why we’ll know about some top-quality pressure washers with their buying guide.

Top 5 Best Petrol Pressure Washer

1. Wilks Genuine USA TX750 Petrol Pressure Washer

Wilks-USA TX750 Petrol Power Pressure Washer 8.0HP 4 Stroke Engine 3950 psi / 272 Bar Pump Jet Wash for Patio Car Driveway & Garden with 5 Quick Connect Nozzles
  • 12 months warranty and free customer service team on hand to assist with any queries that you may occur. Our goal is to resolve any problem that might arise.
  • Easy to use, the jet washer can be stored in the trunk of the car or on your boat. Plug it into a faucet or barrel to instantly get sparkly clean with high pressure.
  • Included five attach nozzles, all with different cleaning functions; blasting, stripping, cleaning, washing and detergent application. It could help to clean almost anything.

The Wilks Genuine USA TX75o Pressure washer has gained popularity due to its unparalleled reliability. It comes with all the accessories necessary for a great performance. You can use it to clean your house, furniture and your car. The brand has been so loyal that the machine has a long life of unbeatable performance. Below is a quick review of the pressure washer.


It is very easy to carry and use as you can just pack it in your car boot. It has a powerful tap design which allows you to clean quickly and it comes with five nozzles that have different and specific cleaning functions. It also has a 210cc four-stroke engine that has incredible reliability and you may clean as long as you wish. You only need to refill. The washer has high pressure that allows it to move smoothly. It has all-terrain wheels, a powerful handle, well-balanced, and strong steel frame that delivers an incredible performance. It has a connection to the tap and has heavy-duty wheels. You do not have to spend hours moving your furniture because the hose is very long. It is 10 meters long.

  • Fuel-efficient
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Reliable
  • Loyal brand 
  • Comes with five specifically designed nozzles
  • Ultra-high peak power of 3950psi
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with all accessories
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Recoil Pull Start
  • Built-in 6lt detergent tank for stubborn marks
  • High-quality materials
  • The instructions could be a bit more clearer to those who are not quite technical
  • It is a bit heavy due to the strong steel frame


The pressure washer is quite reliable and efficient although, in order to easily assemble it, you need to be technically brave. I recommend the Wilks Genuine USA TX75o Pressure washer as it consumes less fuel and it is quite durable due to the high-quality materials.

2. Waspper W3000HA 3000 PSI Petrol Pressure Washer

WASPPER ✦ Petrol Pressure Washer 3000 PSI ✦ 196cc Petrol Engine Powered High Pressure Portable Jet Sprayer W3000HA ✦ Premium Power & Build Quality Car & Patio Cleaner
  • ✦ QUALITY FOR THE DECADES: Built to last at least 5 years longer than any electric pressure washer. That simply means less of your time spent on repairs, on returns or on choosing your second or third pressure washer. Our W3000HA model will serve you for years to come.
  • ✦ SPEND LESS TIME CLEANING: Our powerful 3000 PSI / 207bar, 196cc OHV breakthrough engine with steady 8.5 lpm flow rate and low oil shutdown mechanism provides the tremendous cleaning power and significantly reduces your time spent pressure cleaning. You will make your surfaces shine in minutes!
  • ✦ CLEANING HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER: High pressure fully metal spray gun with 40cm stainless steel extension lance. PVC hose rated at 3200 PSI / 220 bar. Quick-coupling and M22 connectors! No power cords and ultra-light construction. You can use it even in remote locations.

When you think about the issue of storage, you should choose the W3000HA of Waspper brand. It’s because this machine is compact in design, so you can keep it easily in a smaller space in your house.

Also, it’s easy to carry with you as it’s very small in size when you want to visit some remote areas out of your home.

Although it’s a petite-sized machine, it necessarily doesn’t mean that it’s weak in strength. It can flow 420 liters of water per hour with a pressure rate of 207 bars.

As a result, it’s strong enough to complete your outdoor cleaning tasks. But, it has one issue that it just has a single nozzle of 15-degree.

It was better to add a nozzle with 25 degrees to attempt to clean a surface that has painted. But, it has a great and powerful motor that runs quietly. Also, it has feet that are made with 4-rubber.

That’s why it prevents any annoying noises or vibrations. In addition, it has a rubber bumper between the frame and motor.

Besides, it runs in a cool state as its motor comes with fins that prevent excessive heating. We like its handle that has made like a trigger gun.

So, it’s easy to hold by one hand as it has a large-sized trigger, which responses very effectively. And this tiny pressure washer is as user-friendly as ready to go with as it’s pre-assembled.


  • Larger fuel capacity
  • Higher water flowing rate
  • Small & compact design
  • Lightweight with just 30.5 kg


  • Wheels are not included

3. Wilks TX850 Petrol Pressure Washer

You need to buy a premium and professional pressure washer when you like to get the powerful one. For you, Wilks presents TX625 pressure washer that has 272 bars with much power that are needed for your tasks. So, it’s enough power to clean out your outdoors like patio, concrete, and driveway.

You’ll get five different nozzles that ensure to complete the most type of jobs. To provide you water steam like laser-focus, it comes with a nozzle of 0 degree that allows accomplishing any hard job. When it comes to cleaning out a set of concrete, you’ll find a nozzle of 15 degrees that’s ideal for narrow spaces.

Apart from 0 and 15-degree nozzles, there are 25-degree and 40-degree nozzles as well. They’re suitable to clean the larger areas smoothly.

You’ll find a hose for detergent so you can spray foam on the soaked surface while you’re going to manage with its cleanout nozzle. Also, these nozzles have been made of durable ceramic.

In addition, the unit is much versatile if you like to get plugged into the water butt or mains. For example, it’s ideal to get an encampment or off-grid.

Moreover, it offers a larger cleaning radius with its 25-meter long hose. As a result, this pressure washer is tough to beat by the most models for its versatility.


  • A higher amount of pressure bars
  • Bigger water flow
  • Powerful engine with 8 HP
  • Five different nozzles


  • Comparatively heavier

4. Draper Petrol Pressure Jet Washer 2900 PSI

Draper Expert 2700 psi Petrol Pressure Washer - 186Bar - Home Car Driveway & Patio High Power Jet Wash Cleaner with Accessories
  • ⦗ 100 YEARS OF DRAPER QUALITY ⦘ Trusted by professionals and enthusiasts. You’re in good hands with a 12 month warranty and dedicated customer service team.
  • ⦗ HIGH POWER, LOW COST ⦘ Harness true power with a professional, heavy-duty pump producing 186 bar / 2700 psi. The 6.5HP 196cc engine produces higher pressure for less cost compared to other leading brands.
  • ⦗ QUICK CONNECT NOZZLES ⦘ Be ready for any cleaning task with a variety of high-performance accessories. Change nozzles in seconds and adapt to any situation.

If you’re in search of a low-priced pressure washer powered by petrol, this model is ideal for you. You’ll get a pressure washer with wonderful versatility.

Its robust motor runs with 6.5 HP, so it’s a bit of louder. The machine comes with professional grade 200 bars that allow you to accomplish the most types of tasks of your outdoors.

As the unit has 5 different nozzles, it reduces the amount of pressure. As a result, you’re not in the limit to blow up the floor or surface of your areas that you’re cleaning.

If you like to get a pre-wash, it has nozzles with low-pressure that works as a detergent soaker. Also, there is a pencil-like spraying nozzle for craning and cracking.

Also, the nozzles have been accumulated on the casing for painless access. Its trigger is not just simple to pull, it also easy to hold as it comes with a wavy grip.

Moreover, this pistol-like grip is as easy to handle as comfortable to continue working for hours. The gripper also doesn’t slip when you get your hands wet.

Despite being lower in price, this petrol-powered pressure washer brings many things for you. The first and foremost one is its powerful motor to produce more pressure. Then we can’t go without saying its versatility. So, you’ll get more benefits from it if you use it more.


  • Long Hose
  • Strong wheels
  • Pistol-like handle trigger
  • Five different nozzles


  • Noisier

5. Briggs & Stratton 020739 ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer

Briggs & Stratton 020739 ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer with Quiet Sense Technology 3200 max PSI/220 Bar - 875EXi Series 190 cc Engine
  • Briggs & Stratton 875EXi Series engine / 190cc
  • Maximum water pressure of 220 Bar with a flow rate of 612 litres per hour
  • Including 4 Quick Connect spray tips: 0°, 15°, 40°, Soap

This is another renowned and trusted brand worldwide, Briggs & Stratton presents 020739 ELITE 3200Q pressure washer that’s powered by petrol.

It’s in the medium range of price, but it’s excellent in output and reliability. If you don’t believe what we’re talking about, you can see the reviews of its users.

You’ll get a consistent and powerful engine with this machine that provides all the things that you expect from this brand. Also, there is a fully galvanized, long lasting, frame and steel trolley.

These have made it more durable. It ensures excellent affordability of completing the toughest tasks with its 3200 PSI cleaning power.

Its 6.5 HP engine runs itself with a filter and tube that have made it a very powerful machine. This is a great unit of pressure washer for personal and professional use.

You’ll find issues with this model very rare, but it is made in a trusted production house with an affordable cost.


  • Renowned brand
  • Reliable Honda engine
  • Affordable in price
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • About 40 kg in weight

Things To Consider Before Buying Petrol-Powered Pressure Washer

When you have determined the type of pressure washer, you might wonder what your next step will be. Now, you’re one step away from buying the right piece of pressure washer that you’re looking for.

But, don’t do it until you read the entire buyer’s guide up to the end. You’ll know the key points to consider before buying them. So, let’s know them below:


It’s one of the foremost things to consider before buying a pressure washer. Power is the main factor when you have the toughest things to clean using pressure-washer. That’s why petrol powered engine is better than electric power as it provides more power to make your job done effortlessly.

Typically, you’ll get a minimum of 150 bars from a petrol engine that can be up to 275 bars. It’s a large amount of power and you need it to do some hard washing tasks. It provides a higher number of powers that’s not essential to clean your floor or bike. But, having it in the extra is great if you need to work with hard-hitting.

Water Flow

You’ll get more water per hour using a petrol-powered washer than that using electric. But, there are almost similar ratings of the non-professional products and the electric-powered models. You should expect a minimum output of water 360 liters/hour and in maximum could be 600 liters/hour.

Also, some petrol-powered engines offer more water flow. So, you should have a machine that provides the highest amount of water flow if you have a large project to complete.


This is a very crucial issue to consider strongly, durability that ensures you the best return of your investment. Usually, most of the models of petrol engines are very durable and this factor has made them stand alone in the category.

But, you must be specifically confirmed that the unit you’re going to buy is durable enough. Also, there is a matter of proper maintenance that makes sure the higher durability of your petrol-powered pressure washer. This runs for years providing you better services than the electric washer.


While buying petrol engine-made power pressure, you should keep strongly in your mind its maintenance. It’s because the petrol motor needs oil changing and filters plus petrol itself to fuel the engine.

Also, don’t forget that the lines of rubber fuel may get cracked and dried out that needs checking regularly. That means if you like to work your engine for years with then regular maintenance is the vital issue.


Another significant thing to consider is the storage that’s essential to think before buying a petrol-powered unit. This is because you can’t store a petrol washer inside of your house.

You’ll have to keep the unit in your garage or in a special shed as it has the issue of fumes and there is flammable petrol. But, if you’re unable to put it in safe storage then you can consider buying other models like electric-powered.


Any of the ones that we have presented you with above will do a great job. Which one will it be? We have covered some of the key things that you should take into consideration when choosing your petrol pressure washer. You may personalise these things to suit your use case. 

We have listed some top models that have higher users’ reviews. They’re durable and strong enough to accomplish your simple to toughest tasks.

There are different price tags, so you can buy the one that matches your budget. But, one thing is vital before buying a petrol-powered unit: its storage. As petrol is a flammable thing, don’t ever underestimate it.

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