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5 Best Petrol Strimmer UK 2021

Best Petrol Strimmer

When it’s summer right around your corner, you might be looking for the best petrol strimmer for your garden.

Also, a strimmer is necessary for making an edge straightly along to your curbs and sidewalks. Or, you just need to just strengthen edges and clean up the other sides of your garden.

In all these cases, a strimmer is truly a handy tool that you should have in your collection.

There are variations on prices and features along with the models that need to consider before you buy one of them. Also, you’ll get lots of options out there that make it difficult to choose the right piece for you.

This is because we’re here to help you with this review and buying guide. So, just continue reading up to the end of the content and you’ll get all of the answers what you’re looking for.

Top 5 Best Petrol Strimmer in 2021

1. Trueshopping Professional Petrol Grass Strimmer Brushcutter

  • New Trueshopping Split Shaft Powerful Petrol Grass Trimmer Brush Cutter 2 Stroke 52cc engine
  • Engine Type: Single Cylinder Air Cooling 2-Cycle Gasoline Engine
  • Carburettor:Diaphragm Type,Rotary Valve, MIXING RATIO: PETROL 25/ OIL 1, Ignition: CDI Power: 1.4Kw

When you’re looking for an affordable petrol strimmer, this one is the solid choice for you. It’s rare to find a petrol strimmer in this price range that can meet your all needs.

It’s a specific strimmer that comes with a 52cc, 2-stroke engine with an output of 3 horsepower and 2.2KW.

The strimmer is about 7.4kg itself and has designed as bike-like handlebars and ergonomic harness.

These things help it to spread its weight evenly and ensure the strimmer as wieldy as manageable. Also, you’ll find both a string blade with twin-line and a cutting blade of 3 teeth.

As a result, it’s an extremely useful tool especially for the tough bushes, tall grass, and brush. It’ll provide you an accurate edging with its twin-line.

Its bump-feed allows you more line to feed out manual bumping on the land with the strimmer’s head.

If you like to know about the discussion about strimmer, we have to talk about its price. This is an excellent model with strong features that come within your budget.

It has a significant number of powers that strengthens the engines to perform the toughest tasks.

You’ll get these at a reasonable and price while lingering wieldy. As a result, the unit is popular to thousands of users across the world.


  • Inexpensive
  • 43cc powerful engine
  • Bike-style handlebars
  • Ergonomic harness


  • A bit heavier

2. McCulloch TrimMac Petrol Grass Trimmer 25cc

McCulloch B33 PS, Petrol Brush Cutter: 33 cc, 43cm Cutting Width, 2mm Line Diameter, Soft Start, Tap n Go Trimmer Head, Split Shaft, Adjustable Handle
  • Ideal for frequent use the B33 PS is a 33cc petrol powered split shaft brushcutter that has an power output of 0.9kW
  • Multi-tool compatible (attachments sold separately) split shaft function allows to easily convert to a trimmer and Pole Pruner
  • Easy to start Spring assisted starting system making the product easier to start with fewer pulls

McCulloch TrimMac is the next petrol strimmer in this list that’s dominating in the UK market.

Although it’s a bit costlier than some other strimmers, it offers a great output. But, if we compare with the first one in the list, the Trueshopping, this is comparatively less powerful.

This one comes with 25cc engine 2-stroke engine, unlike the Trueshopping. However, it’s designed with a loop-handle and curved trim-shaft, so it serves more easing position to work while trimming something like lawn edges and flowers bed.

Also, it has a harness of a single trap that enables you to cut down some weight to provide it much wieldy. Moreover, it’s ultra-light in weight as it has a 3.9-kg of weight, so it’s very comfortable to work with. It has a model of the split shaft that means you can use it with some other attachments.

You’ll get a nylon-string of 2cm cutter blade along with a 41cm cutting width and a metal cutting blade of 20cm. as a result, you can do some toughest tasks using this device.

There are a primer and fuel-choke to start the stimmer’s engine. The device also has a function of tap-and-go that allows you a quick refeeding.

This is why the strimmer at this cost is affordable to get some reliable and high-quality options. If you’re unable to handle the bigger and weighty strimmer then this one is for you. It’s because this is as smaller in size as you can adjust its height.


  • Smaller in size
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate trimming
  • Adjustable Height


  • Not much powerful

3. McCulloch B26PS

McCulloch B26 PS Brushcutter: STrimmer with 40 cm Working Width (Thread), Automatic Start/Stop Switch (Article Number: 00096-72.078.01)
  • Variable working width: When using the thread, the appliance has a working width of 40 cm; when using the grass blade, the working width is 20 cm
  • Powerful engine performance: With a power output of 0.75 kW and a displacement of 26 cm³, the petrol brushcutter easily cuts through densely overgrown grass
  • Simple maintenance: The air filter cap can be removed without the need for tools, significantly simplifying the maintenance process

Another strimmer from McCulloch production line, McCulloch B26PS can perform heavy-duty with its full-size.

With the compact engine of 26cc, it offers a higher amount of strength and torque. It’s somewhat taller than some other items, but it’s just 5.4-kg of weight that’s just about half of the other models.

You’ll get a handle with an adjustable height option that allows you to select your comfortable height to operate the tool.

This is an ideal device for you to get the right position for you that comes with a harness of a single trap. As a result, the unit becomes easier to use for you.

The device has soft start & purge systems of McCulloch that help you to reduce its starter cord resistance about 40%. So, it builds a breeze of the engine starting up.

This corded strimmer provides a function of tap-and-go that helps you to get easy and quick feeding by tapping on the land with the tool.

Also, you’ll find a stop switch of ‘Auto Return’ that allows you to stop & start the engine without any issue. With a cutting blade of 43cm width, it offers you a power of 0.75KW along with a 2.4mm string diameter.

Apart from these, it has a system of anti-vibration with a grass cutting blade of 20cm.


  • Lightweight & full size
  • Adjustable shaft
  • Auto-Return function
  • Soft Start system


  • Less powerful

4. Hyundai 52cc 2-Stroke Petrol Strimmer/ Brushcutter HYBC5200

f you’re looking for a powerful strimmer, Hyundai’s HYBC5200 is suitable for you. It’s as large as strong to perform the toughest tasks with a 2-stoke, 52cc engine that produces a solid output of 1.8 HP.

It might be a very expensive gardening tool, but you’ll get the most features and accessories with this unit.

Its nylon head comes with an easy refill of 2-string. So, it’s the extremely right fit for trimming grass, edging and performing some other light tasks.

These all made possible by its cutting blades of 8-tooth and 3-tooth. Also, these metal blades have made for heavy-duty work with the brush and tough tasks.

Besides, there is a system of bump-feed with a head of 2-sting that allows you an easy feeding with a simple tap on the land. Apart from this, you’ll get a cord of 2.5mm.

When it comes to the design, it’s a straight device with a design of split-shaft. So, you’ll get another type of tool with a brush cutter.

With every strimmer of Hyundai, you’ll find essential safety equipment that you need to work with. These include shoulder harness with double ergonomic, protective gloves, face mask, and earphones.

If you use the harness for your shoulder, it’ll help you to relieve some extra weight of your strimmer.

There are bicycle-like handlebars to control and make maneuvering it. It’s essential when the shaft’s height is adjustable and it allows getting a height that setup your works.​

Due to engine type of two strokes, it’ll let you mix petrol and oil and it comes with a mixing jug of these two fuels.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Premium quality strimmer
  • Heavy-duty
  • Handlebar-like handles


  • Expensive

5. Wolf Creek 58G 2-Stroke Petrol Strimmer

Wolf Creek 58G Multi-tool 58cc 2 stroke 5 in1 Long Reach Hedge Trimmer, Strimmer, Pruner Chainsaw, Brush Cutter & Extension Pole
  • Wolf Creek 58G 5 in 1 Garden Multi tool
  • Interchangeable heads (Hedge trimmer, strimmer, brush cutter, pruner and extension pole)
  • Superior performance and reliability for all your pruning / trimming / strimming needs around the garden.

inally, we have Wolf Creek, which is a heavy-duty strimmer with 58 cc, 2-stroke engine. So, if you’re looking for a hefty strimmer with powerful output, this is for you.

This 5.2-kg weight unit delivers a 3HP and 2.2KW. It has enough strength to cut the thickest and toughest brush that allows you a quick task of edging grass.

As the tool has both supplies of auto-feed and bump-feed, you can choose your suitable one from a wide string of 2.5mm.

With the design of split-shaft, it allows you to take off and add some other attachments easily. Also, you can store it up into a compact storage.

You’ll get all essential safety equipment and accessories with this tool that you need to accomplish the tasks. For example, it has a harness for your shoulder with latches of quick-release.

As a result, it’s much easy to carry and use the strimmer and you’re worry-free with a warranty of one year.

Because of having an engine of 2-stroke, the strimmer lets you mix the fuel of petrol as well as oil in a proportion of 40:1.

As a whole, Wolf Creek is a powerful and heavy-duty strimmer to get done your most gardening tasks. According to the price, it’s not a very expensive or affordable tool on this list.

With this price, you’ll get a solid return of investment with an amazingly powerful engine. It indeed offers a good strength for the price, but it needs to get some more features like Hyundai or McCulloch.


  • Powerful engine
  • Heavy-duty
  • Ergonomic harness
  • Adjustable shaft


  • A bit Heavier

What to look for the Best Petrol Strimmer?

When petrol strimmers can cut tough weeds and long grass, they’re very useful. They have more strength than that are standard electric strimmers. Also, most of them have double brush cutter that enables them to cut away woody plants like brambles.

So, if you know what you have to search for in a petrol-powered strimmer, it’ll help you to find the right tool to meet your needs.

That’s why we’re going to share some very essential things that you should consider before you purchase a petrol strimmer.


As petrol strimmers have robust engines, they have essentially more power in compare of other kinds of strimmers. The sizes of engines measure in cc that’s why if you choose the larger cc, you’ll get more powerful strimmer.

So, you like to get a powerful petrol strimmer that can meet you’re all grass cutting needs. In these cases, if you have thicker grass then you have to look for a strimmer with more than 32cc engine. It’s because something smaller will be good for less tiring maintenance.


Naturally, petrol-powered strimmers are much heavier than electric strimmers. It happens due to their high-end features and design like thick shafts and cutting blades.

Because of several manufacturers have designed petrol strimmers to make them lightweight, it’s handy for the people who struggle with massive items.

But, you’ll find the powerful with more cc petrol strimmers are very heavy. So, you have to identify the amount of your weed and grass that you have to handle. Also, you need to know the time that the tasks will need to accomplish. Thus, choose the weight of your strimmer to work with it comfortably.


It’s very important before buying a strimmer whether it’s very user-friendly or not. As petrol strimmers have an ignition engine with more components than electric strimmers, you may find petrol strimmers somewhat heavy to use. Also, thy have the versatility and feel of various garden tools.

So, petrol strimmers are heavier in design as they come with a lot of things like shaft and handlebar. As a result, you have to buy a strimmer that allows you an easy usability level.

Cutting Width

It also refers to a cutting path that’s the width of cutting of a petrol strimmer. It’ll impact on the sustainability for some specific tasks. If you choose a strimmer with a big cutting width, it’ll cut a larger area instantly.

But, smaller width cutter will take lots of time to accomplish the tasks. That’s why if you have a large area to cut then a larger cutting width strimmer is suitable for you.


There are different types of shafts in strimmer like straight, split, and curved. These have their benefits when you’ll maintain them. So, you have to think the way you’ll use a strimmer. For instance, you can cut of grass in a large area with comfort if you use curved shafts.

Although you’ll find less ease of cutting with straight shafts, they offer higher cutting strength. And when it comes to the split shafts, they’re nice to do adaptable maintenance.


From the review to buying guide, you know most things about petrol strimmers. Hopefully, you’ll be able to choose your ideal strimmer from the list according to your needs.

We have discussed in this post much about the top strimmers in the UK market, but you should know your own needs. These will make you able to get the right piece of strimmer for you.

So, if you keep some simple terms in mind, they’ll go miles for you. These include affordability, powerfulness, user-friendliness, and quality. With these terms, you’re all set to get the right fit for your requirements.

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