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Top 10 Best Pillows for Neck Pain in 2021

Best Pillows for Neck Pain

A lot of people are suffering from neck pain, especially when they are sleeping. It might be because of your position when sleeping, which is something that you cannot control, or it might be because of the pillow that you are using.

Looking for the best pillow for neck pain is a lot easier than trying to fix your position when sleeping. However, there are a lot of different brands in the market that would make it very complicated to choose the best one.

You don’t need to worry because we can help you select the best pillow for neck pain. Here is a simple list that you can consider.

10 Best Pillows for Neck Pain

We listed down our own top 10 pillows that you can buy for neck pain. We will list down its benefits to help you make the right decision.

1. Ecosafeter Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Ecosafeter Contour Memory Foam Pillow- Cervical Orthopedic Deep Sleep Neck Pillow, Prime Soft Supportive Washable Hypoallergenic Pillow Not Standard Size
  • ▲ 【New Type of Pillow】-- "Ecosafeter" Designed this pillow according to recommendations from sleep experts.Help everyone relax the cervical spine and bring deep sleep.This design is to help everyone have a wonderful night.
  • ▲ 【Eco friendly Inner & Outer Cover】-- Unlike other pillows, this pillow has a special breathable inner cover, which more effectively extends the service life of the memory foam core.The outer cover removable,washable and breathable.put the cover into the machine wash, do not wash the memory foam core, just put the core in ventilated place with no sun; Pillow is stored in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
  • ▲ 【Contour Unique Design】-- Medium firm feel, suits back, side and stomach sleepers, put your head and neck in an natural position. This pillow, with its premium high-density memory foam, the height of the pillow changes with the personal sleep position, head size/wt, overall body size/weight, shoulder width (side sleep), keeping it at the most comfortable level. Sleeping in perfect alignment, you'll breathe better.

Ecosafeter Contour Memory Foam Pillow is one of the best options when you are dealing with neck pain when sleeping. This pillow was designed based on the recommendations of sleep experts and to allow the users to relax and have a deep sleep.

It provides a contour unique design that would provide better sleep for back, stomach and side sleepers. By using this pillow, your head and neck will be in a natural position and it won’t hurt when you wake up.

This pillow is also eco-friendly and it has a dust-proof inner cover. The outer cover is removable and washable and you can even wash it in your washing machine.

This type of pillow is also safe and healthy to use because it will not become a breeding ground for germs. It has a protective barrier that would prevent germs and dust from staying in the pillow.

The Ecosafeter Contour Memory Foam Pillow has the perfect height for a pillow and it also has a medium-firm, which will provide you the maximum comfort that you need for all types of sleeping position.

Since you have no control over your position while you are sleeping, this is the best option since it will make sure that your neck will not hurt when you wake up.

2. BCOZZY Patented Travel Pillow

BCOZZY Neck Pillow for Travel Provides Double Support to The Head, Neck, and Chin in Any Sleeping Position on Flights, Car, and at Home, Comfortable Airplane Travel Pillow, Size Large, Gray
  • DOUBLE SUPPORT TO THE HEAD, NECK, AND CHIN- The Patented BCOZZY pillow is the only pillow that provides doubled support which helps relax and prevent neck pain and sore shoulders when sleeping while sitting upright in an airplane, car, or at home. Available in two sizes for adults, the Large size for neck size up to 16”, and X-Large size for neck size 16” and above, the BCOZZY travel pillow is one of the most favorite travel accessories and travel gifts.
  • 3 ERGONOMIC WAYS WITH DOUBLE SUPPORT– You can adjust the BCOZZY ergonomic pillow to your desired sleeping position and get maximum comfort. FRONT- Place the overlapping pillow arms under the chin for double chin support. SIDE - If you are a side-sleeper, fold the pillow in half, place it on the shoulder, and lean your head to the side. FRONT+ SIDE - If your head falls to the front and the side, slide the overlapping arms 90 degrees to the side and get double support to the neck and chin.
  • PERFECT BALANCE BETWEEN SOFTNESS AND FIRMNESS- Breathable fabric shell, made of cozy microfleece and cool microsuede, and filled with soft BOUNCE BACK down alternative, provide adequate comfort for the neck and head and will shape to your favorite position.

When it comes to pillows, a travel pillow will always be very important. The main job of a travel pillow is to make sure that you can sleep properly while you are sitting and to prevent neck pain.

When you are sleeping in a sitting position, all the pressure and stress would be on your neck. If you don’t have a good travel pillow, it will lead to neck pain.

BCOZZY Patented Travel Pillow is the best choice when it comes to travel pillows as it is made specifically to provide comfort when you are traveling. It can help you sleep well while sitting and provide protection to your neck.

It provides patented chin support. It has overlapping arms that will prevent the head from going forward and you can adjust it to a more comfortable place.

It can also be used in different ways and you can twist the pillow in different positions without damaging it. The flat back won’t push your head forward so you won’t wake up with neck pain.

It also comes with a built-in snap strap which would allow you to attach the travel pillow to your baggage or backpack. It is lightweight and machine washable, which makes it convenient to use.

3. Trtl Travel Pillow

trtl Travel Pillow for Neck Support- Super Soft Neck Pillow with Shoulder Support and Cozy Cushioning - Lightweight and Easy to Carry - Machine Washable - Black
  • RELAXING TRAVEL: You’re tired of going on sleepless journeys? With our Trtl Travel Pillow you’ll wake up refreshed at your destination. The patented design ensures a fantastic sleep anytime & anywhere
  • ERGONOMIC SLEEP: We have developed a neck pillow for travel that prevents head nodding and keeps your head in a better, ergonomic position. Scientifically proven to be better than a U-shaped pillow
  • UNIQUE SUPPORT SYSTEM: Hidden in the design of a scarf and comfortably padded, the internal support system ideally wraps around your neck and relieves your spine, muscles and shoulders

The Trtl Travel Pillow is one of the most unique travel pillows in the market right now. It has taken the market by storm because of its unique look and its amazing benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some of its amazing features.

The patented internal support system of this travel pillow is one of the best in the market right now. There is a support system that is hidden in the soft fleece.

The ribs can provide support to your head and neck and the soft fleece can provide a comforting feeling while you sleep. This type of pillow follows the position of your head when you are sleeping while sitting.

When you are sleeping while you are sitting, your head would tilt to one side. Some people are sleeping with their head forward, but this will surely cause neck pain right after.

With the Trtl Travel Pillow, you can sleep with your head tilted to one side and the support will make sure that you won’t suffer from neck pain when you wake up.

This is also better compared with the u-shaped travel pillow simply because your head would be fixed on a single position. Your head won’t go forward and it won’t move while you are sleeping.

Also, this is very easy to carry because it only weighs around 148 grams and it is half the size of a traditional travel pillow.

4. MARNUR Contour Memory Foam Pillow

The MARNUR Contour Memory Foam Pillow is one of the most popular on this list simply because of its unique design. This is not a travel pillow and this is the best memory foam pillow that you can use when you are sleeping in your house.

You will notice that the design itself is very unique and it is made primarily for the people who are always dealing with neck pain.

The ergonomic design provides support on your neck. There is a natural curve along with a cervical contour to help support your neck when sleeping.

There is always the wedge extension that can support your thoracic spine as well as special armrests that can help you relax your hands when you are sleeping. All in all, this is a complete pillow for neck pain.

This orthopedic pillow is also made from memory foam and it is skin-friendly and would prevent the growth of mould in the pillow.

It also has a perfect design and the shape of the pillow around the neck will fit perfectly. It is ideal for different sleeping postures. This is also the best choice for people who are always turning when they are sleeping.

This pillow will guarantee that you will always have the best sleep quality and you will have a comfortable sleep.

5. Memory Foam Neck Pillow

LUXSURE Travel Pillow Neck Pillow Memory Foam for Sleeping Comfortable Support Head Cushion Flight Pillow Special Designed Neck Chin Support for Plane & Car & Office (Grey)
1,444 Reviews
LUXSURE Travel Pillow Neck Pillow Memory Foam for Sleeping Comfortable Support Head Cushion Flight Pillow Special Designed Neck Chin Support for Plane & Car & Office (Grey)
  • GOOD VENTILATION - Made from breathable polyester, this travel pillow is so breathable that never disturb you, making your entire long-distance flight easy and enjoyable. Build in High-quality viscoelastic memory foam and soft velvet, you will experience velvet comfort after it intimately touches your skin. Enjoy flying with Luxsure pillow.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN - With an ergonomic design, this neck pillow is different from U-shaped pillows. It has a good elastic effect, like a bed pillow, when you lean on the seats of plane, car or bus, you will feel the unprecedented comfort. The plane neck pillows provide a good sleeping environment for the rest of neck.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT - The neck pillows for airplane is lightweight, just 350g. Enjoying your sleep during a long haul flight. The velvet of memory foam travel pillow can be removed for hand wash or machine wash as you like, making the pillow look clean and new.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow is a great choice if you are dealing with neck pain. The design is not too complicated and it only looks like a normal pillow.

However, it has a weird shape that would provide the protection your neck and help you prevent neck pain. Here are some of the features of this amazing neck pillow.

This pillow is extremely safe because it won’t be a breeding ground for germs and dust. It does not contain any toxic substances and it also provides a solid barrier against mould, dust mites and more. It is a safe pillow to use and it is made for adults and children.

It also features a contour wave design. It has a medium-firm and it will suit any type of sleeping position. The wave design is made to allow you to sleep properly and make sure that the neck will not be pressured when you are changing positions while sleeping. This pillow is also very easy to clean and you can wash it with your washing machine.

If you need something very simple and not too eye-catching, this is the best pillow to use. You can use it for traveling if you want, but it is not a traveling pillow.

6. Aidapt Neck Support Cushion

Aidapt Memory Foam Moulded Pressure Relief Neck Cushion Comfort and Posture, Ideal for Travel Supports the Head, Neck and Chin when Sleeping use for Plane, Train or Car Journeys Travel Pillow In Grey
  • MULTI USE: Ideal for use in the car, around the home or for travel
  • SLEEPING: Supports the Head, Neck and Chin when Sleeping
  • COMFORT: Sleep in Comfort on Planes, Trains and in Cars

We have another travel pillow on the list and it is something with a traditional design. Of course, there is a reason why it was included on the list. Aside from being very affordable, it also protects your neck, which most products don’t have.

When you look for a travel pillow, they do not usually have neck support. They only provide comfort when you are sleeping while sitting, but the neck pain problems won’t be dealt with.

This type of travel pillow has a special design that will improve the fit of the pillow on your neck and provide the ultimate comfort while traveling.

It features a firm memory foam that contains a soft velour cover. This is one of the travel pillows that you would always want to bring when you are traveling.

It is very lightweight and you can just put it anywhere on your bag. It won’t take too much space as well.

7. NOFFA Soft Medium Memory Foam Pillows

NOFFA Flat Soft Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Support, Ortopedic Pillow for Sleeping, Side Back Sleeper Pillow Soft Support Cervical (70 x 38 x 12 cm)
  • ( 1 ) Product Information: Size: 70 x 38 x 12 cm ( 27.6 x 15 x 4.7 inches ) . Weight: 1.1 kg. The soft medium pillow core is made of memory foam. The pillowcase is removable and washable.
  • ( 2 ) Zero Pressure Sleep: Memory foam can reduce the pressure to the head, neck and back of the pillow, creating a relaxed sleeping environment and bringing deep sleep. comfort gently cradle your head and neck, distributing weight and relieving pressure on sensitive areas. And neck support pillow, you'll breathe better - and snore less.
  • ( 3 ) Highly breathable: Keeps your head dry while you sleep, and makes you feel refreshed when wake up. Cool in summer and warm in winter. Pillow airflow and allows heat and moisture to escape for a more comfortable sleep.Queen size pillow with memory foam provides the best nights sleep.

The NOFFA Soft Pillows is one of the best pillows for neck pain, but its appearance is the same as any other pillow. It only looks like a normal pillow, but it provides a wide range of benefits. Here are some of the reasons why it is a good choice.

The pillow weighs around 1.1kg and the pillow core is made from latex-like foam. The pillowcase is also safe to use and it is anti-allergic and it is mite and fire-resistant.

It means that it is perfectly safe to use and you won’t have to worry about any health issues when you are using it.

This pillow also offers a zero pressure sleep because the foam can help reduce the pressure to your neck and head. The back of the pillow can also create a relaxing feeling and it will bring you deep sleep.

It is also more breathable compared with the ordinary memory foam that you can find in the market. It will help keep your head dry when you are sleeping so you will be refreshed once you wake up.

This pillow will never harden as well and it will always stay soft and fluffy.

8. Supportiback Pure Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow with CoolingGel™

𝐖𝐈𝐍𝐍𝐄𝐑 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐* Travel Pillow - Lasting Comfort Premium Memory Foam Neck Pillow for Travel - Airplane Pillow, Flight Pillow, Travel Neck Pillow, Travel Pillows for Neck, Plane Pillow
  • ✅ YOUR BEST TRAVEL SLEEP EVER, GUARANTEED: If you don’t fall in love within 100 nights (although we’re sure you will), contact us directly to return the pillow for a full refund, no questions asked. Each travel pillow also comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • ✅ COOLING-GEL FOR IMPROVED CIRCULATION: Over 25% of your blood travels to your brain through 2 arteries in the back of your neck. Using regular travel pillows can thus result in dangerous compression/covering of your blood-brain highway, chronic neck pain, and body sweat. Our Cooling-Gel layer works against this by maintaining normal neck temperature and circulation.
  • ✅ 5X MORE SUPPORT WITH SCIENTIFIC DESIGN: Our team of doctors and physiotherapists have designed our travel pillow with the scientifically optimal high-density memory foam to provide 5x more support than regular travel pillows. The u-shaped design wraps around and supports your neck and head, and keeps them properly aligned with your spine to relieve and prevent lasting neck pain.

Supportiback Pure Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow is very popular in the market because it is not too expensive and it provides a wide range of features to make sure that you won’t have to suffer from neck pain.

With this pillow, you won’t have to adjust. The pillow will adjust to you and it will allow you to find your most comfortable position while still maintaining its neck protection.

You won’t have to wake up feeling stiffness in your neck or headaches. It will cradle your neck and head and helps relieve the pressure from the most sensitive areas.

You can also sleep comfortably and free from sweat because the memory foam of this pillow will not retain heat. The Cooling-Gel layer works against this by maintaining normal neck temperature and circulation.

The u-shaped design wraps around and supports your neck and head, and keeps them properly aligned with your spine to relieve and prevent lasting neck pain.

You can bring it anywhere you want since it is not too big. It is not too heavy as well so it won’t hinder you when you are traveling.

9. Luckybacks Memory Foam Pillow

Luckybacks Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow for Cervical Support and Neck Pain Relief, Ergonomic Contour Neck Pillow for Back or Side Sleepers, Removable and Washable Cover
  • ORTHOPAEDIC DESIGN - Ergonomic contour design especially for back and side sleepers. Keeps your body in a neutral sleeping position to provide orthopedic neck support and spine alignment. Helps in the relief of neck and shoulder pain and provides comfort for a great nights’ sleep.
  • POSTURE ALIGNMENT – The contoured memory foam molds to your upper body to keep your head, neck and shoulders aligned and your airways open to aid breathing. With two heights of 11cm or 9cm the pillow will perfectly fill the gap between your head and shoulder for side sleepers or head and spine for back sleepers.
  • PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM – The pillow provides medium to soft support using high quality, slow rebound, Certipur-US certified 45D memory foam. An internal dust-proof cover ensures your pillow is protected and extends the life of the pillow while allowing air to circulate.

When you are looking for a pillow, what is the most important thing that you need to consider? You need to look for a pillow that provides head and neck support, but most of these pillows usually have a weird shape.

The Luckybacks Memory Foam Contour Pillow is a type of pillow that provides the same benefits, but it looks just like a normal pillow.

This is one of the best pillows in the market and it is the perfect choice for people who prefer to use a pillow that looks like a traditional one.

The best thing about this pillow is that it is still designed to protect your neck and prevent neck pain from occurring.

This type of pillow is made for people who love to sleep on their back and side because it can cradle your head, neck, and shoulders and make sure that you are comfortable when you are lying down.

It is also made from the best quality memory foam that includes optimized firmness.

The pillow itself is also resistant from bacteria build up so it is very safe to use. Even if you don’t wash it often, it will not retain germs and bacteria.

You don’t need to worry about anything else. You can just buy this and use it in your bedroom.

10. PON Memory Foam Contour Pillow

The last product on the list is from PON and it is one of your best options when it comes to neck pain pillows. The PON Contour Memory Foam Pillow was made primarily to provide relief from neck pain.

It provides fatigue and pain relief through its crescent-shape design. The design is made to provide protection from neck pain and to make sure that you can sleep soundly at night.

It has a distinct shape that can hold the neck and head evenly and make sure that there won’t be any stress or pressure when you are sleeping. It will evenly distribute the weight and relieve head, neck or shoulder pain when you wake up.

It is also made from the best high-density foam. The neck pillow has Visco elastic memory foam that would easily mould to your neck and head.

The pressure will help distribute the weight evenly to make sure that your head and neck will not hurt for using it the whole night.

You do not have to look for any other product if you have this because it is a complete pillow for neck pain. It provides comfort and protection and it is not very expensive as well.


Looking for the best pillow for neck pain does not have to be too complicated. There are hundreds of different pillows that you can find, but it is not too difficult to find the best one as long as you have a list such as this.

On the list above, there are 2 types of pillows that you can consider: travel pillows and memory foam pillows. For the travel pillows, the best one would be the BCOZZY Patented Travel Pillow.

It is not as cheap as the other travel pillows, but it is the best on the list. If you want something very unique, the Trtl Travel Pillow is your best choice as it provides the best support and protection.

As for the memory foam pillow, the best protection would come from MARNUR Memory Foam Pillow. The design is extremely unique because it is made exactly for neck pain. If you want to look for a pillow that looks normal, you can go for the Bedsure Memory Foam Contour Pillow.

No matter what kind of pillow you plan to use, make sure that you understand all of their features before you decide.

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