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If you are looking to build a pond in your garden then you will need a pond liner to do so. The types of pond liners that are available vary rather significantly with some being more basic than others. 

For those who are wanting to bring a pond to their garden but don’t intend to do so starting from scratch then a preformed pond liner will suit this purpose.

However, if you want to make a pond from scratch then you can get more basic pond liners which allow you to explore with your ideas and imagination. 

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Are you struggling to find the perfect pond liner for your garden? You may find yourself feeling a little uncertain in regards to the best one for you. We have done the work for you and found some of the best pond liners on the market.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to continue reading, we have selected our top pick for you below. 

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
Certikin International Ltd 2m x 3m PVC Pond Liner 0.5mm, Black
  • UV and Cold Resistant
  • Fish Safe
  • 10 Year Guarantee or 20 Year Guarantee when using Heissner underlay

Best Pond Liner – Comparison Table

Best Pond Liner – Reviews

Our Winner

Certikin International Ltd 2m x 3m PVC Pond Liner 0.5mm, Black

Certikin International Ltd 2m x 3m PVC Pond Liner 0.5mm, Black
Our rating:

For our top pick, we have selected this Certikin International Heissner PVC pond liner. This is a great option for those who intend to create their pond from scratch. It is both UV and cold resistant which are essential in a good quality pond liner, as this ensures that it is going to be durable enough to withstand damage caused by the weather.

If you intend on creating a pond that is going to be home to some fish then this is also suitable as it is fish friendly so it isn’t going to cause any harm to them.

This pond liner is tear-resistant and root resistant, again these are really good features of this pond liner because this ensures that the pond liner is going to last for a long time. You don’t have to worry about tears if placed near tougher terrain or roots growing through from the ground below.

It is a decent size at 2x3m with a thickness of 0.5mm.

Impressively, this pond liner comes with an amazing 10-year guarantee which is doubled to 20 years if you use the Heissner underlay.

  • It is a very good and affordable price.
  • It is made with PVC which is commonly known for being good quality in a pond liner.
  • As it is UV and root resistant it is strong and durable enough to withstand damage.
  • As well as being thick, it is heavy too which makes it very solid and really good quality.
  • This liner is flexible which is very beneficial as it makes it much easier to work with when creating the shape of your pond.
  • This pond liner is a rectangular shape, so if you were hoping to create a more unique pond you may find it a little difficult to cut the shape.

Bermuda Sand Pre Formed Pond 128 x 84 cm/Pond Liner

Bermuda Sand Pre Formed Pond 128 x 84 cm/Pond Liner
Our rating:

For our next pick, we have chosen the Bermuda Sand Pre Formed Pond liner. If you are looking for convenience and easy installation then this is the perfect choice for you.

Installing this pond into an area of your garden is really easy, all that you need to do is dig the correct sized hole and then put the pond liner into the ground. Follow these simple steps and then you’re all ready to go.

This pond liner has been manufactured from high-density polyethylene so it is going to be tough and durable, even against harsh surfaces or conditions.

With a 120 litre capacity, this is an ideal size for a garden pond.

This pond liner comes with an amazing 20-year guarantee so if you do find yourselves experiencing any issues within this time, you can be assured that the issues are going to be rectified.

  • It’s very convenient, you simply need to create the hole in your garden and then insert this pond liner.
  • It comes with a great 20-year guarantee so you are covered for a very lengthy amount of time.
  • Manufactured with high-density polyethylene it is good quality and very durable.
  • The inside of the pond has different levels with a shelving effect which is great for adding a variety of plants to the pond.
  • Installing this pond into your garden is easy.
  • Some customers found the pond material to be too flimsy.

Swell UK 10m x 10m Pond Liner | 25 Year Guarantee | HDPE | UV Resistant | Garden Fish Ponds

Swell UK 10m x 10m Pond Liner | 25 Year Guarantee | HDPE | UV Resistant | Garden Fish Ponds
Our rating:

Next up we have this Swell UK Pond Liner. Made from 0.35mm thick polyethylene HDPE, it is tough and durable. Usefully, it is available in different sizes too so that you can choose the best one to fit into your garden space.

It is also very versatile and flexible enough to mould into the shape of the pond that you want. With clear instructions, it is super easy to mark out and install.

With a UV resistant coating, it is protected from any sun damage which helps to prolong the life and quality of this product. Impressively this pond liner also comes with 25-year protection against UV damage so you can be reassured that your pond is going to maintain excellent quality for many years to come.

  • UV resistant with free protection too so you can be assured that your product isn’t going to lose quality or durability even when it’s exposed to the sun.
  • The different size options are great for allowing you to choose the perfect size to fit into your garden.
  • There are clear instructions displayed on the packaging of the pond liner for easy installation.
  • The polyethylene HDPE is tough and durable.
  • It is very versatile which makes it very easy to use and work with.
  • It’s a little thinner than some other pond liners that you can purchase.
  • It is a little pricier than some of the other items we have mentioned.

AQUANIQUE Pond Skins Pond Liner, 10 by 13-Feet

AQUANIQUE Pond Skins Pond Liner, 10 by 13-Feet
Our rating:

For our next pick, we have chosen this Aquanique pond liner. Created using PVC material it is lightweight and flexible to mould into your chosen pond shape. It is also durable and strong enough to endure harsher conditions and ground surfaces.

It is non-toxic and fish safe too, the design also incorporates a mesh weave so that it is resistant to punctures. This is useful if you intend on laying your pond on an uneven surface or one that is surrounded by stones.

Of course, introducing a pond to your garden is more than likely to result in algae growth which can spread quickly if it is not kept under control. However, you do not have to worry with this pond liner. The texture of the material helps to slow down this process whilst promoting the existence of beneficial bacteria.

  • The flexible material makes it much easier to mould into your chosen pond shape.
  • The material slows down the process of algae growth helping to maintain the quality of your pond for longer.
  • It is a decent size so it is versatile enough to create the size and shaped pond that you want.
  • It is durable and puncture-resistant.
  • Customers who have purchased this pond liner have noted that it maintains its quality, even over long periods of time.
  • It is a little pricey so may not be an ideal choice for those on a budget.

Pond Liner 2.5m x 2.5m (8' 2" x 8' 2") 40yr Guarantee with Free Underlay

Pond Liner 2.5m x 2.5m (8' 2' x 8' 2') 40yr Guarantee with Free Underlay
Our rating:

For our final choice, we have selected the Pond Hero Pond Liner. As a pre-cut pond liner, you can simply choose from over 59 different sizes; there is definitely going to be one available to suit the shape and size of the pond that you want to create.

Both sides of this liner have been laminated and it also has UV resistant coating. This makes it much more durable and able to withstand the rain and tears too.

When you purchase this pond liner you will receive free underlay which gives you additional protection against any possible punctures, ensuring that your pond is going to be durable enough to last for a long time without getting damaged. There is also a guarantee when you buy this pond liner so you are protected against any damage or issues as it can simply be returned and rectified.

The material of this pond liner is rot-resistant so it is going to last much longer whilst maintaining the same good quality as when you purchased it.

The instructions are clearly displayed on the packaging of this pond liner so you are given a step by step guide in regards to marking out and installing this pond liner into your garden. This makes the process stress-free and easy.

  • It is flexible and easy to mould to the shape that you want.
  • It is available in 59 different sizes so there are plenty of different options available for you to choose the right one for your garden.
  • It is UV resistant so it is going to keep its quality for a long period of time.
  • When you purchase this pond liner you receive free underlay for added protection against tears and punctures.
  • It is guaranteed for 40 years so you can be assured that once you lay this it is going to last you for many years.
  • It is a little thin so not ideal for those who are looking for a thicker pond liner.

Best Pond Liner – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a little unsure of what to look for when finding a pond liner then we have listed some of the top features for you below. Our buyer’s guide intends to help you purchase the best pond liner that is going to be suitable for you and your garden.


Pond liners are available in different sizes. Again the size that you choose is dependent on the size of the garden that you are working with. For a smaller garden, a minimal pond is going to fit in a lot better with a more compact look. For a larger garden, you have the flexibility to choose a larger sized pond.


Now plastic pond liners can come in all different shapes, the shape that you choose depends on what is going to work the best with your garden space. Some common shapes of pond liners may include round, egg-shaped, oval, rectangular or free form.

Some pond liners come in a roll with the versatility to be moulded into whatever shape you would like for your pond.

The Type of Plastic

Different types of plastic are going to fare differently against the weather. A pond liner is going to be exposed to all different weather conditions, however, the sun or warm weather is likely to cause the most damage. A pond liner with UV radiation is going to be stronger and less likely to crack, leak or become brittle. It should also be capable of stretching when the temperature changes.


The thickness of the pond liner is very important too. They are available from around 0.35mm thick to 0.75mm thick. The thicker pond liner is likely to last a little longer as they are more likely to withstand wear and tears. However, if you wanted a smaller pond in your garden then a thinner liner may suit your needs.

Material construction

Available on the market you can now get pond liners that are constructed using different materials. You may find some to be stronger and more durable than others. The first is PVC, as an inexpensive option, it is very commonly used in pond liners. It is slightly heavier than LDPE however it is a stretchy type of fabric so there is more flexibility in regards to the shape of the pond you can create.

Another common material is LDPE, which again is a popular material to be used in pond liners. This material is great for wrinkle-free, tight-fitting bases and it is also tear-resistant. EPDM is another material. This tends to be the strongest material out of all that we have mentioned. Not only is it tear and puncture-resistant it is also a lot more stretchy and flexible to give you greater versatility with how you can work with it.


You will ideally want a pond liner that is flexible so that there is more versatility to mould it to the alignment of the desired shape of your pond. A liner that is easy to manipulate into a specific shape is going to be a lot easier for you to use.


Before laying down your pond liner you will require some underlay which will add protection to whatever conditions that you pond liner might face from the ground below, such as sharp stones and also the weight of the water that it is capable of holding.


Different types of pond liners are available for a range of prices. The material and size of the pond liner are going to influence the price that it retails for. The most common types of pond liners are made from PVC or rubber which are ideal options for those wanting to start creating their pond from scratch as they are both good quality materials at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a pond liner going to last for?

Typically a PVC or rubber pond liner is going to last an average of 20 years before deteriorating in quality and needing to be replaced. A pond liner is only going to last for this length of time if you take the right steps when installing it in the first place. For example, using the correct protective underlay and then also maintaining your pond correctly for the duration of the time that it is in place. This is going to ensure that it lasts for a decent length of time.

What kind of pond liner is best?

Pond liners that are made from rubber tend to be the best option as they are a lot stronger and flexible which makes them much easier to work with. A rubber liner is also more likely to last you a lot longer too as it is less prone to tears and breaking. They also tend to be an inexpensive option too. However, you will find that PVC liners are also very popular and this is because there is a slight stretch to this material which gives you the flexibility to create the shape of the pond that you want and it is inexpensive too.

How do I maintain my pond liner?

If a pond liner is maintained correctly you will find that it will last a long time before the deterioration in quality. Failing to maintain the cleanliness of your pond liner is more than likely to result in algae growth which can spread very quickly. Ensure that you scrub the sides of the pond liner and also any rocks that are in it too as this will help to loosen any algae that are starting to grow. If you have a pond pump or filter too these should be cleaned thoroughly. Ensuring that you are following these steps will help to prolong the life of your pond.

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