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Best Pressure Washer for Patio

A pressure washer is a powerful piece of equipment that will leave your patio looking as good as new in no time.

They are great for use on many surfaces whether this is your car, decking or your patio and the high-pressure water release is great for tackling mould, grime, dirt and dust.

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If you are looking for a pressure washer for your patio we have done the hard work for you and selected our top five picks of the best pressure washers on the market considering all of their features and how well they perform to ensure that you are going to be purchasing the best quality product available.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to continue reading, we have selected our top pick for you below.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer
  • Select the ideal power setting with a simple twist and click of the lance
  • Ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as car or harder surfaces like stone and brickwork
  • The integrated suction tube allows detergent to be applied to any surface being cleaned

Best Pressure Washer for Patio – Comparison Table

Best Pressure Washer for Patio – Reviews

Our Winner

Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer

Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer
Our rating:

For our top pick, we have chosen the Kärcher K2 full control pressure washer which is perfect for cleaning delicate and hard surfaces like stone and brickwork alike.

It is easy to use and you can simply flick through the power settings to find the right one for the job you are doing. This can be done by simply clicking and twisting the lance.

This pressure washer is going to effectively clean your patio, with an integrated suction tube which allows the detergent to be applied to the surface when you are in the process of cleaning it. This ensures a more direct and thorough clean.

The powerful lance enables you to remove stubborn dirt even from hard surfaces which can sometimes be a struggle.

This whole machine can quickly be set up by connecting the high-pressure hose to the machine along with the trigger gun.

As a high-pressure hose, it is ideal for cleaning your patio as it is going to release the right level of water pressure that you require.

If storage is an issue then there is no need to worry when it comes to this pressure washer. When it is not being used all of the accessories including the trigger gun, hose and lance, can be stored neatly into designated sections of this machine. This is great for ensuring that everything is in one place and reduces the chances of the parts going missing.

  • It has 110 bars of pressure performance which is ideal for cleaning patio surfaces.
  • There is storage space for each of the different parts so that everything is kept in one place.
  • The detergent suction tube allows you to apply the product easily to the surface that you are cleaning.
  • The lance is easy to use, you simply need to twist and click it into the correct setting.
  • It is lightweight so easy to manoeuvre, especially if you need to carry it around to different areas of your patio.
  • The machine doesn’t have a built-in holder for the detergent so it often falls over which can become a little inconvenient.

Silverline 834832 1400W Pressure Washer 105bar 105bar Max UK, BLUE

Silverline 834832 1400W Pressure Washer 105bar 105bar Max UK, BLUE
Our rating:

Next up we have chosen this Silverline pressure washer. This is a great choice for any outdoor areas including your patio.

It has both a quick-connect spray bottle and an attachable detergent bottle. This makes cleaning a lot easier and much more compact as you have everything that you need available to hand.

With a 90 bar pressure performance, it is better suited to smaller patio areas but it also has a large capacity of 330-litre water flow. This makes cleaning a lot faster as it holds a decent amount of water.

The fully adjustable nozzle allows you to change from a low to high-pressure spray and it can be powered via an easy to use on and off power button.

The 5m length hose is ideal for reaching areas at a distance and it has 5m of power cables too which gives you much more give and room to work with, especially if you have a slightly larger patio as you can easily reach the areas furthest away.

  • This product has a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee so if you find yourself experiencing any issues then you can be assured that the product can be replaced.
  • The power button is displayed in orange at the front of the machine so it is very easy to use.
  • It is good value for money.
  • As a lightweight machine, it is easy to use and carry around.
  • It has a max pressure of 135 bars and 330 litres of water flow which makes cleaning fast and easy.
  • Some customers found the instructions a little unclear and the machine difficult to use.
  • The power washer is prone to making a whining noise which some people might find a little annoying.

Wilks-USA RX525 High Powered Pressure Washer -165 Bar / 2400 PSI

Wilks-USA RX525 High Powered Pressure Washer -165 Bar / 2400 PSI
Our rating:

Our next pick is this Wilks compact pressure washer. This is ideal for using on your driveways, paving, deckings and patios too.

In regards to powering this pressure washer, it can either be gravity fed or mains fed which is very convenient as you can use it wherever you are.

This is a lightweight pressure washer with wheels which make it easy to manoeuvre around your patio. The large handle means that this can easily be carried around too.

There is onboard storage for all of the parts and accessories so that everything is in one place at one time and this reduces the possibilities of any of the parts getting lost or damaged.

This pressure washer has a 135 bar maximum output which is ideal for cleaning your patio as this is the right amount of pressure that is needed. With a hose length of 5m too, it is very easy to reach any awkward areas.

  • It comes with a variety of additional accessories including 5 nozzles, adaptors, a rotary driven brush, a 5m hose, a detergent bottle and patio cleaner.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty along with free technical support too, so if you do find yourself experiencing any issues there is help available.
  • It is lightweight which makes it very easy to carry around your patio.
  • The onboard storage means that all of the parts can be kept in one place without the risk of getting damaged or lost.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Some customers have experienced issues with this pressure washer leaking.

Nilfisk C 110 bar 110.7-5 PC X-TRA Compact Pressure Washer for Basic Tasks Outdoor Cleaner with Patio Cleaning Accessory Kit, 1400 W, 240 V, Blue, 440 L/H Water Flow

Nilfisk C 110 bar 110.7-5 PC X-TRA Compact Pressure Washer for Basic Tasks Outdoor Cleaner with Patio Cleaning Accessory Kit, 1400 W, 240 V, Blue, 440 L/H Water Flow
Our rating:

Next up we have chosen this Nilfisk outdoor pressure washer. This comes with a cleaning kit that is specifically intended for patios, so this is going to enable you to achieve the maximum results from your cleaning.

With 110 bars of maximum pressure, it is ideal for handling mildly dirty surfaces effectively.

As well as being compact for easy storage it also has wheels so it is manoeuvrable and portable to transport around your garden or patio area whilst you clean.

You can either choose from the tornado or power speed nozzle. The power-speed nozzle is ideal for jobs that require a higher impact. The 5m high-pressure hose also makes it much easier to reach those stubborn areas that are a bit further away and harder to access.
The click and clean connectivity make it a lot easier to add on any additional brushes or accessories too.

This is a very good quality pressure washer that has some pretty impressive features from an aluminium pump, a lance and sprays gun. There are also storage sections assembled into this pressure washer, so you have everything that you need at hand. Impressively there is cable storage too so all of the wires and cables can be stored away safely and compactly. The nozzle features pressure regulation allowing you to choose the right setting for the task at hand.

  • The 5m hose makes it much easier to clean any awkward or stubborn areas.
  • The wheels make it nice and easy to manoeuvre around the area that you are working on.
  • The different nozzle options mean that you can choose the best one for cleaning your patio.
  • It is very compact with plenty of storage and even a handy compartment to store the leads and wires so that they don’t get damaged.
  • It is really good value for money, a great pick for those who are on a budget.
  • It is a little difficult to assemble and can take quite a long time to do so.
  • This is not as high pressure as some other ones available on the market so may not be ideal for tougher jobs that need doing.

Bosch Home and Garden 06008A7971 EasyAquatak 120 High-Pressure Washer, 1500 W, 1500 V, Green

Bosch Home and Garden 06008A7971 EasyAquatak 120 High-Pressure Washer, 1500 W, 1500 V, Green
Our rating:

We have chosen the Bosch EasyAquatak high-pressure washer as our final pick for you. This gives you an impressive 120 bar cleaning performance, just what is needed for cleaning your patio area.

With a high-pressure detergent nozzle, this helps to make cleaning a lot quicker as it easily applies the detergent to the area that you are cleaning.

The unique design of this pressure washer is both compact and portable and the broad base means that it will sit in a stable position for the duration of the time that you are cleaning.

The different push-fit connections allow for quick and easy set up so that you don’t have to spend a while getting it all ready to be used.

A nice feature of this pressure washer is that there are variable power options and rotary nozzles for areas that require some deeper cleaning. This is very handy because you can choose the correct setting to suit your patio.

The storage sections for all of the accessories ensure that everything is in one place and minimises the possibility of any parts going missing and getting damaged.

  • The robust design and base of this pressure washer account for extra stability when it is in use.
  • The high-pressure detergent nozzle ensures that the soap is applied directly to the surface that you are cleaning making the process a lot quicker.
  • Its compact size means that it is easy to store away.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Some customers found that it wasn’t as powerful as they were expecting it to be.
  • It can be a little noisy when it is being used which some customers may find off-putting.

Best Pressure Washer for Patio – Buyer’s Guide

Before purchasing your pressure washer it is important to be aware of the different features that you should be looking out for. Choosing a pressure washer with the best functions, performance and accessories is going to ensure that you have invested in a worthy product.

Below, we have listed each of the different features and functions that we would recommend you look out for before purchasing your pressure washer.

Electric or petrol powered

Different brands will create power washers which depend on different power sources. Most power washers tend to be electric as these are ideal for cleaning large areas and driveways etc. This type of pressure washer is super easy to use as it simply needs to be plugged into a power source.

Petrol powered pressure washers are most commonly used for larger gardens and are ideal if you often use your machine away from home as you aren’t dependent upon a power source. Despite being less commonly used than electric machines they are ideal if you don’t want to be tied down to power cables.


The price that pressure washers retail can vary quite a lot between the different brands. Some can be rather expensive whilst others will be more affordable. You will still be able to purchase a good quality pressure washer even if you are on a budget. The items that we have included products retail within different price ranges, some more expensive than others so that there are options available for everyone.

Hose length

The length of the hose impacts how easy the cleaning process is going to be. If you have a larger patio or some areas that are awkward to access then a pressure washer with a long hose is going to be beneficial as this allows you to continue cleaning these areas with ease. The hose length typically tends to be around 5m long so they have plenty of give.


Some pressure washers will be light-duty, some middle duty and others heavy-duty. This refers to the pressure of the water that they project so this is worth paying attention too so that you purchase the correct one for the area that you are tackling. Light-duty machines tend to be up to around 100 bars, middle duty machines around 110-130 bars which is ideal if you have a smaller patio and then heavy-duty machines of around 130+ bars. A heavy-duty machine is ideal for dealing with larger areas.

The high-pressure washers are more suitable for cleaning stubborn dirt from surfaces such as paving and concrete. When it comes to cleaning your patio you will want to opt for a medium to a heavy-duty pressure washer.

Pressure Settings

The pressure settings can differ between the machines that you purchase. Some may have standard settings whilst others may have nozzles with variable power settings so that you can choose the correct setting needed for cleaning your patio.


Again the accessories on offer will differ between the brands of pressure washers. All of them will come with a standard spray head whilst others may offer you more accessories. We have included some pressure washers above that come with additional nozzles and brushes etc.

The size and storage

If you have limited space available when it comes to storing your pressure washer then you may want to choose a more compact item that is going to consume less room. The design and shape of pressure washers tend to differ between brands. Some will be larger and more awkward to store away whilst others will be much more compact and convenient.


Some pressure washers will be easier to assemble than others. With most pressure washers, the hose will need to be connected to the pressure washer itself however this may be more difficult depending on the machine that you purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PSI on a pressure washer?

When you see the letters PSI in the description of a pressure washer it is simply referring to the pounds per square inch which measure the pressure and cleaning force that is created through the pressure washer. The PSI measurement will tell you how powerful the stream of water is.

How much PSI do I need to pressure wash my patio?

To clean your decking or the exterior of your house you will require a psi of around 1500. To pressure wash a concrete surface or a driveway you will need a psi of around 3000.

How often should I pressure wash my patio?

Pressure washing your patio helps to maintain its appearance, however, overdoing it can cause the sand joints in between the paving stones to disperse and become damaged. Therefore it is recommended that you only do it when it is necessary to do so.

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