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10 Best Pressure Washer for Car & Patio 2021


Every home needs a good pressure washer. This implement is an essential tool for cleaning stubborn dirt that had been accumulated through time and ideal for hosing down vehicles. Many homeowners found this tool a cost-effective way in cleaning up mess instead of hiring people for the job.

If you are good at following instructions, then, you should be good to own a reliable pressure washer. But how to choose the best is another problem. How good are you in finding the right item for your money?

Product Pressure  Flow rate Hose length Price
Bosch EasyAquatak 110 330 l/h 3m View on Amazon
TACLIFE 2000W 135 330 l/h 5m View on Amazon
Kärcher K4 130 420 l/h 6m View on Amazon
Kärcher K2 110 360 l/h 4m View on Amazon
Autlead 1800W 140 468 l/h 5m View on Amazon
Makita HW101 100 360 l/h 3m View on Amazon
Wilks USA TX750 272 450 l/h 10m View on Amazon
WORX WG629E.1 22 N/A 6m View on Amazon
Nilfisk C 120 440 l/h 6m View on Amazon
Ryobi RPW110B 110 450 l/h 5m View on Amazon

Top 10 Pressure Washer for Car and Patio UK

1. Bosch EasyAquatak 110 High-Pressure Washer

The Bosch EasyAquatak 110 has is as a portable machine may be capable of conducting a broad range of tasks.

This machine is a more versatile and more compact model than previous pressure washer models according to claims by the manufacturer. The Bosch EasyAquatak may be an efficient, robust, and stable space-saving cleaning solution.

This pressure washer delivers pressure going to the tune of 110 bar. This stat may make it seem like the equipment makes light work of regular outdoor cleaning tasks.

This Bosch pressure washer comes with a wide range of accessories included. The equipment may serve you for patio cleaning and cleaning your garden. It is presented as a high-pressure washer that is capable of completing more demanding cleaning tasks according to the manufacturer.

This pressure washer is simple, and it includes variable power and rotary nozzles (that may allow for deeper cleaning). The equipment may also reduce cleaning time due to its detergent nozzle.

2. BLAUPUNKT Pressure Washer

BLAUPUNKT Pressure Washer PW5200i - Aluminium Induction Pump - 135 bar 1800W High Power AC Electric Motor - Long 6m Hose - Detergent Tank - Vario Nozzle
  • POWER WASHER FOR PATIOS - Perfect for cleaning the most ground in dirt and algae from patios, decking, paths, block paving, walls, garden furniture and much more thanks to its versatile Vario Nozzle. A simple twist of the tip allows you to adjust the water jet shape from a focused point with high pressures, ideal for the most stubborn dirt - to a wide 60° fan shape with lower pressure for cleaning wide areas fast leaving the surface cleaner than it’s ever been.
  • HIGH PRESSURE WASHER - The ‘i’ series pressure washers are the best in our range and our PW5200i, with its durable AC electric 1.8KW professional brushless Aluminium induction motor delivering 135bar max pressure and a generous 7.2L/min flow rate is an excellent choice. Induction pumps are much more durable than regular copper pumps and allow you to jet wash for extended periods at high pressures - ideal for all, but especially good for commercial use and home users with large areas to clean.
  • GREAT FEATURES - A long 6 metre high pressure hose means you can work without constantly moving the machine, a telescopic handle makes for easy transport and compact storage, a detergent tank allows you to pre-treat surfaces with a variety of liquids and solutions, thermal cut-out to protect the motor and automatic pump start/stop when you pull/release the trigger.

This is a powerful pressure washer that operates on a power supply of 1600 Watts. It comes in blue, black, and grey hardened plastic finish. You can break it down into different pieces for easy storage as it comes with a quick-connect spray gun and attachable detergent bottle.

The capacity of this product is 330 liters of water flow. This will be able to generate a 90-bar working pressure. In this market, we could say that this is off the top-performing product you can buy.

The product weighs 5.8 KGS making it easy to carry around. The cable is just over 5 meters meaning that you can get some distance between you and the wall socket. This will help prevent any electrical fires. The nozzle is fully adjustable, meaning you can dictate how much water pressure you require. This will give you versatility in terms of what you can clean. The manufacturers have included a two-year warranty that should serve you well in a malfunction with the product.

3. Kärcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer

Kärcher 1.673-604.0 K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer, Yellow/Black, LARGE
  • Full control lances with iconography guide users on which pressure setting should be used where.
  • Detergent application direct from the machine, using a suction tube.
  • T150 Patio cleaner is perfect for cleaning large areas of Patio, Decking and Block paving.

The Kärcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer may also be a great addition to your cleaning tools. This equipment may help you achieve some amazing results.

Whether you intend to clean your patio, automobile, wheelie bin, fencing, garden furniture, and garden tools, etc, the new full control may help you activate the right pressure setting. This may allow you to clean optimally.

The Kärcher K4 Full Control pressure Washer includes a new cleaning system that may allow you to achieve the best possible outcome when you clean your home.

This K4 pressure washer model may also be perfect for tackling either medium-sized patios, cars and heavy-duty cleaning tasks (it may be powerful enough to deal with tough dirt).

The manufacturer claims that this pressure washer is designed with a self-dirt blaster spray lance. It also includes a vario power spray lance as well as which may make the cleaning task easier.

4. Kärcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

The Kärcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer is described by its manufacturers as a device designed for dirt removal around your home.

This equipment may be used for cleaning bicycles, cars, garden furniture, and garden tools, etc. It comes with a telescopic handle and wheels for easy mobility. The device also includes a 4m pressure hose, dirt blaster lance, and water filter.

This lance allegedly utilizes a click system to make sure the correct pressure is used for the cleaning of any type of surface. You may handle tasks like this with a simple twist of the lance. There’s an option to choose from 4 settings including Mix, Soft, Medium, and Hard.

This device comes with a T150 patio cleaner that may enable splash-free cleaning in larger areas including your patio or decking. The machine allegedly takes up to 500ml Patio and Deck detergent for the removal of stubborn algae during use.

5. Autlead Professional High-Pressure Cleaner HP02A

This Autlead High-Pressure Washer comes with a 1800W copper motor plus two strong spraying wands. This electric pressure washer offers heavy impulse up to 140 bar, and 468 L/h.

It comes with a gun head that can be reset from a straight line to a different shape entirely. Its lotus gun spouts the rotating water area to spread it out during cleaning. The Autlead Pressure Washer with 140bars may be suitable for both medium and more complicated tasks.

The device includes a PA66 outlet pipe with high pressure as well as a copper joint that is easy to insert. The outlet pipe was created with an inner layer that is explosion proof and has a PU surface layer as well. It is portrayed as an anti-impact contraption and may have the ability to handle high-pressure water flow.

This equipment comes with a full control spray gun that works with a trigger and full stop system. This pressure washer comes with a telescopic rod which is made from metal and this may make it one of the more convenient equipment for the pressure washing.

6. Makita HW101 Pressure Washer

Makita HW101 240V Pressure Washer Small,Black and Green
  • Ideal for patios, driveways, cars, bikes, decking, windows and more
  • Permanently fixed nozzle, no reason to remove
  • Adjustable Nozzle on lance for accurate cleaning

The Makita HW101 is a handy and probably compact 100 bar pressure washer. It may be ideal for use in the home for areas such as driveways, patios, cars, decking, bikes, and windows.

The device may be suitable for cleaning drains. It allegedly has stainless steel pistons as well as an aluminum pump head. This equipment claims to be double insulated with a powerful 1,300-watt electric motor and a Triplex pump.

The Makita HW101 Pressure Washer may also feature TSS, and a detergent bottle (that may allow you to apply solutions according to your cleaning task). The devices’ nozzle is allegedly permanently fixed and does not need to be removed at any point in time.

This pressure washer may be a suitable option for the cleaning of difficult to medium level dirt. It also includes a 3mtr hose and lance. It may be perfect for an owner who uses a pressure washer occasionally.

7. Wilks-USA TX750 High Powered Pressure Washer

Wilks-USA TX750 Petrol Power Pressure Washer 8.0HP 4 Stroke Engine 3950 psi / 272 Bar Pump Jet Wash for Patio Car Driveway & Garden with 5 Quick Connect Nozzles
  • 12 months warranty and free customer service team on hand to assist with any queries that you may occur. Our goal is to resolve any problem that might arise.
  • Easy to use, the jet washer can be stored in the trunk of the car or on your boat. Plug it into a faucet or barrel to instantly get sparkly clean with high pressure.
  • Included five attach nozzles, all with different cleaning functions; blasting, stripping, cleaning, washing and detergent application. It could help to clean almost anything.

The Wilks-USA TX750 Pressure Washer allegedly creates high pressure. It may be a compact and durable machine. Its onboard storage is complemented with a telescopic handle and travel wheels for easy movement. The device may be also be described as a lightweight machine at 16kg. It produces 2400 PSI.

The Wilks-USA TX750 Pressure Washer claims to be created with a superior design that may allow it to outperform similar medium-weight units in terms of pressure output.

The machine may offer a maximum pressure of 2400 PSI / 272 bar. It also includes an 8-meter hose and 5-meter power cable with a 450 liters per hour water flow rate. The equipment may provide a 2400wat indication motor and 50°C maximum water temperature.

All accessories may be found in this equipment may with a 1-liter detergent tank and a standard UK 3 pin plug.

8. WORX WG629E.1 18V 20V MAX Cordless HYDROSHOT Portable Pressure Cleaner

WORX WG629E.1 18V 20V MAX Cordless HYDROSHOT Portable Pressure Cleaner with 2.0Ah battery
  • Portable water and cleaning device: eliminates need of bulky hoses and cords
  • 2.0Ah battery with 3-4 times more pressure than garden hose & Nozzle
  • Adjustable Pressure settings: 0°, 25°, 40°, shower, mist with charging time 5 hours and general working upto 30 mins (usage under test conditions)

The WORX WG629E.1 runs on a power share battery. It draws water from any source including buckets, ponds, and bottles, etc.

It may be perfect for countless applications your home including cleaning your bikes, decks, windows, patios, gutters, garden tools, and outdoor furniture.

The equipment provides 320 PSI (22bar) water pressure. It comes with multiple pressure settings control. It also includes rotating heads that allow for switching from mist to pulsating sprayer.

The WG619E.1 includes a 20V power share battery that may be used to power your WORX 20V tools.

This equipment is easy to use a device with straightforward settings. It may be capable of producing enough power for any type of cleaning tasks from medium dirt to more complex dirt.

9. Nilfisk C 120 Bar Pressure Washer for Patio & Car cleaning kit

Nilfisk C 120 bar 120.7-6 PCA UK Compact Pressure Washer for Basic Tasks Outdoor Cleaner with Patio & Car Cleaning Accessories, 1400 W, 240 V, Blue, 9 kg
  • Powerful, Lightweight Pressure Washer: This 120 bar max pressure washer handles mildly dirty surfaces up to 30 m2 per hour. Rated power is 1.4 kW
  • Compact, Manoeuverable Size: Included trolley wheels make this portable and easy to stow and store in your house or garage
  • Ideal for Many Home Cleaning Purposes: Use on auto, patio, grills, outdoor furniture and a variety of surfaces such as wood decking, tile, stone, metal and more

The Nilfisk C is a lightweight machine that is compact and easy to handle. The device offers maximum pressure enough to handle both lights to moderate or dirty surfaces.

It allegedly comes with an automatic start/stop system and an aluminum pump. This product may be used for cleaning small to a medium patio, a fence or other surfaces.

The Nilfisk C may be handy for car, or bike washing. It may offer convenient nozzles, lance and spray handle.

This model includes additional accessories including a compact patio cleaner, a fixed short brush. The device may be perfect for delicate surfaces or mild stains.

This equipment includes a handy trolley. It has a compact design when it comes to portability making it a good choice for regular cleaning tasks. It offers 120 bars with 440 liters. The device includes a water bottle and Tornado nozzles.

10. Ryobi RPW110B Powerful Compact Pressure Washer

Ryobi RPW110B Pressure Washer, 1500 W, Amazon Exclusive
  • High-performance 1500W motor delivers a max pressure of 110 BAR and max flow of 360L/H
  • Extremely compact design with integrated carrying handle
  • On-board storage for hose, trigger gun, and spray wand

The Ryobi RPW110B is a device designed to provide high pressure. It is a compact and durable machine. The devices’ onboard storage system is complemented with a handle and travel wheels for easy mobility.

This equipment may be a lightweight unit at 5.1kg yet it allegedly produces a respectable 1950 PSI which may be an amazing offer from a metal pressure washer. This feature may allow the equipment to provide more consistent, pressure during cleaning tasks.

The Ryobi RPW110B Powerful Compact Pressure Washer may be one of the devices with a superior design. It can outperform several other lightweight pressure washers when you consider its pressure output or PSI.

The 1500wat motor may deliver enough power needed to cut down your cleaning time. The device is made with top-notch copper wound brush-less motors that may allow it to be reliable.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Pressure Washer

1. Engine Type and Size

The engine type and size are highly essential when it comes to choosing a pressure washer. The more powerful the pressure washers’ engine is, the greater its PSI and GPM will be.

The engine power is usually measured in Horse Power (HP). Depending on what you intend to use the machine for you can decide the type of engine and the size (measured in HP) of the engine you want when looking at making a purchase.

2. Water Flow Rate

The water flow rate is the volume of water produced by the pressure washer when used. It is typically measured in GMP (gallons per minute). The water volume can also contribute to the cleaning force produced by the equipment.

Depending on the task you are using the equipment for the water flow rate can defer because the pressure can determine how the task will be handled.

3. Pressure (bar)

The pressure bar is the amount of pressure generated by the pressure washer when used. It is also known as PSI. That is the pressure generated is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch). It is important to point out that pressure contributes to the force exacted during cleaning with a pressure washer. Hence, the higher the pressure bar the better or faster your task will be completed. 1 bar = 14.5 PSI

4. Accessories

Accessories are an essential part of every equipment. Without accessories, a pressure washer is useless. Without the right accessories, a pressure washer would be like having a drill with no drill bits. So, you must check the accessories before making a choice on buying a pressure washer. Some of these accessories include surface cleaners, turbo nozzles, soap dispensers, one-touch adjustable accessories and extension accessories, etc.

5. For Car Cleaning

If you are looking to buy a pressure washer for car cleaning, you must understand that a pressure washer if used wrongly for cleaning an automobile can damage your car paint.

Hence, the machine you will acquire must produce less power. For example, if it’s a gas-powered machine, then the HP has to be low. You have to watch the water flow rate of the machine must. You also have to decide between acquiring an electric pressure washer (which typically produces less power) and a gas-powered machine.

Portability is also another consideration here. Remember that using a pressure washer to clean your car must be done with care to avoid damaging your vehicle paint.

Using a pressure washer for your car cleaning tasks is a lot easier than performing hand washing. The machine even uses less water compared to what a hosepipe requires. For your car cleaning:

  • Long hose
  • Wheels
  • Jet nozzle settings
  • Foamer bottle

6. For Patio Cleaning

When looking to buy a pressure washer for patio cleaning you have to consider the type of machine. Is it electric or gas powered?

Definitely, a gas-powered machine will produce more power and PSI hence it is more ideal for tasks like patio cleaning. You’ll also consider the engines Horse Power.

Remember the HP of an engine is the capacity of the engine. How much power it can produce. Hence, HP is an important consideration here.

Portability is also very important here as well. The ease at which the machine can be moved during tasks can determine how portable it will be and how fast and efficient it will help you complete the task.

When shopping for a pressure washer for patio cleaning, search for one that can easily be wheeled around from one place to another. For cleaning:

  • Long hose
  • Portable
  • Wheels
  • Power

7. For Light Use

An electric powered pressure washer is the preferred option for light use. The speed and strength produced by an electric pressure washer are less than what a gas powered machine produces most.

The electric is quieter and produces less power. It is good for cleaning small areas or light use. Hence the ideal choice for light use is the electric pressure washer.

The water flow rate and the type of water whether hot or cold is essential here. The water volume can also contribute to the cleaning force produced by the equipment. Cold water typically requires more pressure from the equipment while hot water needs less pressure. The more portable the equipment is, the easier it will be to use it for light tasks.

Pressure Washer Q&A

How Much Pressure (bar) Do I Need?

The amount of PSI or bar you will need will depend on the nature of the task you are using the pressure washer for. PSI stands for ‘pounds per square inch’. Typically, PSI is the energy at which the water hits the surface you are using the machine to clean. So, the bar you’ll need will depend on the nature of the task you intend using the equipment to handle.

What Power Pressure Washer Do I Need?

Normally pressure washers come in regular petrol and diesel run engines or electric motors. Each option offers a different level. Electric motors are measured in kilowatts (kW) while regular engines are measured in HP. 1 kW = 1.341 horsepower. Going by this calculation you’ll be able to determine the power press washer you need that will meet your needs.

Does a Pressure Washer Need Water to Start?

The answer is yes. Your pressure washer needs water circulating through before it can start. For example, if the engine of your pressure washer is running fine and you’ve run the pressure washer engine without water running through it, this can damage the Pump. This equipment needs water circulating through it before it can run. If you fail to do this, you’ll damage it.

Does Pressure Washing Damage Roof, Tiles /Concrete or Remove Oil Stains?

A pressure washer can damage roof tiles. Although it can be effective against stains on concrete and it can also help remove oil stains. However, it is essential to point out that, when making a decision you must understand that you need to buy equipment that fits your application.

Remember that there are many types of pressure washers to choose from. Including low-end equipment to extremely powerful machines. Before buying a pressure washer you need to ask yourself questions like: “How will I use the pressure washer?” “How regular will I use the pressure washer?”

Does a Pressure Washer Pumps Need Oil?

The answer to this question is yes. Pressure washer pumps need oil to run. Just as regular motor engines need engine oil to operate optimally, pressure washer pumps also need oil.

There are special types of engine oil created for the purpose of running a pressure washer pump. Running your pressure washer’s pump with clean oil is the best way to ensure it lasts long.

The pump is the most important part of the pressure washer so it must be oiled from time to time because the equipment runs at high temperatures.


Pressure washers may help you remove engine oil stains and more critical stains from your automobile. Make sure you consider the features and specifications listed above before making a choice.

There are multiple options that may be able to serve you well. For the purpose of safety, it is essential to point out that about 6,057 people ended in the emergency room as a result of injuries relating to pressure-washer usage in 2014. This highlights the importance of safety when using the equipment.

The velocity of the water that comes from the equipment can tear through the human skin and cause tissue damage.

Finally, for safety purposes, it is recommended that you use hearing protection when working with a washer unit. We wish you the best as you go ahead to make your choice with the suggestions given here.