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A torch can serve many purposes, whether this be navigating you through an evening walk on those darker nights, providing you with light in case of emergencies such as a power cut, or guiding you through the night on a family holiday or camping trip.

Whatever it may be, a rechargeable torch is a great option as it saves you the hassle of constantly having to find new batteries when the current ones run out.

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With a rechargeable torch, you simply just need to recharge it (or the batteries) after you have used it so that it is ready for the next time that it is needed.

Different light modes, lumen power and adjustable focus are just some of the features to consider before making your purchase.

If you’re struggling to find the best rechargeable torch, then don’t worry as below we shine the light on some of the best picks that are currently on the market.

 In a hurry then? Not to worry as we’ve selected our best pick for you below.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

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Best Rechargeable Torch – Comparison Table

Best Rechargeable Torch – Reviews

Our Winner

Our rating:

Our top pick is the Letion Led rechargeable torch, a must have for all your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. This torch comes with 1500 lumens power which can scan strongly within 500m and it is a brighter beam than what you would typically find in a torch.

Impressively it also comes with 5 different lighting modes giving you the best user experience and providing you with all of the options that you could need. These modes include zoom, high, medium, low, stroboscopy and SOS emergency.

The adjustable focus allows you to choose a broad coverage beam or a focussed spotlight – making it perfect for a variety of situations.

This torch comes with two rechargeable batteries giving you eight hours of light. On high modes this torch lasts for six hours and on SOS mode it can last for 16 hours and it doesn’t overheat.

It’s also compact and easy to carry thanks to the waist strap, and comes with a metal clip so you can attach it to your bag when not in use.

  • The indicator lights tell you when the battery is fully charged and when it is in need of charging so you can be prepared before you use it.
  • It retails at an affordable price, great for those who don’t want to spend a lot on their torch.
  • Reviews show that customers found the distance in which the light of the torch can reach to be very impressive.
  • It is easy to use and has an anti slip texture on the handle to stop it from slipping out of your hands.
  • It can take a while to charge before use.

Aomees Hand Torches (2 Pack Torch)

Aomees Hand Torches (2 Pack Torch)
Our rating:

This LED torch comes in a pack of two and comes with four different lighting modes. These include high, low, SOS and stroboscopy.

Thanks to its ultrabright technology, this torch allows you to view objects up to 100 meters away.

It is made of waterproof material, making it great for those outdoor activities. A neat little feature is the battery life indicator.

This torch also comes with an adjustable focus feature allowing you to easily change between two options. A floodlight for large area illumination or a spotlight which focuses on long range observation.

  • The illuminated switch is great for when you are using this torch in the dark as you can easily see the power button.
  • It is good value for money at an affordable price.
  • Their lightweight and compact build means that they can easily fit inside your pocket when you aren’t using it.
  • Reviews show that customers found the battery life to be long lasting and having two is useful, as it allows you to alternate between the two if one loses charge in the middle of your activity or journey.
  • Some customers experienced difficulties with charging these torches and found that they took a while to reach their full charge capacity.
  • The beam isn’t very strong, so it is worth considering what your main uses are for this torch before you purchase to ensure that it caters to your needs.

Winzwon Rechargeable LED Torch Super Bright LED Flashlight for Camping, Hiking, Fishing(Battery Included)

Winzwon Rechargeable LED Torch Super Bright LED Flashlight for Camping, Hiking, Fishing(Battery Included)
Our rating:

If you’re looking for a torch for your camping, hiking, fishing trips or simply one just to keep at home in case of an emergency, then this torch is a great pick for you.

It comes with a 18650 battery which can be conveniently charged using a USB cable through the power supply from a laptop, car charger or power bank. Usefully, the indicators will inform you on when the battery is low on charge.

This super bright torch also features four different lighting modes, high, low, strobe and SOS lighting. It provides a bright circle of the area ahead of you and can pick up objects 60 feet in the distance.

Like the others, it features an adjustable focus allowing for both small or larger areas of light.

One thing we love about this torch is its 45 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty. The company has a strict 100% satisfaction guarantee after sales service.

  • Designed with a durable aluminum and shock resistant body, this is a great option for heavy handling on your outdoor trips and is easy to grip without the fear of dropping it.
  • Reviews show that many customers found the beam of this torch to be extremely bright and impressive.
  • It’s lightweight, making it easy to carry around.
  • Pressing the button allows you to easily switch between the different light functions.
  • The indicator lights on this torch can be misleading as they sometimes tend to display a green light even when it is almost low on charge.
  • Some customers found the button to be a hassle,because in order to turn the torch off you have to switch through the different light modes first before you get to this option.

LE Rechargeable Camping Lantern, 1000 Lumen Bright LED Torch, 5 Modes Outdoor Searchlight with 3600mAh Power Bank, Portable Work Light for Hiking, Fishing, Power Cuts, Emergency and More

LE Rechargeable Camping Lantern, 1000 Lumen Bright LED Torch, 5 Modes Outdoor Searchlight with 3600mAh Power Bank, Portable Work Light for Hiking, Fishing, Power Cuts, Emergency and More
Our rating:

Next up is the LE rechargeable camping lantern, a great option if you’re looking for something slightly more sturdy. This is a great option for your outdoor activities and is weather resistant so you can use it regardless of the season.

It is a highly powerful torch giving out brightness of 1000 lumen with a long illumination distance of 500m. This is great for those outdoor activities in the dark or for emergencies which require a bright light.

This torch can be charged via a USB cable and the blue indicators at the bottom of the torch tell you how much charge it has left on it.

Impressively this torch can also act as a powerbank to charge your mobile phone, super convenient for those journeys when you haven’t got your phone charger with you.

Unlike most torches, this one is actually 3 in 1. It comes with the standard front facing light, and also 2 lights on either site.

The front torch displays full brightness and low brightness, the left side displays full brightness and half brightness whilst the right side displays a red light.

These options are great for satisfying those with different needs and uses for this torch.

  • Considering this torch is bigger in size, it is still relatively lightweight and comes with a shoulder strap and comfortable handle to make it easier for you to carry around.
  • It doesn’t come with an expensive price tag and retails for an affordable price.
  • Customers found the beam and spread of the light to be effective and powerful.
  • The red light on the side of the torch is useful in the event of an emergency as it’s bright beam will be effective in capturing the attention of passersby.
  • Some customers felt that it didn’t hold its battery for as long as they were expecting it too.


Our rating:

Finally we have chosen the high power rechargeable torch by Binwo.

This torch is BRIGHT! It features L2 LED’s, which are much stronger than standard T6 bulbs. The use of LED means that it has an operational life of over 100,000 hours and can provide light up to 250 meters away.

This torch is easily charged through a USB charger which will also automatically stop charging when the battery has reached its full charge (great for preserving the battery life).

It is made from waterproof, anti-abrasive and skid-proof materials, making it great for all of your harsh outdoor needs.

Like most of the others on this list, it comes with five different lighting modes; high, medium, low, SOS and strobe. The adjustable focus also allows you to choose a narrow beam or a wider beam.

  • This torch comes with an impressive 2500 lumens which means it has a good bright beam.
  • It is sturdily designed and the size makes it a compact and easy option to carry around in your pocket if needed.
  • It comes with a long lasting battery life and can go a long time in use without needing to be charged.
  • Reviews show that customers were impressed by the quality of this torch.
  • It is slightly more expensive than some that you will find on the market, however it still has an affordable price tag.
  • Some customers experienced difficulties in regards to charging this torch.

Best Rechargeable Torch – Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a rechargeable torch it is important to consider what it is going to be used for to ensure that it has the right features for you.

There are a number of factors that you can consider to help you decide on the best torch for you, we have listed a few below.


There are a ton of different size torches on the market today, so it’s important you understand exactly how you will be using yours.

Do you require something small and portable for lighting walkway paths, or do you require something a little larger to illuminate a campsite?

When determining what size you need, keep in mind that size doesn’t always equal power. Thanks to modern technology, small LED torches are just as powerful as larger bulb based ones.

Light distance

Different torches have different capabilities in regards to what distance the beam of the light is able to reach and this tends to be measured in lumen power.

The greater the amount of lumens the further into the distance the beam is likely to reach.

Light Modes

Almost all torches will come with at least four different light modes, these include high and low light, strobe light and SOS light in case of emergencies.

You may find that some offer more options but almost all will come with these modes.

Adjustable focus

An adjustable focus pretty much does what it says on the tin – allows you to focus the beam of light. If you require a small intense beam then the focus will be narrow, or if you require to illuminate a larger area then the focus will be broad.

While almost all torches have this feature, some will have a larger range of focus, so ensure you check that before you buy.

Weather Durability

If you are going to be using the torch mainly outdoors (which is probable), then you should look for one that is at least water resistant, if not waterproof.

Even if you don’t plan on using it for activities near water, then it is still advisable as adverse weather can cause it to malfunction.

Charge indicators

With a rechargeable torch, it is extremely handy to purchase one that comes with charging indicators.

These simply tell you whether the battery is full or whether it needs charging. Some torches will display exactly how much charge is remaining.

Not only will these help you when you’re actually using the torch, but also help you plan ahead. The ones with remaining indicators are also helpful in maintaining good battery life – you don’t want to keep overcharging if there’s plenty left.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are most torches made with LED technology?

Before LED, most torches used bulbs. However LED technology is way more energy efficient allowing both strong beams and longer battery life. They also tend to have a much longer lifespan than bulbs, simply because they aren’t reliant on flimsy filament. It’s not unusual for an LED torch to last upward of 50,000 hours.

Do rechargeable torches last longer than battery operated torches?

The technology for both rechargeable and battery is essentially the same. Some torches in our list are simply battery torches that are rechargeable.

The major advantage of a rechargeable torch is that you don’t need to keep replacing the batteries. If anything it’s just more convenient and cheaper.

How many lumens do I need in a torch?

The higher the amount of lumens a torch has, the brighter the light that it will project.

An average torch will be around 50 lumens, whilst other much stronger ones can be around 1,000 lumens. However, a torch that has around 100-150 lumens is likely to be more than capable of catering to most normal uses.

Are rechargeable torches expensive?

As with most products on the market, torches can vary in price.

However, we’ve included those in our guide above that cater to different budgets; some slightly more expensive than others.

You will find that most torches, even the most basic ones will come with all the necessary features that you need, however those that are more expensive may be slightly more advanced and may offer more lighting modes than others.

What should I consider before purchasing a rechargeable torch?

First it is important to consider what it is that you are likely to be using the torch for the most. Considering the size is important in regards to the practicality of a torch, if you are going to be using it mainly for outdoor activities then a smaller size torch is likely to be more practical and easier for you to carry around.

Also consider the weight of a torch as some will be heavier than others, therefore if you are using a torch for a long journey or walk then you may find a heavier one harder to carry around with you.

An important factor in regards to a rechargeable torch is how long the battery life is, the longer the battery life the more effective it is likely to be for you as it does not require you to stop and keep charging it throughout the day.

Also consider the brightness, different torches come with different lumens so some will be more powerful with a brighter beam than others.

All of these points are covered above in our buyers guide.

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