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What is the Best Robot Lawn Mower in 2021?


Lawnmowers have adopted robotics technology and it is one of the best things that you will have in your house. Just imagine a lawnmower doing the job without supervision?

It is great and very convenient, but what’s the catch? If a lawnmower can automatically do what you are supposed to be done manually, then it will surely be very expensive.

However, this is not a concern for very busy people. If they want to keep their lawns tidy at all times, investing in something like this is the right thing.

If you are considering a robot lawnmower, there are a few things that you need to know about this.

Robot Lawn Mower – How Does it Work?

Before you buy a robot lawnmower, you should first understand how it works so you won’t be clueless about how it can help you.

Robot lawnmowers are very easy to use and they don’t require direct supervision. These lawnmowers can work 24/7 on your lawn and they will continue doing it until you decide to stop it.

The first thing that you need to do is set up a perimeter for the robot lawnmower. You have to put a wire around the area that you want to mow as it will serve as the border. The lawnmower will consider the wire as the border and it won’t go past it when mowing.

After this, the next step is to set up a mowing schedule based on your needs. You can decide to let it mow the lawn for 8 hours or you can decide to let it work 24/7. The choice is yours and you have the freedom to set the schedule.

A robot lawnmower runs through a battery and it can be recharged. The thing is that you won’t have to charge it manually. The robot lawnmower is often programmed to return to the charging station when the battery is low.

All you have to do is to leave the charging station within the perimeter that you set and the lawnmower will return every time the battery is low. You will have to make sure that the charging station is plugged into an electric source.

Once it’s done, the lawnmower will do what is supposed to do without any human intervention. Pretty amazing, right?

The Benefits of a Robot Lawnmower

Now that you have an idea of how a robot lawnmower works, the next thing that you need to know is the benefits that it can provide.

They are very expensive so you have to know the things that you can get in exchange for your money. Here are some of them.

1. Convenience

This is something that we always wanted when it comes to our lawns. No one wants to cut the grass of their lawns manually twice a month. Most people would ignore their lawns as it takes a lot of time to cut the grass.

With a robot lawnmower, cutting the grass of your lawn will happen in just a few minutes. You just need to set up the perimeter and program the lawnmower and you can just let it do what it needs to do.

You can watch a movie, go out with your family or take a nap while the lawnmower is cutting the grass. This is the most convenient type of lawnmower in the market right now.

2. A Healthier Lawn

Most of you are probably wondering how a robot lawnmower can make your lawn healthy. This is related to how the lawnmower cuts the grass.

For a regular lawnmower, you set the cutting height of the lawnmower and it will cut the grass exactly how you set it. If you have tall bushes or grass in your lawn, you will see that the grass is not finely chopped.

Robot lawnmowers can cut chop the grass finely. You don’t need to fertilize your lawn because the grass itself will serve as the fertilizer.

The best thing about this is that the grass is chopped finely so no one would notice that you did not take out the grass after cutting.

3. Robot Lawnmowers are Safer to Use

It makes perfect sense because you don’t need to do anything while it is working. You will not have any interaction with the lawnmower once it starts cutting the grass unless there are problems on the actual lawnmower.

With a traditional lawnmower, there are risks involved. Well, it uses blades to cut the grass so it is not as safe as you think it is.

There have been a couple of accidents related to the use of lawnmowers. With a robot lawnmower, this kind of problem can be reduced.

4. Low Maintenance

This is not something you expected, right? Most of you think that robot lawnmowers require frequent maintenance.

The only thing that you have to worry about is the blades. They have to be replaced at least once per year and they are very inexpensive as well. If you are using the lawnmower often, you might need to replace it twice every year.

You don’t need to change the oil or filters and you do not have to bring it to a service centre often unless there are problems with its performance.

As for the batteries, it can last for 500 charge cycles so it replacing it will depend on the frequency of usage of your lawnmower.

5. No Need to Dispose Grass Cuttings

When we said that you don’t need to do anything aside from setting up the schedule, we mean it. You don’t even need to dispose of grass cuttings because the lawnmower will cut them into extremely small pieces that you won’t even notice that they are in your lawn. They will serve as fertilizer so you can save money from this.

6. More Time for Your Family

This type of lawnmower allows you to spend your weekends for the family. You don’t need to think about the appearance of your lawn because the robot lawnmower will handle everything for you. You can just sit back, relax and stay with your family.

Top 5 Best Robot Lawn mowers

Since you already know the different benefits that robot lawnmowers can provide, we will provide you some of the top products in the market right now. Let’s check them out.

1. Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower

The third on the list comes from Flymo, which is also known as one of the most popular manufacturers of lawnmowers in the market.

Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower Up to 400 sq m, 18 V
  • 18 v 1.6 Ah Lithium-ion Battery. Maximum incline within the working area: 14 °, Cutting width: 17 cm, Cutting height max: 50 mm, Cutting height: min: 20 mm.
  • Working area 400 m2 +/- 20%
  • Area Capacity 30 m2/hr

It has a working area of 400 square meters, which is pretty much the same as the other brands with the same price.

The price of Flymo 1200 R Robotic Lawnmower is not too high, which makes it a popular choice for homeowners.

It also features an irregular navigation system and an automatic charging system. It also has collision sensors so it can easily detect boundary wires.

If you are looking for an affordable robot lawnmower, this is the best choice that you have right now. Although it is not as stylish and powerful as the other brands, it is capable of providing automated mowing for your lawns.

2. Mcculloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower

The Mcculloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower is one of the top choices when it comes to robot lawnmowers because it is made precisely for your huge loans. It is made for gardens with a size of 1000 square meters.

Mcculloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower 18 V, Up to 1000 m sq
  • Ideal for gardens up to 1000 sq m, the ROB R1000 is a fully automatic robotic lawnmower
  • Easy to install and program
  • When the battery is low, ROB finds its way back to the docking station to recharge

It is also a fully automated robot lawnmower so everything would be completed by the lawnmower without human intervention.

Once the battery runs out, it will return to the charging station and it will go back and finish its job once it is done charging.

It also features a cutting of 20 to 50 mm, which is good enough for most lawns. Since you can cut your grass continuously, you won’t have any issues about your lawn.

3. Yard Force AMIRO 400 Robotic Lawnmower

[img_products1 img_code=”71qXJaffnXL” alt=”Yard Force AMIRO 400i Robotic Lawnmower ” code=”B07KX6NW13″ reviews=”View on Amazon”]

The Yard Force AMIRO 400 Robotic Lawnmower is very popular simply because it is the cheapest among all the brands and models mentioned in this article. However, it does not mean that the features are not comparable.

Even if the price is very cheap, it provides a wide range of features that would amaze you. It has a 400 square meter working area and it is perfect for gardens in the city.

It also features the most advanced technology when it comes to robotic mowing and it contains a 20V Samsung battery.

It also has a cutting width of 16cm and it is adjustable to three cutting heights from 20 to 55 mm. This model will also charge automatically.

When the battery runs out, it will go back to the charging station and it will continue its work once the battery is full.

4. Gardena Smart SILENO Life Set, Robotic Lawnmower

[img_products1 img_code=”81Qfzbrxe5L” alt=”Gardena SILENO City: Robotic LawnMower ” code=”B07P15YL9S” reviews=”View on Amazon”]

Have you seen the movie Tron? The design of the Gardena Smart SILENO Life Set, Robotic Lawnmower is almost the same with the Tron bike.

It is very futuristic and the appearance is extremely stylish. If you care about style, this is a great choice for you. It is a bit expensive compared with others, but its capability and features are nothing short of amazing.

This robotic lawnmower provides a fully automated solution. It has a smart application that will allow you to control the functions of the lawnmower with your fingertips.

It can mow a lawn with a maximum size of 750 square meters so even if you have a big lawn, it will be able to complete the task and cut the grass.

There is also a large collar located in the middle that you can adjust to different diameters. It is very easy to clean and store and it will allow you to save a lot of time.

5. Bosch Robotic Lawnmower Indego S+ 350

[img_products1 img_code=”616ej5lL7+L” alt=”Bosch 06008B0100 Robotic Lawnmower Indego S+ 350 ” code=”B07211TC8K” reviews=”View on Amazon”]

The first on the list is a product from Bosch. As you all know, Bosch is one of the leading manufacturers of lawnmowers and they have almost all types of lawnmowers.

The Bosch Robotic Lawnmower Indego S+ 350 is one of the best in the market right now.

The most important feature of this particular robot lawnmower is the Bosch gardening application. This app can be used to access the lawnmower anywhere you are.

If you want to change something on the settings, you just need to open the application and it will be sent directly to the lawnmower.

This type of lawnmower can also deal with a total of 350 square meters and it can mow a total of three lawns as long as the size is equal to 350.

This lawnmower uses artificial intelligence to make sure that it can move around the obstacles in your garden.

You can also set up this robotic lawnmower to avoid local weather conditions. It means that if it is raining, the lawnmower will stop working until the rain is done.


Robot lawnmowers are indeed very expensive, but there is always a valid reason to get one. If you do not have a lot of time to handle your lawn, but you want to make sure that it stays clean and well-maintained, getting a robot lawnmower is a must.

It will do its job even if you are not there to supervise and it will also provide a wide range of benefits to your lawn. It will give you more time to spend on your family.

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