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Oftentimes, it’s necessary to keep larger items out of your way in your house, and keep them in your shed instead.  But just because you don’t want them in your house does not mean they’re not valuable to you.  You want to keep your belongings safe, and for items in your shed, that means investing in a good shed lock. 

Breaking into a garden may be easy, but breaking into a shed doesn’t have to be.

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We’ve handpicked 5 of the best shed locks out on the market today and our reviews are coming up shortly now for you to check out.  After that we also have a buying guide for you which covers everything you might want to think about before you buy. 

Following that, we also have a section where we answer your most frequently asked questions.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
FUERS Smart Fingerprint Padlock USB Rechargeable Anti-Theft Security Keyless Electronic Fingerprint Smart Lock Padlock Home Door Bag Luggage Case Lock
  • SMART FINGERPRINT PADLOCK - the Smart fingerprint lock adopts independent research and development of fingerprint encryption algorithm chip which has higher sensitive, take one second unlock it. Safe and flexible design, never say goodbye to keys and complex number. So, Finger is your key. No one will get your finger.
  • STRONG AND STURDY INSTRUCTION STRUCTURE - Zinc alloy metal lock body construction and stainless steel shackle for superior cut resistance. Fully enclosed design for internal, IP62 waterproof and dust-proof. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, protect your cabinet or your home against thieves.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL- Can save 10 fingerprints,including 2 administrator fingerprints.3 color indicator can guide you add fingerprint easily.It has low power consumption, long standby time max last for half year and max 9000 times unlock after fulling charging(Usage time depends on the number of uses). When out of battery, it will remain locked and will resume working after power supply.

Best Shed Lock – Comparison Table

Best Shed Lock – Reviews

Our Winner

FUERS Smart Fingerprint Padlock USB Rechargeable Anti-Theft Security Keyless Electronic Fingerprint Smart Lock Padlock Home Door Bag Luggage Case Lock

FUERS Smart Fingerprint Padlock USB Rechargeable Anti-Theft Security Keyless Electronic Fingerprint Smart Lock Padlock Home Door Bag Luggage Case Lock
Our rating:

Why not make the most of what modern technology has to offer and invest in padlock that requires a fingerprint to open?

It may sound futuristic to some but fingerprint padlocks aren’t really that new, but that said aren’t widely known about either.  And you may still not find them in your local hardware shop.

The beauty of it is that you can set exactly which fingerprints you want the padlock to respond to.  You can set it to unlock in response to up to 10 fingerprints, but only 2 administrator fingerprints.  This means that everyone in your household could be set up to unlock it, but unless that person is set as an administrator, they can’t add or delete any workable fingerprints.

No more having to worry about lost keys or remembering combinations.  AND if something has been removed or borrowed, you will know exactly who to narrow it down to.

Of course it’s battery powered and the battery will need recharging, but it has low power consumption, which means it can last a good 6 months before you have to recharge it.  And you’re warned when the battery starts to get low.

Some fingerprint padlocks (not this one) can also be unlocked via bluetooth, but we feel it’s better not to have this functionality as it’s not as secure as one that uses fingerprint alone.

But it’s not just the technology we love about it.  It has a really durable build, thanks to it’s zinc alloy construction and stainless steel shackle which provide superior cut resistance.  Not only that but with an IP rating of IP62, it’s both waterproof and dustproof to boot.

The customer feedback on the Amazon page has been really really positive so far, with a 4 and a half star customer rating at the time of writing.  But this particular fingerprint padlock has only been on Amazon since the end of 2019, so that’s why there aren’t too many customer reviews on the page.

Better yet, it’s super affordable, coming to less than £18!  

They don’t tend to sell these in hardware shops, so if you definitely want a fingerprint padlock, you should look online using the above link.

  • Requires a fingerprint to open
  • Register up to 10 fingerprints
  • Only 2 administrator fingerprints permissible
  • Don’t have to worry about losing keys
  • Don’t have to remember any number combinations
  • Stainless steel shackle for superior cut resistance
  • Both waterproof and dustproof
  • Really positive customer feedback
  • Great value for money
  • You will have to recharge it after about 6 months, but there will be an alarm to warn you when the battery is low.

Combination Lock BeskooHome Security Padlock - [2-Pack] Weather Proof Padlock with 4-Digit Smooth Dial for School, Gym, Outdoor Shed Locker -Black

Combination Lock BeskooHome Security Padlock - [2-Pack] Weather Proof Padlock with 4-Digit Smooth Dial for School, Gym, Outdoor Shed Locker -Black
Our rating:

This security padlock is flying off the shelves at Amazon – and for good reason too.

Customer feedback has been really impressive – even after 1500 customer ratings the average Amazon customer rating still comes in at a whopping 4 and a half stars out a possible 5.

It has a really robust build, made with a zinc alloy for real strength, and with a hardened steel shackle for cut resistance.

The padlock can only be opened by aligning the 4 digit combination of numbers that you have set. Since it’s a 4 digit combination lock, there are 10,000 possible combinations that a potential thief would have to guess from to break in. Not going to happen.

Better yet, it comes as a pack of 2, so you could use both and have twice as many possible number combinations to baffle the thief and make him turn away.

What makes it so good as a shed lock specifically, is that it’s 100% waterproof and won’t rust from the rain.

The advantage of a combination padlock to a key padlock is that you don’t have to worry about losing any tiny keys that can so easily get misplaced.

It’s really easy to use, and a user manual is provided, but if you want to check out the instructions, they are right on the Amazon page. It’s really easy to set and reset your combination.

At this cost, we would say it’s a bargain – you can’t put a price on such high security and peace of mind.

In with the deal, you also get a full year’s warranty, and there’s also a 45 day money back guarantee.

  • Flying off the shelves
  • Impressive customer rating
  • Robust steel, won’t be cut
  • 10,000 possible combinations
  • Comes as a pack of 2 100% waterproof, won’t rust
  • No tiny keys to loose
  • Really easy to use
  • Fantastic value for money 1 year warranty
  • Please ensure that you recall what pin number you use with it, because without knowing that combination you won’t be able to open the lock.

XFORT® 2 Pack Brenton Strong Sliding Lockable Padbolt 100mm (4") Ideal for use with Shed Doors, Gates and Outhouse Doors (100mm, Black)

XFORT® 2 Pack Brenton Strong Sliding Lockable Padbolt 100mm (4') Ideal for use with Shed Doors, Gates and Outhouse Doors (100mm, Black)
Our rating:

Of course a padlock is no good on it’s own, and you need something to put it through. You could use a hasp and staple, or better yet you could use a padbolt like this one.

It’s one of Amazon’s best selling padbolts in the category, and customer feedback has been really positive. In fact the average customer rating on the Amazon page is an impressive 4 and a half stars out of 5, even after well over 400 separate ratings.

It’s a heavy duty build using a sliding bolt mechanism as a basic lock, and it also incorporates a loop through which you can put your chosen padlock, to make it doubly secure.

It’s made from steel, and is designed for outdoor use, so it’s reliably strong.

It comes as a pack of two, so you could have one at the top of the shed door and one at the bottom.

It also comes with all the bolts and screws you need to fix it in place. When it comes to fixing in place, we strongly recommend that you follow the advice in our FAQ section about installing the lock.

It’s available in different sizes and colours, just pick the one which best suits your tastes and shed door.

  • One of Amazon’s best sellers
  • Impressive customer ratings
  • Heavy duty steel build
  • Can be used with any padlock
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Comes as a pack of two
  • Comes with all it’s fitings
  • Available in different sizes and colours
  • This padbolt does not come with a padlock, you will need to buy one separately – any of the padlocks in our Top 5 picks will be compatible.

Yale Y120DB/50/127/2 50mm Brass Padlock with Chrome Finish 2 Pack of 2, 50mm-2pk

Yale Y120DB/50/127/2 50mm Brass Padlock with Chrome Finish 2 Pack of 2, 50mm-2pk
Our rating:

Of course our Top 5 picks for shed locks would be amiss without inclusion of the UK’s most well known brand in locks and keys, Yale. Yale is one of the most respected brands in the lock industry. Worldwide, not just in the UK.

And this particular model has an impressive average customer rating on it’s Amazon page, coming in at a whopping 4 and a half stars out of a possible 5, even after well over 100 customer ratings.

One of the things we love about it is it’s closed shackle design, which means it’s harder for thieves to access due to the shackle being shouldered within the protective cover.

Speaking of the protective cover, what’s great about it is how it’s made to stand up against rainy British weather, and is entirely rustproof. Perfect for use on a shed door.

The shackle itself is 40mm diameter of brass – no-one’s going to cut through that very easily!

The padlock comes with a total of 3 compatible keys. So if you were to ever lose one, you’ll always be able to open it with a spare. The trick is to remember where you kept the spare!

With this padlock, there’s no combination to try to remember, or fancy technology to get to grips with.

  • Good, well established brand
  • Impressive customer rating
  • Closed shackle design
  • Rust proof protective cover
  • Cut resistant shackle
  • Comes with 3 keys
  • Being from a well known brand, the cost is rather higher than you’d pay for an equivalent padlock from an alternative brand

H&S 5 Keys 60mm Heavy Duty Warehouse Container Garage Shutter Padlock Gate Chain Lock

H&S 5 Keys 60mm Heavy Duty Warehouse Container Garage Shutter Padlock Gate Chain Lock
Our rating:

If you’re looking for a key padlock, this would be a really great option to go for.

And you don’t have to take it from us – check out the customer feedback on the Amazon page. After well over 800 customer ratings, the average customer rating comes in at an impressive 4 and a half stars out of a possible 5.

It’s really heavy duty, constructed with hardened boron alloy steel, and will stand up to any amount of battering or wear and tear. And the inner mechanism has the maximum possible protection against corrosion. It’s one of the toughest locking applications of it’s type out on the market today.

It comes with a ring of 5 keys in total that will fit the lock, that should be more than enough to issue one to everyone who needs it, and enable you to keep at least one spare hidden away, in the event that one gets lost.

Of course the advantage of using a key padlock over a combination one is that there’s no string of numbers to worry about that could easily be forgotten or confused.

This model is classed as a closed shackle padlock, since it has built in shoulders which cover the rounded shackle, making it harder for thieves to access.

  • Awarded “amazon’s choice”
  • Impressive customer feedback
  • Really heavy duty build
  • Maximum protection against corrosion
  • Comes with a ring of 5 keys
  • No combination to worry about
  • Closed shackle
  • Not waterproof

Best Shed Lock – Buyer’s Guide

The materials your shed is made from will have a major impact on the type of shed locks you can install.  For example, if your shed is made from plastic, you may not be able to install a deadbolt lock or a rim latch style lock.

Most sheds however can be made to be very reliably secure through the use of a hasp and padlock.  Or more preferably, by using a sliding lockable padbolt together with a padlock.

In the interest of being useful to as many people as possible, this buying guide will concentrate on how to choose the best padlock for your shed, rather than on the less feasible shed lock options.

It’s important to mention at this point that means by which your padlock is attached to your shed door is just as important as the padlock itself.  In order to keep your shed secure with your padlock you will also need a secure hasp or padbolt.

Type of Padlock

Most people are familiar with the type of padlock you open with a key, but as you’ve scrolled through our Top 5 picks above, you may have noticed that there are more types besides.  Each has their advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, with regards to key padlocks, the real danger lies in the keys getting lost, or worse, stolen.  If you go for a key padlock, you should always keep the key unseen from prying eyes, either within your house or on your person, preferably without any indication as to what it’s the key for.

Another option is to go for a combination padlock, where the correct combination of numbers has to be aligned in the correct order, in order for the padlock to unlock.  With this method, you won’t have to worry about a family member losing their keys, and you won’t have to rack your brain trying to remember where you kept your spare.

However, you would have to remember the winning combination to open the lock, seeing as you can’t reset it until the lock has been opened.  

Remembering a 4 digit number isn’t the hardest thing in the world however – we do it all the time with our debit and credit cards.  But they are liable to forgetfulness.  Or worse, you could set it to a memorable date so you won’t forget, and then some sneaky thief, possibly someone who knows you, could try and guess it – and get it right.

Where the latest innovation in padlocks comes in is in the fingerprint padlock.  A fingerprint padlock will only open when it has identified an authorised user’s fingerprint.  Not only does this design of lock eliminate any worry about keys that are easily lost or stolen, AND eliminate any worries concerning remembering or guessing of combinations, but it means your shed simply can’t be accessed by anyone who’s not authorized to open it.

That’s why we made a fingerprint padlock our Number 1 pick of the 5.  Yes, it does cost more than the other types of padlock, but more often than not it will be worth it.  Not only is it a lot less hassle than the other types of padlock, but if you’re using the shed for keeping something really valuable (like a motorbike) than you’re going to want the best level of security you can get.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my shed more secure?

There are a variety of things you can do to improve the security of your shed once it’s in place.  Getting the best possible padlock and hasp or padbolt is just one part of securing your shed.  

Here are some ideas:

  • Put anti-theft paint on the shed
  • Obscure any windows
  • Fit an alarm
  • Lock large items together using a bike lock
  • Replace or toughen up the hinges

How do you install a lock on a shed door?

Before you can use your padlock, you will need to attach either a hasp and staple to the door closure, or to be even more secure a padbolt.  To see visually how to do this, there are plenty of handy videos on YouTube demonstrating just that.  The important thing to remember when attaching a padbolt is to screw it in from the inside of the shed, not from the outside, so it can’t simply be unscrewed by a would-be thief.

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