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5 Best Shower Bath Combinations 2021

Best Shower Bath Combinations

Shower bath combinations are popular as they give all the benefits of a bath and a shower, while making the best use of limited space.

The bath shower combinations that we have selected all give more width in the showering area. They are either L-shape or P-shape baths with showers over and a stylish shower screen included.

In the past, shower bath combinations were predominantly made for elderly people and those with disabilities. They wouldn’t have to leave the bath and could shower there as well.

However, today they are now see as a sleek and stylish fixture in your bathroom, making the best use of limited space. They can also increase the resale value of your home if done right.  

Since shower bath combinations became popular, you have to know how to choose well. We will provide a review of our best shower bath combinations and also give you a simple buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Top 5 Best Shower Bath Combinations

Looking for shower bath combinations can be a bit difficult if you don’t have any idea what to look for. To help you save more time, we listed down some of the best shower bath combinations that you can find in the market.

NUIE Bath WBS301 L-Shaped Shower Bath

We all know that NUIE Bath WBS301 is one of the most popular providers of shower baths in the market right now and the Ceramica L-Shaped Shower Bath is definitely one of the top products that you can buy.

It is made to provide the convenience that you are looking for when you are taking a bath. You can enjoy the benefits of a shower and bathtub in a single product.

The bath is actually crafted from high-quality acrylic, making it extremely durable. As long as you know how to take care of it, this shower bath will surely last for a long time.

It is also warm to touch so even if it is already freezing cold outside, it will still be warm when you touch it.

This shower bath also provides increased insulation to help keep the bathwater hot for a longer time. This is extremely beneficial if you don’t plan to take a bath right away.

This shower bath doesn’t have pre-drilled holes and it features front and end panels. The shower bath also has a 1400mm glass shower screen along with a rubber seal to prevent water from leaking.

Qubix L Shape Shower Bath

Qubix L Shape Shower Bath is currently one of the most sought after shower baths in the market.

Because of its unique design and amazing durability, a lot of homeowners are buying this to install in their house.

It doesn’t matter if there is an elderly or a disabled person in your house because this shower bath can provide convenience to them.

If you need something stylish and practical, the Qubix L Shape Shower Bath gives you an option to enjoy a comfortable soak in the bathtub or just a relaxing shower.

You can also do both if you want as this product allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. This bath features an L-shaped tub, providing the ultimate comfort when you are taking a bath.

The bath doesn’t have pre-drilled holes so you can choose from a wide range of taps. It comes with a 25-year guarantee so your investment is protected.

The package also includes a hinged bath screen along with a towel rail, acrylic front panel, and more. This shower bath can provide a modern look to your bathroom and provide a wide range of benefits to you.

Abacus Right Hand P-Shaped Shower Bathtub

When it comes to shower baths, Abacus is always at the top of the list.

This is the second product on this list from Abacus and it is almost the same as the previous one.

However, there are a few distinctions that you need to know.

The Abacus Right Hand P-Shaped Shower Bath is a top choice for many people and this shower bath is a right hand product.

It means that the shower is located at the right hand part of the bathtub. This shower bath is perfect for any household and it is extremely durable because of its high-quality acrylic body.

If you are looking for something durable and a shower bath that can last for a long time, this is what you are looking for.

Like the other shower bath, it is also warm to touch and the insulation is also amazing. It will help keep the water hot for a longer period.

Basically, the main difference between the two products would be the location of the shower and the shower glass. All the other features are almost the same.

Aquariss Shower Bath Tub

Aquariss Shower Bath Tub is a perfect choice when you are looking for shower baths.

It is a luxurious brand that can provide all of the benefits that you are looking for in a shower and bathtub.

It is a classy L-shaped shower bath with tower rail and fixed screen.

It is a shower bath that can provide a modern feel to your bathroom and it allows you to have a unique experience when bathing.

This shower bath is made from the best quality acrylic and reinforced fiberglass. This will guarantee that the shower bath is extremely durable and you can use it for a long time.

As long as you know how to maintain it properly, it will not let you down. It is complete with a bath panel and the end panel is available for purchase. It has tap holes included that is made to allow the installer to install taps.

Aquariss Shower Bath Tub comes with 10 years “fit and forget” guarantee.

Milano Newby Left Hand Curved P Shape Bath Tub

Milano Newby Shower Bath is the most expensive on the list, but it is also the most luxurious product that you can find in the market right now.

The appearance of this shower bath is definitely unmatched. This is one of the most popular shower baths that Milano Newby is offering right now.

This is a modern and sophisticated shower bath that can give you the benefits that a shower and bathtub can offer.

The shower bath is made from high grade sanitary acrylic, which makes it extremely durable and long lasting.

It also has the same feature as the other iBathUK shower baths like the increased insulation that would make sure that your bath water will stay hot for a long time.

It is also warm to touch so even if it is the winter season in your area, the shower bath will stay warm. It doesn’t have pre-drilled holes.

It also includes a curved bath panel and a certified tempered glass screen. You can also take advantage of its adjustable polished frame. It has a 10 year guarantee so you can expect that your investment is safe.

Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking for a shower bath, you need to check its features carefully. You cannot blindly choose a shower bath without knowing a few factors.

If you do not want to make a mistake, you need to follow the simple tips that we will mention below. Here is a simple buying guide that you can consider.

The Shape of the Shower Bath

Shower baths come in different shapes and they do have specific advantages and disadvantages. You cannot simply choose a specific shape without knowing what it can offer. Let’s check some of the shapes that you can consider.

Straight Style Shower Baths

Straight style baths are very simple and elegant. Basically, this is a common type of shower bath because it is pretty straightforward.

It comes in a rectangle shape and there is a shower at the end. It is one of the most popular options because it is very simple and it is extremely versatile as well.

Corner Baths

A corner bath is extremely simple, but when you look at it closely, it is extremely modern and sophisticated. Aside from this, corner baths are very popular as it allows you to save more space.

It follows the same as the bathroom’s corner so you will be able to have more space in your bathroom by using it.

A corner bath can free up wall and floor spaces to help make an illusion that space is big. Although this type of shower bath is quite small, they have the ability to hold a lot of water.

P-Shaped Shower Bath

This type of bath is definitely a modern design. Most of the shower baths in the market come in either P or L-shaped baths and they provide a level of elegance to your bathroom.

The curved edge of the tub can provide more space for you to take a shower. Since a bathtub is not too big, the curved edge will serve as a bigger space so you can take a shower freely.

L-Shaped Shower Bath

L-shaped shower baths are practically the same with the P-shaped bath and the features are the same. The only difference would be the shape.

This type of shower bath is definitely perfect for modern-styled bathrooms. It is more sophisticated than the P-shaped bath simply because of its shape.


Even if you really want to buy an expensive shower bath, you still need to consider your own budget. You cannot simply buy any type of shower bath without knowing the exact budget that you have. Although these shower baths are not too expensive, there are a lot of brands with a more expensive price tag.

Before you buy, check your budget first and make sure that it fits. If you want to buy something and you can still wait, save more money before you decide to buy.

Quality of the Material

Most of the shower baths are made from the best materials. They are often made from high-quality acrylic so you can expect that they are very durable.

As long as you do not deliberately destroy the shower bath, you won’t have any issues with the quality. Also, you cannot find shower baths that are super cheap.

Acrylic is one of the best materials for shower baths so if you plan to buy one, you have to look for this particular material.


his is one of the factors that are usually ignored because most people don’t really know its importance. Insulation can guarantee that the hot water in the tub will last for a long time.

It may not really be important for some, but for the people who love to relax on their shower bath, this is certainly a great feature.

Just imagine relaxing on your bathtub, but you suddenly noticed that the water became chilly. With proper insulation, the water in your shower bath will always stay warm.

There are some brands that do not offer this type of feature so make sure that you check them out before you buy one.

Is it Better than a Regular Bath Tub or Shower?

If you are still wondering why it is better to get a shower bath, you just have to check its features. Basically, this type of bath allows you to enjoy the relaxing feeling that bathtubs can offer as well as the different benefits of a shower. You can take a shower while relaxing in the bathtub.

You can do both by purchasing a shower and a bathtub, but you will need more space for this. If your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of space, it is better to consider a shower bath as it can help you save more area in your bathroom. Shower baths can also make your bathroom more sophisticated.


As you can see, looking for a shower bath doesn’t have to be too difficult. You just have to check the list that we mentioned above and you can already have an idea on the best shower baths to find on the market.

You can compare their features to other brands if you want so you can have an idea what to look for. At the end of the day, your personal preference will always be an important consideration.

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