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Best Small Double Mattress 2021 UK

Best Small Double Mattress

Many have always wanted to sleep in the widest, most comfortable bed. However, everyone is not blessed to have a wider room to accommodate big, comfortable mattresses.

Especially for those who live in smaller apartments or have smaller rooms, a small double mattress is the only option available for room size.

However, this is not enough reason for someone to have an uncomfortable bed. A quality small double mattress is a comfortable alternative and should give you that good night’s sleep that you are worthy of.

Why Choose a Small Double Mattress?

While it is the most common mattress size in any store that sells mattresses, it is also the most variated and is suited for your mattress needs.

They are 4 ft. in width, which is perfect for two sleepers, and in various lengths, depending on your sleeping height and your bed size.

It is also usually sold in premium varieties like actigel, memory foams, and latex mattresses.

Qualities You Need to Check in a Small Double Mattress

Having a quality small double mattress gives as much comfort and relaxation that you need after a tedious day at work or school.

However, not all double mattresses in the market have such qualities. If you are into having the best quality mattress, you can take a look at the following factors:


One does not have to suffer sleeping on a rough sheet on a small double mattress or sleeping on stiff foams. As much as it is a bit narrow compared to the comfy queen and king-sized beds, small double mattresses can also be a comfortable bed to sleep on.

Knowing if the mattress is made out of rubberized foam, memory foam, or even coils and springs will help you know the level of comfort your future bed will bring. The cover sheet and the weight of the materials are also important in deciding the purchase.

Despite the narrow size, a heavy material would surely give you trouble in bringing your purchased mattress home.


Even if it is a small bed, you would still want this as strong as possible. Aside from weight issues, other activities in bed could destroy a small double mattress.

Activities like jumping on the mattress, putting heavy objects, etc. can deform the mattress, break its legs, or even destroy the coils on an innerspring mattress.

Checking its durability ratings will ensure you a long-lasting bed and a much comfortable sleep.

Softness and Breathability

Like any mattress types, one must look at the softness of the bed. While most prefer the softest foams, those who have orthopaedic problems may want a firmer bed to align their postures properly.

Also, you may want to check the breathability rating of the mattress; you wouldn’t want it to be too warm or too cold for you to lay down to.

A good breathability rating helps you sleep as it allows proper and adequate ventilation that should set your temperature to its sleeping levels.

Affordability and Warranties

In mattresses, it is best to never settle for less. However, not all expensive stuff is quality stuff. It is important to always settle in the middle – go for the best quality with the best price offer.

Also, look for its warranty agreement. While most mattresses are displayed quite perfectly, bringing them home could be a different experience.

It is appropriate to ask the salesperson or whoever sells mattresses online whether a warranty is available.

It may have any defects that would affect your sleep or put you into any untoward accident (e.g. scrapes from loose springs, broken mattress legs, itchy mattress cover, etc.)

Types of Double Mattresses

These types are determined according to their material and composition. These are the rubberized mattresses, actigel mattresses, and innerspring mattresses.

Rubberized mattresses can either come in latex or memory foam. Each type has its unique features and is suited for each individual’s needs.

Nonetheless, all of them are totally comfortable to lay on and provides that comfortable rest after a day’s work. Also, there are more hybrid mattresses (i.e. innerspring plus memory foam) available online and in-store with various sizes, including small double variants.

Frequently Asked Questions when buying a small double mattress

How heavy can someone lie down on a small double mattress?

The usual weight limit of a double mattress is 200 lbs. This also depends on the material of the mattress. The strongest one to hold the maximum weight is a coil mattress.

Also, the thickness of the mattress determines its weight limit. Regular mattresses come in 10 inches to 12 inches thickness. Sleepers beyond 200 lbs may want to consider 13 inches to 20 inches rubberized or coil mattresses.

What is the maximum width and length of a small double mattress?

A regular small double mattress has a dimension of 190 cm x 120 cm. The maximum width of a small double mattress is 4 ft. The length is varied but they usually have 6 ft. to 7 ft. variants.

Are small double mattresses stackable?

Most mattresses that do not come with legs (like stand-alone mattresses) are stackable. However, they require an extra grip so they wouldn’t fall off.

Bedsheets with garter seams are the common covers for stacked small double mattresses. Nonetheless, you can also opt for thicker small double mattresses for your convenience.

When is the best time to buy mattresses?

Springtime is the most auspicious time of the year when people do spring cleaning purchases. However, if you do not want to go with the holiday rush, you may want to do this as early as January or late wintertime.

Nonetheless, if you are after the discounts, you may need to go with the shopping rush and make your purchases quickly, whether you are buying small double mattresses online or in stores.

What is the usual warranty of every mattress sold online?

The usual warranty of any mattresses is 1000 nights. There are mattress stores that usually offer a 1-year warranty on their products, but comes with extra perks to compensate for the lesser warranty period.

Return options and 100-night tests usually come along with the warranty agreement of the product.

Which is better? In-store or Online?

There are similarities and differences when purchasing your new mattress online or in-store. Both have their own sales support, descriptions pamphlets or tags, and even the option to see it at a closer look.

However, there are more differences when looking for and purchasing your mattress in either of the two market platforms. The most obvious difference is the ability to feel or touch the product before buying it.

This is the edge of in-store purchase for your next small double mattress. However, they offer lesser warranty and limited return options compared to those purchased online.

This is where online stores make amends with the customer’s inability to touch their products sold online. They offer more warranty years and wider options for return if the customer did not gain the expected quality of the mattress bought online.

Top 5 Best Small Double Mattresses on UK

Silentnight Comfort Foam Rolled Mattress

Silentnight Foam, Fabric, White, Small Double
  • Generous 14 cm depth for comfort. Allow to settle: After 24 hours your mattress will have settled to a perfectly flat shape
  • High density Miratex foam provides support to the very edge of the mattress
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant for a healthier sleep

The comfort foam with miratex foam core is what you’ll ever need for a great rest at night, or at any time of the day.

The edge to edge support brings in pressure relief and support on your back, sides, and neck.


  • Miratex foam core that absorbs movement and keeps the foam in place.
  • 14 cm depth for medium comfort that should help you sleep.
  • Features the Purotex technology that eliminates dust mites the natural way.
  • The soft knit cover ensures extra comfort and breathability.
  • Full 3-year warranty guaranteed.


  • Not suitable on all bed frames and surfaces
  • Tends to have massive dips after a year’s use
  • Not orthopaedic and is not suitable for an adult’s use

Starlight Beds Spring Mattress with Memory Foam layers

The combination of innerspring and memory foam mattress brings the secret comfort of this quality small double mattress from Starlight beds.

This hybrid mattress features an orthopaedic depth that should provide pressure relief and comfort in sleeping on any side.


  • Combination of memory foam and spring mattress for better comfort in sleeping.
  • Easy replacement of mattress without purchasing a new base.
  • Hypoallergenic covers with anti-dust mite technology.
  • 16 cm mattress brings in softer and bouncier mattress for better sleep in any position.
  • This hybrid mattress is orthopaedic, though not clinically defined as such.


  • Soft edges that easily flops when sitting on the side.
  • Non-reversible mattress. It only features one side while the other is the base.

Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress

Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress, 9.4 Inch Hybrid Mattress with Breathable Foam and Individually Pocket Spring - Medium Firm, White
  • 【Spring Mattress Small Double】- Hundreds of pocket springs works independently, not only minimizing motion transfer from your partner, supporting your body evenly, but also keeping your spine aligned throughout the night
  • 【Memory Foam Mattress】- Vesgantti mattress top features multi-layered responsive foam, which can mould to you body and relieve pressure on sensitive sleep areas like neck, shoulders, back, and hips. Enjoy your good night’s sleep and awaken refreshed
  • 【Cooling Mattress】- Hypoallergenic fabric cover with airy holes perfectly creates a comfy sleeping surface and properly circulates air flow while you sleep. Vesgantti mattress will cool you down, so you won't be too hot on it but you certainly won't be too cool on it

Featuring a breathable foam over the individually-wrapped pocket springs.

This small double mattress is a Vesgantti product with both Vesgantti Comfort System and Vesgantti Support System which gives you both the comfort and breathability while supporting your back and maintaining your sleeping posture.


  • Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress for comfort and breathability
  • Hypoallergenic sheets with fire-retardant materials set by UK Fire Regulation Standards
  • Orthopaedic foams providing better support on posture
  • 100-night trial available with next day delivery option offered


  • Requires up to 72 hours for the foam to fully recover before using
  • No protection from sudden flip when unpacking the mattress for the first time

Inofia 3D Breathable 4FT Small Double Mattress

Inofia Sleep Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattresses Pressure Relief with Zoned Support 9.5Inch Depth(Airy Breathable+Memory Foam (Small double(120x190x24cm))
  • ✿PRESSURE-FREE + SPRING POWERED ✿--Inofia mattress contains a layer of body moulding memory foam which moulds to your body for pressure-free comfort, and features unique conical pocket springs. They individually adjust as you sleep, so you wake up with a spring in your step for the whole day.
  • ✿NINTH HEAVEN + SUPPORTIVE✿--Inofia mattress engineered base has 9 different zones to ensure a perfect night's sleep for all, to align the spine and directly combat back aches and pains.
  • ✿SOFT + PAIN-FREE✿--Quilted and soft, Inofia mattress cover offers a microfiber fill for an extra layer of coziness, because there is no such thing as being too comfortable. You wake up with magically less aches and pains.

The 7-zone support system is what makes Inofia’s mattress one-of-a-kind.

It helps in eliminating the painful sensation when you sleep without dipping your body deeper into the foam.

This should result in beautiful, pain-free waking time.


  • Scientifically zoned to combat back and joint pains and helps align the spine while you sleep.
  • High-density foam helps you sleep in any sleeping position that you are most comfortable with.
  • 10-year guarantee on all materials with the 100-nights trial without risk. Hassle-free return is also available for all customers.
  • 3D Breathable knitted top cover with high elastic foams


  • No sudden-flip protection available
  • Some springs usually pop up after many years of use.
  • Sometimes, the manufacturer does not put any manual on the package

HomyLink 4FT Small Double 9-Zone Breathable Fabric Mattress

HomyLink Small Double Mattress 8.7 Inch, 4FT Pocket Sprung Mattresses in a Box with 9-Zone Orthopaedic and 3D Breathable Knitting Fabric, 120x190 x22cm
  • HomyLink Mattress : 9-Zone Orthopaedic ergonomic design, good for body shaping, all with fresh material, non-toxic, eco-friendly, comfortable and breathable, guarantee your health, exquisite modern outlook appearance design, decorate your room with good taste, super good cost performance. Master advanced technology and strict execute quality control.
  • Pocket Spring Coil : supports hundreds of quality and stainless pocket spring, which considered to be the best coil support system working to evenly distribute your weight while aligning all parts of your body, can effectively absorb the noise and vibration caused by tossing and turning when sleeping. So, if you move around a lot on your side in your sleep and not wake up your partner on the other side.
  • Massage Convoluted Wave Foam : Excellent shock-absorption and High resilience with massage wave shape, promote the blood circulation in good condition, fully relax your muscles and release the body stress, keep your spine balanced and positive, help adjust and correct your sleeping posture to greatly improve your sleeping quality.

This hybrid mattress features a 9-Zone Orthopaedic ergonomic design that provides comfort and support for a good night’s rest.

The springs are also designed to keep everyone sleeping at a leveled softness so no one gets dipped or lifted up when two are sleeping together in the mattress.


  • High-density base foam that helps lessen motion transfers between sleeping partners
  • 9-zoned support for pressure relief and comfortable sleep
  • This product is pursuant to the UK Fire Safety Regulations
  • Stretch fabric on the topside for maximized comfort


  • 24-48 hours of recovery time before use
  • No sudden-flip support available
  • Not totally soft for those who wanted a softer mattress

Final Thoughts

These five mattresses featured are just a few of the many small double mattresses available in the market. Nonetheless, they are the most rated, regardless of the price, and they offer the most convenient features that any active mattress buyers would like to check, whether online or in-store.

All of them have unique features that should give you the plus on your money when you purchase a mattress.

While many do not really take small double mattresses because of the option for a little wider variant (double mattresses), the mattress still provides the comfortable sleep everyone wants to have.

While space has been saved, adding the extra touch to your bed, like the bed sheets, pillows, etc. can add the cozy feel that you could similarly experience in a queen or king-size bed.

What matters most is that you would achieve that good night’s sleep everyone deserves at the end of each day.

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