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14 Best Steam Generator Irons 2021 Updated

best Steam Generator Irons

Modern irons have made it easier and quicker to press and iron out the wrinkles on clothes and steam generator irons are the best of the lot. Steam irons can take care of a small batch of clothes but if you’ve got a large pile you do once a week, a steam generator iron would be ideal.

If you find it challenging to choose from among the variety of models in the market, here’s a guide to buying the best steam generator iron and a look at the top favourites.

Top 14 Best Steam Generator Irons UK

1. Morphy Richards Comfigrip Steam Iron

Morphy Richards 301022 Comfigrip Steam Iron, 2400 W, Pink/Grey
  • Speed through the laundry pile quickly and efficiently with the Morphy Richards Comfigrip Steam Iron, perfect for a busy family home.
  • Featuring a generous 350 ml water capacity integrated anti-calcium filter to prevent lime scale build-up and ensure optimum performance.
  • Easily glide over clothes using the pearl ceramic soleplate and use the impressive 32g steam shot function for extra stubborn creases.

The Morphy Richards ComfiGrip Steam Iron highlights their special Ceramic soleplate which should glide smoothly over most clothes.

The water tank is not as impressive as others, 0.4 litres, but can last over 20 minutes before needing refilling. It’s a very handy, easy to store device and it effectively removes wrinkles and creases.

There are different temperature settings to suit every type of fabric and of course, it also has anti-scale features.

2. Philips GC8715/20 PerfectCare Performer Steam Generator Iron

Philips GC8715/20 Perfect Care Performer Steam Generator Iron, 1.8 Litre, 2600 W, 6 Bar, Blue
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Philips GC8715/20 Perfect Care Performer Steam Generator Iron, 1.8 Litre, 2600 W, 6 Bar, Blue
  • Iron from jeans to silk with no temperature setting required
  • Safe to leave the hot soleplate on the ironing board
  • Tested and approved by independent textile experts

You can always count on Philips to create top quality devices and the Philips PerfectCare Aqua GC8715/20 performs superbly while looking good.

Wrinkles and creases are removed with no trouble and the water tank’s capacity is an impressive 2.5 litres, so it lasts quite a while before needing refilling.

The water heats up in less than two minutes and the steam settings are automatic, no need for adjustment. The environmentally conscious consumer will also be pleased to note that this iron has an eco-option. The iron has an anti-scale system as well and its soleplate is durable ceramic.

3. Tefal FV9830 Ultimate Pure Steam Iron

Tefal Ultimate Pure Steam Iron, 240g/min Steam Boost, 350ml Water Tank, 3m Power Cord, 3000W, Purple and Black, FV9830
  • Exclusive 2-in-1 Micro-Calc Filter : delivers 100% filtered steam to stop calc stains on the linen
  • 3000W for fast heat-up and high performance.
  • Powerful steam boost for the toughest wrinkles

Tefal is one of the top brands in household products and their steam generator iron, the Tefal Ultimate Pure Steam Iron FV9830 is another bestseller. It uses automatic steam settings so you don’t have to keep adjusting for different fabrics.

The 350ml water tank creates 55 g per min of steam lasting several minutes and 240 g per min steam shot. The soleplate is made of ceramic and specially treated so that the iron deals with wrinkles and creases easily and smoothly. There is also an auto shut-off feature and a limescale collecting device for the anti-scale system.

4. Philips Perfect Care Elite Steam Generator Iron

Philips PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator Iron, Optimal Temperature Technology, 470 g Boost, 1.8 Litre, 2400 W, 6.7 Bar, Detachable Water Tank, Auto-Off, Carry Lock, Safe rest, Navy (GC9630/20)
  • Tackle tough creases with ease: Continuous steam up to 135 g/min does the hard work for you - Watch creases melt away with an extra boost of steam up to 470 g where you need it
  • Guaranteed no burns: OptimalTEMP technology ensures the steam generator iron will never burn any ironable fabric, even when left resting on your clothes or ironing board
  • No settings to change: Iron everything from jeans to silk without adjusting the temperature - No need to pre-sort your laundry, change settings, or wait for the iron to adjust

The Philips Perfect Care Elite Steam Generator Iron boasts of fast and high-quality performance. This steam generator iron comes with an innovative optimal TEMP technology that eliminates the need to wait for the temperature to adjust.

It is also a great fit for all types of fabric. This steam generator iron also features a large capacity water tank. This makes it a perfect deal for large-scale laundry jobs.

It produces a pressure of 135g/min of powerful steam and 470g boost that penetrates the clothing layers and fibers of the fabrics. With this, you don’t need many iron strokes to get your clothes straightened.

This product also features an easy De-Calc cleaning system. This feature helps to over scale residue effects that reduce the performance of steam. The water tank of this iron is detachable, and it only takes about two minutes for steam to be ready.

5. Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care High Pressure Steam Generator 2400W

Tefal High Pressure Steam Generator Iron, Pro Express Care, 2400 W, Black/Blue, GV9071
  • The GV9071's spiral protect and removable scale collector prevent staining and limescale build-up for outstanding ironing results, fast
  • This steam generator's smart technology provides the optimal balance of heat and steam for every fabric at the touch of a button
  • The GV9071 has up to 7.5 bars of high pressure steam, plus 500 g/min steam boost for efficient and outstanding results

The Pro Express Care Anti Scale steam generator iron from Tefal is one of the best steam generating irons out there, and it boasts of about 7.5 bars of pressure.

In addition to that, it features an ultra-powerful steam boost of about 500g/min. It is designed to reduce your ironing hours, as it steams very fast.

With its built-in boiler, it converts water into high-pressure steam that penetrates even the thickest of fabrics. The heat-up time of this iron is 2 minutes. It also features an anti-scale and anti-stain technology which provides precise ironing results and double protection.

It comes with five preset ironing levels, which are linen, cotton, wool, silk, and synthetic. To get the best ironing results, all you have to do is to select the right option.

6. Tefal GV7466 Express Anti-Scale High Pressure Steam Generator

Tefal GV7466 Express Anti-Scale High Pressure Steam Generator, 2200 W, 6.5 Bar, Blue/White
  • The powerful high-pressure steam of Express Anti-Calc penetrates fabricsto facilitate your ironing. The exclusive calc-collector makes -Calc steam genator iron particularly durable and long lasting.
  • Time saving: 6, 5 bars of high-pressure steam
  • Easy & efficient anti-calc solution: calc-collector will allow you to remove calc deposit from the boiler in an easy way and ensure a longer life to your steam ironing appliance

The Pro Express Autoclean GV7466 is another great steam generator iron from Tefal. This product rocks 2200 watts power output. It also boasts of up to six bars of pressure. In addition to that, it has an ultra-powerful steam boost of up to 260g/minute.

This model also features an integrated boiler that converts water into a steam of high pressure that penetrates fabrics deeply.

It also comes with an anti-scale solution that features a patented scale collector which prevents build-ups of limescale. The scale collector is detachable, making it easy to clean.

The Pro Express Autoclean also comes with the Durilium auto clean soleplate that guarantees effortless ironing. To ensure optimal distribution of steam, this steam generator iron features more active holes at the sides, center, and top.

It features an auto clean catalyst coating that keeps the soleplate clean over an extended period of time, providing you with long-lasting performance.

7. Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron 332014 Power Steam Elite with Auto-Clean

Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron 332014 Power Steam Elite with Auto Clean and Safety Lock, Green/White
  • All Round Performer: Tackle the most difficult creases with the Power SteamElite Steam Generator, the auto clean enables you to keep on top of the device maintenance
  • 5 Bar Pressure: Producing a higher amount of steam makes removing crease a whole lot easier. The variable steam functions allow you to adjust the humidity, direction, and power of the steam flow
  • 2 Minutes Heat Up: With an impressive 2-minute heat up time, the Power SteamElite boasts a ceramic soleplate and a Steam ready indicator

The Morphy Richards 332014 steam generator iron with auto-clean is an evolutionary steam iron which has greatly transformed the auto-clean function in steam generator irons.

It knows the perfect time to clean and starts the cleaning prices when the iron is cold automatically. It also features a descale light which lights up when it’s time to clean your steam iron.

This product also ideal for getting rid of creases even in the most robust fabrics. It boasts of 170g steam of pressure that penetrates through stubborn creases without stress. It also has a set of intuitive controls that let you select the temperature and steam setting you need.

With this, you can match the ironing instruction on your clothing with the temperature of the iron. With its immense steam power, you can easily get rid of stubborn creases from duvets, curtains, and also mattresses.

8. Philips GC6704/36 FastCare Compact Steam Generator

Philips GC6704/36 Fast Care Compact Steam Generator, 1.3 Litre, 2400 W
  • Faster ironing thanks to 110g/min continuous steam, 200g steam boost and 5.2 bar pump pressure
  • Lightweight and compact yet with 1.3L large water tank
  • Ceramic soleplate for easy gliding and durability

If you are looking for a lightweight and compact steam generator iron, then you should consider the Philips Fastcare Compact GC6704/36.

This steam iron is exceptional, and it works faster and more efficiently than ordinary steam irons. It has a large tank of 1.3 liters that is easy to refill. It’s a continuous steam generator iron. This means you don’t have to take a break when ironing to refill the tank.

The soleplate of this iron is made of durable ceramic material to ensure smooth gliding. The tank is also large enough to serve you during long ironing sessions.

This steam generator iron also comes with the best descaling system that provides you with long-lasting performance. It also has an indicator that will notify you when the system needs cleaning.

9. Rowenta DG7623F0 Compact Steam Pro

If you are looking for a professional-grade steam generator iron with a friendly price, then you should go for the Rowenta DG7623F0 Compact Steam Pro. This steam generator iron is suitable for all kinds of fabric, thick Swedish linen and Indian cotton.

It also features a tough plastic base that helps it to remain unscathed even when it drops. It comes with a water tank of 1.1 liters, which is not too big and not too small either.

It comes with different steam selections, so you’d have to know your fabric before using this iron. This product features a standard steam output of 100g per minute. It also has a precision steam boost button at the top that boosts the output to 325g per minute.

This makes it perfect for dealing with denim creases and heavy linens. You can carry out periodic descaling by unscrewing the tab and discharging the limescale content in a sink.

10. Braun IS5022 CareStyle 5 Steam Generator

With an adjustable thermostat you can take complete control over your ironing with the Braun Carestyle 5 IS5022 Steam Generator Iron.

It also features a steam boost of 340g per minute. This pocket-friendly steam generator iron is ideal for medium and small-sized piles of laundry.

This model also comes with iCareTec. This feature uses a smart textile protection system to adjust the temperature of the iron to suit every fabric. This means you don’t have to worry about scorched delicate anymore.

It also features a slippery Eloxal-coated 3D BackGlide soleplate. This feature comprises of a rounded, smooth rear section that lets the iron hover over fabrics whether the iron is moving backward or forward.

It has a water tank of 1.4 liters, and it only takes about two minutes to heat up. It also has a locking facility and great cord storage.

11. BOSCH TDS8030GB Serie 8 VarioComfort Steam Generator

Bosch TDS8040GB Serie 8 ProHygienic Steam Generator Iron, 1.8 Litre, 2400 W - White/Purple
  • Secure Lock System fixes the iron to the steam station for improved safety during transport and storage
  • Large detachable water tank lasts for long ironing and if necessary allows you for comfortable refilling at anytime
  • i-Temp Advanced: The optimum combination of temperature and steam - so you can iron all ironable fabrics quickly and safely without changing temperature

The Bosch Serie 8 VarioComfort comes with a single temperature setting just like the Braun CareStyle 3. Bosch calls this feature iTemp, and it works perfectly well, whether you are iron as silk dress or heavy denim.

However, those that like choosing their temp were considered when building this steam generator iron. The iron also features a selection panel that lets you change the setting for silk, wool, cotton, jeans, linen, and synthetics.

It also features a CeraniumGlisseePro soleplate that is remarkably smooth on all type of fabrics. The reservoir of this steam generator iron is 1.8 liters, and it is detachable.

The Serie 8 produce up to 120g per minute of constant steam. It also features ample boost steam of 480g; this is more than enough to handle any level of creasing. This steam generator iron also gets to operating temperature very fast.

12. Rowenta Professional DW5280 1725-Watt Steam Iron

The Rowenta DW5280 is one of the best steam generator irons out there. This 1725-watt steam generator iron is eco-friendly, and it comes with an Eco setting.

The Eco setting allows you to save about 20 percent of energy whenever you use the iron. The steam output of this model is 80g/min.

The heat-up time of this iron is three minutes, which is a bit slower than the products above. It features a large water tank of 1.5 liters which can last you up to 1.5 hours of continuous ironing. It also has an outstanding 5 bars of pressure.

It has a stainless-steel soleplate, and it contains 400 holes. This steam generator iron is also very convenient, and many customers recommend it.

13. Beldray BEL01137 Steam Surge Pro Iron

Beldray BEL01137-150 Steam Station Iron – Steam Surge Pro With Large 1.2 L Detachable Water Tank, Ceramic Soleplate, Anti-Calc, Vertical Steaming, Variable Temperature, Cord Storage, 2400 W, Rose Gold
  • The superior ability of the Beldray Steam Surge Pro allows you to eliminate even the toughest creases from any garment.
  • The iron has 2400 W of power giving you an easier smoother glide and super-fast heat up so you can get to work straight away.
  • With a convenient 2 metre long power cord the iron is simple to manoeuvre and works on a range of materials from silk to cashmere.

Beldray is a popular and reliable brand when it comes to home appliances. The Beldray Steam Surge Pro is one of the top steam generator iron the brand has produced. This steam generator iron delivers a power output of 2400 watts. This means you will get a superb level of cleaning for a wide range of fabrics.

This product also features continuous steam of 100g per minute. It also comes with different ranges of temperature control. It has a vertical steam function that lets you iron curtains and hanging clothes with ease.

The storage tank of this iron is 1.2 liters, and it is easily detachable. The not so good feature about this iron is that it takes about three minutes to heat up.

14. Klarstein Speed Steam Iron V2

Morphy Richards 301022 Comfigrip Steam Iron, 2400 W, Pink/Grey
  • Speed through the laundry pile quickly and efficiently with the Morphy Richards Comfigrip Steam Iron, perfect for a busy family home.
  • Featuring a generous 350 ml water capacity integrated anti-calcium filter to prevent lime scale build-up and ensure optimum performance.
  • Easily glide over clothes using the pearl ceramic soleplate and use the impressive 32g steam shot function for extra stubborn creases.

Klarstein is another trusted brand in the market, and the Klarstein Speed Iron lives up to the reputation of the company. This steam generator iron comes with amazing design, and it has a comfortable handle for long ironing sessions. It features a stainless-steel soleplate with sixty-eight steam nozzles (evenly distributed).

It comes with a 2100 watts motor; this means it’s powerful enough to get rid of even the deepest creases. The Klarstein Speed Iron also features a vertical steam function. With this, you can iron your curtains and hanging clothes. It has a 1.1-liter water tank and an anti-lime cartridge. It also allows you to fill the tank during ironing sessions.

How to choose the best steam generator iron?

These are the features you need to consider when shopping for a steam generator iron:

1. What kind of soleplate does it have?

The soleplate at the bottom of the iron and which comes into contact with garments is usually made of ceramic, stainless steel, aluminium or other non-stick materials.

The most durable soleplates are made of ceramic and are also scratch-proof. Stainless steel is the next best option. Thinner soleplates are also better for ironing clothes with buttons.

2. What is the capacity of the water tank?

Bigger water tanks mean longer steam time; however this also means a bulkier iron which you may not want depending on the space you have for ironing and for storage. You will also need to check how easy the water tank is to fill with water and if there’s a way to tell if the water has run low.

3. What are the safety features?

A must-have safety feature is the automatic shut off which switches the iron off when it’s not used for a period of time. This can vary depending on the brand; but on average, it’s around eight minutes if the iron is left upright and 30 seconds when the iron is lying on its soleplate.

4. How easy is it to use and store afterwards?

Longer cords give you more flexibility and room to move and you’ll want one that’s retractable at the same time for convenient storage. Another thing to consider is the size and weight of the iron.

Bigger, and consequently, heavier irons with large tanks can be used longer, but they will also require sturdier ironing boards. Also, check on how long the iron takes to heat up before you can use it.

5. Does it have an anti-scale feature?

Since it’s natural for limescale to accumulate in the iron because of the hard scale water, the latest irons often have anti-scale features like a filter or cartridge.

Final thoughts

Steam generator irons have many advantages. They have a higher steam output than standard irons so they can iron out creases more efficiently. They also last longer without needing constant refilling of water. So if you’re planning to get a steam generator iron to make your task of household ironing quicker and easier, there are none better than the models we’ve listed.

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