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Top 5 Best Washing Line Rope – A Complete Guide

Best Washing Line Rope

With clothes dryer became a very important appliance for every household and most people forgot about washing line ropes. Well, most people don’t use backyard clothesline because they are old fashioned and it is easier to use a dryer to dry off all your clothes.

Using a clothesline means that you will have to manually hang the clothes outside your house and let the sun and wind to dry it naturally.

Although a lot of people are now using clothes dryers, there are still some who prefers to use a washing line rope. Let’s talk about the benefits of washing line ropes and the reason why many people are still using it. We will also list down our top 5 washing line ropes.

Why Do you need to use a Washing Line Rope?

Your grandmothers used to dry your clothes outside with a washing line, but does it mean that you need to do that as well? We have clothes dryer right now and you don’t really need to put in too much effort in doing this manually.

However, there are a lot of advantages to doing this. Let’s check them out.

1. It can help you Save Money

In a sense, you are saving money by line drying your clothes. When you use a clothes dryer, you use electricity to dry your clothes and if you have a lot of clothes to dry, the dryer will have to work for a long time to completely dry everything.

Also, if you are planning to buy a clothes dryer or a washing line rope, the latter is almost 100x cheaper. It is also very easy to operate.

2. Conserve Energy

If you want to promote a healthy environment, you need to start with your household. By conserving energy, you also reduce the residential output of carbon dioxide.

If you think that using a clothesline won’t make a difference, you are making a mistake. If at least one household decides to use a clothesline instead of a clothes dryer, it can significantly reduce the output of carbon dioxide.

3. It removes Strong Odours

Did you know that letting your clothes dry under the sun or with the help of the wind can remove strong odour in your clothes? There are clothes that are not really made for dryers so you will have to put them in a clothesline for drying.

Using laundry fresheners can make a difference, but there are clothes that are sensitive to perfumes and the dyes in detergents.

If using a clothes dryer can’t remove the odour from your clothes, it is better to try hanging them in a clothesline.

4. It is Gentle to your Clothes

Drying clothes in a dryer can actually ruin them. Like what is mentioned earlier, there are clothes that you cannot put inside a dryer. Although some clothes are dryer-safe, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be damaged over time.

If you will put them in a clothesline and leave them outside of your house to dry, your clothes would last longer than you imagine. The high heat from the dryers can actually ruin the fabric and cause irreparable damage.

5. It can Help You Lose Weight

Well, it will not literally help you lose weight, but it can help you do some physical activity every time you wash clothes.

When you put your laundry in the clothesline, you can burn 68 calories for every 15 minutes. That’s a lot if you don’t do sports or you don’t exercise daily. Washing clothes will not really burn your calories because you let your washing machine do it.

How to Choose a Washing Line Rope

Do you really think that a washing line rope is just a simple rope? You cannot simply buy the first thing that you see on the market. You need to know what to look for when searching for a washing line rope. Here are some of the tips that you need to follow.

1. Check the Length

Length is one of the primary features that you need to look for in a washing line rope. Some would prefer a longer length, while some choose a shorter one. As the length goes longer, the sag factor also increases significantly so if you think that a longer length is not a good choice, you can go for a shorter one.

However, some people prefer longer threads because it allows them to make adjustments. They can put the washing line rope anywhere they want as it is long enough.

2. The Price

The price is definitely an important consideration because washing line ropes are usually very cheap. If you found a rope that is extremely expensive, don’t fall for it. You don’t need a really expensive rope to hang your clothes. The most important feature of this is its cheapness so you don’t need an expensive model.

3. The thickness of the Line Rope

There are products that are too thin. This is not what you want when it comes to a washing line rope. You need to make sure that it is thick enough to carry the clothes that you are going to hang in them.

You can directly put the clothes in the rope or you can use a hanger. You have to remember that wet clothes are extremely heavy so you cannot use any kind of washing line rope.

4. Types of Washing Line Rope

There are different types of washing line rope that you can consider. If you want to find the best one, you should also know which type would fit your preference.

  • Plastic Clothesline: It is waterproof and very easy to clean. It also has a wire and fiber reinforcement so it is very stretch-resistant. Even if you put heavy and wet clothes, it won’t break easily.
  • Multifilament Polypropylene: This type of clothesline is very light in weight and it is also very strong and water-resistant.
  • Cotton Clothesline: This is one of the best options because it has the same price as nylon. Although it is not as durable as the other choices, it can hold your clothes even if it is wet.

5. The Frequency of Doing Laundry

When you talk about the frequency of the laundry, it is also about the amount of clothes that you are going to hang. If you are going to hang a lot of wet clothes, you will need to buy something that is very thick.

If you are alone and you only need to dry a few clothes every week, then getting a normal-sized clothesline that is not too thick can be a good choice.

Top 5 Best Washing Line Rope

Now that you already have an idea about the reasons why washing line ropes are very important and how to choose the right one, we will now introduce our top 5 picks.

1. Minky Retractable Reel Washing Line

Minky Retractable Duo Reel Washing Line, Grey
22,460 Reviews
Minky Retractable Duo Reel Washing Line, Grey
  • Easy to use retractable outdoor washing line
  • Stows neatly away when not in use
  • Double line - each with 15 m length

Minky Retractable Reel Washing Line is one of the best in the market right now because of its functionality and durability. It features a 15-meter retractable line with a secure clip to affix the line when it is extended. You can shorten or lengthen the line whenever you want and it is very easy to install.

It can also hold up to 15 kilograms of garments when damp. It means that it is strong enough to carry up to 15 kilos of wet laundry. It also has a large capacity because the 15-meter line can accommodate a lot of clothes.

It also has a clip-off bracket that you can remove when you need to do. If you want to keep them for winter, you can release the clip of the bracket and store it.

It is not too expensive and it can be used for a very long time. It can be stored easily and you can change its location constantly with ease.

2. Vileda Cordomatic Retractable Clothes Line

Vileda Cordomatic Retractable Clothes Line, 15 m
4,895 Reviews
Vileda Cordomatic Retractable Clothes Line, 15 m
  • Automatically retracting 15 m clothes line
  • Wall mountable - can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Made of strong and durable plastic

Vileda Cordomatic Retractable Clothes Line is one of the premium clotheslines that you can find in the market. It is very popular because of its quality and durability and it is also very easy to use and install.

It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and it has a retractable line length that you can lock at lengths of 1 to 15 meters. If you want to put inside your house, you can lock the line between 5 to 8 meters and you can have it longer if you want to put it outside.

It also has an ABS plastic coating that would make it more durable than other brands. It has a strong and durable container that will protect it from extreme weather conditions and it can also remove dirt when you retract the line.

It is also strong enough to hold wet clothes up to 15 kilograms so if you have a lot of clothes to wash, this is the perfect clothesline for you.

The product is also complete. It includes galvanized steel fittings, wall plugs, and screws and you can easily attach this to the wall.

3. Strong Longlife Steel core Washing Clothes Line

Long Life Steel Core Coloured Clothesline 3mm x 25m - Assorted Colors, (Random Colored Delivered)
  • LONG LIFE Steel Core Coloured Washing Line.
  • STRONG Steel Core

This one is a bit different from the first two products because it is literally just the line rope. It does not have a retractable line and there are no wall plugs as well. However, it is very cheap and it can hold a lot of wet clothes.

This is perfect for the outdoors because it is very long. However, you need something where you can tie it because it doesn’t have wall plugs. Installation is a bit difficult, but you can literally put it anywhere you want.

It is very sturdy and it doesn’t get dirty easily. If it gets dirty, you can clean it with ease.

4. LaundrySpecialist Washing Line

LAUNDRYSpecialist® WASHING LINE 50 metres with steel core – extra sturdy and extra long
3,648 Reviews
LAUNDRYSpecialist® WASHING LINE 50 metres with steel core – extra sturdy and extra long
  • Extra sturdy and extra long washing line measuring no less than 50 metres!
  • Equipped with steel core for extra strength and resistance to sagging
  • UV-resistant PVC shell, 3.5 mm thick, for laundry that's securely fastened onto the line

This is almost the same as the previous clothesline, but this is more durable and it is also longer. It is 50 meters long so it’s like you bought 3 standard clotheslines. It is very cheap and you can literally put it anywhere you want.

What makes it a top choice? Since it is 50 meters long, you can cut it in 3 or 4 and use it in the different parts of your house. If you want to put them outside, you can get 3 or 4 lines where you can put your clothes. It is also very sturdy with a 4mm thickness. It can hold up a huge amount of laundry.

5. Elex® Outdoor Garden Rotary Washing

Trendi Outdoor Garden 4 Arm 50m folding Rotary Washing Line Whirly Clothes Airer Dryer Whirlygig with Free Ground Spike and Cover
267 Reviews
Trendi Outdoor Garden 4 Arm 50m folding Rotary Washing Line Whirly Clothes Airer Dryer Whirlygig with Free Ground Spike and Cover
  • High quality: Laundry airer for the garden in painted steel. 50 meter clothes line so the whole family's clothes can be dried in no time!
  • Advantage: It is the most environmentally friendly way to dry your clothes. And your clothes smell way better when it is dried outside in the fresh air!
  • Advantage: It is easy to install and use right away with the free metal ground spike. Easy to put away and protect with the free rain proof cover. Easy to erect and pack away after use at any time

This is one of the most popular on the list and it is also one of the most expensive. This is the most luxurious washing line in this list simply because it is made for a lot of wet clothes.

It is very easy to install. Although it is different from a traditional clothesline, you can easily assemble it and it can be placed in storage with ease. It also has a 4 arm rotary airer.

It is stable and heavy duty so it can handle a large amount of clothes. It is also weatherproof and it has ground spikes to make sure that it won’t fall off once you put the wet clothes.

It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and it is very lightweight. This one is a bit expensive, but based on the features alone, it is totally worth it. You should only buy this if you have enough budget.

Final Verdict

Among the 5 products that we reviewed, the best one would be the Minky Retractable Reel Washing Line. It can be plugged in the wall like the Vileda Cordomatic Retractable Clothes Line. They both have the same features, but Minky is cheaper than the Vileda model. When it comes to quality, they are almost the same.

LaundrySpecialist Washing Line is pretty good because it is very long, but like Strong Longlife Steel core Washing Clothes Line, they can’t be installed on the wall since they don’t have wall plugs. You need to find something sturdy where they can be tied.

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