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The 9 Best Weather Stations 2021 Reviewed


Most people cannot begin to imagine the thrill of having your own weather station! It gives you a more hands on position, as well as a vantage point when it comes to the weather. It also gives you a great activity to get into as a family on a regular basis. 

Before you choose a weather station for your home you have to consider several things. First, you have to know which among the features of weather stations you like to have, then set a priority for each before deciding on which one suits you best.

Some features would include: Easy installation, programmable warnings, direct PC connection, mobile app display, direct Internet connection, and solar powered sensors among others.

However, not all of these devices feature all of these and may only have basic characteristics like temperature, humidity, forecast and barometric pressure.

Advanced devices may have more so you will have more benefits than downsides compared to selecting the basic ones. But if you’re thinking about your budget, you can choose a simpler weather station.

Below are some weather stations you’d like to consider having:

Top 9 Best Weather Station UK

1. Watson W8681-Pro Weather Station with Wifi

The Watson W8681-Pro is a higher-end unit built with a touch screen and comes with two separate wireless sensor modules which can be placed independently unlike cheaper models which are linked by cables.

This allows for temperature and humidity sensor positioned on an ideal position on the wall. Its wind and rain gauge module should be placed somewhat higher, exposing it to environmental elements.

Transmission range is at 150 metres. The receiving console uses a single power cable but cannot be connected directly to a PC; however, it can connect to a Wi-Fi network to upload data to

2. ClimeMET CM2016 Wireless Weather Station

ClimeMET CM2016 Wireless Weather Station
  • Home weather station capable of monitoring temperature, wind and rainfall via a wireless sensor suite with 100m range
  • Perfect system for weather enthusiasts looking for a feature-packed system while providing great value
  • Easily mountable using the installation pole and brackets included, with telephone and email support available from ClimeMET to help you get the most out of your station

The ClimeMet is on the mid-range pricing for weather stations and packed with several features like temperature and humidity readings, wind speed, and rain gauge; storm alerts, thermo and hydro sensor, and an easy installation process that comes with brackets and installation poles.

This is quite an ideal device for beginners in weather watching. However, it does not have pc connection capability and can’t be used alongside data loggers or weather software unlike the ClimeMet CM2000.

3. Technoline WS 9632-IT Weather Station

Technoline WS 9632 weather station with forecast, grey, 8.4 x 2.3 x 15 cm
  • The WS 9632-IT is a weather station in a classic design
  • The special thing about this station is that the weather trend is shown to you with the help of the weatherboy
  • Thanks to the clear display, the data can be read quickly and easily

This product is peppered with mind-blogging features and sensors. It has a simple display and measures almost everything you want to know about the weather. It features Swiss Precision Turbo long range outer sensor to monitor different climate conditions accurately. It has a wireless outside monitor that transmits data of up to 100 metres to its inside base unit.

The LCD screen shows detailed current weather conditions. This equipment is one sophisticated tool designed for both home users and enthusiasts alike.

It also features B00E5BIT7Gimported DCF-77 European atomic clock radio timing signal, manual time setting (UK Time Zone) inside and outside temperature and humidity, and can be placed on the table mounted on the wall.

4. Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station

The Davis Vantage belongs to the top of the line range of weather stations and meets the World Meteorological Organization guidelines.

Setting this up is a bit complicated so much more if you want to upload data to the Internet. Meaning—you need to purchase a Davis WeatherLink module and PC software to do it.

Its long anemometer cable allows for lots of installation options which is a good thing because you are placing it away from its main sensor module. The cable is connected to the main sensor which contains the rain, temperature, humidity gauges.

Its wireless transmission range is at an astounding 300 metres when in open areas and 100 – 150 metres through walls. Data updates come every 2.5 seconds, a feature unmatched by other equipment.

5. Netatmo Weather Station Indoor Outdoor with Wireless Outdoor Sensor

Netatmo Weather Station Indoor Outdoor with Wireless Outdoor Sensor - Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Apple HomeKit, NWS01-EU
  • UNDERSTAND YOUR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENT indoor / outdoor temperature, humidity, air quality, indoor noise levels, barometric pressure
  • RECEIVE REAL-TIME NOTIFICATIONS use your Weather Station to customise indoor and outdoor alerts and get notifications on your smartphone. Ventilation alerts will tell when it's time to air out your home
  • ACCESS YOUR DATA REMOTELY AND WITH YOUR VOICE easily access your weather readings at any time from your smartphone, tablet, computer or by voice via Alexa on Amazon Echo or via Siri thanks to the compatibility with Apple HomeKit

The Netatmo is unique in such a way that it can establish mobile connection to iPhones and Androids when accessing data. This station comes with indoor and outdoor sensor modules to which uploaded data can be viewed on the Netatmo website.

The indoor station is USB-powered so it means it requires a USB charger because the equipment does not come with one. Set up is easy as you can position your indoor module near a plug whenever you feel like monitoring.

When installing the outdoor module, you will need a spot not hit directly by sunlight. It features indoor CO2 concentration, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, a sound meter, and a barometric pressure.

Real time charts and notification data logs every 5 minutes. It also includes a rainfall gauge in case you need it.

6. Technoline WS 6650 Weather Station

Technoline WS 6650 Weather Station - Black
  • 12/24 h time display
  • time zone setting (-1/+2)
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature display in °C/°F

Set up for this weather station is very simple like attaching the lone temperature and humidity sensor to any of your outside walls. The main console has a premium look and can be either placed on a desk or wall-mounted. It has basic temperature and humidity features with additional barometric pressure and air pressure forecast.

Its main console can be viewed easily at night. This may only have basic features as standard but this device is a bit expensive compared to others that possess many other capabilities.

7. TFA-Dostmann Quadro Wireless Weather Station

Simple to set up, this TFA Quadro unit needs you to mount its single temperature sensor on an outside wall that does not face directly towards the sunlight. You have to ensure that it is not hit by rain directly as well.

Installing the sensor needs you to place it about 10-15 metres from the main console. No issues were recorded on transmission signals once there is a wall obstruction.

This device can only transmit temperature and humidity reading from within the home and outside of the house. Users complain that the device has a large display clock but with a small display for reading weather information.

8. Aercus Weather Station Wireless WS3085 with USB Upload

Aercus Instruments WS3085 Wireless Weather Station with USB Upload plus UV Index and Light Meter + Free Beginner’s Guide (eBook)
  • An affordable weather station to include UV Index and Light Meter
  • Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Wind, Rain, UV, Light Dew Point, Wind Chill, Forecast, Alarms, Date, Time
  • Easy setup, comprehensive weather data, stores nearly 3 months data, fully customisable weather alarms

The Aercus WS3085 is laden with so many features which include Internet browser compatibility, temperature, inside and outside humidity reading, 3-month data storage, barometer pressure, wind, storm warning, and a lot more.

It is an affordable stunning weather station device that includes UV Index and Light Meter.  It is easy to setup, with comprehensive weather data and stores nearly 3 months data.

You can view weather from anywhere you are via a browser, Android, or iPhone. It also features customisable weather alarms and comes with an eBook format beginner’s guide.

9. ClimeMET CM9088 Wireless Indoor & Outdoor Digital Weather Station

ClimeMET CM9088 New & Improved Digital Wireless Weather Station Now with Moon Phase, Sunrise & Sunset Times
  • NEW AND UPGRADED FEATURES - Sunrise & Sunset times and graphical moon phase display.
  • Measures indoor & outdoor temperature and humidity, pressure, sunrise & sunset times and moon phase.
  • Store your very own historical minimum and maximum records, whilst also setting various weather alarms to alert you to different conditions.

The ClimeMET CM9088 has an easy set up and only uses a single battery powered sensor that mounts to an outside wall. It transmits data to the indoor console wirelessly.

It has an easy-mounting display console which you can install on the wall or placed on your desktop. The sensor owns an excellent transmission range which has no signal issues when passing through walls.

Features include basic temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and dew point. It forecasts based on shifts on barometric pressure. It has a 24 hour pressure history chart that can track air pressure trends and soft backlighting that makes data viewing easy even in low intensity light.


Whatever it is you have decided on, just remember to look at the kind of manufacturer that has created the weather station you are eyeing to buy.

Well-known brands can guarantee the durability and longevity of the product. However, there are also some new form manufacturing companies that have developed more functional tools and that’s what you have to consider.