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Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmer AHS 50-20 LI- Review

Hedges look beautiful, isn’t it? It gives the garden or the lawn a well-maintained and beguiling. While hedges look gorgeous and can transform your outdoor area, the effort it takes to maintain is quite arduous. Having a cordless battery hedge trimmer saves a lot of effort and time in maintaining the garden. And Bosch knows their stuff, old news, we all are aware of this.

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Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmer AHS 50-20 LI (1 Battery, 18V System) - Easily Shape Your Garden with Cordless Freedom - Stroke Length 20mm

Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmer AHS 50-20 LI (1 Battery, 18V System) - Easily Shape Your Garden with Cordless Freedom - Stroke Length 20mm
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  • The cordless hedge trimmer AHS 50-20 LI – for mobile and speedy hedge cutting.
  • Sawing function: Special teeth on the front of the blade effortlessly cut through branches up to 25 mm in diameter.
  • Blade guard for cutting along walls and paths, Maximum sqm per battery charge: 200 sqm.


  • It is light in weight and weighs only 3.8kgs.
  • This has a lithium-ion battery to deliver 50% longer running time.
  • It takes only 90 minutes to charge.
  • The noise level is quite low compared to other models available in the market.
  • It comes with a quick-cut technology.
  • This is quite safe to use.


As I was looking for a cordless trimmer with low weight and less noise, I stumbled upon this amazing tool. Yes! The Bosch Ahs 50-20 li Cordless Hedge Trimmer is the perfect example of their experience… All thanks to the smart features that have been developed keeping in mind the requirements of users. And if you are a garden lover like me and want a trimmed lawn, then you will love the greatest efficiency along with the longer running time it provides. Moreover, as per my research, about 80% of the gardeners use this Bosch hedge cutter.

What Is A Hedge Trimmer?

Hedge trimmer is a versatile tool and you can use it in more ways than trimming the hedges into shape. This is good for clearing overgrown grass, shrubs, weeds, and bushes. And as a user, I found several types of hedge trimmers with different designs. Thus, you will have a lot of options to choose from while you shop.

If you are a gardener and loves to maintain your lawn or garden, then a hedge trimmer is what you need. Even older people or people with back pain can easily use it. Cordless hedge trimmers are quieter than the other alternatives available in the market. 

Brief Overview Of Bosch Ahs 50-20 li Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Bosch Ahs 50-20 li Cordless Hedge Trimmer is designed to trim all the medium-sized hedges. What I like the tool is the Bosch Quick-Cut Technology. It is great to give a clean cut every time you use it. With the powerful 18 Volt Lithium-ion battery, you will get optimal performance. The multi-position front handle is great to work with at any position comfortably. How can I forget about the 50 cm sharp blade with 20mm of tooth opening along with the anti-blocking system! All these provided me with continuous and very powerful cutting at no stall risks. This Bosch shrub trimmer is widely used by gardeners and can be a great companion for you to trim hedges.

Bosch Ahs 50-20 li Cordless Hedge Trimmer Key Features

While I was researching this Bosch handheld hedge trimmer, I found some interesting features about it that caught my eyes. Those features make it stand out from the rest trimmers available in the market. And I thought to share it with you all in the Bosch hedge trimmer review. So let’s not waste more time and get started…

[img_products1 img_code=”51eDGwIDxhL.” alt=”Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmer AHS” code=”B01BTVZDG4″ reviews=”View on Amazon”]

1. Powerful Battery Performance

I found the battery power of this hedge trimmer as the main attraction. It has a powerful 18-volt lithium-ion battery that has allowed me to cut up to 160 square meters per charge. And all thanks to the super impressive 40 minutes of the run time of the bosch trimmer. What I like about this innovative lithium-ion technology is that it ensure the trimmer is ready to use with a press of a button. And the best part is that it works instantly no matter how long you kept it in the shed unused.

What’s more interesting is that the Bosch Ahs 50-20 Li battery can be fully charged with a span of 60 minutes. Thus, it was never required for me to wait a whole day to use the trimmer and I could easily use it more often. It lasted even more than my power to keep cutting. Moreover, I could use this battery with my other Bosch garden power tools due to its compatibility. All I could say is that the battery power makes it one of the best hedge trimmers cordless on the market.

2. Ergonomics

Another important factor to consider while purchasing hedge trimmers electric is the design and the weight. Having a poor design of the trimmer handle is sure to make your arms tired and you will have a feeling of fatigue. Luckily, I got my hands on this Bosch Ahs 50-20 li hedge trimmer. I found the design ergonomic and has a translucent handle. It gave me an extra grip to relax my arms and I could easily trim the hedges with just minimal effort.

I think this Bosch small hedge trimmer is a perfect mix of safety and balance with minimal effort. For allowing an easy and convenient trimming, the multi-position front handle works great. The rear handle has a soft grip and the handguard in the front is transparent to allow you with good visibility. This gave me a nice visuality of what I am cutting and as a result, I could properly trim even the complicated areas.

3. Anti-Blocking System

As I was testing the Bosch 50-20 Li trimmer I found it is completely equipped with the Anti-Blocking System. I found it easy to cut through stubborn and thicker stems and branches. Thus, there is no chance of stalling. If you are looking for a trimmer that is safe to use, look no further. This one with the anti-blocking system makes the blade to reverse itself in case any jam is detected. As a result, you will not require to do it using your fingers. 

4. Lightweight Design

While I was reading a few Bosch cordless hedge trimmer reviews by users, I saw a few of them have mentioned about how lightweight the tool is. And to my pleasant surprise, I found it lightweight when I compared it to other trimmers that I own. It weighs only 2.5kg and thus, it gave me the lowest strain on both my arms as well as back.

What I liked more is to see how Bosch has managed to keep the proper balance of performance as well as the functionality of the trimmer and still keeping the weight so low. 

5. Quick-Cut Technology

When I got my hands on this bosch trimmer, I was loving the very concept of innovative quick-cut technology. It was amazing for me to visualize how it gives the perfect and clean-cut in one motion. You don’t require to cut the same area repeatedly and thus, saves a lot of time.

This technology allows you to cut the branches and twigs at one go and gives you an accurate and fast hedge cutting.

6. Syneon Chip

This tool has a Syneon chip and you will be amazed to see how it controls the power output and energy depending upon the strength required. With the help of this chip, you will always get the optimum power and endurance.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Bosch cordless hedge trimmers?


  • It is light in weight and weighs only 3.8kgs.
  • This has a lithium-ion battery to deliver 50% longer running time.
  • It takes only 90 minutes to charge.
  • The noise level is quite low compared to other models available in the market.
  • It comes with a quick-cut technology.
  • This is quite safe to use.


  • The covering of the blade is flimsy.
  • You may struggle to cut through thicker branches.


  • Ease-of-Use- 3.8 out of 5

  • Features- 4.2 out of 5

  • Performance- 4 out of 5

  • Value for Money-  4.5 out 5

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to oil hedge trimmer blades?

Yes! Obviously, you should lubricate the blades if you use the trimmer regularly. In case, you want to make it last longer, you must take care of the hedge trimmer. Lubricating the blades will keep it safe from the residue, moisture, and will keep it clean.

2. How do I maintain hedge trimmer blades?

Well! It is quite easy to maintain the hedge trimmer blades. At first, I clean the cutting blades and then sharpen them. Once done, I tighten any loose fittings or screws, and then if possible I lubricate the blades regularly. Always try to keep the exterior clean and then store it correctly.

3. Where can I get an extra battery for the Bosch 50-20 Li?

I found it on Amazon. You can look for it at your nearby stores if you see an alternative cheaper one.


If you want high-quality small electric hedge cutters, then look no further than the Bosch Ahs 50-20 li Cordless Hedge Trimmer. This Bosch garden trimmer gives you cordless mobility apart from the greatest power. What I like about this product is the electronic anti-blocking system that ensures continuous cutting.

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Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmer AHS 50-20 LI (1 Battery, 18V System) - Easily Shape Your Garden with Cordless Freedom - Stroke Length 20mm
  • Syneon Chip - effectively controlled energy for every project, Optimal balance and low weight for effortless hedge cutting
  • Battery pack PBA 18 V 2.0 Ah W-B (1 600 A00 5B0), Compact quick charger AL 1830 CV (1 600 A00 5B4)
  • Softgrip on the rear handle, multi-position front handle and transparent hand guard


And there is nothing more to say about the 50 cm blade than has 2 cm tooth opening. This had helped me to finish the job quickly with the 18 volts battery that guarantees you 40 minutes of runtime. However, you would require to wait until it gets charged. 

The Ahs 50-20 li Cordless Bosch hedge cutter assures you of durability, performance, and mobility. I did a lot of research to write down this Bosch cordless hedge trimmer review. Going through the article will ensure you have the required knowledge about the product before buying it.