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The best reviews and how to choose your DIY power tools.

Best Mitre Saw

Did you know there are people who don’t want to own a mitre saw? Peculiar, we call it. What they find to do with their time and their minds, we’re not sure. A mitre saw is the key both to reliable, repeatable, angled cuts in bigger pieces of wood, metal, and plastic, absolutely. But it’s …

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Best Palm Router

You’re a woodworking enthusiast looking to up your game by getting some new tools. We’ve been there before, it’s an exciting time when you’re improving on your skills and are ready to advance! Of course, as with finding any product, finding a good palm router can often be a struggle. Quick Navigation [ez-toc] With so …

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Best Dust Extractor

There’s nothing worse than having sawdust all over your workshop or job site. It’s not merely annoying, it’s downright hazardous, and reduces air quality. And if you work with wood dust and other construction dust then your standard vacuum cleaner isn’t going to cut it. But if you’ve found this article, you know there is …

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Best Plunge Saw

So you’ve been putting off that DIY woodworking project for quite some time now, right? You may be feeling like it just simply takes too long to complete with the wrong equipment. Ah reader, we’ve most definitely been there before! Thankfully there is a solution: a plunge saw. Quick Navigation [ez-toc] A plunge saw is …

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Bosch PSR 18

Bosch PSR 18

For anyone interested in DIY projects, the Bosch PSB 18 LI-2 is a super reliable professional tool that builds upon Bosch’s experience in creating great value DIY hardware. The PSB 18LI-2 is a new and improved version of the PSB 1800, emphasizing improvement. Bosch took this already awesome device and ramped it up to the …

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