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The best reviews and how to choose specific garden products.

Best Cat Scarer

Are cats a problem where you live? If the answer to that question is yes, then you should look into these cat scaring devices right now. Below we have five cat scaring repellents that work via ultrasonic frequency wave dispersal tech, which is all harmless to the animals themselves, so that you can enjoy a …

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Best Lawn Feed

A beautiful lawn is a wonderful addition to any backyard or garden.  But having your lawn lush, rich, green and healthy isn’t a given.  The way to achieve a beautiful lawn that’s the envy of your neighbours or anyone who passes, is to get a really good lawn feed. Quick Navigation [ez-toc] There’s a lot …

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Best Cat Deterrent

Cats may look very nice, but they can also be quite the nuisance. Allergies to cat hair are unfortunately very real, but that’s not all of the problem. Cats are incredibly territorial, and they like marking their territory, regardless of whether or not it actually is strictly their territory. And the resultant smell can be …

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Best Fox Deterrent

Foxes are notorious for their relentless ransacking of gardens and vegetable patches. They also enjoy hunting small animals such as rabbits, birds and rodents which can wreak havoc in your once peaceful back garden. However, they’re not fussy eaters and will even go for pet food and garbage if it’s left within their reach. There …

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