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The best reviews and how to choose your specific products for your living room and conservatory.

Best Stove Fan

Stoves are a lovely feature for the home, housing the flame, and providing great heat. However, without the addition of a stove fan, the room won’t get evenly heated. Stove fans stop the heat from rising up to the ceiling and instead push it across the room to keep everyone warm. Quick Navigation [ez-toc] There’s …

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Best Vinyl Cutter

There are loads of cool things you can do with a vinyl cutter.  You can modify and personalise clothes, t-shirts, and bags, you can make all sorts of custom-designed signs, stickers, and banners, you can use them in greeting card making…the possibilities are endless! Quick Navigation [ez-toc] We’ve had a good look at what vinyl …

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Best Bladeless Fan

Bladeless fan sales have been increasing since the first models were introduced to the market. They offer a convenient, relatively low-maintenance alternative to indoor fans, and since they have no blades and operate at a reduced speed, they’re safer to use and maintain. If you’re new to these products, it can be hard to see …

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