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Gtech-GT 3.0-Grass-Trimmer-Review

The fact is that you need a lawnmower for a large size garden, but whether your yard is small or large, you need a grass trimmer to keep your lawn in perfect condition at all times. You may have the best lawnmower, but it still won’t cut around fences, tree trunks, walls, and other vertical objects. 

This is where the Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer proves handy, as it allows you to cut the grass around hard to reach areas without being bogged down by pesky wires. And if you’re thinking that battery-powered tools are weak when it comes to performance, the Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer is bound to change your mind from the first time you use it. 

Who is the Gtech GT 3.0 Grass Trimmer for?  

The Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer sometimes dubbed a string trimmer uses a replaceable plastic blade rather than a string to cut grass. If you have areas in your garden that mowers can’t reach such as around the edges of the lawn or under a hedge, then the Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer is perhaps the tool you need. 

The Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer is a solid improvement over its much successful predecessor – the HT20. It shares several common traits in terms of design and functionality with the older model, but has also been greatly improved and upgraded in many key areas including longer run time, and a more durable blade. 

Just like the previous model, the Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer features a lightweight design, and is comfortable to hold, making it a joy to use even across extended periods. One of the noteworthy features of the Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer is its 180 degree turning head, which allows you to easily switch from flat cutting to edge trimming. 

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Gtech GT3.0 Grass Trimmer

Gtech GT3.0 Grass Trimmer
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Should you Buy the Gtech GT 3.0 Grass Trimmer

The Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer is a great way to keep your lawn looking its best at all times. It allows you to cut and edge your lawn to perfection, and the best thing is it goes about its business without any pesky wires or noisy and messy petrol motors. 

The Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer is powered by a 18V battery, and tips the scales at just 1.85 kgs, making it easy to maneuver, without adding strain on your neck, shoulders and back. Apart from its performance, the Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer offers even weight distribution, which allows you to work both comfortably and efficiently. 

Speaking of usability, the GT 3.0 grass trimmer by Gtech charges quickly and then provides with you just the right amount of runtime needed to trim small to medium size lawns. It is equipped with durable plastic blades, which are easy and quick to clip on, so you can bid adieu to daunting tangled trimming lines and spools. 

In the box, you get 20 blades to start with, and you can order more for a relatively low price as the need arises. When using any power tool, safety should be your top priority, and this is where the Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer scores high with its key safety features such as a safety switch to prevent accidental starting. 

The Gtech GT 3.0 is a beautifully made and lightweight grass trimmer and provides good balance and top-notch cutting action, but on the downside costs a bit more than its predecessor. But when compared to other models in its segment, it provides great value given its rich set of features. 

Pros and Cons of the Gtech grass Trimmer


  • Long runtime 
  • Rotating head 
  • Powerful motor and battery 
  • Lightweight with a firm grip 
  • High-quality plastic blades 


  • Battery life remains the same as the previous model 
  • A little expensive but the great service life 

Key Features of the Gtech GT 3.0 Grass Trimmer 

The Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer may cost a few bucks more than other models in its segment, but on a brighter note rings in with features that are often lacking in much higher priced grass trimmers. Some of the noteworthy features of the Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer include: 

Improved usability – the Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer in its new iteration is redesigned from head to toe in an effort to make it easier to use, and more ergonomic. It now comes with an adjustable assist handle, which provides even weight distribution, so users can work comfortably, and without being bogged down when using it over extended periods of time. 

Long runtime – The Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer comes factory fitted with an 18v lithium-ion battery, which takes approximately four hours to charge. When fully charged, the Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer can be used for roughly 30 minutes. A key feature worth mentioning about the battery is that it can be swapped with the battery from certain other Gtech products such as the Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT 3.0. 

So, if you have other compatible Gtech products in your tool arsenal, you can either double up on your runtime or just use one battery while the other is charging. When it comes to charging the battery of the Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer, you simply have to connect the included charger with the dedicated battery slot and plug it into a wall electrical outlet. 

Battery level indicator – with the Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer, there’s no guesswork with regards to how long you can use it for. Just press the dedicated button on the tool, and take note of the number of LED’s that light up. When the tool runs out of power, a final LED will flash for 10 seconds, and then go out. 

Sharp plastic blades – unlike cheap grass trimming tools that come with strimmer cords, the Gtech GT 3.0 grass trimmer is fitted sharp, easy fit plastic blades. The blades clip on to the trimmer easily and can be replaced just as easily and cost-efficient when you run out. Installing a blade is easy, where you place it over the pin, and pull it to securely lock it into place. 

180° rotating head – the versatile 180° rotating head of the Gtech 3.0 grass trimmer allows you to achieve more precise cuts, and either strim the lawn or edge a flower bed with ease. To switch to edge trimming mode, firmly grip the main unit, and rotate the head 180°. 

Safety – The Gtech 3.0 grass trimmer is fitted with a safety switch to prevent it from accidental starting. To trigger this safety feature, simply press one side of the switch along with the power trigger to start the tool. 


Ease-of-Use 4/5

Features 4/5 

Performance 4/5

Value for Money 4/5


The GT 3.0 is regarded as the best cordless grass trimmer owing to its handy set of features that allow you to trim or cut key areas of your lawn easily. It comes with a robust motor and battery, which charges quickly in about four hours with the included charger and offers a half-hour runtime. 

Even though it does house a powerful motor, battery, and super sharp plastic blades, the Gtech lawnmower and strimmer is extremely lightweight. Additionally, it is equipped with an assist handle, making it easy to work with. The Gtech lawnmower and trimmer come with everything you need to get started right out of the box including a trimmer head, trimmer shroud, battery, battery charger, and a bag of blades. 

Further, it is easy to install, where you first need to align the three clips on the shroud with the holes on the trimmer head and simultaneously secure them in place. Next, insert the body pole into the trimmer head, hook a blade over the pin, insert the battery, and set the desired angle. For the best grass trimmer that delivers great performance and usability, the Gtech 3.0 is truly hard to beat! 

Gtech GT3.0 Grass Trimmer
  • Fancy edging your lawn? With a twist of the cutting head, the Gtech Cordless Grass Trimmer transforms into a precision lawn edger, giving your garden a neat finish.
  • The 18V Lithium-ion battery can be charged either on or off this cordless hedge cutter. This battery is interchangeable with the Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT20, giving you either double the runtime or a multitasking power source.
  • The days of tangled trimming lines and spools are over - our easy fit grass trimmer blades clip on quickly and easily. Your GT 3.0 comes with 20, and, if you ever need to order more, a pack of 50 costs just £3.99.


  1. Can you buy or replace the battery of the Gtech 3.0 grass trimmer? 

The battery of the Gtech 3.0 grass trimmer is swappable with other compatible Gtech products, so you can use one to power several different tools. The battery included in the box offers a long service life and can be replaced if the need arises. 

  1. Does the Gtech 3.0 grass trimmer come with a warranty? 

The Gtech 3.0 grass trimmer does come with a limited 2-year warranty against any manufacturer defects. After you buy the GT grass trimmer, you can visit the manufacturer website to register your product. 

Take note that the warranty does not cover repair or replacement as a result of normal wear and tear, faulty installation, and accidental damage caused by negligent use or careless operation. 

  1. How much do the blades of the Gtech grass trimmer cost? 

The Gtech 3.0 comes with a bag of 20 blades, and you can order more if you run out in packs of 50 for just £3.99. 

  1. What if the LED’s show solid red? 

This could mean that the tool is jammed, so check and clear the blade of any accumulated debris. 

  1. Does the cutting time always remain the same?  

If you notice subpar cutting time, try using a lighter cutting action, and cut in several stages, fully discharge and recharge the battery or replace the blade altogether.