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We are home and garden enthusiasts, We want to pass on our years of experience in selecting and buying home and garden tools appliances so that you can make informed choices and end up really happy with your purchases.

We’re obsessed

We test and review thousands of items each year. We have OCD when it comes to finding the perfect products for you, our friends and readers.

Product selection, reviews and testing


Trained as an engineer. He is both technical and practical and loves DIY. So you know that he’s fussy about getting the right tool for the job… and then he wants to tell the world about it!


Designer. She loves gadgets also and has a passion for sourcing. She excels at finding items for the home that are useful, that work, that are well designed and look good. Helen is often heard saying “It has to work!”

Subject matter experts and fact-checkers


Originally trained as a teacher and is now our chief editor. She has a keen interest in consumer product research and specialises in Beauty and furnishings.


Gardener and landscaper with 25 years’ experience He is very practical and clearly loves to get his hands dirty .Jerry is our Garden & Outdoors subject matter expert. 


Builder with 30 years’ experience; There is nothing that Mike can’t fix and he’s our go-to expert on all things DIY and Home Improvement. He spends his free fishing and taking 4WD camping trips.

“We love appliances that work.”
“It has to work!”
“It has to do what we want it to do and it has to make our lives easier as well.”
“Is it value for money?”