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ROBOMOW RX 12u Review

Research indicates that it takes approximately 30 minutes to mow an average-size home lawn i.e. with a walk-behind lawnmower. But these numbers are slightly incorrect because they do not take into account the time it takes to get the lawnmower ready for the task such as wheeling it out of the garage, connecting it to a power source, or fueling it with gas and then starting it up. 

Here is a Roundup

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  • Easy to install within an hour 
  • Easy to operate and excellent mobility 
  • 150 m² recommended lawn size – max 250 m²
  • Floating deck, stronger blade and cutting system 
  • Comes with the base station, wire, pegs, and battery 


What’s even worse is that after your lawnmower is ready to go, you still have to put in a significant amount of physical effort in dragging a heavy 50+ lbs lawnmower across each inch of your lawn. However, if you’d like to skip the aforementioned daunting steps, and still have a clean-cut lawn while you relax and sip on a cold brew in your yard, then the ROBOMOW RX 12u review is perhaps worth reading.

What is the ROBOMOW RX 12u? 

Just as the name would suggest, the ROBOMOW RX 12u is a robotic lawnmower that literally works on autopilot to cut the lawn without you having to lift a finger. It features cutting edge technology, and cuts the grass at a precise length, and probably does a much better job than a traditional lawnmower. 

But just like everything else, the ROBOMOW RX 12u automatic lawnmower isn’t perfect and does require initial setup such as setting a perimeter with a wire, configuring its settings including mowing schedule, and voila it’s ready to the job when summoned. 

With regards to safety and convenience, the ROBOMOW RX 12u mower is hard to beat, given that you don’t have to worry about connecting pesky wires, and the zero chances of tripping over them. The RX 12u robotic mower is also a great choice if you have family members who suffer from allergies such as hay fever, etc. as it minimizes close contact with the grass.  

Furthermore, it features a compact footprint, making it easy to store when not in use, and best of all is environmentally friendly to operate, owing to the lack of gas emissions and harmful toxins. And to top things off, the RX 12u automatic lawnmower is ready to work at any time of day, whether the wee hours of the morning or during the night, which allows you to have a fresh cut lawn around the clock. 

Should you Buy the ROBOMOW RX 12u Lawnmower 

The ROBOMOW RX 12u features a small footprint of just 53 x 42 x 26 cms but packs a mean punch under its hood. It is engineered to cut lawns between 150 m² minimum and 250 m² max size, making it a perfect fit for small to medium size gardens. 

Adding to this, it cuts grass more effectively compared to other models in its segment, thanks to its smart navigation and mobility capabilities. It comes with a rich set of features, some only seen in higher-priced models such as 100 watts if sheer mowing power. 

The RX 12u lawnmower by ROBOMOW is billed as the most affordable model in the company’s portfolio and can cut slopes of up to 8.5 degrees without any hiccups. Further, it is easy to operate with its single quick-start button and is equipped with a DC brushed motor. 

This robotic lawnmower by ROBOMOW is fitted with a floating deck, which is connected to the frame through a suspension, and a beautifully designed, super sharp blade, which collectively provides an excellent cut, every time on even the most unusual landscapes. It is powered by a robust 7 aH lead-acid battery and consumes roughly 2.5 kWh power per month under normal use. 

Furthermore, the RX 12u automatic lawnmower features an advanced and stronger cutting system compared to other models in its class and takes less than an hour to install. It comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box including a base station, battery, wire, and pegs. 

Pros and Cons of the ROBOMOW RX 12u Lawnmower


  • Easy to install within an hour 
  • Easy to operate and excellent mobility 
  • 150 m² recommended lawn size – max 250 m²
  • Floating deck, stronger blade and cutting system 
  • Comes with the base station, wire, pegs, and battery 


  • Lacks app control 
  • Long charging time 

Key Features of the ROBOMOW RX 12u Lawnmower

The ROBOMOW RX 12u is a budget-friendly lawnmower, yet comes with a rich set of features including: 

Low noise level – the ROBOMOW RX 12u lawnmower works in the backdrop quietly in eco-mode at 64 dB, and 67.9 dB on Edge mode. Regardless of the mode, the noise level for the user’s ears is less than 70 dBA, which comparatively is the same as having a normal conversation. 

Battery capacity and charging time – it is equipped with a 7 Ah lead-acid battery, which takes approximately between 16 – 20 hours to fully charge, and then offers 90 – 120 minutes runtime. 

Grass cutting height – the cutting height of the RX 12u lawnmower is adjustable between 15-45 mm. It also offers a generous 18 cms cutting width. 

Solid blade and floating deck – the blade of this robotic lawnmower is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, which allows it to easily cut high grass after the winter season. With a floating deck, the blade of the machine follows the contours of your lawn for a great finish regardless of the terrain. 

Easy setup – it features a non-technical and straightforward setup, which entails connecting it with the included base station and laying the perimeter. Once the installation process is complete, you can power up the machine, press the Go button, and watch it do its job with ease. 

Mulching capabilities – another noteworthy feature of the RX 12u lawnmower is that you don’t have to deal with the leftover clippings, as it cuts the grass into extremely fine pieces, which fall easily into the soil’s surface. Nutrients are then released from the mulched plant material back into the soil, which consequently enhances the overall health and growth of your lawn. 

Mowing modes – the RX 12u lawnmower offers two modes to choose from – Eco mode, which allows the machine to operate on minimal energy. The Edge mode triggers the machine to move along the preconfigured perimeter wire and cut only the edges of your lawn. 

Bump sensors – the smart RX 12u robotic lawnmower automatically evades obstacles in its path such as potted plants, chairs, etc., and pauses immediately, reconfigures a new path, moves back a bit, and then heads off on its new route. 

Lift and tilt sensors – In the event you lift or tilt the RX 12u lawnmower, it will immediately switch off its blades to prevent potential injury. 

PIN and alarm system – the RX 12u robotic lawnmower offers the option to set a personalized Pin code, which protects both your kids and others from operating the machine. 


Ease-of-Use 4/5 

Features 3/5

Performance 4/5

Value for Money 5/5



The ROBOMOW RX 12u lawnmower is a great choice for three types of people – those who can’t find time to mow their lawn, but still want a perfectly trimmed garden around the clock, folks with disabilities given that they may not be able to maneuver manual lawnmowers across their gardens and the tech curious. 

It doesn’t come with high-end features such as app control or an anti-theft system, but does feature a sharp blade that’s driven by a fierce 100 watts of power, and can cut for up to an impressive 90 – 120 minutes on a single charge. 

Speaking of which, it is a joy to install and use, and doesn’t compromise on safety with its onsite lift and title sensors, bump sensors, and even a unique PIN system. All in all, if you’re looking for a robotic lawnmower that cuts without the fuss, and at a price that won’t break the bank, the ROBOMOW RX 12u machine probably won’t disappoint. 


  1. What is the max length of the perimeter wire to install in the garden? 

The maximum length of wire that is connected with the charging station can reach up to 150 meters for the ROBOMOW RX 12u model. 

  1. What should the distance be between the pegs? 

You can use the included pegs to fasten the perimeter wire to the ground, where it is recommended that you insert them roughly a few tens of centimeters apart or a maximum of 75 cms apart from each other. 

  1. Is the ROBOMOW RX 12u lawnmower truly easy to use? 

Yes, it is, but you must install the perimeter wire properly i.e. around the entire lawn and around the protected areas within the garden area for effective cutting performance. 

  1. What does the base station do? 

The base station of the ROBOMOW RX 12u robotic lawnmower does two things – charges the machine’s batteries and generates a signal along the perimeter wire. 

  1. How can I calculate the slope? 

This can be done in several different ways, but the easiest is by downloading an app such as Slope Level, Slope Calculator, etc. 

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